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Courses 2013 Courses 2013 Document Transcript

  • It really works!Premium Users who follow our formula for 12 weeks can expect toimprove their TOEIC® score by over 100 points. Thousands of videos Instant
  • Table of ContentsOur Courses 2-3EnglishCentral Skill Level Chart 4-6Academic English 7-13Business English 14-17Career English 18-19Media English 20-22Social English 23-27Travel English 28-29Young Learners 30 31-32Test Prep 33Vocabulary 34-36
  • Our CoursesIntroducing our courses2 V
  • Our CoursesLearning on EnglishCentral Watch. Learn. Speak.Teaching with EnglishCentral V 3
  • Skill Level Chart Titles Beginner Intermediate Advanced Cambridge Academic English: Intermediate Cambridge Academic English: Upper Intermediate Cambridge Academic English: Advanced abax Communica on Spotlight: Starter Debate It! Discussion Topics: Intermediate Discussion Topics: AdvancedACADEMIC ENGLISH English with Obama Global Issues Amazing Science: Intermediate Amazing Science: Advanced Incredible Animals: Intermediate Incredible Animals: Advanced arnet E D U C A T I O NBUSINESS ENGLISH Compass Media 4 Visit us at our Web site:
  • Titles Beginner Intermediate Advanced Be My Guest Cabin Crew English English for the Service IndustryCAREER ENGLISH Flightpath Hospitality and Tourism arnet E D U C A T I O N At the Movies CommercialsMEDIA ENGLISH Famous Speeches Funny Commercials abaxSOCIAL ENGLISH Debate It! Food, Glorious Food! How to Do Anything Let’s Eat!TRAVEL ENGLISH Life Abroad Travel Southeast Asia V 5
  • Titles Beginner Intermediate Advanced CompassYOUNG LEARNERS Media Classic Tales: Intermediate Classic Tales: Advanced Kid’s Favorites Once Upon a Time SkillsPRONUNCIATIONTESET PREPVOCABULARY 6
  • Academic EnglishCambridge Academic English Intermediate: B1+ Upper Intermediate: B2 Advanced: C1 • Risks and hazards • Facing challenges Beginner 20 units 60 videos abax Beginner 18 units 58 videos abax V 7
  • Academic English Intermediate 18 units 54 videos abax • When I was in school… • I’ve worked here for three weeks!Debate It! Advanced 10 units 40 videos • I Can’t Decide! • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs • Global IssuesDiscussion Topics: Intermediate Intermediate 10 units 50 videos • Use Your Judgment! • It’s Your Life! • A Changing World • The Future Is Here! • The Important Things in Life8 V
  • Academic EnglishDiscussion Topics: Advanced Advanced 12 units 60 videos • Success and Happiness • Life is Tough! • Dreams Come True! • Beliefs, Secrets, and Style • It’s a Long Life! • Work, Life, and Death • Be Super and Be Safe! • Everyone is Important! • Personality Types • Love, Life, and StereotypesEnglish with Obama Advanced 5 units 20 videos“Watching, Learning, and Speaking” President Obama’s most compelling speeches and humorous addresses, • Becoming President • Inspiring Speeches • A Lighter Side • Foreign Policy • Social IssuesGlobal Issues Advanced 14 units 56 videosJ. Edgar and • Leadership • The Environment • Economics • The Media • Health Care • Debt V 9
  • Academic EnglishAmazing Science: Intermediate Intermediate 5 units 16 videos - • Fossils and Rocks • Memory • Saving Habitats and Studying Volcanoes • StormsAmazing Science: Advanced Advanced 6 units 25 videos • Energy Sources • The Animal Kingdom • Ice and Water • Our Precious Environment • The Outer Limits of Science Intermediate 4 units 12 videos -• Physical Challenges• Adventures• Architecture10 V
  • Academic English Advanced 5 units 19 videos • On the Street and in School • The Ancient and the Modern • Man-made Feats • A World of WaterIncredible Animals: Intermediate Intermediate 5 units 17 videos • Pandas • Monkeys and Gorillas • Birds and Dinosaurs • Whales and Sharks • Animal Families Advanced 6 units 28 videos • Animal Experts • Animal Mysteries • Animals We Treasure • Big Cats of Prey • Crocodiles and Polar Bears V 11
  • Academic English Intermediate 8 units 25 videos• Planning •• •• •• • Advanced 12 units 60 videos• •• •• •• •• •• • Advanced 5 units 20 videos•••••12
