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Engex Lab IEMS

  1. 1. Engex LabEngineering InnovationsLaboratoryEngex®Group
  2. 2. Presentation PlanAbout the “Engex Lab”laboratory Engex Lab IEMS® Marketing strategy
  3. 3. Engex Lab’s values and mission Values • People’s comfort and safety • Rational use of resources • Sustainable growth Mission • Development and commercialization of innovative engineering technologies facilitating the rise in people’s life quality and ensuring environmental preservation for future generations.
  4. 4. Lines of Research and DevelopmentCreation of software and hardware systemsregulating energy consumption of buildingsMonitoring and control over the quality of climateinside the buildingDevelopment of new technologies aimed atutilization of heat and electricity energyproduced by people in their day-to-day activities
  5. 5. TeamDmitriy Bocharov • CEO, co-owner and board member of Engex Lab • Co-owner of a number of companies in the sphere of IT and Advertising in electronic media • Member of the “Chastny kapital” National Network of Business Angels • MEPHI graduate (Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute) • PhD • MBA (Lomonosov Moscow State University)Aleksandr Nikiforov • Co-owner and board member Engex Lab • Managing partner and co-owner of the “Engex” Engineering Bureau (ООО “КИМ-Ш”) • Member of International Advertising Association IAA • Graduate of Moscow State University of Railway Engineering • MBA (Lomonosov Moscow State University) • Student of Skolkovo Open University
  6. 6. TeamAlexander Lunev • R&D director, System Architect, board member of Engex Lab • Graduate of Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering (speciality Computers, Complexes, Systems and Networks) • Worked as Lead Electronics Engineer and Lead Software Engineer in number of leading companiesEvan Cooper Polley • 25 years international experience in operations, finance and investments with companies of all sizes • Expert in strategic development - alliances, financing, mergers, acquisitions, make/buy, divestitures • Very rapid development of new customers, markets and products • Responsible for the start-up of several successful businesses • Wide and senior network of clients, customers and associates • Aerospace/defense, information systems, microelectronics, energy/power systems and communications
  7. 7. Engex Lab’s product -Engex Lab IEMS ®
  8. 8. ClientsExpense bearers • Tenants • Owners • Trust CompaniesBusiness Property • Office space • Trade Centers • Multifunctional complexes
  9. 9. Customer Motivation A and B Class C Class Other Prestige Reliability Prestige 8% 5% Comfort 11% 25% Saving 20%Saving 17% 54% Safety 21% 10% Comfort 10% Safety Reliability
  10. 10. Industry KSF Substantial saving of energy Low or zero Simplicity of cost of implementation installation
  11. 11. Main BMS market players• IBM• Johnson Controls• Schneider Electric• Siemens• Honeywell
  12. 12. Engex Lab IEMS® Innovations• Analysis of energy consumption dependence on the behavior of people inside the building• Development and implementation of self-learning mathematical models and algorithms of control• Identification and analysis of hidden regularities in energy consumption dynamics, based on the monitoring data from objects included in the common network
  13. 13. Engex Lab IEMS® reduces lossesSources of losses: • Lighting of premises in the absence of people, higher than necessary degree of lighting • Mechanical ventilation of premises in the absence of people, where the amount of air does not depend on the current need • Air-conditioning regardless of the actual amount of incoming heat, number of people and activeness of their behavior • Open windows, draughts • Higher than necessary intensity of heating
  14. 14. Comfort and energy losses Comfort Energy Consumption
  15. 15. Dynamics of losses Comfort Energy Consumption Losses
  16. 16. Cutting costs, increase in comfort Comfort Energy Consumption Losses
  17. 17. How it works Engex Lab Dispatcher Controller Lighting Radiators Ventilation Sensors
  18. 18. Conceptual scheme
  20. 20. Shared revenue «Lease» model 50% 15% 30% Remains Client’s net saving with a income Client Price for a Client = 0
  21. 21. Promotion channelsBuildings designed by the “Engex” bureauProfessional mediators (managers of mountingand engineering companies, system integrators)Active salesInternet
  22. 22. Think strategically – cooperate with Engex Lab! Strategic management is not … a set of instructions. It is analytical thinking and effective use of resources. Peter Drucker www.engexlab.com