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Simple worksheets to go with EnglishCentral video lessons. Learn how to make your own with a generator here on the blog - http://blog.englishcentral.com/2013/03/27/how-to-make-simple-worksheets/

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EnglishCentral worksheets

  1. 1. Steve Jobs: What is Truly Important?Well, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.When I was 17, I read a ____________ that went something like:..."If you live each day as if it was your last, someday youll most certainly be right."It made an ____________ on me and since then, for the past 33 years,......I have looked in the ____________ every morning and asked myself:......"If today were the last day of my life, would I wanna dowhat I am about to do today?"And ____________ the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, ......I know I need to change something.Remembering that Ill be ____________ soon......is the most important tool Ive ever encountered to help memake the big choices in life.Because almost ____________......all external expectations, all ____________, all fear of embarrassment orfailure, ......these things just fall away in the face of death,......leaving ____________ what is truly important.Remembering that you are going to die......is the best way I know to ____________ the trap ofthinking you have something to lose.dead mirror only quote heart wheneverpride everything impression avoid
  2. 2. You are already naked.There is no reason not to follow your ____________.Writing: What do you think is truly important in life?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. Tokyo, A Cool CityWell, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.Hi! Today were in Tokyo, the ____________ of Japan.So, this is Tokyo at night. Its beautiful.Yeah, its a big city. It has about 12 million ____________.Wow, it looks like a fun city to visit.Oh yeah! Tokyo is really fun at ____________.You can hear music, ____________, eat great food.Tokyo is famous for its bright lights and busy ____________.Wow, look at all those TV ____________!How many are there? - Oh, I dont know. There are a lot.Electronics are really big in Tokyo and theyeven have ____________ on the street.Huh?Yeah, look at the TV screen. - Cool, I see them.Okay, now were in one of Tokyos ____________ stations.A lot of Tokyos stations are underground.And you can take the trains ____________ in the city?To a lot of places, yeah.You can travel by train around Tokyo fromshopping cool dance night screens elephants capitalanywhere people different cameras streets clothes train
  4. 4. five oclock in the morning to one oclock at night.And Japan has a lot of ____________ kinds of trains, right?Yup, some can go at 300 kilometers per hour. - Wow, that is fast.Its a great place for ____________, too.It looks good for clothes shopping. - Yeah, and for electronics.People here really love cool new things.Cellphones. Digital ____________. Cool TVs. Computers.And fashion is big here, too.There are some great ____________ stores in Tokyo.It looks like this city is busy 24 hours a day. - It usually is.Yeah, Tokyo is a ____________ city.Writing: Describe for a visit, a city you know well?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. The Purpose of Getting Good Grades in SchoolWell, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.Well, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.So then, you can go on to high school where the purpose is to study ____________...…then you can get good grades so you can go to ____________.And the purpose of going to college is so you can get good grades,……so you can go on to ____________ school.And the purpose of that is to work hard and get good grades……so we can get a job and be ____________...…so that we can get married and have kids,……so we can ____________ them to grammar school……to get good grades.So, they can go to high school to get good grades,……so they can go to college and work hard.Good ____________!Writing: What do you think the purpose of school is?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________hard college grades graduatesuccessful send grief
  6. 6. What’s your reason for learning English?Well, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.____________, Im learning English because it will be helpful for my career.Im learning English because first of all,I want to be a teacher of English in my country.I would like to work for some ____________ who work in Canada and USAand they need really good English ____________and I have to speak English very well, and work for them.Well, I believe that English is very ____________ nowadaysas you cannot continue studying without using English cause its theinternational language nowadays.Im learning English because I love it.I love the English ____________, the American culture, its movie, its music.English is a ____________ language, so we need to study English.Its ____________ and personally, I wanna be a politicianor I wanna be a diplomat, which my father wants.So, I think English is the most ____________ thing fora politician or a diplomat.What are your reasons for learning English?I’m learning English because _____________________________________________Continue on the other sidecompanies Actually culture importantimportant skills world essential
