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Grammar pre study
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Grammar pre study


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Sentence pattern Writing a sentence
  • 2. Simple Sentence • Consists of at least • A subject, and ... • A verb • I walk to school every day. • It may have • An object • I have breakfast. ‘To school everyday’ modifies ‘walk’
  • 3. Simple Sentence • A complement • The sky is blue. • Modifier • I am contemplating quietly at a corner of the main library.
  • 4. Compound Sentence • Is a combination of 2 simple sentences • I come to school early every day. [1 simple sentence] • I have breakfast at the cafeteria. [1 simple sentence] • I come to school early every day, andI have breakfast at the cafeteria. [1 compound sentence]
  • 5. Complex Sentence • Adverb clause • 2 [two] simple sentences joined together with conjunctions • When • Because • Although • If • Etc...
  • 6. Complex Sentence • When I was young, I lived in Chieng Mai. • Although I don’t like math, I try very hard to get an A in this subject. • Attention! • There are 2 [two] clauses in a complex sentence • Writing only 1 sentence will definitely result in FRAGMENT
  • 7. Complex Sentence • When I was young. >>wrong • When I was young, I usually went to the playground near my house. >> right • Because it is fascinating. >> wrong • I love watching the night sky because it is fascinating. >> right
  • 8. Check Point • When writing a sentence, always-always- always pay attention to • Subject-verb agreement • Verb must conjugate with its subject • The girl cry as her cat is missing.>>wrong • The girl criesas her cat is missing. >>right
  • 9. Check Point • FRAGMENT • Write a complete sentence • If I were you. >>wrong • If I were you, I would buy that car. >>right • A lovely white kitten in the kitchen >>wrong • A lovely white kitten sits/is sittingin the kitchen
  • 10. Check Point • FRAGMENT • Refer to COMPLEX SENTENCE again for a lesson on how to write a complete sentence
  • 11. Check Point • Part of speech • She idle flipped the page. >>wrong • She idlyflipped the page. >>right • Tense • I went shopping and buy a new pair of shoes. >>wrong • I went shopping and boughta new pair of shoes.>> right
  • 12. Check Point • COMMA SPLICE • A comma [,] is NOT used to join sentences • You need a CONJUNCTION and a comma to join sentence • Jack wants to be a king of the world,Rose wishes for a blue diamond. >>wrong • Jack wants to be a king of the world,and Rose wishes for a blue diamond. >>right