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MCN Pro - ePublishing: What you need to know



MCN Pro webinar February 5, 2013 with Stephen Hoban, Tina Henderson, and Liz Neely

MCN Pro webinar February 5, 2013 with Stephen Hoban, Tina Henderson, and Liz Neely



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MCN Pro - ePublishing: What you need to know MCN Pro - ePublishing: What you need to know Presentation Transcript

  • ePublishing  What  you  need  to  know  #MCNPro  
  • Upcoming  MCN  Pro  Workshops     Workshop  #3:     Social  Media  Engagement:  Defining  and  measuring  success   Tuesday  May  7,  2013     Workshop  #4  :     DAMS  for  small-­‐mid  size  insNtuNons   Tuesday  June  25,  2013     Workshop  #5  :     Digital  Project  Management:  developing  a  toolkit  for  successful  project  delivery   Tuesday  September  10,  2013   Welcome  to  MCNPro  
  • Stephen  Hoban  •  Associate  Director  for  Publishing  at  the  Solomon  R.   Guggenheim,  New  York  Tina  Henderson  •  Freelance  designer/producNon  arNst  of  books,  ebooks,   and  book  apps  Liz  Neely  •  Director  of  Digital  InformaNon  and  Access  at  the  Art   InsNtute  of  Chicago  Presenters   View slide
  • •  E-­‐books:  A  Museum’s  PerspecNve  (Stephen)  •  Terms  and  Formats  (Tina)  •  Q&A  Check-­‐in  •  Dive  into  the  Formats  and  Authoring  Tools  (Tina)  •  Publishing  and  DistribuNon  Strategy  (Stephen)  •  Trends  (Liz)  •  Q&A  Wrap  Up  Agenda   View slide
  • E-­‐books:    A  Museum’s  PerspecNve  Stephen  Hoban  
  • Guggenheim  Museum  PublicaNons  Richard  Estes,  The  Solomon  R.  Guggenheim  Museum,  summer  1979.  ©  Richard  Estes  
  •  Scholarly  exhibiNon  catalogues   often include: •  exhibition artwork plates •  entries on each artwork •  substantial main essay(s) •  backmatter (bibliography, exhibition history, chronology) •  Set print runs •  Some books distributed to trade; others only sold in museum store •  Scope determined by budget factorsMuseum  printed  books  
  • •  Rising  print  costs  •  Shrinking  market  •  Price  ceilings  •  Limited  quanNNes  •  CompeNNon  for  museum   store  space  LimitaNons  of  Print  Source:  Smithsonian  via  Flickr  commons  
  • Books  sell  out  
  • Is  museum  publishing  a  glacier?  Source:  Library  of  Congress  via  Flickr  commons  
  • Advantages  of  Digital  Publishing  •  Lower  costs  of  producNon  •  No  limited  print  run  •  Reach  audiences  that  cannot  afford   print  catalogues  •  Keep  backlist  in  circulaNon  •  Try  new  things  Advantages  of  Digital  Ángela  Ruiz  Robles  con  la  Enciclopedia  Mecánica,  via  Wikimedia  commons  
  • Why  now?  •  Growth  of  e-­‐book  market  •  Tablets  offer  nicer  presentaNon  than  readers  •  Google  Books  “threat”  Timing    
  • •  2004:  Google  Books  project  announced  •  2005:  Authors  guild  sues  Google  •  2006:  Sony  Reader  released  •  2007:  first  Kindle  released  •  2010:  first  iPad  released  •  2011:  Kindle  Fire  released  Some  key  dates  
