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Green Wisdom

  1. 1. Eco-friendly answers to common green questions Written by Janice Wells. Designed by Jane Millan.
  2. 2. Committed to protecting community & planet Green Wisdom Recycle or toss? Many individuals, families and businesses have pledged to protect the environment, yet almost everyone still has questions about how to wisely go green. Green Wisdom answers common questions about the environment, with a special focus on easy ways to recycle, reduce and reuse. This collection of tried-and-true eco tips is designed to inspire you to transform your everyday actions into good green habits. Once you get started, we think you’ll notice that what’s better for the environment is almost always better for your budget, health and happiness. You can help grow a greener planet by keeping Green Wisdom in a handy place or sharing it with friends, family and co-workers. We appreciate your efforts to keep our planet safe and healthy. Janice Wells and Jane Millan 2
  3. 3. Contents COMMUNITY RECYCLING page CONSERVING OUR RESOURCES page Do items in the right cart make a difference? 4 Any ideas to lower my heating bill? 16 How can I better help the environment? 4 What is the best barbeque grill option? 16 What if my garbage company doesn’t offer it? 5 How can I make planet-friendly road trips? 17 How much garbage do Americans generate? 5 Where can I find information on purchasing Can I recycle spiral-bound notebooks? 6 a green vehicle? 17 Is all paper recycled? 6 Does recycling save trees? 7 WATER IS GOLD. SAVE IT! How can I stop junk mail? 7 Where does waste washed down Should I remove tops from bottles and jars? 8 a storm drain wind up? 18 How many plastic bags can we keep out Can you give advice on finding a water leak? 18 of the landfill in a year? 8 Any suggestions for saving water? 19 What’s made from recycled plastic bottles? 9 Any advice on watering lawns? 19 Why is it OK to put plastic tubs, but not plastic bags, in my recycling cart? 9 BRIGHTER SHADES OF GREEN What should I do with pet waste? 20 HOME OFFICE & BUSINESS RECYCLING Any advice on packing waste-free lunches? 20 Is recyled paper more expensive? 10 Any eco-friendly gardening tips? 21 Do waste-free lunches save money? 10 Is cooking oil recyclable? 21 How will my business save money using eco-friendly products? 11 How can my business “go green”? 11 RECYCLING MOTOR OIL Why should I recycle motor oil? 22 How is recycled motor oil used? 22 RECYCLING GREEN WASTE How can fallen leaves help the environment? 12 How do I dispose of uncoated wood ECO-FRIENDLY RESOURCES vs. painted wood? 12 Do you have any favorite website links? 23 What does “mummify” really mean? 13 How can I get more green habits or Can I put BioBags in my green waste cart? 13 eco-marketing advice? 24 HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE Why is it illegal to throw old batteries in the garbage? 14 How can I recycle old electronics? 14 What should I do with outdated medicine? 15 What do “toxic” and “hazardous” mean? 15 3
  4. 4. Question Question If I put items in the right cart, How can my family and I better does it really make a difference? help the environment? ~Dwight ~Dorothy Answer Answer COMMUNITY RECYCLING Absolutely! Your efforts keep We’re glad you asked because good unnecessary waste out of landfills— 4R habits offer an important way to because the contents of carts have protect the environment and help very different destinations: keep unnecessary waste out of the 1 Green waste cart materials go landfill. Here’s how to begin: to composting facilities where 1 Reduce. Make the effort to use they break down to become part less stuff so that you produce less of rich composting mixes. waste. 2 Recycling cart material is 2 Reuse. Use items more than sorted and sent to specialized once or find new ways to use old facilities where it is remanufac- items. tured into new products. 3 Recycle. Discard acceptable 3 Garbage cart material is taken materials in your recycling cart to a landfill. instead of your garbage cart so that your garbage company can transport them to facilities where they will be remanufactured into ECO FACT new products. Putting green waste into landfills 4 Rot (compost). Place food creates methane, a greenhouse waste, food-soiled paper, gas that is 21 times as potent as and yard waste in your green carbon dioxide. waste cart so that your garbage company can transport them to facilities where they decompose into rich soil amendment. 4
