Energy Efficiency Brochure


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Energy Advantage’s Energy Efficiency solutions identify energy savings opportunities that reduce energy costs, mitigate risks and enhance your brand reputation

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Energy Efficiency Brochure

  1. 1. ™ ® Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency Energy Advantage’s Energy Efficiency solutions identify energy savings opportunities that reduce energy costs, mitigate risks and enhance your brand reputation Do you understand your company’s energy use? Benefits of Energy Efficiency Solutions Are you faced with the challenge of optimiz- ing your company’s capital expenditure for Reduction of your organization’s overall maximum savings? use of energy by: Are you looking to reduce your energy costs • Reduced energy costs; and consumption behaviour? • Reduced energy consumption; • Identification of energy savings op- There are many short-term energy cost portunities; and consumption practices that can help • Eliminated wasted energy in your your company reduce energy expenditures operations; in a timely manner. At Energy Advantage, • Mitigated energy risks; our energy efficiency experts can help you • Optimization of energy technologies; understand your energy profile and identify • Enhanced brand reputation; and the right opportunities to manage energy ef- • Improved return on investments in ficiently in your operations. efficient time periods.© Energy Advantage Inc. Energy Efficiency
  2. 2. Energy Efficiency Solutions Energy Awareness Program Monitor and Verification Educating stakeholders is often one of the most Monitoring and verifying energy savings measures cost-effective methods to reduce energy usage. are essential for the success of energy manage- Energy Advantage’s energy awareness program ment initiatives. Energy Advantage’s monitor and revolves around developing a sustainable pro- verification solution will provide your organization gram, including strategy development, communi- with current best practice techniques to track and cation planning, content development, employee evaluate energy-savings initiatives. training and post implementation reporting and analysis. Incentives Management Energy Advantage maintains a comprehensive Building Simulations knowledge of the full range of incentive programs Understanding your building’s energy profile and available in North America. We will help your inefficiencies can significantly impact the life cycle organization by identifying, facilitating, complet- of the building. Energy Advantage’s building simu- ing and submitting applications in support of all lation solution includes conducting energy simula- eligible energy management programs. tions on new and/or existing buildings to identify and evaluate potential energy savings opportuni- ties in the facility’s operations and technology to reduce overall energy costs and consumption. Energy Audits Utilizing our seven step approach, Energy Ad- vantage will analyze historical energy data and benchmark it against industry standards, evaluate energy intensity measures associated with build- ing or equipment usage, identify energy savings opportunities and deliver detailed results in a final report to your organization. Distributed Renewable Energy Energy Advantage will provide a total program life cycle solution for your renewable energy chal- lenges. Energy Advantage’s renewable solution includes feasibility assessments, business case development, solution design and procurement, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and veri- fication of your renewable program.Burlington, ON Calgary, AB Vancouver, BC www.energyadvantage.com5420 N. Service Road 2335, 162nd Av. SW 422 Richards St. contactus@energyadvantage.comSuite 501 Suite 1047, #327 Suite 300 (905) 319 1717 Phone: (403) 802 0951 Phone: (877) 702 3992Montreal, QC Charlotte, NC Monterrey, Mexico276 Rue Saint-Jacques 15720 John J. Delaney Dr. Apartado Postal Nro 52. Sucursal B All rights reservedBureau 802 Suite 300 Colonia Jardines del Campestre © Energy Advantage Inc.Phone: (514) 843 4665 Phone: (800) 354 1266 San Pedro Garza Garcia Phone: +52 (181) 1066 8108Energy Advantage Inc. provides total energy and environmental management solutions to our customers’ sustainability challenges, delivering them ‘bestresults’ in managing their risk, reducing their costs, and enhancing their reputation within the markets and communities they serve. Energy Efficiency ® ™