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Mobile apps from idea to product

  1. 1. Mobile Apps: FromIdea to ProductsBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu Dec 2011Outline:O tli • How to evaluate mobile ideas • Low tech prototyping • Development, outsourcing, costs • Deployment and promotion • Pricing, monetization • iPhone vs Android • Future of Mobile Tech 1
  2. 2. Presenters’ Background Berna Erol Ibrahim Okuyucu Deployed 5 iPhone , 1 Android Apps Developed 3 Iphone Apps Most apps ranked #1 in their Deployed 3 Iphone/2 Android Apps respective categories, 1 won award 100K users in 8 weeks 1 app exceeded 150,000 users, 2 Cofounder of a funded mobile apps 100,000+ users, 1 app 50,000+ startup p users Founder: (200,000+ monthly page views) Research Manager: Ricoh Advanced Personal Technologies groupBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 2
  3. 3. Make No Mistake: We are in the middle of a new SV revolution e o ut o More than just phones MainFrames, Mini, PC, Internet, MainFrames Mini PC Internet Mobile Mobile, personal, social, and location based, NUI Smartphones will be the only computing devices for billions of people By 2015 Mobile Internet > Desktop InternetMorgan Stanley Internet Trends Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 3
  4. 4. Have an app idea? Awesome! What’s next?Berna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 4
  5. 5. Big picture Idea Market Tracking Testing Deploy & Low Tech Promote Prototyping Develop MVP pBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 5
  6. 6. IDEA: Evaluate your ideas and pick ONE Create an environment for cultivating ideas Categorize/evaluate them Is your idea a pain killer or a vitamin? If you have to chose between two go for the pain killer. Are you passionate about your idea? Do you have some unique skills and interests in that area? Know h K how to f focus: O id at a time! One idea i ! Suggested read: Myths of Innovation - Scott BerkunBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 6
  7. 7. Market testing of your ideas • Test your assumptions T i • Narrow the target audience • Decide on the general feature list Amazon Mechanical Turk Example: Evaluating a bookmarking idea Google Ads, Facebook Ads Testing Product testing via adwords, suggested Read: 4 Hour Workweek (Tim Ferriss) A/B testing Ask your “brain trust” Come up with one tagline that describes your app. Be enticing, be exciting For my apps: “Mobile scanner in your pocket!” “An interactive kids book like no other!”Berna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 7
  8. 8. Low tech prototyping Proof of concept • Prioritize product features • Decide on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) • Develop wireframes (user experience) Paper prototyping Image : Good tool: Balsamiq Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 8
  9. 9. Low tech prototyping Proof of concept (cont’) Initial prototype for testing game Actual product in 3 months mechanics: Initial kids game in PowerPoint + had my son play it by going from slide to slideBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 9
  10. 10. Low tech prototyping Proof of concept (cont’) Clickable PDF test it on mobile device PDF, iPhone and iPad Development GUI Kits, Stencils and Icons p , iPhone Mockup, Wireframe and Prototyping tools for iPhone Developers Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 10
  11. 11. Low tech prototyping Proof of concept (cont’) User Experience (UX) is a learnable skill skill. Recommended books: The design f Th d ig of everyday thi g ( classic b D N d things (a l i by Don Norman) ) Don’t make me think (Steve Krug) Designing i i i interfaces ( if Tidwell) f (Jenifer id ll)Berna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 11
  12. 12. Develop • Idea • Promising market research results SPEC • Target audience • Prioritized feature list, MVP • Wireframes Content development: Software development& • Writing Testing • Translation • Graphics • AudioBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 12
  13. 13. Development: Do it yourself or outsource? Do you have the time skill to develop time, the app yourself? Do you have the money and management skills to outsource? Software development costs start from few hundred d ll f h d d dollars f relatively simple for l ti l i l applications and go to $50K+ for more sophisticated ones involving server communication etc etc.Berna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 13
  14. 14. Do it yourself – Programming resources Where to start? Best source is IOS Tutorials/Sample Projects from Apple Meetups, Workshops Frameworks: Sencha (if you know Javascript) for html app PhoneGap htt // h Ph G / Titanium: Unity game development tool: Simple development for content apps: Be aware that Apple App store may not accept some simple apps or web p // pp / based apps if it does not provide enough value or it does not use native features of the iOS device Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 14
  15. 15. Native vs HTML5 Native Native API (Camera, Phonebook, Accelerometer) More responsive UI App store HTML5 Rapid deployment, no approval process p p y , pp p Single code base for potentially multiple platforms It is the future but for now (Dec 2011) is not the way to go One strategy: Make a mostly native iPhone app, nail down the user experience >repeat this in HTML5 for other platforms including AndroidBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 15
  16. 16. Do it yourself – Content resources Get photos graphics background textures from: photos, graphics, Public domain Photoshop, PowerPoint etc Music, sound effects, speech from: Garage band G g b d (MAC) Text to speech Record yourself etcBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 16
  17. 17. How to outsource development? 5 ways to fi d d find developers l Identify apps that are similar in mechanics but maybe different in content and target audience. Contact the developer, j g p , just describe y your idea ( (no need to share the full spec at the beginning). Get a rough quote and assure them that they can revise once they see the spec. Go to,, (formerly Very good developers from Russia, Ukraine, India. Ping only the ones with great feedback. Do the same for getting a quote. Ask friends about overseas or local developers that they worked with in the past. Recruit local: Advertise with linked in, Craig’s list Collaborate with a developer – you’ll bring the idea, design, and marketing >they will codeBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 17