  5. 5. Question Question What if my garbage company doesn’t How much garbage do offer a recycling program for stuff like Americans generate each year? paper, fallen leaves and food? ~Andrew ~Kimberly Answer Answer Here are the latest garbage statistics according to the U.S. Environmental You can still be your best green self by taking these eco steps even when your Protection Agency: garbage company doesn’t pick up Paper 40.4% recyclable items: (71.6 million tons) 1 Visit or call Yard trimmings 17.6% 800-CLEAN-UP. (31.6 million tons) 2 Give them your zip code to receive Metals 8.5% the addresses of nearby recycling (15.3 million tons) facilities for your unwanted paper, metal, household hazardous waste, Plastics 8.0% plastic, glass, electronics, automotive, (14.4 million tons) household, garden and construction Food scraps 7.4% materials. (13.2 million tons) 3 Take items to recycling centers when Glass 7.0% running errands to save gas and avoid (12.5 million tons) creating unnecessary pollution. Other 11.6% (20.8 million tons) ECO TIP Request a service brochure if your garbage company has a recycling program so you can learn how to make the most of their program! Fight global warming. Reduce your carbon footprint. 5
  6. 6. Question Question Can I put spiral-bound paper I’ve heard a rumor that all paper notebooks into my recycling cart is now recycled. Is it true? COMMUNITY RECYCLING: PAPER without removing the spirals? ~Piper ~Lori Answer Answer No. It’s another eco myth that’s simply not true. Unfortunately, Follow these guidelines for all school, office and craft supplies: more than 90% of printing and 1 Separate paper from non-paper writing paper sold in America is materials (bars, clasps, staples, virgin paper. If you can’t find plastic sheet protectors, vinyl recycled paper on store shelves, covers, etc.). please ask retailers to stock it 2 Place only separated “clean” since it: paper in recycling cart or bin. • Uses less energy, water and 3 Unless separated metal and plastic chemicals and produces fewer material is reusable or recyclable pollutants during manufacturing elsewhere, place in garbage cart processes. or bin. • Saves money since many types Your efforts to follow these rules help cost the same as or less than to protect natural resources, reduce virgin papers. unnecessary landfill waste, and • Preserves forests by reducing maximize recycling efficiency! wood demands. • Reduces solid waste by helping to divert usable paper from landfills. Protect your identity and our planet! Prevent identity theft during tax season and throughout the year: Shred old tax forms, secure in a paper bag, and place in your recycling cart. 6
  7. 7. Question Question Can you tell me if paper Lately my mailbox has been flooded recycling saves trees? with junk mail. How can I stop it? ~Megan ~Judy Answer Answer Yes. According to, To promote a junk-mail drought, avoid recycling paper: giving your address whenever possible 1 reduces the number of trees that and ask companies that send junk mail are cut down to make paper, to remove your name from marketing 2 can reduce overall demand for lists. Download a free Stop Junk Mail wood, and Kit from Bay Area Recycling Outreach 3 helps save natural forests. Coalition at Recycling paper reduces the For widespread removal, visit overall demand for virgin paper, at Recycling+Purchasing and the need to convert natural Wizard, under Where Can I Recycle?, forests and other areas into tree select Paper, then select Junk Mail plantations. (reduce). Or contact: • Catalogs ECO TIP • Credit Card & Insurance Offers Purchase recycled paper that is at least (888) 567-8688 30% post-consumer waste, • Direct Mail chlorine-free and/or Forest Stewardship Council • Direct Mail & Catalogs certified. (for a fee) • Faxes Recycling starts with you! 7
  8. 8. Question Question Is it best to remove tops from If our family uses reusable shopping COMMUNITY RECYCLING: PLASTIC plastic and glass bottles and jars bags, how many plastic bags do before we put them in our you think we’ll actually keep out recycling cart? of the landfill next year? ~Parker ~Pat Answer Answer During an average shopping week, we estimate that a family of four Generally, yes. It’s considered a good recycling habit to remove uses a minimum of 10 plastic bags caps and lids for these reasons: for groceries. If your family con- 1 Tops to plastic and glass sistently uses reusable bags every containers can be made from week, you would keep at least materials that are not recyclable. 520 plastic bags from ending up 2 They can harm the sorting and in the landfill each year. Right now processing equipment that Californians use an estimated recycling centers use. 19 billion plastic bags a year, yet 3 Pressure can build up in a sealed recycle fewer than 3%. Studies container causing it to explode, show that plastic bags: 1 pollute our streets, soil and which can injure workers. waterways; 2 consume nonrenewable resources in manufacturing; and 3 substantially harm wildlife and ECO TIP Recycle clean, dry plastic bags and fish that mistake littered other accepted plastic packaging plastic bag particles for food. at stores. Visit for drop-off locations. 8
