Dissolved Oxygen Sensors-Oxymax COS22/22D


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DO sensor. Sensor with long-term stability for frequent sterilization and autoclaving. Email: lam.nguyen@vietan-enviro.com HP: 0945 293292

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Dissolved Oxygen Sensors-Oxymax COS22/22D

  1. 1. TI00446C/07/EN/02.1271153855Technical InformationOxymax COS22/22DDigital or analog sensor for measuring oxygenSensor with long-term stability for frequent sterilization and autoclavingApplication• Pharma and biotechnology– Process control in enzyme production– Control of culture growth• Food industry– Beverages• Chemical industry• Water treatment– Boiler feed water– WFI (water for injection)• Inertizations• Residual oxygen measurement in processesYour benefits• Sensor version suitable for the pharmaceutical industry:– Stainless steel 1.4435 (AISI 316L)– Sterilizable and autoclavable• Application-specific versions:– Sensor for standard applications, e.g. for fermentermonitoring– Trace sensor, e.g. for power plant applications and as CO2compatible sensor for the beverage industry• Versatile usage:– Standard process connection Pg 13.5– Installation in standard pH assemblies possible• Short response time: t98 < 60 s• Integrated temperature sensorFurther benefits offered by Memosens technology• Maximum process safety through contactless inductive signaltransmission• Data safety through digital data transmission• Easy handling thanks to storage of sensor-specific data in thesensor• Predictive maintenance possible thanks to registration ofsensor load data in the sensor
  2. 2. Oxymax COS22/22D2 Endress+HauserFunction and system designMeasuring principle The oxygen molecules diffused through the membrane are reduced to hydroxide ions (OH-) at the cathode.Silver is oxidized to silver ions (Ag+) at the anode (this forms a silver halogenide layer).A current flows due to the electron donation at the cathode and the electron acceptance at the anode. Underconstant conditions, this flow is proportional to the oxygen content of the medium.This current is converted in the transmitter and indicated on the display as an oxygen concentration in mg/l,μg/l, ppm, ppb or Vol%, as a saturation index in % SAT or as an oxygen partial pressure in hPa.Application in gaseous media The trace sensor version can be used in gaseous media, e.g. with inertizations and quality monitoring of traces.Process monitorings in gaseous media can be realized with the standard sensor version.The measured value will be displayed in Vol% or as an oxygen partial pressure in hPa.Sensors in dry media show an ingreased electrolyte consumption. This results in shorter maintenance intervals.Memosens technology Maximum process safetyThe inductive and non-contacting measured value transmission of Memosens guarantees maximum processsafety and offers the following benefits:• All problems caused by moisture are eliminated.– The plug-in connection is free from corrosion.– Measured value distortion from moisture is not possible.Correct transfer of minimum measured values, e.g. with amperometric sensors.– The plug-in system can even be connected under water.• The transmitter is galvanically decoupled from the medium. The result: No more need to ask about"symmetrically high-impedance" or "unsymmetrical" (for pH/ORP measurement) or an impedanceconverter.• EMC safety is guaranteed by screening measures for the digital measured value transmission.• Application in explosion-hazardous areas is unproblematic; the integrated electronics are intrinsically safe.Data safety through digital data transferThe Memosens technology digitalizes the measured values in the sensor and transfers them to the transmittercontactlessly and free from interference potential. The result:• An automatic error message is generated if the sensor fails or the connection between sensor and transmitteris interrupted.• The availability of the measuring point is dramatically increased by immediate error detection.Easy handlingSensors with Memosens technology have integrated electronics that allow for saving calibration data andfurther information such as total hours of operation and operating hours under extreme measuring conditions.When the sensor is mounted, the calibration data are automatically transferred to the transmitter and used tocalculate the current measured value. Storing the calibration data in the sensor allows for calibration away fromthe measuring point. The result:• Sensors can be calibrated under optimum external conditions in the measuring lab. Wind and weather doneither affect the calibration quality nor the operator.• The measuring point availability is dramatically increased by the quick and easy replacement of precalibratedsensors.• The transmitter does not need to be installed close to the measuring point but can be placed in the controlroom.• Maintenance intervals can be defined based on all stored sensor load and calibration data and predictivemaintenance is possible.• The sensor history can be documented on external data carriers and evaluation programs at any time. Thus,the current application of the sensors can be made to depend on their previous history.
