Reno, Nevada (USA)


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Reno, Nevada (USA)

  1. 1. Reno, Nevada“The Biggest Little City in the World”
  2. 2. Where is Reno?Reno is a city in the State of Nevada which is on the West Coast of the United States.Reno is the second largest city in Nevada and is the largest city in Washoe County.Reno is part of an area known as the Truckee Meadows which is made up of two cities Reno and Sparks.Reno sits in a high desert valley at the foot of the Sierra Nevada.
  3. 3. A Little History About Reno What we now call today the “Truckee Meadows” was first settled by pioneers that were moving west during the “Gold Rush” in the early1850´s Gold was discovered in a small mining town called Virginia City in 1850, but become famous for it´s silver in 1859. Today Nevada is called “The Silver State” for this reason. During this time to make transportation of goods and minerals from the mining towns a railroad was built between the cities. Reno was established in May of 1868 as one of the principal cities along the railway.
  4. 4. Geography/Climate/Environment Reno is situated in a valley of  The climate in Reno varies. the Sierra Nevada on the We have all seasons of the West end of the Great Basin. year. While the city is considered  Nevada is mostly desert and mostly desert, it is also the does not get much rain, home to wetlands, forest, however in Reno we tend to large rivers, lakes and natural get summer thunderstorms. habitats.  In winter we have snow and The Truckee River is the low temperatures. In the largest and most important Sierra Nevada mountains we river in Reno. have snow all year round. Reno also shares Lake Tahoe  Summers are hot and dry, but with California. The lake more mild than in Las Vegas. exists in both states.  We also enjoy mild spring and Reno is prone to having fall seasons. earthquakes and wildfires every year because of it´s dry climate and close proximity to California.
  5. 5. Population Reno is a smaller city but offers a lot of what a big city has. In the Truckee Meadows area, between Reno and Sparks the population is around 500,000 people. The population is diverse and international due to the many exchange programs that the University of Nevada, Reno offers and because of the job market.
  6. 6. Economy/Industry Before the 1950´s Reno was the gaming and casion capital of the United States, but now Las Vegas holds the title. Today Reno is home to many large companies that offer jobs to its citizens for example large casino and hotels companies, airlines, restuarants, corporate headquarters of many large companies, factories, and warehouses. Reno is also a large tourist destination mainly for it´s gamiing industry and outdoor activities It is also famous for it´s many popular events such as Hot August Nights, The Reno Air Races, Street Vibrations, The Reno Rodeo, Art Town, The Reno Rib Cook Off, etc.
  7. 7. EducationPublic education is provided by the Washoe county school district.In Reno there are 11 High schools, 13 middle schools and 64 elementary schools.There is one main University in Reno called the University of Nevada, Reno. It is the oldest University in Nevada founded in 1886.
  8. 8. Government On the city level Reno has a democratic municipal government. The city council is the core of the government, with seven members. Five of these council people represent districts of Reno. As well as city council we have a city mayor, city attorney, city council manager, city managers, and city clerks. On the state level we have 2 senators that are part of the United States congress.
  9. 9. Fun Facts 1. Mark Twain worked as a reporter for the Territorial Enterprise in Virginia City for several years before beginning to write his books. 2. Interesting Fact: Reno is the main launching pad for Burners, or people on their way to and from Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert. 3. There are over 20 casinos in Reno and slot machines are available at the airport, convenience and grocery stores. 4. Nevada takes its name from a Spanish word meaning snow-clad. The correct way to say Nevada is Ne-va-duh . 5. Nevada is the largest gold-producing state in the nation. It is second in the world behind South Africa. 6. Random Fact: Nevadas Highway 50, known as the Loneliest Highway in America, received its name from "Life" magazine in 1986. 7.The show Reno 911! takes place at the Reno Sheriffs Department (which does not exist) but is filmed in LA.