  9. 9. Question Question What types of products are Why is it OK to put plastic tubs made from recycled plastic and bottles (but NOT plastic water bottles? bags, Styrofoam or bubble wrap) ~Connor in the recycling cart? ~David Answer Water bottles with the #1 inside the recycling symbol and PET (or PETE) Answer Plastic tubs & bottles (#1-7) from on or near the bottom are used to nonhazardous products are sent package soft drinks, juice and other to facilities where they are remanu- products. These PET containers can factured into a variety of new be remanufactured into a variety of containers and products. Plastic new products, including carpet, bags, Styrofoam and bubble wrap tee shirts, sweaters, coats, shoes, are usually unacceptable in luggage, fiberfill for sleeping bags, recycling and green waste carts and toys. According to California because during the sorting Department of Conservation, process, they get tangled around recycling one ton of PET containers blades and cause equipment can save 7.4 cubic yards of failure. You can usually place these landfill space. unwanted items in your garbage cart. However, it’s better to avoid them altogether or reuse when ECO TIP possible. Choose reusable totes instead of plastic bags. Living green today leads to a brighter tomorrow. 9
  10. 10. Question Question HOME OFFICE & BUSINESS RECYCLING Is recycled paper used in offices and Is it true that both my employees professional printing more expensive and company will save money than virgin paper? when individuals pack waste-free ~Steve lunches? ~Christy Answer Not necessarily. Recycled paper can Answer cost the same as or less than virgin Yes, on both counts. Assuming a cost papers — especially paper used for let- of $3.50 for a home-packed lunch terhead, brochures and business cards. compared to $6.00 for a take-out Here are some cost-saving eco tips: meal—your employees can save 1 Buy paper in large quantities to quite a lot of money. A single take advantage of bulk discounts. employee can save about $20,000 2 Make sure your graphic designer over a 30-year career by packing coordinates projects with your lunches from home! Individuals save printer before creating the design money with waste-free lunches be- to minimize waste. cause they can buy food in bulk, pur- 3 Pay less for lighter weight paper, chase reusable items only once, use which uses less fiber/fewer trees to leftovers from other meals, and avoid produce and may reduce postage the expense of disposable baggies. and shipping costs. Your business benefits whenever 4 Use the correct grade of recycled- employees create less waste because content paper for the job to avoid it reduces your need for disposal, paying more than necessary for a saves energy, prevents pollution and higher grade of paper. conserves natural resources such as coal, oil, natural gas and trees. ECO TIP Turn off computers at the end of the day to reduce energy use by 50%. 10
  11. 11. Question Question How will my business save money Can you give me details on the by using and buying eco-friendly free “Waste-Saving Assessment” office products? for businesses? ~ Laura ~ John Answer Answer Here are four cost-saving features of Most garbage companies offer eco-friendly purchasing: a Waste-Saving Assessment pro- 1 As a result of purchasing more gram to help businesses evalu- recyclable products, you can ate current waste practices and maximize the use of a recycling disposal expenses. Those that take bin. Doing so could require a advantage of this free program smaller garbage bin and/or often reduce garbage volumes reduced pickup frequency, enough to require smaller garbage resulting in lower overall disposal bins and/or fewer pickups, which expense. saves money! To get started, call 2 Some eco-friendly products now your garbage company’s customer cost less than comparable prod- service number and ask if a ucts harmful to the environment. recycling specialist can visit 3 Energy efficient electronics and your business—at no charge—to: appliances can reduce energy bills. • assess your waste stream, 4 Products that are repairable, • set up a recycling program reusable, refillable and more durable customized to your needs, and create less waste and can be more • train your employees. cost-effective in the long run. California Product Stewardship Council 11