  7. 7. Rapping Flight AttendantWell, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.This is Flight 372 on SWA.The flight attendants on board ____________ you today:Theresa in the middle, David in the back.My name is David and Im here to tell you ____________shortly after takeoff, first things first,there are soft drinks and ____________ to quench your thirst...but if you want another kind of drink then just holler.Alcoholic beverages, thatll be four ____________.If a Monster Energy Drink is your plan,thatll be three dollars and you get the whole ____________.We wont take your cash, you gotta pay with plastic.If you have a coupon , then thats fantastic.We know youre ready to get to new places.Open up the bins, put away your ____________.Carry-on items go under the seatin front of you, so none of you have things by your ____________.If you have a seat on a row with the exit,Coffee electronic serving evacuate aboard feetthat dollars button can done suitcases
  8. 8. were gonna talk to you so you might as well expect it.You gotta help ____________ in case we need youif you dont wanna then were gonna reseat you.Before we leave, our advice is put away your ____________ devices.Fasten your seatbelt, then put your trays up.Press the ____________ to make the seat back raise up.Sit back, relax, have a good time.Its almost time to go, so Im ____________ with the rhyme.Thank you for the fact that I wasnt ignored.This is Southwest Airlines. Welcome ____________!Writing: Tell us the details of a recent plane flight?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. 9. Ken’s Dating TipsWell, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.For todays ____________.Tip 24: ____________ yourself, be yourself.Its important to make a good ____________ impression.Make sure you ____________ your strength.Solid ride, solid physique, solid ____________.Solid.You see, you ____________ to love yourself before someone can love you.I love myself.And well, the ____________ come running.…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..What are some of your dating tips?Never ______________ _______________________________Always ______________ _______________________________Don’t ______________ ____________ ___________________Definitely, ______________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________hair Know highlightbachelor first ladies need
  10. 10. I Have a DreamWell, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.Let us not wallow in the ____________ of despair,......I say to you today, my friends.So even though we face the ____________......of today and tomorrow,......I still have a dream.It is a dream ____________ rooted in the American dream.I have a dream that one day this ____________ will rise up......and live out the true ____________ of its creed.We hold these truths to be self-evident,......that all men are ____________ equal.I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia,......the sons of ____________ slaves and the sons of former slave owners......will be able to sit down together at the ____________ of brotherhood.I have a dream......that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state ____________ with theheat of injustice,......sweltering with the heat of oppression,...oasis created deeply sweltering meaning valleydifficulties table content judged nation former
  11. 11. ...will be transformed into an ____________ of freedom and justice. I have adream......that my four little children......will one day live in a nation......where they will not be ____________ by the color of their skin......but by the ____________ of their character,......I have a dream today!Writing: What is your dream?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. 12. How To Cook PastaWell, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.Welcome to tips and techniques at startcooking.com.Im Kathy Meister.There are six rules you need to follow to make ____________ pasta.Number one : Use a really big ____________.Otherwise, all the pasta will stick together when you cook it.Number two : ____________ lots of water.At least four quarts for one pound of pasta.Be sure to ____________ the potso the water comes to a boil more quickly.Number three : Add two ____________ of salt to the potafter the water comes to a boil.Number four : Put in your pasta and bring the pot back to a boil.Number five : Be sure to give it an occasional ____________.And number six : Cook the pasta ____________ forno longer than it says on the package.Give it a taste to see if its tender.Now, carefully, lift the pot with some potholdersand ____________ the pasta in the sink.pot perfect Boil cover tablespoonsstir drain sauce uncovered