  • Wade  in  or  jump?  •  Digital  publishing  as  a  supplement  to  exisNng   print  program  •  Does  not  replace  printed  books  (yet)  •  What  do  readers  want  from  ebooks?  •  How  should  you  price  it?  Approaching  digital  
  • Terms  &  Formats  Ebook,  iBook,  epub,  mobi:  What  does  it  all  mean?  Tina  Henderson  
  • Happy Mardi Gras! Photo  used  under  CC  BY-­‐SA  2.0  from  TAZphotos  
  • 1990s   2010s   Photo  used  under  CC  BY  2.0  from  Gavin  St.  Ours  DTP  to  Digital  Publishing  
  • •  Contained  digital  publicaNon  •  NOT  a  print  book,  website,  producNvity  app,  game  app  •  Ebook  formats:     •  EPUB  (reflowable  epub,  fixed-­‐layout  epub)   •  Kindle  format  (reflowable  mobi  or  KF8,  fixed-­‐layout  KF8)   •  MulN-­‐Touch  iBook   •  book  app     •  PDF  (staNc  or  interacNve)  Ebook  
  • •  Electronic  publicaNon,  free  and  open  standard  •  IDPF  (  •  EPUB  2,  EPUB  3  •  Mini-­‐website   •  HTML  (markup)   •  CSS  (styling)   •  Some  specific,  required  files  (mimetype,  container.xml,  etc.)   •  May  contain  fonts,  images,  audio,  video,  javascript  •  Reflowable  or  fixed-­‐layout  •  Tools:  InDesign,  text  editor  EPUB  
  • •  Amazon’s  proprietary  format  •  Mobi   •  Very  limited  html/css   •  No  font  embedding   •  For  older  Kindles  •  KF8     •  More  extensive  html/css,  but  sNll  limited   •  Font  embedding   •  Fixed-­‐layout  opNon  •  Tools:  InDesign,  text  editor,  Kindle  Previewer  Kindle  format  
  • iBook   iBooks  •  Apple-­‐trademarked  term   •  Free  iOS  ereading  app  •  Informally,  epubs  sold  in   the  iBookstore  iBook  &  iBooks  
  • iBooksAuthor  (tool)   MulN-­‐Touch  iBooks  (format)  •  Apple’s  free  sooware   •  Proprietary  form  of  epub   (Mac-­‐only)  for  creaNng   created  with  iBooks   interacNve  ebooks   Author  •  Based  on  Apple’s  Pages   •  Can  be  landscape-­‐only,   sooware   portrait-­‐only,  or  both  •  Pre-­‐designed  templates   •  Can  control  layout,  •  Clunky  interface   embed  fonts  •  Widgets  for  interacNon   •  Cannot  reuse  InDesign   layouts  MulN-­‐Touch  iBooks  
  • •  App  based  on  a  print  book,  or  •  App  in  the  general  format  of  a  book  •  Not  Angry  Birds,  Scrabble,  or  SpoNfy    •  Can  be  highly  interacNve    •  Can  precisely  control  layout  and  embed  fonts  •  Tools:  InDesign  with  Adobe’s  DPS,  Aquafadas,  Mag+,  and   other  systems,  or  Quark  with  AppStudio  or  Aquafadas  •  Beware:  Apple  has  been  rejecNng  apps  with  no  more   funcNonality  than  an  epub.  Wants  books  in  iBookstore.  book  app  
  • •  Portable  Document  Format  •  StaNc  (print-­‐based)  or  InteracNve  •  Can’t  be  sold  via  popular  vendors  (Apple,  B&N,  Amazon)  •  Can  be  viewed  on  many  popular  devices  •  Tools:  InDesign,  Acrobat  PDF  
  • Q&A  
  • Real-­‐World  Examples  
  • Publisher’s  seqngs   Reader’s  seqngs  EPUB  (reflowable)  in  iBooks  
  • iBooks   b/w  Nook  EPUB  (reflowable)  
  • EPUB  (reflowable)  file  lisNng  
