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A presentation co

A presentation co

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  • What a great presentation Liz! I shared it with my family and if its ok, I'd love to share this with my Harvard and MIT advisors, colleagues in the field of Education technology and Museum Ed.
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  • Donor approached the department of EDA with a challengeEnliven the EDA galleries, stop people in their tracksGeographically challengedTo deliver engaging interactive multimedia programming enhancing object interpretation and visitor experience of EDA galleriesIn-gallery touch screens, with Web resources Beautiful and compelling for all visitorsTo develop systems for authoring, delivery, and production that can be replicated for other galleries in the Art Institute* We had to see this to the donor – it was not her initial thought. But if we were putting in this kind of effort, we wanted it to be broadly re-usable.Authorable by lay peopleConnected to Collection Management
  • -ChallengesLocation of Gallery-Interpretive challenges:-3D utilitarian works of art, why is it at the museum-Hightly decorated – of
  • Our department was pretty busy with OSCI and other thingsWith OSCI we had delved more deeply into content production and collaborationBut this project would require much more as a media driven departmentHow could we continue transforming our digital information department into a digitial content and media departmentOpen sourceEngaged Scott Sayre because of his experience with a templated open source system: PackydermAlso had worked with Sandbox on curious corner - success
  • 18th century France in San Diego, California
  • MacArthur Fellowship Award, 2011Conservator, Silversmith, Renaissance Man
  • Stencil artist extraordinaireWith stencil pattern from the Burges Sideboard Later to be given to Paul and Melinda
  • Hands in Clay
  • Scalable authoring environmentNew team-based structure – applying it to other projectsCollaborativeCreativeHolistic approach to projectTAP extendedJaharisNew style guideUpdating entire style guide
  • Transcript

    • 1. It’s All in the DetailsThe Inner Workings of a Large-Scale Media Project.
    • 2. PresentersLiz Neely, Art Institute of Chicago@lili_czarina, @artinstitutechiScott Sayre, Sandbox Studios@zbartroutKyle Jaebker, IMA Lab@kjaebker#mcn2012deets 2
    • 3. Project Goals• Enliven the European Decorative Arts Galleries• Engage and entertain the visitors• Tell the rich histories and stories of these worksAnd..• Develop an authoring system connected to collection management and re-usable in other galleries• Open Source#mcn2012deets 3
    • 4. Challenges#mcn2012deets 4
    • 5. We needed help..#mcn2012deets 5
    • 6. LaunchPad Project ManagementScott Sayre, Sandbox Studios@zbartrout
    • 7. LaunchPad Project Management1. Developing requirements2. Formation of teams3. Developing content and workflow4. Developing software5. Testing and revision6. Building infrastructure#mcn2012deets 7
    • 8. 1. Defining the Application• Object selection• Documentation assessment• Object analysis• Existing tools and lessons• Story telling tools and devices• Wireframes#mcn2012deets 8
    • 9. Object Selection#mcn2012deets 9
    • 10. Documentation Assessment#mcn2012deets 10
    • 11. Object Analysis#mcn2012deets 11
    • 12. Existing Tools and InfluencesPachyderm#mcn2012deets 12
    • 13. Existing Tools and InfluencesAIC Online Scholarly Catalog “OSCI”#mcn2012deets 13
    • 14. Existing Tools and InfluencesTAP Tours Authoring Tool#mcn2012deets 14
    • 15. Wireframe Development#mcn2012deets 15
    • 16. 2. Formation of Teams1 Management team – Oversaw and managed overall project and relationship with the funder.2 Core Content team – Defined content and media plan for each object and developed checklists, production and permission requests.3 Content Production team – Produced required supporting media, manages workflow, schedule and development of standard processes.4 Software Development team – Managed the production and testing of the authoring and delivery software as well as interface related design.5 Infrastructure team – Manages hardware, furniture and utility (power, network, lighting) design, construction and installation.#mcn2012deets 16
    • 17. Management Team – EDAResponsibilities1) Managed funder relationship2) Defined and managed scope of program3) Defined core components4) Defined and managed workflow5) Address administrative issues and obstacles6) Managed project budget7) Reviews completed work 17#mcn2012deets 17
    • 18. Funder Relations 18#mcn2012deets 18
