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Energy Biographies Update, Energy & Communities meeting event, Keele – 21 March 2012

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  • Energy biographies presentation, Keele

    1. 1. Energy Biographies UpdateEnergy & Communities meeting event, Keele –21st March 2012Karen Parkhill* Fiona Shirani^ Karen Henwood^Catherine Butler* Nick Pidgeon**School of Psychology, Cardiff University ^School of Social Sciences,
    2. 2. Overview• Background and broad overview of proposal ▫ Research questions, issues and concerns ▫ Case site introductions ▫ Revisions to original proposal ▫ What we have done so far• Phase 2a reflections & the future ▫ Emergent themes (all names are pseudonyms) ▫ Second phase – longitudinal ideas• Website
    3. 3. Research Objectives1. Develop understanding of energy use by investigating and comparing peoples different ‘energy biographies’ across a range of social settings2. Examine how existing demand reduction interventions interact with peoples personal biographies and histories.3. Develop improved understanding of how different community types can support reductions in energy consumption…We will also be exploring the usefulness of innovative (narrative, longitudinal and visual) research methods for helping people reflect on the ways they use energy
    4. 4. Theory Temporality & Spaces of community Energy Biographies Socio- Technical Lifecourse Systems, Studies & Practice Biographical Theory & Turn Transition
    5. 5. Case sites
    6. 6. Phases of research Phase 2b: Phase 2a: ExtendedPhase 1: Context Narrative Biographies & Interviews Interviews Multimodal July 2011- Method December 2011-December 2011 May 2012 May 2012- February 2013
    7. 7. P2a P2a P2b P2b P2c P2c ~5 ~5 ~ 10 ~ 10 mth mth mth mthLammas Lammas Lammas Lammas Lammas Lammas n=25 n=18 n=7-10 n=16 n= 7-10 n=16Cardiff Cardiff Cardiff Cardiff Cardiff Cardiff n=25 n=30 n=7-10 n=10 n=7-10 n=10 RFH RFH RFH RFH RFH n= RFH n=25 n=30 n=7-10 n=10 7-10 n=10 SB SB n=7- SB n= 7- Website Website Website n=25 10 10
    8. 8. Emergent theme 1: FrugalityKaren: I was going to ask actually because like you said you used to turn your wife’s lights off and computers do you do that with guests if they leave it on?John: Oh no good god no. No, no let them do what they want to do. We don’t very often have, my sister perhaps, my brother, people from Australia occasionally but no then you’ve got to say well they’re living in their own little place if they have the back bedroom and they’ve got the lights on or whatever you know they’ve got to have it on and that’s it so just let go. Otherwise I’d be called a mean sod. No I just let them do what they want to do, I’m sure they’d act responsibly.
    9. 9. Emergent theme 2:Intergenerational transmissionPat: Yeah. You see that Ive got a blanket.Neil: Dont matter how warm it is, shes got to have a …Pat: But thats my mums fault, I blame my mum because …Neil: I blame her for a lot.Pat: [laughs] In my mums house we had no heating, no hot water and no bathroom. So you did, you had a coal fire so the first, because the place wasnt warm you had a blanket, so thats come with me all my life … but as you say its not cold in here is it?Fiona: No.Pat: I have my comfort, that is my comfort. But thats my mums fault.Neil: I offer to give her a cuddle to keep her warm but shes, Nah Id rather have a blanket!‘Pat: Ill have a blanket! [Giggles] So thats why weve got a blanket but purely its my taste yeah.
    10. 10. QL multi-modal methods• Camera phones • Between 1 & 2 directed to take photos related to energy use, encouraged across different spaces • Between 2 & 3 text messaged to take photo of what they are doing in that moment and send back• Timeline • Between 2 & 3 (begun in 2)• Tomorrow’s world newspaper clippings
    11. 11.• About EBs• Outputs• Making links (case sites & other research)• Sharing knowledges & experience: write your own energy biography