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Axceleon Presentation at Siggraph 2009
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Axceleon Presentation at Siggraph 2009


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Information on renderfarm software EnFuzion by Axceleon.

Information on renderfarm software EnFuzion by Axceleon.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. High Performance Computing Comes to Hollywood Mike Duffy President and CEO Axceleon Inc.
  • 2. Presentation Overview • Expected Users of High Performance Computing • UN-Expected Users of High Performance Computing • Elements of a High Performance Computing Compute Farm • The Evolving Image Rendering Ecosystem • Looks like HPC to us • What Happened? • Where Is The Industry Going? • Where Does EnFuzion Help In The Evolving 3D HPC Ecosystem • On-Demand Rendering Next Step • Axceleon
  • 3. High Performance Computing (HPC) Expected Users of High Performance Computing • US Department of Energy National Laboratories – Lawrence Livermore, Sandia, Los Alamos • Airplane Manufacturers – Boeing, Airbus • Automotive Companies – GM, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Isuzu • Engineering Companies – Lockheed, Northrup Grumman, Caterpillar, Peterbilt Trucks etc. • All need major computing horsepower to run their business
  • 4. High Performance Computing (HPC) Un – Expected High Performance Computing Users • Motion Picture Companies – Disney, DreamWorks • Visual Effects houses building content for movies, games • Post production houses – get to market faster • Broadcasters world-wide – where time to the air is critical • Advertising Companies – those products with catchy ads • Gamers – fastest growing segment of the DCC marketplace • Medical Imaging – Better diagnosis, faster cures • These companies too need major computing horsepower to run and effectively manage their businesses
  • 5. High Performance Computing (HPC)Farms Elements of a HPC Compute Farm • Usually HPC systems are located in Datacenters • Have “Big Iron”, hundreds of Multi-Core machines – Fast Intel processors – Large memory sizes, 32G to 64+ Giga bytes of memory per machine • Very fast internal networks – Min 1 Gigabit speed, moving to 10 Gigabits – Larger compute farms have Quadrics, Myrinet, Infiniband network fabrics • Large Storage requirements, minimum is Terabytes most at Petabyte levels
  • 6. Image Rendering Ecosystem The Evolving Rendering Ecosystem • HD driving disruptive growth • Render Farms getting bigger • Extreme demands on network and storage • Render nodes switching from desktops/white boxes to servers, with Blade Servers being deployed more and more as render farms • Scalability, Reliability and Performance are real concerns as farms and processor densities grows • OS switching from Windows to Linux, with OSX becoming more popular • Demand for Quality Render Farm Management Software on the rise • High Availability, Auto-Fail Over, Remote Node Management Mandatory
  • 7. HPC Rendering Farms Looks Like HPC To Us • Bigger and Bigger Machines, all now seem to be 8 core and now moving to 16 usable cores with the Intel Nehalem Chip set • More and more of these (Commodity off the shelf) COTS and Blade Machines • Fast Networks, 1 Gigabit or 10 GigE showing up in Hollywood studios more and more, not quite Quadrics network fabrics yet • Terabyte moving to Petabyte storage arrays 7
  • 8. HPC Rendering Farms • Shrek (2001) – 525 processor server farm plus 300 company desktops – 5 million computer hours of render time needed • Shrek 2 (2004) – 1:45 in length – 20 Terabytes of data – 10 million computer hours of render time needed – Some frames took 30-40 hours to render – 3000-processor render farm of HP servers and 300+ HP workstations • Shrek 3 (2007) – 20 million computer hours of render time needed • DreamWorks = 4500 nodes, Disney in excess of this, smaller no-name studios in LA are running 2000 – 3000 nodes • Even with the advancements and speed in hardware for these Render / HPC compute farms the need for more render time still doubled with each Shrek movie reinforcing the need for resource management software (EnFuzion® ) to optimize the hardware/storage resources Source: The San Francisco Chronicle Source: Exodus Film Group HPC* = High Performance Computing
  • 9. HPC Rendering Farms Transformers Stats • Bumblebee = approx 8,000 pieces/elements • Optimus Prime = Approx 10,000 pieces/elements • 80,000 compute/render hours to render 1 scene Source:9 Renee Dunlop, CG 18 June 2009, Clare Kaufmann, Source: Matt Sullivan, . Transformers: Bonus Material, Special Features. Dir. Michael Bay
  • 10. Industry Direction Where Is The Industry Going? • More disruptive growth driving demands for HPC like systems and functionality inside studios large and small • Must be 24x7, becoming mission critical and driving demand for full redundancy of render farm Head Nodes, Compute Nodes and Cluster/Render Management software • Bigger and faster machines for rendering will then enable even more complex and grandiose visual effects within required project timelines • Single computer “Real-Time Rendering” solutions coming on the scene, not clear at all if this GPU based computing will displace the traditional CPU based render farms in use world-wide today
  • 11. EnFuzion3D Resource Management • EnFuzion® – 11 Years of continuous deployment in Mission Critical environments • Supported 3D Animation since 1998, Plug-ins for 90% of 3D Applications – Heterogeneous robust Render Farm resource manager – Performance – fastest scheduler in the Industry – Scalability – Built to scale with minimum network load, (10,000s’ of CPU/Cores) – Drives all cores in multi-core machines on 32 and 64 bit processors (Windows and Linux) – Full OSX support, PowerPC (G4/G5) and Intel architectures for Mac OS (Tiger, Leopard) – Reliable 24x7 fault tolerance features – work around HW, SW, memory, network, renderer problems – OPEN ARCHITECTURE, Full API, scripting interface , extensive admin/ reporting tools • High Availability and Auto-Fail over options available, Remote Node Management • Support’s “green grid” initiative with WoL (Wake on Lan) and can shut down unused machines and rendering nodes when work done. • Web based Control Center , Web based Front End for “remote job submission” • Solid Customer Satisfaction
  • 12. EnFuzion Resource Management How Does EnFuzion® Work
  • 13. EnFuzion EC2 Plug-In for Amazon EC2 THE EVOLVED RENDER FARM = EnFuzion EC2 + Amazon EC2 Cloud EnFuzion EC2 EnFuzion®
  • 14. On-Demand Rendering THE EVOLVED RENDER FARM “On Demand” Rendering EnFuzion EC2 EnFuzion EC2 EnFuzion® EnFuzion® RENDER FARM AMAZON EC2 CLOUD
  • 15. EnFuzion High Availability – Auto Fail Over EnFuzion EnFuzion Submit host Submit host On Network/Hardware Failure EnFuzion EnFuzion Root host Root host IP: IP: On Network/Hardware Failure EnFuzion EnFuzion Compute Nodes Compute Nodes
  • 16. Success Stories
  • 17. Axceleon Snapshot • NEW YORK • Axceleon is a software company founded in 2002 with a focus on high performance computing, clustering, grid computing and resource management for render farms. HQ in Sunnyvale CA., presence in Los Angeles, China, Singapore, Tampa, New York, R&D center planned for Ireland in late 2009. • Customers in over 18 countries. • Hardware Channel Partner: IBM, HP, Dell, Sun and SGI • Key ISV Partners: Siemens, Novell, Red Hat, Microsoft, Intel, Autodesk, Apple, The Foundry, Maxon, and AMD • Engaged with select resellers and system integrators in the US, Japan, China, Taiwan and Europe that focus on clustering and the 3D animation market.
  • 18. Thank you
  • 19. EnFuzion Demos @ at Axceleon Booth 2224 • EnFuzion3D 2009 • EnFuzion Remote Desktop • EnFuzion EC2 with the elastic EC2 render farm • Thank you • Any questions? Footnotes are very small and need not be capitalized.