Lectures Russian Energy Sector


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Lectures Russian Energy Sector

  1. 1. Particularities of Russian energy sector Course of lectures http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  2. 2. Lecture 1 Theme 1. Fuel and Energy resources and their using in the different branches of Russian Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC)  Energy resources distribution in the society  Classifications of fuel and energy resources by reproduction conditions and by particularities of energy production Theme 2. World fuel energy resources. Russia on the world market of Fuel and Energy resources  Internationals energy units, energy units accepted in Russia, measures of international energy units  The world organic fuel and energy resources  Russian positions on the world markets of oil, gas, coal, nuclear energy and uranium enrichment Theme 3. The role and place of Fuel and Energy branch in Russian Economy  The part of Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC) in the total volume of Russian industrial production  The part of FEC in the budget profit part  The part of FEC in the total volume of export (in money terms)  Forecasts http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  3. 3. Lecture 2 Theme 4. Oil, gas, coal and oil products production in Russia. Main companies-producers. Forecasts  Volumes production dynamic, production capacities  Companies-producers and their production volumes  Forecasts in the oil, gas, coal and oil-refining Russian industries 2011 2012  Comparative dynamic of Russian resources production in million tons of oil equivalent 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 http://energysectorconsult.com/ jan fév mars avr mai 2010 juin juil 2011 août sep 2012 oct nov déc energysconsult@gmail.ru
  4. 4. Lecture 2 Theme 5. Russian Energy Strategy for the period to 2030 year. Main directions for development of Russian Energetic sector  Tasks and time intervals of main steps of Russian Energy Strategy  Energy resources production and consumption volumes planned in the every step of Energy Strategy  Being forecast Russian fuel and energy balance, dynamic consumption of fuel and energy resources forecast http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  5. 5. Lecture 3 Theme 6. The State regulation of Russian Fuel and Energy sector  Main methods of state management of Fuel and Energy branche in Russia  Functions of the Russian Ministry of Energy  Functions of the Russian Ministry of Nature Resources and Ecology  Description of main special regimes of taxation, applied in Russian Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC) Lecture 4  Taxation in different branches of FEC, description of main taxes, fees, customs duties applied in Russian FEC http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  6. 6. Lecture 5 Theme 7. Foreign companies activity in Russian Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC)  Description of main activity directions of foreign companies in Russian BP ENI FEC Shell ONGC  Dimensions of presence of different French, Dutch, British, Chinese, American, Indian, Italian, Norwegian, Ja panese, German companies in Russian FEC ExxonMobil Weatherford SiNopec ConocoPhillips http://energysectorconsult.com/ Statoil Total Chevron energysconsult@gmail.ru
  7. 7. Lecture 6 Theme 8. Modern statement in Russian Oil Sector  Modern statement of the world oil market  Russia place among other world countries by volumes of oil resources  Russia place among other world countries by volumes of oil production  Current Situation on Russian Oil Market (positive and negative tendencies)  Strategical goals of Russian oil sector development  Oil export, oil export structure, Russian profits from oil export  Latest changes in Russian oil companies activity http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  8. 8. Lecture 7 Theme 9. Production and using of associated gas in Russian oil industry  Production volumes of associated gas in Russia  Russia place among other world countries by volumes of associated gas burning  Current volume of financial penalties in Russia for associated gas burning above the allowable level  Russian oil companies payments volumes for limit excess of atmospheric emissions during associated gas burning  Associated gas utilization methods being used in Russia  Current situation in associated gas utilization area in some Russian oil companies http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  9. 9. Lecture 8 Theme 10. Modern statement in Russian gas industry  Current situation on the world gas market  Russia place among other world countries by volumes of gas resources and gas production  Current situation on the Russian gas market  Russian Gas Strategy realization process  Russia gas industry structure  Statement, outlooks and strategical goals of Russian gas industry development  Joint-stock company «Gasprom» and its management structure  Volumes and dynamic of gas export, Russian gas export structure  Latest changes in Russian gas companies activity http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  10. 10. Lecture 9 Theme 11. Modern situation in Russian coal industry  Russia place among other world countries by coal resources and coal production  Russian Coal market current tendencies  Production volumes, strategical goals and projects in Russian Coal Industry  Russian coal export volumes  Structure and volumes of delivers of Russian coal  Structure and directions of Russian coal export  Problems in coal export area  Production and export volumes of different Russian coal companiesproducers http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  11. 11. Lecture 10 Theme 12. Russian oil refining industry  Russian oil refining industry problems and objectives of its development  Oil refining enterprises capacities, dynamic of Russian oil refining volumes  Volumes of oil refining by different oil-processing plant  Oil refining degrees of different oil-processing plants  Production volumes dynamic of main types of oil-products  Oil-products export volumes and their structure. Russian strategical goals in the area of production and export of oil-products  Different oil-processing plants projects  Tax politics in the area of Russian oil refining industry http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  12. 12. Lecture 11 Тема 13. The modern situation in Russian electro energetic complex  Description of current structure of Russian electro energetic industry  Creation of Electrical lines and substations  Electro energetic production and its consumption volumes in different Russian regions  Russian Electrical energy production structure  Current Russian Electro energetic complex tendencies and its problems  Companies created after reformation of Russian Unified Energy System  Russian companies working at the present time in the area of electrical generation, sales of electrical energy, control of arterial and regional electrical lines, engineering services in the creation of electrical lines and substations, energetic repairing services  Description of companies activity in the above-listed Russian electrical energy sectors, main shareholders of these companies http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  13. 13. Lecture 12 Theme 14. Oil, gas, oil-products, coal and electricity prices  Volumes and dynamic of oil prices of Brent, Urals  Volumes and dynamic of gas prices on the world market and in Russia  Volumes and dynamic of wholesale and retail prices of different sorts of benzine and diesel fuel  Prices of different coal sorts and of different producers  Electric energy prices on the wholesale market http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  14. 14. Lecture 12 Theme 15. Being used and planned projects in the oil production and in the construction of oil-pipeline area  Description of different projects  Projects dimensions  Terms of projects realization  Project participants http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  15. 15. Lecture 13 Theme 16. Being used and planned projects in the gas production area  Description of different projects  Projects dimensions  Terms of projects realization  Project participants Theme 17. Being used and planned projects in the gas transportation area  Description of different projects  Projects dimensions  Terms of projects realization  Project participants Theme 18. Energy conservation projects in Russian Fuel and Energy industry  Description of different projects  Projects dimensions  Terms of projects realization  Project participants http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru
  16. 16. Prices of sending texts (with charts and tables), prices of lectures and additional information are specified on website http://energysectorconsult.com/ Welcome to lectures! Lectures in Russian, French and English languages will be presented you by professionals who have worked for a long time in the Russian oil, gas, coal, electric power companies, market research companies, as well as in Russian Universities, specializing in the problems of the Russian Fuel and Energy complex Phone: +7 (916) 132-61-43 Skype: inspankov http://energysectorconsult.com/ energysconsult@gmail.ru