  • EPUB  (reflowable)  html  file  in  text  editor  
  • EPUB  (reflowable)  CSS  
  • Kindle  Fire   Kindle  e-­‐ink  Kindle  (mobi)  
  • Kindle  Fire   Kindle  e-­‐ink  Kindle  (mobi)  
  • Kindle  (mobi)  file  lisNng  
  • Kindle  (mobi)  html  
  • Kindle  (mobi)  css  
  • Courtesy  of  Laura  Brady,  BradyType  EPUB  (fixed-­‐layout)  
  • Courtesy  of  Laura  Brady,  BradyType  EPUB  (fixed-­‐layout)  
  • EPUB  (fixed-­‐layout)  file  lisNng   Courtesy  of  Laura  Brady,  BradyType  
  • All  courtesy  of  Laura  Brady,  BradyType  EPUB  (fixed-­‐layout)  html  and  css  
  • iBooksAuthor  2.0  templates  
  • MulN-­‐Touch  iBook  (landscape  &  portrait)  
  • MulN-­‐Touch  iBook  (full-­‐screen  figure)  
  • iBooksAuthor  (Layouts  &  Style  Drawer)  
  • iBooksAuthor  InteracNve  Widgets  
  • iBooksAuthor  Widget  Inspector  
  • DPS  book  app  
  • DPS  book  app  (landscape  &  portrait)  
  • DPS  book  app  (panorama)  
  • DPS  book  app  (Overlay  Creator)  
  • DPS  book  app  (Slideshow  opNons)  
  • DPS  book  app  (Folio  Builder)  
  • •  Aquafadas,  Mag+,  Twixl,  AppStudio,  in5,  etc.  •  Check  pricing:  some  charge  per  download  DPS  compeNtors  
  • InteracNve  PDF  with  booksmarks  &  video  
  • •  Web   •  Books  &  apps   •  (epub  specs)   •  EPUB:  Straight  to  the  Point   •  Formaqng  guidelines:   •  From  InDesign  CS5.5  to  EPUB   Amazon,  B&N,  Apple   and  Kindle   •   •  Kindle  Forma<ng  (Tallent)   •   •  Publishing  with  iBooks  Author   •  (fee-­‐based)   (free;  O’Reilly)   •  #eprdctn  on  Twirer   •  DPS  Tips  (free  iPad  app)   •  #eprdctn  hour:  every   •  Workshops   Wednesday,  11am  eastern   •  Digital  Book  World  (Jan.)   •  Me:  @Nnahender  or   •  Tools  of  Change  (Feb.)   •  PePcon  (Apr.)  Resources  
  • Publishing  and  distribuNon  strategy  Stephen  Hoban  
  • •  PublicaNon  formats  •  DistribuNon  strategies  •  Results  
  • Guggenheim  approach  •  Digital  publishing  program  launched  fall  2011  •  Reflowable  exhibiNon  catalogue  ebook  •  Fixed-­‐layout  children’s  book  •  Out-­‐of-­‐print  catalogue  essays  as  “singles”  •  DigiNzed  historical  books  with  An  “all-­‐in”  strategy  
  • Released  fall  2011  •  No  rights  issues  •  Approval  by  the  arNst  •  Text-­‐driven  design  •  Book’s  structure  allowed   easy    linking  of  references  in   the  main  essay  to  the   catalogue  secNon  Maurizio  CaDelan:  All  
  • Kindle  vs.  iBooks  layouts  
  • •  Taken  from  popular   backlist  catalogues  •  Priced  affordably   ($1.99  &  $2.99)  •  Based  on  Kindle   Singles  model  Essays  
  • Reader  series:  CompilaNons  of  topical  essays  
  • I’d  Like  the  Goo-­‐Gen-­‐Heim  
  • iBooks  Author  
  • •  Too  many  plavorms?  •  Self-­‐distributed  •  Print  distributor  •  Direct  through  website    •  Self-­‐distributed  Ntles  focused  on  Amazon  and  iTunes  •  DistribuNon  through  Artbook|D.A.P.  included  smaller-­‐ share  plavorms  (B&N,  Kobo,  et  cetera)  DistribuNon  challenges  
  • So  how  did  we  do?  
