The Big Boss


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By Mounime el Moussaoui, Aitor Garijo and Alex Tirado, students at IES Luis Vives in Leganés, Spain.

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The Big Boss

  1. 1. THE BIG BOSS
  2. 2. INDEX • Introduction • Development • Conclusion • Summary • Video• Personal Opinion
  3. 3. IntroductionRaymond Luis Ayala Rodriguez, known as DaddyYankee, is a reggaeton singer, actor, film producer, radiohost and Puerto Rican businessman.The native language of Daddy Yankee is Spanish.Daddy Yankee is dubbed as the big boss and cangri.His greatest achievement is considered to havepopularized (with Don Omar) reggaeton in LatinAmerica, Spain and several non-Spanish speakingcountries. His album ‘Barrio Fino’ catapulted him tointernational level and made him win several awards asBillboard Latin Music in 2005 and 2006, also best LatinRhythm Album of the year 2011, Best Soloist of the yearsoloist and a Latin Grammy Award in 2006.
  4. 4. DevelopmentReggaeton is a music genre that comes fromreggae, which developed first in LatinAmerica, and was born and emerged from theJamaican community. It originates from itspredecessor reggae in Spanish.The origins of reggaeton began with the firstrecordings of reggae made in Panamaso. Earlyreggaeton begins to spread in 1990, withSpanish rap songs. The fusion of reggae rhythmand rap in Spanish led to a merger that hasevolved into what we now know as reggaeton.
  5. 5. REGGAETON’S FEATURESReggaeton is based on a rhythmic stylecharacterized by regular cuts on backgroundmusic, accompanied by several rhythm, whichsupport different styles like dance, hall and reggaeroots. They have a synchronization feature rhythmby which most of the songs is guided. Just asreggaeton continues to evolve, so does the rateDembow, and many of the recent success ofreggaeton incorporate a lighter rhythm andornaments of electronic music. The letters ofsupport are characterized by the rhymeto and makethe song catchy and easy to identify.
  6. 6. SummaryThe stage name of Raymond Ayala has the following meaning:Daddy: this term is used as daddy or dad; Yankee in Puerto Ricobecause this term is used to denote something big andstrong, being the big daddy the meaning of his stage name.Daddy yankee shot to fame with his album Barrio Fino in 2005with ‘What happened, happened’ and ‘Gasoline’. 2 years later hereleased another album called ‘The Big Boss’ impact among theirsongs stand out ‘Impacto’ and ‘Ella me levantó’ in 2008.Neighborhood brings talent to the songs. ‘Pose’, ‘Emergencycall’, and ‘I have to do’ and are launched in 2010, another worldrecord Daddy Yankee songs.Daddy Yankee has participated in many remixes together with:Don Omar, Farruko, J Alvarez, Prince Royce, Baby Rasta &Gringo, Ñengo flow, Arcangel, Kendo Kaponi, Tito ElBambino, Jory, Wisin and Yandel, Tony Dize, Alexis and Fidoamong others.
  7. 7. VideosDescontrol a la disco
  8. 8. Personal OpinionIn our opinion, Daddy Yankee is a singer whowrites his own songs, who describes the life inPuerto Rico on his records and since he has hada great success in spite of his problems. Hismusic helps us to see life in general from otherperspectives.