  13. 13. Dont forget the colander. Thats it.Just add your favorite ____________ and enjoy!Writing: Do you have a favorite recipe? Write it out and share!________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. 14. Do You Speak English?Well, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.Excuse me, excuse me. Sorry, do you speak English?No, I dont. ____________.Oh! My cars broken down and I wondered if you could tell me where to find a____________.Yeah. Well, you know, thats wasted on me.I dont ____________ what youre saying.You dont speak any English at all?Not a ____________, no.Its one of those things where I wish I paid more ____________ in school but...Excuse me, excuse me. Sorry, do you speak any English?English? No. Whats the ____________?I dont know. I cant understand her.Hi, my cars broken down and I need to find a garage.No, Im so sorry. I didnt ____________ that at all.Alright. Well, thanks.Tell you what, if you go down that way about half a mile, theres a village.There might be ____________ there that speaks English.Im so sorry I couldnt be more help.attention garage Sorry problem understandunderstand word somebody anyway learned
  15. 15. Yeah. Sorry about that.Hey, you never know. Next time youre over, maybe well have ____________ abit of English for you.Thanks ____________.I can speak English.So can I.Writing: Why do you think speaking English is important in today’s world?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. 16. Differences between American and British EnglishWell, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.Hey! Nice pants! Excuse me? I said nice pants.You cant see my pants, can you? Of ____________ I can.How can you see my pants? Theyre on your ____________!You havent been to America recently, have you? Well, I have actually.Ive just got back from LA. Thats Los Angeles, by the way. I know.Yeah, I picked up some of the American wordsand now I forget which ones to use!So ____________! Well, we call these trousers in Britain.Of course we do.You know, there are so many things ____________its like a completely different language sometimes.Really? Yeah! Would you like a crisp?Crisps? In the States, theyre ____________!Oh. So, if I want to order our chips in America, what do I ask for?French fries! I see.And you know what that is, dont you?A ____________ drink. Thats a soda!though chips course pavementlegs sidewalk elevator confusing fizzy
  17. 17. You know the lift over there? Yeah?Thats an ____________. Oh, really?You know, in the States, you dont go to watch a film.You watch a movie!Exactly! And you dont walk on the ____________.You walk on the ____________! You got it!Ive watched a lot of films. Oops, movies.……………………………………………………………………………………………..Brainstorm: What are some other differences between American and British English?American English British EnglishDo you have …….? Have you got …..?_______________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ _________________________
  18. 18. The Devil Wears PradaWell, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.Her name is Miranda Priestly.She is the most important woman in ____________ in the world!Emily is her first assistantand we are looking for someone to be her ____________ assistant!I knew nothing about fashion and I didnt care!So why did I ____________ want the job so much?Maybe because a million other girls wanted it too.This, Andy, is what you must ____________.People around here dont like your high-street look.Youre going to get ____________ if youre not careful.Look, Im really sorry about the weekendbut this job is going to open ____________ for me.Yes, it is important.Andrea, details and ____________, you know I dont like them.I hope this doesnt happen again. Thats all.This was my life, my ____________. I couldnt leave now.____________ me a glass of Pellegrino.wear suddenly fashion future excusessecond Get fired doors
  19. 19. It’s April Fools’ DayWell, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good ____________.Hi, welcome to WatchMojo.com.Im your ____________, Marisa, and today is April Fools Day,a day where practical ____________ are playedon the more gullible amongst us.But howd one day get designated for such a thing?Since there isnt really a first April Fools Day,tracing its ____________ are a little hard.One theory suggests they came about with the change of the ____________and another says its because ofthe celebration of the change of the ____________.Now, before 1582, New Years Day was celebratedfor eight days beginning on March 25th.With the adoption of the Gregorian calendar,New Years Day was moved to January 1st.However, many say that some people didnt accept thisor simply didnt know about it and continuedto ____________ New Years on April 1st.So, people began making fun of them and sending them on fools errands.This ____________ spread throughout Europe andeventually came to North America.host jokes origins calendarseasons celebrate believe practice
  20. 20. Now, the only thing thats left in question is can you ____________ me?Writing: Do you have a similar holiday in your country or culture? Tell us about it.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________