  • •  Slow,  but  steady,  sales  for  Maurizio  CaDelan:  All   exhibiNon  catalogue  e-­‐book  •  Moderately  strong  sales  for  backlist  essays  on,  less  on  iBooks  •  No  interest  in  I’d  Like  the  Goo-­‐Gen-­‐Heim  children’s  book  Successes  and  less-­‐than-­‐successes  
  • Why  no  one  wanted  it  •  No  signage  in  the  museum  shop   that  an  e-­‐book  was  available  •  Not  enough  markeNng  on  our  site   or  elsewhere  •  Lirle  interest  in  an  art  exhibiNon   catalogue  as  an  e-­‐book  (market   not  yet  adjusted  to  this  opNon)  •  Confusion  with  app  •  unable  to   sell  e-­‐book  directly;  had  to  link  to   iTunes,  Amazon  and  B&N  Maurizio  CaDelan:  All  Maurizio  CaQelan,  UnStled  (Ostrich),  1997  
  • E-­‐book  market  share  2012   Kindle  /  Kindle  Fire   iPad/iPhone/iPod   Nook/Nook  color   Desktop/Laptop   Sony   Other  smart  phone   Other  devices   1%   3%   4%   6%   14%   55%   17%  Source:  Publishers  Weekly,  November  9,  2012  
  • Everything  else   Book  sales  by  type   7%   Audio   2%   Mass   market   Hardcover   12%   27%   E-­‐book   22%   Trade   paperback   30%  Source:  Publishers  Weekly,  November  5,  2012  
  • •  The  market  for  digital  text  is  established  •  The  illustrated  digital  book  market  is  in  its  infancy   •  BUT:  it  should  grow  along  with  iPad  and  Kindle  Fire  •  Amazon  remains  the  dominant  seller  (for  now)  •  MarkeNng  digital  books  is  a  challenge  •  How  much  does  price  affect  sales?  Lessons?  
  • •  Serial  Ntles  •  EducaNonal  and  professional  focused    •  Digital-­‐exclusive  •  iBooks  Author  OpportuniNes  
  • DesignFile  series  by  Cooper  Hewir  
  • MoMA  One  on  One  series  
  • dOCUMENTA  (13)  100  NOTES,  100  Thoughts  
  • DistribuNon  websites  •  hrp://  •  hrp://  •  hrp://  Stephen  Hoban  Email:  Resources  
  • Trends  Liz  Neely  
  • Epic  Storytelling   Snow  Fall:  The  Avalanche  at  Tunnel  Creek   By  John  Branch   The  New  York  Times,     hrp://­‐fall/  
  • From  the  Art  InsNtute  of  Chicago’s  OSCI  preview  publicaNon:  Kimberley  Muir,  "Cat.  13.  The  Beach  at  Sainte-­‐Adresse,  1867:  Technical  Report,"  in  Monet  PainJngs  and  Drawings  at  the  Art  InsJtute  of  Chicago,  ed.  Gloria  Groom  (Chicago:  Art  InsNtute  of  Chicago,  2013),  para  12.  Digital  HumaniNes:  Art  History  
  • From:  Local/Global:  Mapping  Nineteenth-­‐Century  Londons  Art  Market  by  Pamela  Fletcher  and  Anne  Helmreich  with  David  Israel  and  Seth  Erickson  Nineteenth-­‐Century  Art  Worldwide,  Volume  11,  Issue  3  Autumn  2012  Digital  HumaniNes:  Art  History  
  • From:  Where  Am  I?,  a  sample  ePublicaNon  by  Greg   Albers  prototyping  the  use  of  geolocaNon  in  enhancing   a  reading  experience.  Learn  more  and  download  the   ePub  on  the  Museum  Digital  Publishing  Bliki.  Smart  Books  
  • Q&A  Thank  you!