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This short presentation is from a paper presented at the CESI conference in GMIT - February 28th 2014

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  • This short presentation covers three topics, all beit very brieflyThe challenge of offering development for teachers depending on their requirements, interests, background and experience and abilityThe technical aspects – MoodleBadges as a the potential to solution to reward and recognise staff development
  • In my opinion ideal CPD training should have several characteristics – regardless of the topicIt should be flexible – flexible for the participant with regards to time, place and pace. In other words When the training is delivered, where it is delivered and how quickly that it is deliveredThe training should be certified for two reasons to offer a “reward” for participants and also to try and ensure a certain level of quality. Next it should be personal, again on two levels provision of a variety of topics to offer choice to the participants but second to distinguish between participants competence once training is completedNext is the training should be easy to manage – track who has done what training, who needs to resit training courses to update skillsLast but not least – it should be cost effective if it is to be sustainableThis is not a definitive list – but they are in my opinion crucial elements for sustainable CPD
  • Offering choice and giving conditional access or learning pathways for people. Different “doors” open depending on your experience, background and grades. This can be done on an individual activity level, depending on how you get on in the assessment difference resources are revealed to you. Or it could be at course level i.e. once you have completed your training in forensic chemistry, a second course “advanced” forensics is made available to you. This management of the training can be incredibly granular and
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  • The elephant in the room – is cost. This all sounds great but it sounds expensive – we couldn’t afford.The technology is open source and I know for example the PDST already has this set up – they just might not know it yet. The facility and resources also exist in higher education institutions. I know they’d be delighted get to involved With regards to the content – there are numerous OER’s open educational resources available so don’t reinvent the wheel
  • So now you need to plan out your ePortfolio and decide which elements that you wish to display, make open to the public or just reveal to your lecturer or potential employersRemember – this is your ePortfolio and it is yours for life, not just limited to your time in DCUVisitDcu.ie/eportfolios to get started
  • Cpd for teachers

    1. 1. CPD for Teachers Using Moodle for sustainable professional development Dr Mark Glynn
    2. 2. Overview
    3. 3. Ideal CPD • Flexible • Certified • Personal • Managed • Cost effective
    4. 4. Choice and Conditional access
    5. 5. Badges for …….
    6. 6. Moodle
    7. 7. Connections L.T.I.
    8. 8. Cost
    9. 9. Questions @glynnmark Mark.glynn@dcu.ie