  12. 12. Question Question What can I do with fallen leaves Should I dispose of uncoated that will help the environment? wood differently than painted ~Chad or varnished wood? I can never remember the rules! Answer RECYCLING GREEN WASTE ~Jean Since fallen leaves and other decay- ing compostable materials release nutrients into soil, here are a few Answer Many garbage companies accept planet-healthy tips: uncoated wood in green waste carts. 1 Place leaves in your green waste However, painted and varnished cart along with other yard wood should probably go into your trimmings (some garbage garbage cart if it fits (with lid com- companies also accept food pletely closed for curbside pickup) waste and food-soiled paper) so that your garbage company can to be transported to composting take it to a landfill. Treated wood facilities where they decompose cannot be safely composted into into rich soil amendment. mulch because the chemicals in 2 Visit to learn how coatings, including paint, varnish, to establish a composting bin at lacquers and stains, can pollute soil home. and surface waters. 3 Till or dig whole leaves directly into gardens to keep them healthy. 4 Shred or chop leaves (some lawnmowers will do this for you!) and spread around trees, shrubs ECO FACT and perennials to mulch and Californians throw insulate for winter. away more than 5 million tons of food scraps each year. 12
  13. 13. Question Question I read that green waste and food I’ve heard I can put leaves, grass, scraps “mummify” in the landfill. plant clippings and other green What does this mean? waste in “BioBags” since they ~Lily decompose during the composting process. Can I put these bags in Answer my green waste cart? Organic materials, including green ~Susan waste and food scraps, require enzyme-secreting microorganisms to decompose at a normal rate, Answer otherwise they “mummify” (break You probably shouldn’t place BioBags down very slowly). The landfill’s (and definitely NO plastic bags!) contained design prevents harmful into your green waste cart for curb- contamination from escaping into side collection. BioBags and other the environment. Therefore, the brands of bags made from starch lack of oxygen and water in it take longer to decompose than reduces microorganism availability green waste and other organic waste and limits organic waste decomposi- and can jeopardize the composting tion. To help prevent mummification, process. Instead, place green waste please place green waste ONLY in directly into your green waste cart. your green waste cart so that your When you have more than will fit in garbage company can transport your cart, store green waste in bags it to composting facilities where and then empty them a little at a time it can decompose into rich soil into your green waste cart. If you amendment. want to get rid of them in a hurry, you can also visit to find a nearby composting facility. If not you, who? 13
  14. 14. Question Question Why is it now illegal to throw old Can you tell me how I can recycle HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE household batteries in the garbage my old electronics? in California? ~Sandy ~Richard Answer Answer Thank you for remembering to recycle your “e-waste” (electronic Household batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, button cell and 9-volt) contain waste), since it’s illegal to dump metals and/or other toxic/corrosive cathode ray tubes from computer materials that pollute soil and water. monitors & TVs and electronics When a battery is thrown into the containing lead, mercury and garbage or littered elsewhere, it other toxins into California landfills. may end up on the ground and To help protect the environment, get crushed — rupturing its protec- most garbage companies will pick tive container and releasing toxins up a variety of e-waste, including into soil and air. Rainwater can computer equipment, TVs, tele- carry these toxins, untreated, into phones and VCRs, for a fee. Please storm drains that empty into your call your garbage company’s local water supplies. To safely and customer service number for legally discard batteries for free, take details. For names and locations them to a local Household Hazard- of other companies that recycle ous Waste Facility. These facilities are e-waste, visit usually open only on specific days each month, so be sure to call them or visit their website for schedule information. ECO FACT Never throw batteries in the garbage – it’s against the law in California! 14
