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Steroids in Sports Speech Steroids in Sports Speech Presentation Transcript

    • 1) A general overview of steroids
    • 2) Steroids timeline
    • 3) Barry Bonds
    Steroids in Baseball
    • Increase of muscle mass
    • Reduction of body fat
    • Enhanced endurance
    Good Side Effects of Steroids
    • Testicular atrophy
    • Liver damage
    • Cancer
    • Acne
    • Excessive Hair Growth
    • Mood Swings
    Bad Side Effects of Steroids
    • 1889 - French neurologist Charles Brown markets a "rejuvenating elixir," which is made from the testicles of guinea pigs and dogs.
    • 1935 - Testosterone is first synthesized by Adolf Butenandt and Lavoslav Ruzicka, who earn a Nobel Prize in chemistry for the accomplishment.
    • World War II - It is believed that German soldiers are given testosterone to increase their battlefield performance.
    • 1952 - The Soviet Olympic team performs extremely well at its first games
    • 1953 - The first anabolic steroid, 19-nortestosterone, is synthesized.
    • 1954 - A Soviet Union coach informs U.S. coach Dr. John Ziegler that the Soviet
    • team is using testosterone. On returning home, Dr. Ziegler begins administering testosterone to his weightlifters.
    • 1963 - Strength Coach Alvin Roy serves breakfast with dianabol to San Diego Chargers linemen.
    • 1972 - The International Olympic Committee implements the strictest steroid and drug testing policy known to sports.
    Steroid Timeline
    • 1981 - Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, is amended and anabolic steroids are required to be prescribed and dispensed by licensed physicians.
    • 1988 - Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, winner of the 100-meter race at the Summer Olympics, forfeits his gold medal after the steroid stanozolol was found in his urine.
    • 1990 - The Anabolic Steroids Control Act is passed
    • 1991 - Commissioner Fay Vincent attempts to ban pitcher Steve Howe from major league baseball for failing his seventh drug test. The Players' Union appeals and succeeds in overturning the Commissioner's decision.
    • 1991 - Fay Vincent resigns due to pressure from a baseball owners group led by Bud Selig.
    • 2004 - The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 is passed
    • steroid within 1,000 feet of a sports facility.
    • March 2005 - Congressional hearings on steroids are held. Major league players, including Rafael Palmiero, deny the use of steroids. Player Sammy Sosa says, "No hablo Ingleis."
    • August 2005 - Rafael Palmiero is suspended for 10 days after failing a steroids drug test.
    Steroid Timeline
  • AL Detroit Tigers 1938 58 Hank Greenberg 10 AL Philadelphia Athletics 1932 58 Jimmie Foxx 9 AL New York Yankees 1921 59 Babe Ruth 8 AL New York Yankees 1927 60 Babe Ruth 7 AL New York Yankees 1961 61 Roger Maris 6 NL Chicago Cubs 1999 63 Sammy Sosa 5 NL Chicago Cubs 2001 64 Sammy Sosa 4 NL St. Louis Cardinals 1999 65 Mark McGwire 3 NL Chicago Cubs 1998 66 Sammy Sosa 2 NL St. Louis Cardinals 1998 70 Mark McGwire 1 NL San Francisco Giants 2001 73 Barry Bonds Rank League Team Year Home Runs Name Home Runs Single Season Leaders 'Top 100'
    • Started playing for the Pirates in 1986
    • Won many awards including:
    • 7 MVP awards
    • Sporting News’ player of the decade for 1990’s
    • Holds record for homeruns in a season (73)
    • 32 nd in stolen bases with 514
    • Holds record for career homeruns with 762
    November 2007: Barry Bonds Indicted
    • Studies suggest that over 500,000 high school athletes have tried steroids.
    • The steroid epidemic in the NFL was exposed in the 1980’s.
    • Like in baseball- the NFL was brought before the United States Senate in 1989.
    • That year suspensions started for positive test results.
    • 1 st offense is a 4 game suspension- then 8 games- and so on.
    • The deaths of Lyle Alzado and Mike Webster opened a lot of eyes.
    • In 2005 Bill Romanowski admitted to steroid use.
    • In 2004 members of the Carolina Panthers tried to obtain “stackers” the week of the Superbowl.
  • Marion Jones 5 Medals at 2000 Olympics
  • Floyd Landis 2006 Tour de France Winner
  • Chris Benoit
    • WWE Wrestler
    • Murder/Suicide in 2007
  • Bryan Berard
    • Not allowed to represent Team USA upcoming Olympics
    • 2 year suspension from International play
    • 20 game suspension from NHL (1 st Offense)
  • In Conculsion
    • History of Steroids
    • Major League Baseball
    • High School Athletes
    • Professional Football
    • Track and Field
    • Cycling
    • Professional Wrestling
    • National Hockey League
    • World Anti-Doping Agency