  • Academic EnglishUniversity Lectures 1 arnet Intermediate 4 units 20 videos E D U C A T I O N•• Sociology and Psychology• Business• GeographyUniversity Lectures 2 Intermediate 4 units 16 videos arnet E D U C A T I O N• Technology• Mass Media• SportsUniversity Lectures 3 Advanced 5 units 20 videos arnet E D U C A T I O N• Science: Memory• Sociology: Friendships• Psychology: Management• Geography: Deserts• Cultural Anthropology V 3
  • Business EnglishBusiness Advantage Intermediate Intermediate 14 unitsBusiness Advantage is the course for tomorrows business leaders. Based on a unique syllabus that combinesFeatured companies include: IKEA, Emirates NBD, Isuzu and Unilever. Units Include: • Culture and its impact • Quality management • Technology and business • Human resources • Finance • Decision-making • Supply chain managementBusiness Advantage Upper Intermediate Intermediate 14 unitsBusiness Advantage is the course for tomorrows business leaders. Based on a unique syllabus that combines • Project management • Future uncertainty • Rewarding performance • Branding • Working across cultures • Corporate social responsibility • Culture management • Strategic planningBusiness Advantage Advanced Advanced 14 unitsBusiness Advantage is the course for tomorrows business leaders. Based on a unique syllabus that combinesSchool. Units include: • Market entry strategies • Entrepreneurship • The economic environment • Crisis management • Leadership • Sustainable development • Social Enterprise14 Visit us at our Web site:
  • Business English Compass Advanced 16 units 73 videos Media -Business English 1 Beginner 10 units 40 videos• Telephoning • At the Hotel • Famous PeopleBusiness English 2 Intermediate 10 units 40 videos - • On the Job• Telephoning • In the News • CEOs V 5
  • Business EnglishBusiness English 3 Advanced 10 units 25 videos -Business English with Steve Jobs Advanced 5 units 20 videosBusiness Leadership Advanced 10 units 60 videos -16 V
  • Business EnglishBusiness Skills Advanced 4 units 16 videosThis course focuses on the skills and vocabulary needed to succeed in business through a variety ofBusiness Success Intermediate 4 videos Intermediate 4 videos - Intermediate 40 videos 10 units 17
  • Career EnglishBe My Guest Beginner - Intermediate 15 units • In the restaurant (2)• The check-in • Room services • Places to visit• The hotel bedroom • Enquiries• Bathroom and porter • Taking bar orders • Using the phone• Services in the hotel • In the restaurant (1) • The check-outCabin Crew English Intermediate 12 units 49 videos • On-board Requests • On-board Complaints • Medical Emergencies• Plane Assistance • Technical Emergencies• Serving • Fun in Flying • More about FlyingEnglish for the Service Industry Beginner 8 units 28 videos• Finding New Work • Injured Workers• A New Opportunity • An Accident at Work• Job Health and Safety • Supervisors and Team Work• Safety First • Working TogetherFlightpath Intermediate - Advanced 10 units Flightpath Flightpath • Approach and landing incidents• Ground movements • On budget • Reducing approach and landing risks• Runway incursions • Cambridge Academic English Intermediate• Environmental threats • Styles of learning • Sensing and understanding• Level busts • Problems in the natural world • IT issues• Decision-making • Culture shock18 V
  • Career English Intermediate - Advanced - • Breaking bad news• Giving results• Planning treatment and Closing the interviewHospitality and Tourism Advanced 10 units 50 videosand minimizing jet lag. Units include: • Food • Tourism• Telephone Calls • For Fun arnet Advanced 12 units 43 videos E D U C A T I O NUnits include: • Air and Gas• Frameworks• Control Systems• Engines and Fuel Systems• First Aid • The Landing System Visit us at our Web site: 19
  • Media EnglishAt the Movies Advanced 12 units 36 videos Advanced 10 units 40 videos -Commercials Advanced 10 units 40 videos20 V
