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201202 centro stirling presentation

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ENERKIT, as a thermoelectric initiative delivered by CS Centro Stirling S. Coop. ...

ENERKIT, as a thermoelectric initiative delivered by CS Centro Stirling S. Coop.
Components Division of Mondragon Corporation.
February 2012

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  • 1. Centro StirlingCentro  S)rling  is  a  technological  centre,  working  on  efficient  energy  technologies,  S)rling,  Thermoelectric  Technology  and  R&D  support.    Centro  S)rling  belongs  to  the  Components  Division  of  Mondragon  Corpora)on  
  • 2. Mondragon  Corpora)on   MONDRAGON  is  a  business  group  integra)ng  210  enterprises  and  more  than  80.000   professionals  divided  into  three  main  areas:  FINANCIAL,  INDUSTRY  and  DISTRIBUTION.     MONDRAGON  is  the  7th  Industrial  Group  in  Spain.   AUTOMOTIVE financial area INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION COACH BODYWORK AND SUPPLIES COMPONENTS CONSTRUCTION industrial area LIFTS Mondragon  Corpora+on     EQUIPMENT most  relevant  data  (2010)   HOUSEHOLD GOODS Total  Assets   33.099  million  €   Total  Revenue   14.755  million  €   distribution area ENGINEERING AND SERVICES MACHINE TOOLS Consolidate  Earnings   178  million  €   INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS Workforce   83.859   TOOLING AND SYSTEMS Research, Education and Training centers 03/02/12   Centro  S)rling   2  
  • 3. Mondragon  Components   The Division MONDRAGON COMPONENTS was created with the purpose of giving INTEGRAL SOLUTIONS to the domestic appliance industry, that have been adapted to the market´s most demanding needs. Mondragon  Components  Highlights  2011     Professionals   3,827   Revenue   552  million  €   Interna)onal  Markets   67%   Produc)on  Plants   24   03/02/12   Centro  S)rling   3  
  • 4. Mondragon  Components   Mondragon   Components   is   present   in   all   5   con)nents   and   has   several   produc)on   plants   outside  Spain,  plus  an  extensive  network  of  sales  offices  and  commercial  agents.     03/02/12   Centro  S)rling   4  
  • 5. Centro  S)rling   Centro   S)rling   is   the   technology   research   centre   of   Mondragon   Components   and   is   specialized  in  energy  efficient  technologies  for  the  residen)al  and  commercial  sectors.     Centro   S)rling   collaborates   ac)vely   with   the   nine   co-­‐opera)ve   companies   of   Mondragon   Components   group   plus   EHE   in   the   development   and   op)miza)on   of   the   new   products,   services  and  business  ini)a)ves.       03/02/12   Centro  S)rling   5  
  • 6. Main  projects   •  EHE  Product  improvement  (S)rling  Micro-­‐cogenera)on):   §  Combus)on   §  S)rling  cycle   §  Regenerator   §  Electronics   •  Cogenera)on  with  S)rling  10-­‐15  Kw.   •  Refrigera)on  and  Industrial  cryogenic  technologies  based  on  S)rling.   •  Design  and  Manufacturing  of  Ceramic  Free  Thermoelectric  Modules.           •  Thermoelectric  Condi)oning  Parament.   •  Embedded  Thermoelectric  Micro  Genera)on  Systems.   03/02/12   Centro  S)rling   6  
  • 7. Collabora)ons   03/02/12   Centro  S)rling   7  
  • 8. ENERKIT,  the  Thermoelectric  Ini)a)ve   The  differences  that  make  us  beger   •  CERAMIC  FREE  modules   •  AUTOMATIC  ASSEMBLY   –  The  fragile  ceramics  of  tradi)onal  module   –  Our  innova)ve  automa)c  assembling   solu)ons  implies  a  considerable  thermal   system,  unique  in  the  world,  contrast  with   resistance  preven)ng  de  modules  working   manual  assembly  of  most  of  the  tradi)onal   their  best.   manufacturers.   –  The  elimina)on  of  ceramics  of  our  modules   –  Automa)c  assembly  guarantees  unbeatable   allows  them  working  with  HIGHER   precision  in  the  manufacturing  of  our   PERFORMANCE,  besides  contribu)ng  to   skeletons,  with  full  elimina)on  of  human   greater  robustness  against  hits  and   error,  improving  besides  the  electrical   vibra)ons.   resistance  of  contacts.   –  Our  technology  can  be  applied  directly  to   –  Our  special  automa)c  assembly   customer  solu)ons  without  the  need  of   characteris)cs  provides  a  higher   using  fragile  intermediate  ceramics.   performance  and  reliability.   •  PLUG  &  PLAY   –  Our  thermoelectric  module  goes  out  from  factory  with  appropriate  pressure  libera)ng  the  installer   from  specialized  knowledge  or  mistakes  in  installa)on  and  reducing  defec)ve  products.   –  The  screw  based  fastening  system  simplifies  both  the  installa)on  and  the  rapid  subs)tu)on  on   maintenance  tasks.   03/02/12   Centro  S)rling   8  
  • 9. ENERKIT,  the  Thermoelectric  Ini)a)ve   –  Direct  Conduc+vity  Cooling   •  We  can  directly  freeze  the  cri)cal  heat  sink,   avoiding  wastes  derived  of  freezing  the  whole   envelop.   •  Oriented  to  freeze  Electronic  Componentes.   –  Dwellings  and  Cabins  Air  Condi+oning   •  Using  our  modular  configura)ons  we  can  air   condi)on  any  cabin  or  dwelling  room.   •  Efficient  air  purifica)on  with  thermoelectric   assistance.   •  Our  Enerkit  Thermoelectric  Parament  ®  is  the   solu)on  to  manage  the  thermal  condi)ons  in  a   dwelling  in  a  sustainable  way,  integra)ng  the   thermoelectric  solu)on  in  the  cabinet  wall.     –  Micro  Genera+on   •  Solu)ons  for  power  genera)on  with  a  very  small   temperature  gradient.   03/02/12   Centro  S)rling   9