Exam practice NB1


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Exam practice NB1

  1. 1. EXAM PRACTICE NB1 SPOT THE MISTAKE AND CORRECT IT I usually have for breakfast toast In Sunday morning we go to the country The Sunday my family go to the country but I stay at home My favourite day of the week is on Saturday My fauvorite day of the week is Saturday They always go skiing on Christmas My mother's housewife and my father is unemployed My mother works in a newspaper and she´s always tired My mother´s usually quiet busy during the week Joseph Merrick is not a normal man, he’s a elephant man The Elephant Man has got a red teeth and bags of skin The Queen wants to seeing Joseph in hospital The Nicole's house is very old but it´s nice You always are late to class My cousins hardly never come to visit me I´d like to talk to John and Sue. Can you call their? Tom and Sara go to see the grandmother once a week I dinner at my aunt’s house once a week What does your best friend like do in her free time? My best friend looks like to a model She likes writting songs and stories I like Sara because she’s always call me She has short hair, and is black. Her eyes are green She likes watching TV in her house My best friend loves listening music and skiing My best friend loves listening to music and read books I sometimes walk from the station to my job. Who’s book is this? > It´s theirs Whose book is this? > It´s his My friends send to me very nice Christmas cards I’d like a cup of red wine, please My brother and I play a computer games everyday My friends and me go to the cinema when we have money I get up at 8 and after I have a shower
  2. 2. VOCABULARY The film isn´t very interesting. I'm ______  boring  bored  low My ______ of birth is 8 March 1971  date  place  day Tony Blair is a British ______  politic  political  politician She doesn´t work. She's _____  retired  housewife  student `Welcome to the Sheraton, can I help you?' `Yes, I have a _____´  non-smoking  double bed  reservation Can I have a ____ Coke?  normal  regular  medium Your brother's daughter is your ____  cousin  daughter-in-law  niece Your sister’s husband is your ____  cousin  brother-in-love brother-in-law Where's the water? This glass is _____  full  wet  empty I have a healthy ____. I sleep 8 hours and have three meals.  life  Okinawa way  lifestyle ____ stress is important to be healthy  Safe  Low  Unusual The Festival starts on 13th April and _____ for two days  lasts  longs  during Louise is a(n) _____ mother  alone  only  single I always start the New Year with a good ____ resolution  proposition  decision I love that ____ on TV for Nike  advertisement  announce  break `Do you like going to the supermarket?´ `I don´t _____´  matter  agree  mind In the film they meet and ____in love  fall  get  affair Can I have two pizzas to ______, please?  take home  carry with me  take away
  3. 3. A nurse _____ ill people  looks after  looks for  looks over Women keep coins in a ______  satchel  wallet  purse When you draw something and you want to correct it, you use a _____  rubble  rubber rabber People in Egypt speak _____  Egyptian  Arab Arabic -`Thanks´ -`You're _____´  welcome  fine  at all `Excuse me, can I ___ these jeans __?´  try on  put on  take away How do you ____ to school?  go  travel  get `Which is your favourite ____?´ `Summer´  station  season  term The _____ serves drinks on a plane  flight assistant  waitress  flight attendant My uncle cooks great ____  foods meals  menus When you have a problem with water pipes, the sink, etc. you call a(n) ____  electrician  fountanier  plumber The Tomatina is a popular ____ where people _____ kilos and kilos of tomatoes.  party/give celebration/take  festival/throw Enrique Iglesias is tall and _____  beautiful good-looking  good-height
  4. 4. CLOZE: Complete the gaps with ONLY ONE WORD.  The Wild Cats is ____ fantastic rock and roll band from America. I have all ___ CDs. There are four ____ in the band. Lips is the lead singer and he ____ plays the guitar. He's tall and doesn't have ____ hair. He ____ sing very well. He´s only 18 _____ he's already a superstar! My friends Natasha doesn´t like _____ to this kind of music but I ____ this band is great. I have a book about them _____ home. In my ____ time I like going _____ with my friends and _____ detective films on TV too.  LIFE ON A CRUISE SHIP Lucy Beckett finds a quiet, sunny place and ____ down. She picks her book and starts to ____. It's The City Guide to Hong Kong and Hong Kong is ____ next destination. Seventy-year-old Lucy is ____ holiday on the cruise ship The Oriana. Lucy is different from other tourists ____ she lives on the ship all year. `I love going on cruises and I don´t ____ to stay at home all day´. But The Oriana isn´t _____. Every year Lucy ____ £ 50,000 for a small cabin ____ no window. Does she miss her home? `____ at all´, she says. `Life is easy ____´. I don´t do ____ shopping and I don´t pay bills. I don´t want to ____ alone, I prefer to travel, see different countries and ____ interesting people. I´m happy here, _____ is my home´.