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Proposal writing
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  • 1. ProposalWriting
  • 2. TO PROPOSE?•To put forward an idea•To offer a solution to a problem
  • 3. SCENARIO•An idea is proposed by someone else•You, however, feel that such idea is good but not great•You come up with another solution that might better solve the problem
  • 4. STAGES OF PROPOSAL1. Introduction of background2. Objective(s)3. Reactions to the earlier proposed idea 3.1.Reasons must be given4. Presentation of your idea 4.1.Along with relevant reasons5. Conclusion
  • 5. STAGES VS. PARAGRAPH•5 stages = 4 paragraphs •Stage 1 + 2 = Paragraph 1 •Stage 3 = Paragraph 2 •Stage 4 = Paragraph 3 •Stage 5 = Paragraph 4•Hence, the proposal must be written •In 4 paragraphs
  • 6. PARAGRAPH 11. Introduction of background 1.1.To make it clear which situation you are referring to 1.2.Summarize the main details2. Mention of objectives 2.1. To express your opposition to earlier suggestion 2.2. To present your suggestion
  • 7. PARAGRAPH 2•Mention of earlier suggestion•Express your feeling/opinion•Give reasons
  • 8. PARAGRAPH 3•Present your suggestion (This is the topic sentence)•Give reasons (Support your suggestion why it is better) •Reasons must be logical and relevant •Use transitions •Because, in addition, likewise
  • 9. PARAGRAPH 4•End your proposal politely by •Expressing your wish that your proposal be given a serious consideration •Showing your willingness to discuss further details
  • 10. BEFORE SUBMITTING•Is all relevant information included?•Are 5 (five) stages completed in the 4 (four) paragraphs?•Is it over 250 words?•Do you double-space?
  • 12. PARAGRAPH 1•Background - what is the situation that brings about the first suggestion •Farewell party ≠ River View Restaurant•Objectives - well-done
  • 13. PARAGRAPH 2•What is the first suggestion? Summarize it in the first sentence •The party is planned to take place at River View Restaurant.•How do you feel about it? •I do not feel this is a good choice•Give reasons with details•Be coherent
  • 14. HOW TO BE COHERENT Reason 1 + Detail 1 Reason 2 + Detail 2The price is too expensive (reason 1)We have to spend as much as 690 bahtper person. (detail 1)It is difficult to get there (reason 1) for itcannot be accessed by publictransportation. (detail 2)
  • 15. PARAGRAPH 3•What do you suggest? •An alternative location would be the Goody Buffet.•Why? •Reason 1 + Detail 1 •Reason 2 + Detail 2
  • 16. AGAIN, COHERENCE!(1)It is more suitable to our budget.It is only 299 baht per person.(2)Better than that, they also offer5% discount to students with IDcard. (3)In addition, it can easily bereached since it is situated at thecity center.
  • 17. PARAGRAPH 4•Well - done!
  • 18. IMPROVEMENT•Keep IRRELEVANT reasons away •What are the concerns? •Transportation and expense •Any information that has nothing to do with these issues must be OMITTED
  • 19. GRAMMAR•S/V•Part of speech •Easy (adj) easily (adv) •It offer an easy access. •It can be accessed easily.
  • 20. •Voice: active or passive •It is located at the heart of Bangkok•Singular / plural•Message you try to convey •I believe the price is cheaper. Fact or opinion?
  • 21. •Fragment = incomplete sentence •The sentence is missing either S, V, or both •Cause - effect >> the use of BECAUSE •MUST consist of TWO (2) clauses •Because it is cheaper. >> fragment •It is a better choice because it is cheaper.
  • 22. •Run-on sentence •The sentence is way TOO long •Once an idea is conveyed, stop. •New message - new sentence •Use transition instead of dragging the sentence on for too long
  • 24. WHAT TO PUT IN EACH PARAGRAPH•Before writing •What are the issues/concerns mentioned in the situation? •Weather •The amount of money raised•Include only relevant reasons
  • 25. PARAGRAPH 2• Summarize previously suggested activity • As decided by the student committee, a car wash fundraiser is to be organized.• What’s your opinion? • I do not think this activity is a good idea.• Why? • Car washing depends on the weather conditions.• Add detail • Since it is to be done outdoors, the activity may be cancelled if it rains.
  • 26. PARAGRAPH 3•Introduce your proposal •My proposal is to have a bake sale instead.•Why? •This activity does not depend on weather --•Add detail •-- because the sales booth can be set up either indoors or outdoors.
  • 27. Avoid major mistakes, please
  • 28. •Part of speech •Sales vs. Sell •There is a chance to make multiple sales. •It sells like a hot cake. •Afford vs. Affordable •I can afford a new pair of shoes because the price is affordable.
  • 29. •Run-on sentence (again!) •Start a new sentence when one idea is presented •A comma (,) is NOT used to join sentences. •Use a conjunction (and,but..)
  • 30. •Long sentences do not equal good sentences •There are a limited number of cars so we will raise small amount of fund, as a result, this activity is not good for fundraising. •Start a new sentence already :)