    • 19. Core Content TeamThe ‘hive’ of activity happens with the 3 Core Content contributors– sometimes meeting 4-5 times per week. Digital Information & Access • Identify where multimedia is appropriate • Find sources for artist talent to produce media • Manage contracts with media talent • Oversee the multimedia production process and budgets Curatorial Education • Identify stories and tour stops that will• Object Research best resonate with audiences• Liaison with curator in charge of project • Ensure language and tone are appropriate• Drafts story and other texts for the galleries• Identifies comparative illustrations • Assist in authoring drafts for stories• Reviews revisions 19#mcn2012deets 19
    • 20. Core Content Team. Digital Information & Access • Identify where multimedia is appropriate • Find sources for artist talent to produce media • Manage contracts with media talent • Oversee the multimedia production process and budgets Curatorial Education • Identify stories and tour stops that will• Object Research best resonate with audiences• Liaison with curator in charge of project • Ensure language and tone are appropriate• Drafts story and other texts for the galleries• Identifies comparative illustrations • Assist in authoring drafts for stories• Reviews revisions Publications & Editorial • Edit all written copy • Manage rights requests • Produce labels 20#mcn2012deets 20
    • 21. Core Content Team -Training• Interpretive writing• Thinking from a media perspective• Authoring and non-print media• Multimedia provenance 21#mcn2012deets 21
    • 22. Core Content TeamMultimedia Interpretation WorksheetTechniques ContextualizeExamine/Manipulate • Historical Context• Turn it around • Physical context• Open it up • Use• Disassemble it• Zoom in/Magnify Care and Preservation• Details • Restoration• Tour Process/CreationCompare • Construction• Like items • Materials• Unlike items/differences • Technique 22#mcn2012deets 22
    • 23. Content Production TeamTraining – Multimedia InterpretationTechniques (cont.)Reference/Documentation Voices• Interpretation • Talking heads• Biography • Interviews involving props• Bibliography • Other experts and sources• Provenance• Location/Maps• Movement• Glossary• Timeline 23#mcn2012deets 23
    • 24. Content Production TeamTraining – Multimedia InterpretationPotential ToolsMedia Personalization• Images • Communicate• Animation • Collect• Interactions • Share• Audio• Video• Text 24#mcn2012deets 24
    • 25. Content Summary Sheets 25#mcn2012deets 25
    • 26. Core Content Reporting 26#mcn2012deets 26
    • 27. Editorial – Program Style Guide Object#_TO Related Teaser Object DT: Display Title, Date Entered as regular case, not CAPs TO: Teaser Object Text Word Count: 80 27#mcn2012deets 27
    • 28. Publications – Editorial, Image Licensing 28#mcn2012deets 28
    • 29. Content Production TeamThis team addressed cross-departmental issues and workflowsneeded to produce media for the publication. Imaging Media Production Art Handling Curatorial Digital Information & Access Education Management 29#mcn2012deets 29
    • 30. Imaging#mcn2012deets 30
    • 31. 360 Object Rotations#mcn2012deets 31
    • 32. Videography#mcn2012deets 32
    • 33. Masking#mcn2012deets 33
    • 34. 3D Modeling and Animation#mcn2012deets 34
    • 35. #mcn2012deets 35
    • 36. #mcn2012deets 36
    • 37. #mcn2012deets 37
    • 38. #mcn2012deets 38
    • 39. #mcn2012deets 39
    • 40. #mcn2012deets 40
    • 41. Software Development TeamThis team met bi-weekly to agile process and discuss priorities. Digital Information & Access IMA Labs 41#mcn2012deets 41
    • 42. Software Development 42#mcn2012deets 42
    • 43. Testing and Revision• Prototype testing#mcn2012deets 43
    • 44. Infrastructure TeamThis team met as needed.Responsibilities: Networking, Electrical, Mounting, Furniture Design and Construction Digital Information & Access Information Services 44#mcn2012deets 44
    • 45. Installation Mapping#mcn2012deets 45
    • 46. Installation Options#mcn2012deets 46
    • 47. Furniture Design#mcn2012deets 47
    • 48. iPad Enclosures#mcn2012deets 48
    • 49. #mcn2012deets 49
    • 50. Furniture design#mcn2012deets 50
    • 51. Testing and Revision• Installation testing#mcn2012deets 51
    • 52. Yay team!#mcn2012deets 52
    • 53. Part of the TEAM …#mcn2012deets 53
    • 54. Some More of the TEAM …#mcn2012deets 54
    • 55. And Even More of the TEAM !!!#mcn2012deets 55
    • 56. Results
    • 57. #mcn2012deets 57
    • 58. #mcn2012deets 59
    • 59. #mcn2012deets 60
    • 60. Content Authoring Stats• 190 unique stories• 26 videos• 4 animations• 21 „360‟ degree object rotations• > 500 comparative illustrations• > 300 guide tour stops#mcn2012deets 62
    • 61. Manipulating Images:Sèvres Tea Kettle#mcn2012deets 63
    • 62. #mcn2012deets
    • 63. Patrick Edwards
    • 64. Ubaldo VitaliEngaging Artists: Ubaldo Vitali
    • 65. Ubaldo Vitali#mcn2012deets
    • 66. Noreen Czosnyka
    • 67. Yuki Nyhan
    • 68. Engaging Artists: Yuki Nyhan#mcn2012deets
    • 69. #mcn2012deets 71
    • 70. #mcn2012deets 72
    • 71. #mcn2012deets 73
    • 72. #mcn2012deets 74
    • 73. #mcn2012deets 75
    • 74. #mcn2012deets 76
    • 75. #mcn2012deets 77
    • 76. #mcn2012deets 78
    • 77. Authoring Tool#mcn2012deets
    • 78. Moving Forward#mcn2012deets 80
    • 79. #mcn2012deets 81
    • 80.
