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    Pops Pops Presentation Transcript

    • POPULISTS 1890s
    • Farmers Alliances & the Grange
      • Agricultural Wheel (Arkansas), Farmers Union (Louisiana), Farmers Alliance
      • Greenback Party
      • Alliance Movement
        • National Colored Farmers Alliance
        • National Women’s Alliance (1891)
    • National Grange
      • Munn v. Illinois (1877): regulated grain storage rates
      • Wabash v. Illinois (1886): states can not regulate interstate railroad rates
      • Interstate Commerce Act (1887): formed the Interstate Commerce Commission. Railroads lobbied state governments and repealed Grange laws.
    • Populist Party
      • Various movements combined to form the Populist Party in 1892.
      • Omaha Platform
        • Tariff reduction
        • Graduated income tax
        • Public ownership of railroads
        • Direct election of Senators
        • Federally funded irrigation research
        • Ban on land ownership for aliens
        • Free coinage of silver
        • Laws allowing farmers to store goods in federal warehouses
        • Low interest loans with crops as collateral
    • Election of 1892
      • James B. Weaver 8.5% of popular vote
      • Won some seats in House and Senate…no real power  …(like William Peffer!)
      • Grover Cleveland won and repainted the White House.
    • Panic of 1893
      • Reading Railroad files for bankruptcy
        • Dependent banks/companies also collapse
        • Stock market crash
        • European investors pull out stocks
        • Worsened agricultural depression
          • Increased Political involvement of agricultural community
          • Severe unemployment and protest
    • Election of 1896
      • Candidates:
        • William Jennings Bryan (Democrats)
          • “ Cross of the Gold Speech” against gold standard, favored monetization of silver “We have restored the money of the Constitution, all other necessary reforms will be possible; but…until this is done there is no other reform that can be accomplished”
          • William McKinley (Republican) favored gold standard, more conservative
          • McKinley wins!!!
    • Silver
      • “Crime of 1873” Silver Demonetized
        • Checked inflation, angering heavily indebted farmers
        • Resumption Act 1875 brought paper money to parity with gold
    • Gold Bug
      • Democrats who split with party over the silver issue
      • Supported the gold standard
      • 1896: Gold Bugs nominated their own candidate- John M. Palmer
    • Why the Populists lost the election of 1896…
      • Bi-metallism was not popular with industrial workers because it would cause inflation
      • William Jennings Bryan’s defeat threw off the Populist’s agenda and they lost hope
    • Republican Party (1896)
      • McKinley’s Platform:
        • Oppose tariff that would hurt American products
        • Increase navy
        • Oppose free coinage of silver
        • Reassert Monroe Doctrine
        • Help Cuba gain independence!
    • Democratic Party
      • Platform:
        • Opposed gold standard
        • Free Silver
        • Graduated Income Tax
        • Sympathy for Cubans
    • THE END