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Why prefer Infra Red Heat for Your Garage orShop?Whether you have a small garage or shop space or a huge manufacturing pla...
Yes. In fact, there are quite a few good garage infrared heaters designed speciallyfor heating small shops and even reside...
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infrarotheizungen,infrarotheizung bilder,infrarotheizung erfahrungen,infrarot heizsystem,infrarot heizung,infrarotheizung shop,infrarotheizung hersteller,

  1. 1. ENERGIEFREIHEIT.COM Why prefer Infra Red Heat for Your Garage or Shop? Design By http://www.seooutsourcingindia.com | Twitter
  2. 2. Why prefer Infra Red Heat for Your Garage orShop?Whether you have a small garage or shop space or a huge manufacturing plant orwarehouse, infrared heaters are not only more well-organized, they also provide amuch more easy impression than conventional forced air heating systems.So what is an infrared heater?An infra-red heater is simply a hot surface heating use which, like our own sun, emitsradiant (infrared) wave energy to surfaces. Upon outstanding surfaces or objects, theenergy converts to heat to warm the surrounding air.Think about it. The sun does not heat the air. The sun heats the earth and the earthheats the air. That same infrared heating principle is a practical, successful andreasonable way to heat building spaces. In an aircraft hangar, for example, multipleinfrared heaters can be hanging from the ceiling with the emitters directed toward thefloor below. The heaters are spaced appropriately to create heat uniformity andoptimum comfort.What are the benefits of by infrared?Infrared energy heats from the ground up. Even although the Infrarotheizung aremounted up high (near the ceiling in most cases), the energy they emit does notconvert to heat until it strikes floors and objects at ground level. Heat is then storedand re-radiated to the surrounding air. The result is warm floors, warm feet, andbetter use of energy.By contrast, forced air heating depends on the principle of warm air stratification.Using the aircraft hangar example, warm air must stratify from high up at the ceilinglevel all the way down to floor level. The result is cold floors, cold feet and wastedheat energy at the upper half of the building.In adding to greater creature comfort, infrarot heizsystem can save as much as 50%or more in energy consumption compared to most forced air systems such as unitheaters.Is infrared practical in my small garage or workshop?
  3. 3. Yes. In fact, there are quite a few good garage infrared heaters designed speciallyfor heating small shops and even residential garages from 300 to 900 square feet andlow ceiling heights.One manufacturer even offers a small vent free high force garage infrared heater thatcomes with a wall increasing bracket, thermostat and thermostat wire. All you need todo is hang the heater and run the gas line. No electrical is required. They do emit a bitof humidity, however, because they are vent free.The other option is an infrared radiant tube heater. This is a vented heater and isbetter appropriate to woodworking shops and for spaces 600 to 1200 square feet.Because it is vented no humidity enters the space.While infrared heaters can save consumers as much as 50% in energy usage, the onebenefit that gets overlooked most often is creature comfort. Years ago we intended aninfrared tube heating system for a Cadillac car dealership. The service bays in the rearhad been using forced air heaters to heat the space for over 20 years. As the heaterswore out, the owner decided he needed to upgrade.The owner of the dealership called us in to offer an alternative heating system.With a bit of persuasion, we convinced him that an infra-red tube heating systemwould offer the best heating competence. And did it ever! He was able to saveupwards of 60% on his average monthly fuel bill. His electric bill also declinesignificantly.But the biggest benefit to the owner was better comfort and a perceptible increase inemployee productivity. One day the owner called and said "you know this damnheating system you sold us? Its best thing ever"! He went on to explain that one ofhis best servicemen had always suffered from respiratory problems as a result of thecold, drafty air produced by the old forced air heating system. For the first time inyears, this employee had not suffered through the cold winter.You cant put a price on that!Energiefreiheit GmbH wholesale distributor and heating system design firm,specialize in gas radiant tube heaters, high efficiency wall heaters, garage heaters, spaceheaters, infrared heaters and a great deal more. To find out what you can do todecrease your energy costs, email us at info@energiefreiheit.com and or visit ourweb site: http://www.energiefreiheit.com