  15. 15. Question Question What should I do with my out- Can you explain what dated over-the-counter medicine, “toxic” and “hazardous” mean? vitamins, herbs and unneeded ~Abraham prescription medications? ~Angie Answer According to the USEPA, toxic Answer materials produce injury if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through the Whether for people or pets, all of skin. Hazardous materials have at your items are considered house- least one of four characteristics: hold hazardous waste (HHW). ignitable, corrosive, reactive or Therefore, please do not put them toxic. in your garbage and recycling cart Fact: Products containing toxic or bin, green waste cart, or down and/or hazardous materials include toilets or sinks. Over-the-counter batteries, fluorescent bulbs, gaso- and prescription medications and line, motor oil, paint, thinner, ther- vitamins and herbs can contain mometers, and thermostats. These chemicals and hormones that harm items can pose a threat to people, landfills and water. Here are options animals and the environment when for eco-safe disposal: improperly handled and discarded. • Visit To learn how to safely handle for disposal locations. and discard toxic and hazardous • Watch for advertised take-back materials, contact your local events. Household Hazardous Waste Facility • Ask your local Household or visit USEPA. Hazardous Waste facility or garbage company if they accept medications. Protect the climate and keep California cool. 15
  16. 16. Question Question To lower our heating bill, I think Which is a better barbeque we should keep our home a con- grill option for the planet: CONSERVING OUR RESOURCES stant temperature, but my wife charcoal, electric or propane? says we should heat our home ~Jose as needed. Who is right? ~Javier Answer According to, Answer all three grills consume natural resources and release toxins. Your wife is correct. According to However, the better choice PG&E, less energy is used to warm would be electric or propane a cool home than to maintain a because charcoal emits more constant warm temperature. carbon monoxide, particulate Therefore, to avoid wasting matter and soot. precious natural resources and Important Fact: If you do use generating unneeded heat: a charcoal grill, follow these 1 Install a programmable safety tips for ash disposal: thermostat. • Allow ashes to cool 2 Set your programmable completely. thermostat to 68°F or lower • Secure ashes in a lidded during the day and to 55°F or container or tied plastic trash off while sleeping or away bag (never dump directly into (health permitting). your garbage cart). 3 Set programmable thermostats to: • Place only in garbage carts or • Turn down or off 30 minutes bins (never place in recycling before you go to bed or or green waste carts or bins). leave your home. • Turn on 30 minutes before you get up in the morning or arrive home. 16
  17. 17. Question Question Do you know how I can make my My husband and I recently road trips more planet friendly? decided to purchase a car. Do you ~Miles know where we can find informa- Answer tion on “green” vehicles? ~Shelby You can reduce gas and other toxic-fluid consumption and create less air pollution by Answer following advice offered at To begin your search for an environmentally sensible vehicle • Avoid quick accelerations, hard that meets your needs, you can braking, and stop-and-start visit: 1 — to find hybrid/ driving. • Check emission control system nonhybrid recent prices and periodically. hybrid facts and myths. 2 — to obtain a • Don’t warm up vehicle. • Do more errands per trip. “green score” for every • Follow speed limits and use over- car on the market based on drive gear at cruising speeds. official emissions, fuel-economy • Keep tires properly inflated and tests, and other specifications buy low-rolling resistance reported by auto manufacturers. replacements. • Unload extra cargo. ECO FACT • Get a tune-up and change oil Each year Americans when needed. throw away 220 million tons of garbage— approximately 65% is recyclable! Eco-wise decisions promote economic vitality. 17
  18. 18. Question Question Is it true that anything washed My home may have a water leak, down a storm drain would end up possibly a toilet—but I’m not at a waste water treatment plant? sure. Any advice? ~Patricia ~Connie WATER IS GOLD. SAVE IT! Answer Answer No, unfortunately that isn’t true. Yes—become an eco detective! Waste materials, such as motor Find and repair your household oil, cigarette butts, plastic, and leaks to save money and water. newspaper — washed down storm To detect faucet leaks: Read wa- drains end up untreated in our ter meter before and after a two- waterways. It harms wildlife and hour period when not using water. pollutes water supplies to homes. If the meter does not read the same Your storm drains are only for clean both times, you probably have a rain! Nothing else should ever go leak. Leaky faucets can waste more into them. Take these steps to keep than 3,000 gallons of water a year your local storm drains clean: per household. • When changing oil, don’t spill. To locate toilet leaks: Place a • Pour nontoxic liquid from home drop of food coloring in the tank. cleaning projects into sinks If the color shows in the bowl or down toilets that drain into without flushing, you have a leak. sanitary sewers. Leaky toilets can waste about • Never litter the ground or pave- 200 gallons of water every day ment with cigarette butts and per household. other trash. ECO TIP Wash vehicles at commercial car washes where drains lead to wastewater treatment plants. 18