  3. 3. Oxymax COS22/22DEndress+Hauser 3Measuring system A complete measuring system comprises:• A digital oxygen sensor Oxymax COS22 or Oxymax COS22D• A transmitter, see table• An appropriate measuring cable, see table• Optional: an assembly, e.g. fixed installation assembly CPA442, flow assembly CPA240 or retractableassembly CPA475COS22D-Standard, TracesCOS22-StandardCOS22-TracesLiquiline CM44x Cable: CYK10 - -Liquiline CM42 Cable: CYK10 - -Liquisys COM2x3F - Cable: COK21 -Third party XMTR Memosens partners possible, cable: COK21 possible, cable: COK21a0001398Example of a measuring system with COS22D-*11 Liquiline M CM422 Measuring cable CYK103 Digital oxygen sensor Oxymax COS22D-*14 Fixed installation assembly CPA4421234
  4. 4. Oxymax COS22/22D4 Endress+HauserInputMeasured variable Dissolved oxygen [mg/l, μg/l, ppm, ppb, % SAT or hPa]Temperature [˚ C, ˚F)Measuring range All ranges refer to 20 ˚C (68 ˚F) and 1013 hPa (15 psi).a0006653Example of a measuring system with COS221 Oxygen sensor COS222 Retractable assembly CPA4753 Measuring cable COK214 Transmitter Liquisys COM253F1234CAL RELREL1REL1ALARMREL2REL2EMeasuring range Optimum operational range1)1) Applications in this range ensure long service life and minimum maintenance effortCOS22/22D-*1 0.01 to 60 mg/l0 to 600 %SAT0 to 1200 hPa0 to 100 Vol%0.01 to 20 mg/l0 to 200 %SAT0 to 400 hPa0 to 40 Vol%COS22/22D-*3 0.001 to 10 mg/l0 to 120 %SAT0 to 250 hPa0 to 25 Vol%0.001 to 2 mg/l0 to 20 %SAT0 to 40 hPa0 to 4 Vol%
  5. 5. Oxymax COS22/22DEndress+Hauser 5WiringElectrical connection COS22DThe sensor is electrically connected to the transmitter by means of the special measuring cable CYK10.COS22The electrical connection between the sensor and the transmitter uses the multi-core special measuring cableCOK21.Performance characteristicsResponse time From air to nitrogen at reference conditions• t90 : < 30 s• t98 : < 60 sReference operatingconditionsSignal current at air1) COS22/22D-*1 (standard sensor): 40 to 100 nACOS22/22D-*3 (trace sensor): 210 to 451 nAZero current COS22/22D-*1 (standard sensor): < 0.1 % of the signal current at airCOS22/22D-*3 (trace sensor): < 0.03 % of the signal current at airMeasured value resolution COS22/22D-*1 (standard sensor): 10 ppb in liquids, 0.2 hPa or 0.02 Vol% in gaseous mediaCOS22/22D-*3 (trace sensor): 1 ppb in liquids, 0.02 hPa or 0.002 Vol% in gaseous mediaequals the recommended resolution at the transmitterMaximum measured error ±1.25 % of measuring range2)Repeatability ±1 % of the measuring range enda0003350Special measuring cable CYK10a0005583-enSpecial measuring cable COK21PKGN / YEBNYEBUS12909111Assignment TerminalExternal shieldCathodeAnodeNTC temp. sensorActive internal shield(NTC temp. sensor)Reference temperature: 25 ˚C (77 ˚F)Reference pressure: 1013 hPa (15 psi)1) For the reference operating conditions indicated2) In accordance with IEC 61298-2 at nominal operating conditions