  • Media EnglishFamous Speeches Advanced 10 units 40 videosThe speeches in this course, both classic and new, provide perfect models for students to follow. From SerenaWilliams, J.K. Rowling, and Angelina Jolie to Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, the videos’ variety willkeep students engaged. Units include: • Tragedy• Issues • Steve Jobs• War • ObamaFunny Commercials Intermediate 4 videosThe highly amusing commercials in this short course are the perfect way to begin or end a class. Students will• Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like• Nike: Back for the Future• FedEx: CastawayMedia English: Intermediate Intermediate 12 units 48 videos -ers, commercials, viral videos and more. Lady Gaga, Michael Jordan, Nike, Porsche, and movie clips from Rio andThe Social Networkare featured. Units include:• You and Me • Furry Companions• My Life • Hobbies and Interests• What Happened? • Out in Theaters• That’s Inspiring! • Opinions• All for One, One for All • The World We Live In• Being Unique isit us at our Web site: 21
  • Media EnglishMedia English: Advanced Advanced 12 units 48 videosVoice of America: World News Advanced 8 units 24 videos -22
  • Social English Beginner 20 units 60 videos abax -• How do you spell that? • Where’s my phone? • What time do you get up?• What’s this in English? • What did you do? • How many are there?• Can you open the window? • You’re going to work? • What did you do after school?• I like tea! • Is that your family name? • What is he doing?• She’s studying! • When do you have chemistry? • It’s black and white!• What’s the date today? • I can cook! • When does it start?• What do you mean? • It’s next to the theater! Beginner 18 units 58 videos abax• How do you spell that? • What do you do? • What are you going to do?• I like action movies! • I get to work at eight! • It’s red in the middle!• How much is that? • It’s in front of the lamp! • How long is it?• Is that your cousin? • I liked science in school! • Turn right at the lights!• When’s your birthday? • It’s easy to make! • I can play a little!• How was your weekend? • What are you doing? • What time does class start?Intermediate 18 units 54 videos abax• How do you spell that? • How much was it? • What’s the population?• I usually get up at six. • Are you ‘gonna go’ to France? • What do you call it?• It’s next to the window. • What does your brother do? • Tickets to the game• That’s my cousin. • It’s east of Seattle! • When I was in school…• How was the concert? • Are you waiting in line? • I’ve worked here for three weeks!• I’m looking for a museum. • So, how was your trip? • When do classes start? V 23
  • Social English Beginner 12 units 50 videos Advanced 12 units 50 videosDebate It! Advanced 10 units 40 videos 24
  • Social EnglishDiscussion Topics: Intermediate Intermediate 10 units 50 videosDiscussion Topics: Advanced Advanced 12 units 60 videosFood, Glorious Food! Advanced 10 units 40 videos V 25
  • Social EnglishHow to Do Anything Advanced 10 units 60 videos• Recipes • Doing Things• Hi-Tech • Making Do• More Recipes• Fun and Games • Travel and Adventure • Self-improvementLet’s Eat! Intermediate 4 videos• Fried Rice• Strawberry PieRemarkable People: Advanced Advanced 5 units 20 videos• The Tooth Expert• Life Changes and Challenges• The Ancient and Modern Mediterranean26 V
  • Social EnglishSay What? Advanced 4 videosVideos include:Wide World of Sports Intermediate 10 units 40 videosUnits include: V 27
  • Travel English Intermediate 4 units 12 videos Advanced 5 units 19 videosLife Abroad Advanced 10 units 40 videos• Hello and Farewell• Everyday Life • Surviving Work Overseas28 V
  • Travel EnglishTravel Southeast Asia Intermediate 5 videos• Malaysia: Pregnant Maiden Island in Langkawi• Cambodia: Angkor Wat• Thailand: Phi Phi Island• Laos: The Elephants of Luang Prabang• Vietnam: Ha Long BayVisit France! Advanced 4 videos Lonely Planet France• Travel Guide: Paris• A Cool Place to Stay in Paris for Students• France: For the Love of Food Advanced 10 units 50 videos -• Western Europe • Australia and New Zealand• Southern Europe and Africa • The Middle East• Russia and India • East Asia• The U.S. and Canada • Southeast Asia• South America 29