  19. 19. Question Question Can you give me any suggestions Can you offer any advice for saving water? about watering lawns? ~Arnold ~Dawn Answer Answer Here are a few conservation tips to Yes! Since many cities face serious help you save water: water supply issues, here are a few • Completely fill washing machines conservation tips: and dishwashers before running. 1 Adjust water spray to avoid • Purchase Energy Star appliances. watering sidewalk, gutter and/or • Scrape off food waste from dishes street. instead of prerinsing. 2 Apply mulch around plants and • Shut off tap while brushing trees to reduce evaporation. teeth, shaving, lathering hands 3 Check automatic sprinkler or doing chores and use garbage system to ensure valves shut off disposal sparingly. completely and do not leak. • Take shorter showers and install a 4 Prevent runoff in sloped and low-flow shower head. poor-drainage areas by watering in three 5-minute periods with 15 minutes between each watering. 5 Water grass only if it fails to spring ECO FACT back when stepped on. Americans use 7 billion gallons of 6 Monitor manual sprinklers with a water each day to water gardens kitchen timer so you won’t forget and lawns. to turn them off. We’re all in it together! 19
  20. 20. Question Question TURNING A BRIGHTER SHADE OF GREEN We use biodegradable cat litter. Can you give me any advice for If we scoop this cat waste into a packing “waste-free” lunches paper bag, can we throw it in our for my children? green waste cart? ~Joni ~Rebecca Answer Answer To keep unnecessary food and packaging waste out of landfills, Most haulders do NOT accept pet waste, waste-soiled paper or the USEPA offers these suggestions: waste-soiled cat litter (including 1 Pack only what each child biodegradable brands) in green can eat. waste carts. At most mulching 2 Store sandwiches and snacks facilities, pet waste is not compos- in reusable containers. ted or recycled at this time. Please 3 Provide whole fruits and place pet waste, all types of waste- vegetables without packaging. soiled cat litter, and waste-soiled 4 Offer beverages in reusable or paper in garbage carts for transfer recyclable containers. to the landfill. To avoid messy spills 5 Purchase bulk food rather than on service day, we suggest you use individually packaged items. tied plastic bags to secure cat litter 6 Send lunches in reusable bags and pet waste. or totes. Please avoid: individu- ally wrapped snacks; plastic wrap/baggies; and disposable forks, spoons and straws. ECO FACT Meatless menus are better for the environment since meat production requires extraordinary amounts of natural resources and is responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. 20
  21. 21. Question Question Do you have any earth-friendly Is cooking oil from deep fryers gardening tips? ~Byron recyclable? If not, how can we ~Byron dispose of it? ~Diana Answer Yes! You can keep your garden green and the environment healthy Answer You can visit to find by following these easy gardening out if cooking oil is recycled in your guidelines: area. For disposal, please take these • Choose slow-release/insoluble- steps: nitrogen fertilizers, such as com- 1 Never pour down sink drains, post, cottenseed oil, bone meal, garbage disposals or toilets to fish emulsion and animal manure avoid blockages caused by instead of chemical and synthetic coated pipes. fertilizers. 2 Mix small quantities of liquid oils • Control pests with natural with absorbent materials, such as predators, such as ladybugs cat litter or sawdust, then and lacewings. transfer to covered container or • Opt for native plants that resist tied trash bag—discard in pests and require less water garbage cart or bin. and fertilizer. 3 Dispose of large quantities at • Use your hands to remove your local Household Hazardous cocoons, eggs, larvae and weeds. Waste Facility. • Use mulch to smother weeds and increase water retention. ECO FACT Compost made from yard and food waste has a nice, earthy smell and a dark, crumbly appearance. Eco-friendly choices. Keep America beautiful. 21