  6. 6. Oxymax COS22/22D6 Endress+HauserLong-term drift < 4 % per month under reference operating conditions≤ 1 % per month when operating under reduced oxygen conditions (<4 Vol% O2)Influence of medium pressure Pressure compensation not necessaryPolarization time COS22/22D-*1 (standard sensor): < 30 min for 98% of the signal value, 2 h for 100%COS22/22D-*3 (trace sensor): < 3 h for 98% of the signal value, 12 h for 100%Oxygen intrinsic consumption COS22/22D-*1 (standard sensor): approx. 20 ng/h at air at 25 ˚C (77 ˚F)COS22/22D-*3 (trace sensor): approx. 100 ng/h at air at 25 ˚C (77 ˚F)Electrolyte durability Theoretical durability at pO2 = 210 mbar and T=25 ˚C (77 ˚F)COS22/22D-*1 (standard sensor): > 1.5 yearsCOS22/22D-*3 (trace ensor): > 3 monthsTemperature compensation COS22DCompensation of the membrane properties is realized in the transmitter from -5 to 90˚C (23 to 194 ˚F), extra-polation from 90˚C (194 ˚F)• Measured variable as partial pressure [hPa] or in Vol%: -5 to 90 ˚C (23 to 194 ˚F)• Measured variable as concentration [mg/l]: 0 to 80 ˚C (32 to 176 ˚F)• Measured variable as saturation [%SAT]: -5 to 90 ˚C (23 to 194 ˚F)COS22Compensation of the membrane properties depends on the transmitter used, recommended: 2.4 % per KInstallationInstallation instructions Installation into appropriate assembly necessary (depending on application)NOTICEInstallation without assembly can cause cable break or damage of the sensor► Do not install the sensor suspended from the cable.Angle of installationa0011887Defined ranges of temperature compensation depending on the unit of measurea0005584-enPermitted angle of installation10° 10° Not permissible!Not permissible!Permissible angle of installation
  7. 7. Oxymax COS22/22DEndress+Hauser 7EnvironmentAmbient temperature range –5 to +135 ˚C (23 to 175 ˚F)Storage temperature –5 to +50 ˚C (20 to 120 ˚F) at 95% relative air humidity, not condensingNOTICEDanger of drying out► Only store the sensor with the protection cap (filled with tap water).Ingress protection IP 68 (10 m (33 ft) water column at 25 ˚C (77 ˚F) during 45 days, 1 mol/l KCl)Humidity 0 to 100%COS22D: condensing, COS22: not condensing in the plug-in connector T-82ProcessProcess temperature –5 to +135 ˚C (23 to 175 ˚F), non-freezingProcess pressure ambient pressure to 12 bar (174 psi)Temperature-pressurediagramMinimum flow rate COS22/22D-*1 (standard sensor): 0.02 m/s (0.07 ft/s)COS22/22D-*3 (trace sensor): 0.1 m/s (0.33 ft/s)Chemical durability Parts in contact with medium are chemically resistent against:• Dissolved acids and bases• Hot water and steammax. 135 ˚C (275 ˚F)• CO2up to 100 %, with trace sensor COS22/22D-*3 onlyNOTICEHydrogen sulfide and ammonia reduce the durability of the sensor► Do not use the sensor in applications, where the sensor is exposed to hydrogen sulfide and ammoniavapors.Interference Molecular hydrogen causes at least lesser findings and can cause total sensor failure.CIP capability Versions COS22/22D-****2a0015193Temperature-pressure diagram
  8. 8. Oxymax COS22/22D8 Endress+HauserMechanical constructionDesignDimensionsa0011868COS22: Exploded viewa0011869COS22D: Exploded view1234Plug-in headPressure ringSensor shaftO-ring 8.5 x 1.5 mm567Membrane bodyShaft coverGlass body with cathode andanode89Process sealing 10.77 x 2.62mmProcess connection Pg 13.5a0011886COS22: Dimensionsa0011881COS22D: Dimensions