  18. 18. How to outsource development? (cont’) Try them out with a small project If possible, try several developers with some very small projects – for example $200 projects. Let them know this is just a small project and a large one will becoming their way. Evaluate: Are they responsive, accurate, easy to work with? Give the Gi th spec and ask f a bid d k for Developers range from $30 to $150/hour. However projects always take longer than planned, so it would be best to get a bid for the entire project rather than hourly work. At this point it is crucial to h e your oje t the th ho l o k thi oi t i i l have o spec in top shape.Berna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 18
  19. 19. How to outsource content development? Local: Ask friends, Craigslist, Linked in Collaborate Offer revenue share Find contractor:, Follow the same guidelines as developer. Start with a small trial project. As little as $10/hour. Find examples from web and send to designer to describe what you are looking for.Berna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 19
  20. 20. How to outsource content development? (cont’) Designers cannot read your mind Give them many many mind. examples of what you are looking for: example Final drawing If possible g p give pictures, not graphics as examples so that you do not run into copyright issuesBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 20
  21. 21. Deployment and Promotion Test with users iterate users, Solid QA, multiple OS versions, multiple devices (particularly for Android) Name your app wisely Use keywords when naming y y g your app where makes sense. Do not be pp extremely clever with the name or make up words. Keywords are important, utilize Google keyword tool Select screen shot images carefully. Perfect opportunity for A/B testing Stand out from the crowd with your app icon Humans are genetically p g g y programmed to p y pay attention to faces, certain colors Pick your category strategicallyBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 21
  22. 22. Deployment and Promotion (cont’) Price your app wisely You can A/B test this also after going live wisely. live. Localize your app description, keywords You can find translators online (elance com etc) for as little as $5 $10 (, per app description Make a YouTube video, short and sweet. Do include in your blogger distribution Create Facebook fan page, ask friends to like itBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 22
  23. 23. Deployment and Promotion (cont’) Spread the word (remember the tag line?) and send emails to line?), bloggers In some categories It takes only 50 downloads/day to get into top 100. g g Concentrate your promotion efforts in 1 2 weeks, do not spread it. Make lots of forum postings, blog commenting. No time? Find someone to do this for $1 $2 per post post. Ask your friends to rate your appBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 23
  24. 24. Analytics – Measure your success and learn from data, Gives usage error etc statistics as well as customizable event usage, error, pathsBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 24
  25. 25. Analytics – Measure your success and learn from data (con’t) (con t) Follow your progress: GlobalApps iPhone app gives you the rankings of your app in different app stores. app ranking world/id321975982?mt=8 also provides the ranking info onlineBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 25
  26. 26. Monetizing your app How much can you expect t earn f H h t to from a $ $0.99 app? ? Anywhere from $50/month to $100,000/month. Most likely that you will not g get reach unless you have a hit app but a good supplemental income. g Freemium methods and in app purchases do work. Graph shows how ‘releasing a releasing lite app’ can pull up your sales. Source: Ads: One option claims of up to $5 per click but most developers option, click, are not happy with the performance for the time being •but we bet this will change as the mobile ad market maturesBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 26
  27. 27. iPhone vs Android iPhone / iOS Better demographics, better monetization Less fragmentation, better UX Limited API Android Android install base is growing faster than the iOS No approval policy faster iteration cycles policy, Less competition API has more functionality Less money, Andoid users do not payBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 27
  28. 28. Monetizing your app: Fremium in iPhone vs Android Source Mary Meeker presentation, 2011Berna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 28
  29. 29. Future Think: Mobile social location Mobile, social, New Platforms: Kindle Fire, Nook, Wimm 3D capture, di l t display Mobile payments, NFC Gamification, yes, even the enterprise software f h f Verticals: Wearable Health, Education Hardware + app combinationsBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 29
  30. 30. Thanks! Berna Erol Ibrahim Okuyucu okuyucu@gmail.comBerna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 30
  31. 31. Questions? What mistakes did you make that you would avoid in the future? Focusing too much on artwork production • If you are designing the game, game mechanics is the most important. Focus on that aspect first before anything else. ( p y g (exmp: Doodle jump) p j p) Not having the full spec before asking for pricing • You pay dearly afterwards Picking more than one platform • Pick only one platform for quick iteration. Don’t waste time supporting all features for other platforms until you have product market fit Is it possible to have your app featured in Google app market or Apple app store via internal connections? Yes! We have done this, but also I had 2 apps features without any connections whatsoever. You do a great app and Apple people will notice.Berna Erol and Ibrahim Okuyucu 31