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  • 1. Please note the following questions as assignment for Unit I. ASSIGNMENT Ques 1. State the difference between program and software. Why have documents and documentation become very important? Ques 2. What is a software process? Why is it difficult to improve it? Ques 3. Distinguish between generic and customized software products. Which one has larger share of market and why? Ques 4. Define the term “Software Engineering”. Explain the major differences between software engineering and other traditional engineering disciplines. Ques 5. What do you understand by the term “software”? Discuss its characteristics? Ques 6. Explain the different categories of software application. Ques 7. What are the different steps of software development life cycle? Ques 8. Discuss various software components. Ques 9. List the difference between exploratory style and modern software development practices. Ques 10. Discuss the evolution of software. Ques 11. What are the benefits of software engineering for developing a software?. Ques 12. List and explain some of the important issues which are involved in the rejection of the software. Ques 13. Outline the essential characteristics of well-engineered software product. Ques 14. What is the principle aim of software engineering discipline? What does the discipline of software engineering discuss? Ques 15. What are the symptoms of present software crisis? What factors have contributed to making of the present software crisis? What are the possible solutions to the present software crisis?
  • 2. Please note the following questions as assignment for Unit II. Software Engineering (Semester V) 2008-09 Software Design Assignment 1. What is ATAM? 2. What are the various architectural styles? 3. Explain the design process. 4. Why are requirement documents important for a large project? 5. What are the static methods for requirement specification? 6. Explain a few dynamic methods of requirement specification. 7. What are the different methods of collecting requirements? 8. Explain methods of requirement verification. 9. Why is it important to prepare an architectural model? 10. State the differences between Function oriented and Object oriented design methods. 11. Explain coupling in the context of function oriented design 12. Explain cohesion and different types of cohesion 13. Explain cohesion and coupling in the context of object oriented design 14. What are the considerations while preparing the User Interface design? 15. Discuss requirements engineering 16. Discuss requirement specification in the case of critical systems 17. What are the different types of requirements? 18. Discuss Software design metrics 19. Discuss Requirements metrics 20. Explain modularity and abstraction in the context of software design 21. State down the steps for transforming a transaction DFD into a structure chart 22. State down the steps for transforming a transform DFD into a structure chart 23. Differentiate between top-down design and bottom-up design methods 24. Explain factoring and re-factoring in the context of software design 25. Discuss component reuse in the context of software design 26. List characteristics of a good SRS 27. Discuss principles for a good software design 28. Explain methods for verifying a system design 29. Why is prototyping important for software process?
  • 3. Please note the following questions as assignment for Unit III. Ques1. What is bug reporting? What are the available methods for debugging? Ques2. What is clean room development? Ques3. State some good programming practices. Ques4. How can we verify code? Ques5. Explain VV model of Software Development. What are the different types of testing?