    • 81. THE NUTS & BOLTSHow technology helped bring LaunchPad together. Photo by Flickr user josephrobertson#mcn2012deets 83
    • 82. Requirements• Open Source Software usage• Easy authoring environment• Integration with Collection Management• Beautiful and Performant Kiosk App• Scalable to multiple galleries/many objects• Authors ability to preview content#mcn2012deets 84
    • 83. Workflow• Iterative development• App and Authoring tools built at same time• Bi-Weekly Check-ins with all stakeholders• Updates pushed from IMA to AIC so changes can be tested and iterated on quickly#mcn2012deets 85
    • 84. Can we leverage existing tools? Photo by Flickr user OZinOH#mcn2012deets 86
    • 85. Why TAP & TourML• Content analysis made it a clear fit for the TourML schema (stops, assets, and connections)• IMLS funded grant for TAP allowed updates to the project to be leveraged by LaunchPad• Allowed focus on Kiosk App and Authoring interface since TAP provided the architecture#mcn2012deets 87
    • 86. Authoring Tools• Built on the CMS Drupal• Custom views and content editing screens• TAP tools integrated to allow export of TourML• CITI (collection management) object search integrated to pull in object data and images#mcn2012deets 88
    • 87. #mcn2012deets 89
    • 88. #mcn2012deets 90
    • 89. #mcn2012deets 91
    • 90. Authoring Tools – CITI Integration• Search Artworks• Ingest Artwork id#mcn2012deets 92
    • 91. Authoring Tools – CITI Integration• Search Images• Import Images into Drupal#mcn2012deets 93
    • 92. The Kiosk App• How can we build an app that will be easy for an author to see their changes?• Content will need to be updated while the app is in the galleries• The app must be beautiful and performant to attract users• Can the app be reused in other galleries?#mcn2012deets 94
    • 93. The Kiosk App - PhoneGap• Allows us to leverage HTML5, Javascript, & CSS in an app• Leverage some native features of iOS through the provided framework• Build one codebase to use in the app and the authoring tools preview• App caches all content#mcn2012deets 95
    • 94. The Kiosk App – Other Tools• Zepto.js – lightweight JavaScript library for mobile• Backbone.js – MVC (Model-View- Controller) like JavaScript framework• iScroll.js – plugin to mimic native app scrolling in a web app• 360.js – plugin for handling the 360 view• Modernizr.js – feature detection library• Google Analytics#mcn2012deets 96
    • 95. One code base Desktop Browser iPad App#mcn2012deets 97
    • 96. Photo by Flickr user spcbrass#mcn2012deets 98
    • 97. Danger – App Performance• Performance dropped off quickly as content grew• Some screens became sluggish and really hurt the users experience• Retina images can be quite large and many on the same screen is problematic#mcn2012deets 99
    • 98. Photo by Flickr user steveharrisNothing to Worry about#mcn2012deets 100
    • 99. Lessons Learned• Compress and optimize all images• Only use retina images where users will notice (sometimes 1.5x instead of 2x is good enough)• Limit animations on retina images• Cache, Cache and more cache#mcn2012deets 101
    • 100. Would native have been better?• Depends on the project and requirements• For platform portability HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript have great potential• Native most likely would have offered better performance• Native would allow access to all features of the device#mcn2012deets 102
    • 101. Questions?Thank you!