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  • 1. STUDENT RESEARCH WORKSHOP 2009 - SESSION 4 - – PROCESSING QUALITATIVE DATA TASK: Below are some of the students’ comments on what makes them want to learn and what puts them off learning. Read the comments and work out the common themes that emerge from them. What makes students want to learn? What puts students off learning? “The school is good. The teachers are nice” “If the teacher is not nice” “If I’m taught well and enjoy the lesson” “When teachers can’t control the lesson” “If teachers are fun and humorous” “A strict teacher who shouts when you get “I’m able to sit next to my friends” the answer wrong” “I feel secure with the teachers” “If I’m treated like babies” “If the teacher isn’t too strict” “The teacher talking for the whole lesson” “If the subject is interesting” “If I can’t sit with my friends” “I have a cooperative class” “When the teacher is grumpy” “You don’t have to work in complete “Boring lessons, boring subject” silence” “Teachers continuously talking” “I have humorous teachers who don’t lose “If I have to sit next to people I don’t like” control” “When teachers don’t help everybody “Knowing your friends are there” equally” “Sitting where you want” “If I’m under strict control” “If I’m allowed to talk with my friends” “When I don’t like the teachers” “Having conversations with teachers” “If I have a bad class atmosphere” “If I have a lot of fun work to do in the “Working in complete silence” class” (The data is taken from Acikgoz, 2005)