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  • 1. Our group is composed of 6members: Fran, Mario, Olga, Reme, Marislenia and Bryan.First of all , the name of our country is Russia. The language is Russianand the capital is Moscow in Russia there are important cities: Sant Petersburg and Novosibirsk. .Russian’s surface is 17,075,400 km2 , the population is 142,905,200 and the president’s name is Dmitry Medvedev.
  • 2. THE ANIMALS OF RUSSIA We will continue with animals: the Siberian tiger is one of the most strange animals in the world. The body length is not less than 99 – 107 cm. And it is a endangered animal.The brown bear can weigh from300 to 780 kilograms, and thepuppies can be attacked by otherbrown bears, wolves and cougars.
  • 3. THE SPORTS OF RUSSIAWe would like to continue withthe sports: the schools of ballet of S. Petersburg and Moscoware the most important schools in the world. People of all of the ages can practice ballet.Chess is a typical sport of Russia and the best players of the world are from Russia.
  • 4. The boys and girls in Russia go to school with 7 years old and three toseven years they go to day care, if they want. And in music they study about Tchaikovski: This man was a very famous composer. He was born on 7thof may 1840 in Votkinsk and he died in Sant Petersburg on 6th of November 1893. Tchaikovsky composed the ballet Swan Lake, among others.
  • 5. RUSSIAN TIPICAL FOOD After this, the typical food ofRussia is for example: pasta and inside meat (“pilimeni”) , Russian crêpes (“Blini”) , theRussian bread it can be of maze or of rye that grows better in the cold climates of Russian,the red and black caviar, a soupof tomato and beetroot (Bosh) . ..Vodka is a famous liqueur make it by the potato’s distillation.
  • 6. Finally, one of typical toys of Russia is the“Matroshka” is a big doll and when you open it there is another doll and another and another and finally there is a very small doll. And in each of these toys there is a different drawing. And normally there is a drawing of a girl.
  • 7. In conclusion, we like the project it was very interesting to do it and now we know more things about Russia .There is very cold and wedon’t like it so much, butthe food of our country itlooks delicious! ????????