Berlin (Germany)


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Berlin (Germany)

  1. 1. Berlin (Germany)
  2. 2. Location on a mapBerlín is the capital of Germany,is located in Europe.
  3. 3. Importants facsThe languaje spoken in Germany is the German. The currency is the Euro,but before was the German mark.
  4. 4. Important facsBerlin has a continental climate. Its summers are usually warm and sometimes very hot while winters are very cold, growing to an average temperature of 12 ° C.
  5. 5. Important facsThe most common, especially when it comes to long distances is by plane.
  6. 6. HistoryThe history of Berlin begins with the union of two cities, Berlin and Cölln (in present Museum Island) that create the current Berlin.
  7. 7. Berlín
  8. 8. WarThe Battle of Berlin was one of the final battles of 2 World War between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, which directly resulted in the unconditional surrender of Germany to the Red Army
  9. 9. The red flagIn this photo looks like a Soviet soldierplaced the flag of the hammer andsickle, representing that have won thebattle
  10. 10. Adolf HitlerHitler was a dictator who led Germany to a warwith the world, began invading Poland andoccupied much of Europe.
  11. 11. Adolf HitlerCarried out amassacre of Jews,Gypsies, gays …people differentfrom the Aryan
  12. 12. War BeforeAfter
  13. 13. War
  14. 14. The WallThe Berlin Wall, also called the wall of shame wasconstructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR). and served to divide the two Germanys.
  15. 15. The wall The wall what prevented the migration of theeastern part, communist part, to the west,west part, capitalist part.
  16. 16. The wall and Pink Floyd When they built the wall a very famous musicgroup, Pink Floyd, decided not to play again until it was demolished
  17. 17. The wall and Pink FloydIn 89 the wall isdestroyed.Pink Floyd with otherfamous bands givea Macro-concert
  18. 18. Things to do here VISIT MUSEUMS:
  19. 19. The Museum Island
  20. 20. The Museun IslandIs an island in the center of the city, on the SpreeRiver. Is world heritage since 1999 by UNESCO.
  21. 21. Ancient exhibition
  22. 22. New Museum
  23. 23. Old National Gallery
  24. 24. Bode Museum
  25. 25. Pergamon Museum
  26. 26. Pergamon Museum
  27. 27. Berlín now
  28. 28. Berlín now
  29. 29. Photos
  30. 30. Photos
  31. 31. More information1- Documentary of Berlín city.2-Paul Lincke, Berliner luft, Placido Domingo
  32. 32.