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  • 1. Talking ab!t V-ing
  • 2. V-ing ✦ Gerunds ✦ Participles ✦ Participial adjectives ✦ And other uses
  • 3. Gerunds ✴Subject in a sentence ✴Learning English is necessary for your future. ✴Eating health. junk food is bad for your
  • 4. Gerunds ✴Object of a preposition ✴Thank ✴Can you for returning my call. you touch your toes without bending your knees? ✴Jill finds pleasure in reading books.
  • 5. Gerunds ✴Object ✴We of a verb do not allow smoking in the room. ✴Jane misses living in the country. ✴Jack didn’t recall telling Jill the news.
  • 6. Participles ✴Progressive ✴Verb ✴The form to be + V-ing whole family is watching the singing competition in the living room.
  • 7. Adjectives ✴Describe a noun ✴Werewolves are frightening fictional creatures. [= werewolves frighten people.] ✴The plot of her new novel is fascinating. [=the plot fascinates readers.]
  • 8. Other Uses ✦ Use V-ing after these words ✦ Time linkers ✦ Go ✦ Possessive adjectives ✦ There is no ...
  • 9. Time Linkers ✴Before, after, while, when, if, unless ✴Before going to bed, be sure to brush your teeth. ✴While driving a car, it’s wise not to talk on the phone.
  • 10. Go ✴Use ✴I V-ing after Go go shopping every other day. ✴Let’s go fishing this weekend. ✴Jack loves to go hiking. [or Jack loves going hiking.]
  • 11. Possessive Adjectives ✴Use V-ing after my, your, our, his, her, its ✴Liz cannot accept his telling lies. ✴Paul’s ✴Jill’s drinking cost him his job. expertise is her cooking.
  • 12. There ✴Use V-ing after ‘There is no ...’ ✴There is no denying that studying in higher degrees can be tough. ✴There is no telling what they will do.
  • 13. V-ing & Infinitive
  • 14. Same Meaning ✴Subject in a sentence ✴To learn is essential to life. ✴Learning is essential to life. ✴Object of a verb ✴We love to play the piano. ✴We love playing the piano.
  • 15. Same Meaning ✴Subject ✴My complement favorite hobby is playing chess. ✴My favorite hobby is to play chess.
  • 16. Different Meaning ✴Jill stops to talk to me. ✴Jill pauses what she is doing in order to talk to me. ✴Jill stops talking to me. ✴Jill no longer speaks to me.
  • 17. Different Meaning ✴Jane remembers to set an alarm clock. ✴Remember ✴Set ✴Jane ✴Set = 1st action an alarm clock = nd 2 action remembers setting an alarm clock. an alarm clock = 1st action ✴Remember = 2nd action
  • 18. Different Meaning ✴Jack ✴The ✴Jack ✴The forgets to close the window. window is still open. forgets closing the window. window is close but Jack forgets that he closed it.