  22. 22. Question Question Do you know why I should recycle How is recycled motor oil used? my motor oil? ~Virgil ~Clifford Answer Answer According to the USEPA, recycled RECYCLING MOTOR OIL There are many reasons to recycle used motor oil can be re-refined used motor oil, including: into new oil, processed into fuel 1 Used motor oil contains toxic oils, and used as raw materials substances such as benzene, for the petroleum industry. To lead, zinc and cadmium. produce 2.5 quarts of new motor 2 One pint of oil can produce a oil, it takes only one gallon of used one-acre oil slick. motor oil compared to 42 gallons 3 One gallon of oil can ruin the of crude oil! Used motor oil from taste of one million gallons of cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, drinking water. farm equipment and lawnmowers can be recycled and re-refined. To ensure motor oil is legally and safely discarded, many garbage companies now provide oil jugs and collect used motor oil for curbside customers. To get started, call your garbage company and ask ECO FACT if they pick up used motor oil on Recycling two Motor Motor service day. Oil Oil gallons of used motor oil can generate enough energy to run an average household for 24 hours. 22
  23. 23. Green Wisdom’s Favorite Links You can visit these green websites to find a variety of green information and recycling facts and tips. Use them to step up your green habits at home and work. Bay Wise Information to reduce water consumption. The Better World Group Information on environmental strategy and policy development. Build It Green Training tools and technical expertise to create energy-efficient buildings. California Department of Conservation Services and steps to protect natural resources. California Product Stewardship Council Support for product design and manufacture processes that create less waste. Conservatree Advice on paper selection and recycling. Delta Diablo Sanitation District Serving the communities of Antioch, Bay Point & Pittsburg. Earth911 Recycling and disposal locations by zip code. Ecology Center Training, referrals, strategies, infrastructure, and models for sustainable living. Environmental Defense Fund Partners with businesses, governments and communities to find practical environmental solutions. Environmental Working Group Information to protect public health and the environment. Freecycle Nonprofit network to give away/receive items to reduce landfill waste. Good Green Habits Earth-friendly habits and products to keep the planet healthy. Greenbiz News, opinions, practices, and resources for businesses. Keep America Beautiful, Inc. Solutions to prevent litter, reduce waste & beautify communities. Lighterfootstep Articles and tips to help live a lighter green lifestyle. Millan Totes One-of-a-kind reusable handbags made from upholstery fabric remnants. Paperrecycles Tips to set up paper recycling programs at work, school or home. Precision Design Eco-friendly advertising and design firm that provides copywriting, graphic design for web and print, corporate identity, internet marketing and public outreach. Recyclemore Recycling and household-hazardous waste facts for home, school and work in West Contra Costa County. Practices to reduce waste and keep the environment safe. Sierra Club Activites, materials, and programs to protect natural resources. Stopglobalwarming Resources on climate change, greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions. Stopwaste Services and resources to reduce the waste stream in Alameda County. Terrapass Carbon footprint calculators and information to reduce the impact of driving. The Green Guide Buying guides, features and tactics to go green. 23
  24. 24. Need more green habits and eco-friendly creative marketing? Janice Wells and Jane Millan joined forces to create Green Wisdom because they want to help keep the world healthy. You can visit their websites or contact them when you’re ready to boost your green habits or want to discover the best way to share your green message. GOOD GREEN HABITS Owner and copywriter, Janice Wells Good Green Habits is an eco-friendly website that provides readers with a unique blend of light green information and dark green habits. Good Green Habits is guaranteed to help individuals, families and businesses green their daily routines with tried-and-true green habits. PRECISION DESIGN Owner and designer, Jane Millan Precision Design is a leading eco-friendly advertising and design firm that provides copywriting, graphic design for web and print, corporate identity, internet marketing and public outreach. They are experts at developing messages that reach target audiences, change public opinions and drive decisions. Precision Design will help you spread the eco word about your organization and reach your green goals. Green Wisdom. Eco-friendly answers to common green questions. Written by Janice Wells. Designed by Jane Millan. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. This book may be reproduced with permission. •