  • Young LearnersClassic Tales: Intermediate Compass Intermediate 9 units 44 videos MediaThis guided reading course features entertaining classic fables and folktales from around the world. Students• Aesop’s Fables• Amazing Animals • Favorite Asian Folktales• Adventure Stories• Magical TalesClassic Tales: Advanced Compass Advanced 4 units 20 videos MediaThis guided reading course features entertaining classic tales from around the world. The four units introduce• RomanceKids’ Favorites Intermediate 4 videosThis short course features kids’ favorite movie trailers. What could be more fun than to watch and listen to their• Up: First Aid•••Once Upon a Time Intermediate 4 videosThis short, guided reading course features some of the most well-known and humorous characters from popu-30
  • All courses follow this three-step sequence for each sound in the course:and sentences.Courses are for learners of all levels and include: 31
  • Linking WordsPopenoe Method: Vowel SeriesWord Stress32
  • Test PrepThis course helps students master the language skills they need to succeed on the new TOEFL® iBT and Intermediate Intermediate• Business documents • Employment contracts• Shopping • Dining out • Insurance• Business trips • Trade shows• Property• Banking Intermediate 12 units • Industry • Trade • Leisure • Health• Retailing • Money • Society V 33
  • Vocabulary Academic Word List 1 Academic Word List 234 V
  • VocabularyBusiness Vocabulary 1 Beginner 22 units 246 video cliplistsThis beginner-level course introduces students to 250 business vocabulary words, organized by topic ® test. Vocabulary sets include:• ••• Finance • Products• Global • Sales• Human Resources • Technology• Legal ••Business Vocabulary 2 22 units 250 video cliplistsThis intermediate-level course introduces students to 250 business vocabulary words, organized by ® test. Vocabulary sets include:• Finance • Products• Global • Sales• Human Resources • Technology• LegalBusiness Vocabulary 3 Beginner 22 units 250 video cliplistsThis advanced-level course introduces students to 250 business vocabulary words, organized by topic ® test. Vocabulary sets include:• Business idioms• Finance • Legal• Global • Products• Human Resources Visit us at our Web site: 35
  • Vocabulary Compass Intermediate 6 units 19 videos MediaFeaturing words from• Animal Stories• Favorite Stories• Reader’s ChoiceThe 50 Most Popular Idioms and Expressions Intermediate 10 units• Distance and Time• How Do You Feel?• School Life• What the Body Can Do• Dealing with ThingsThe Top 100 English Vocabulary Nouns for Kids Beginner 10 unitsThis fun vocabulary course features 100 of the most common nouns from the Dolch list of high- 36 V
  • Contact Us Visit us at our Teacher Portal: www. Read our Teacher Spotlights and learn about our webinars. The best way to learn more about EnglishCentral is to sign up for a free webinar, or contact us directly to arrange a personalized tour. Learn More in Our Weekly how best to use it in your classroom. We’ll also share insight from Webinars other teachers who have used EnglishCentral in their classrooms. Take our tour so that we can show you how to get set up using the Email Us Facebook Youtube Blog
  • EnglishCentralOur Philosophy “I think about ninety percent of the problem in teaching, or maybe ninety-eight percent, is just to help the students get interested.” -Noam Chomsky “The best methods are therefore those that supply ‘comprehensible really want to hear.” -Stephen Krashen “Learning from context is so important that some studies suggest that• the by subject area including: Academic English Media English Young Learners Business English Social English Career English Vocabulary• a learning system• a structured learning goals•• our own Intellicoach™ technology• “Teacher Tools”assessment