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Phantom fireworks laura ene Presentation Transcript

  • 1. OnlineMarketing Strategy Laura Ene
  • 2.  Started nearly 30 years ago, Phantom Fireworks is one of the largest distributors of fireworks in the country. Has over 1,200 locations across the U.S. with its headquarters located in Youngstown, Ohio. The company brands itself as “America’s Fireworks Company” and prides itself on quality, value, and selection.
  • 3. Challenges While Phantom Fireworks is a pioneer of American fireworks, the online and social media strategy has been at just a steady pace for a while. It seems that the loyal customers have remained, but new customers are not coming in. While things like Facebook and Twitter are highly implemented into the digital strategy, things like YouTube and Foursquare still have yet to make a big impact. While the optimization of the site on Google is good, certain keywords words still do not produce the website as one of the first listed on Google. Goals  Attract a new variety of consumers through online strategies.  Look for new ways to engage user interaction with products and online services.  Take optimization to a new level
  • 4.  Create new social media tactics on Facebook and Twitter to attract new users and to also encourage interaction between customers. Focus on SEO and what keywords Phantom Fireworks needs to optimize in search results. Become well known to the mobile marketing world, increasing “check-ins” and interactions. Implement a better YouTube presence.
  • 5.  Facebook  64,558 likes  reach 100,000  4,410 talking about  reach 10,000  4 check-in’s  reach 100  Create new polls, photos, and other content that attract users and interaction Twitter  1,948 followers  reach 5,000  619 tweets  increase to at least 5 tweets/day  Create new #hashtags to engage users
  • 6.  Keywordsthat must be optimized so that Phantom Fireworks appears as #1 search result:  Firework USA  Firework  Firework wholesale  Firework manufacturer  Sparklers Implementbetter on-page optimization through-out the Phantom Fireworks website.
  • 7.  Foursquare  Creating contests and coupons around four- square check-in’s will give incentive for consumers to come to various Phantom Firework locations  Examples:  40% off if you check in between April 1st and May 29th  “Mayor” of Phantom Fireworks locations on FourSquare get one month unlimited Fireworks  Secret “tips” will tell where and when certain Phantom Firework deals will take place.
  • 8.  Phantom Fireworks has an annual revenue of around $1 Million. Taking 15% of this to be spent solely on marketing purposes, we would take 15% of that amount for strictly digital marketing. About $23,000 would be spent on digital marketing and it would be roughly broken down as following:  Social Media = $6,000-$7,000  Search Engine Optimization = $6,000 - $7,000  YouTube Contest = $7,000 – 8,000 We would aim for a Spring and Summer season as this is when fireworks are primarily bought and used.
  • 9.  YOUTUBE CONTEST  The big idea for the new digital strategy of Phantom Fireworks will be to combine online video marketing and social media together.  The contest will consist of filming yourself using a Phantom Fireworks product (safely) but in a unique and fun way and submit their video to Facebook and Twitter for shares and retweets.  The video with the most likes, shares, and retweets will be pronounced as the winner.  The winner will receive a year supply of Phantom Fireworks, and their video will be displayed on the main page of the Phantom Fireworks website.  This idea will engage a variety of consumers to participate and use the products as well.  We would begin promotion for this contest around late April/early May and have it end around July 4th holiday.
  • 10.  Google Analytics will be the main metrics of how well the new digital strategy is working. Measurements will include:  Website Rank for certain keywords on Google  Individual Page Views  Number of Visitors to Site  Conversions  Traffic SourcesWhat will also be measured is:  New Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and FourSquare followers/check-ins  Number of participants in YouTube contest.