  9. 9. Oxymax COS22/22DEndress+Hauser 9Flow assembly for sensorswith Ø 12 mm (accessories)Weight Depending on version (length)0.2 kg (0.44 lbs) to 0.7 kg (1.54 lbs)MaterialProcess connection Thread Pg 13.5Surface roughness Ra < 0.38 μmTemperature sensor NTC 22 kΩElectrolyte COS22/22D-*1 (standard sensor): alkalescent electrolyteCOS22/22D-*3 (trace sensor): neutral electrolytea0015019Flow assembly for 120 mm sensorsIn contact with mediumSensor shaft(depending on version)Stainless steel 1.4435 (AISI 316L)TitaneAlloy C22Electrode combination Silver / platinumProcess seal Viton®(FDA compliant)Process sealing for ATEX/FM/CSA Viton®(not FDA compliant)Sealings/O-ringsProcess sealViton® (FDA compliant)Perfluoro elastomer with USP88 Class VIMembrane Silicone (FDA compliant), PTFE, steel mesh
  10. 10. Oxymax COS22/22D10 Endress+HauserOrdering informationProduct page You can create a complete and valid order code by using the configurator on the internet product page.Enter the following address to access the product page:www.products.endress.com/cos22www.products.endress.com/cos22dProduct configurator 1. You can choose from the following options on the product page located on the right:2. Click "Configure this product".3. The configurator opens in a separate window. You can now configure your device and receive thecomplete order code that applies for the device.4. Afterwards, export the order code as a PDF or Excel file. To do so, click the appropriate button at the topof the page.Scope of delivery The following items are included in the delivery:• Oxygen sensor with tap water filled cap for membrane protection• Electrolyte, 1 bottle, 10 ml (0.34 fl.oz.)• Disassembly tool for membrane body• Brief Operating Instructions• Operating Instructions on data storage mediumCertificates and approvalsEx approval Version COS22D-BAATEX II 1G / IECEx Ex ia IIC T3/T4/T6 GaMaterial certificates Manufacturer’s declaration of FDA conformityThe manufacturer declares the FDA compliance of the materials used.Ask your local sales center for the certificates.Note for Ex versions:For use of these sensors in FDA applications, an additional FDA compliant sealing (e.g. CPA442) is required infront of the process sealing to separate the process from the Ex zone.Inspection certificateDepending on the version, an inspection certificate 3.1 acc. to EN10204 is supplied (--> product structure).Product FDA certificate forCOS22/22D-****22 Membrane, O-rings, process sealingCOS22Z-*2*2 Membrane, O-rings, process sealingCOS22/22D-****23 Membrane, O-ringsCOS22Z-*2*3 Membrane, O-rings
  11. 11. Oxymax COS22/22DEndress+Hauser 11AccessoriesIn the following sections, you find the accessories available at the time of issue of this documentation.For information on accessories that are not listed here, please contact your local service or salesrepresentation.Assemblies (selection) Flowfit CPA240• pH/redox flow assembly for processes with a high level of requirements• Ordering as per product structure (-> online Configurator, www.products.endress.com/cpa240)• Technical Information TI00179C/07/ENCleanfit CPA450• Manual retractable assembly for installing 120 mm sensors in tanks and pipework• Ordering as per product structure (-> online Configurator, www.products.endress.com/cpa450)• Technical Information TI00183C/07/ENCleanfit CPA475• Retractable assembly for installation in tanks and pipework under sterile conditions• Ordering as per product structure (-> online Configurator, www.products.endress.com/cpa475)• Technical Information TI00240C/07/ENUnifit CPA442• Installation assembly for food, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, with EHEDG and 3A certificate• Ordering as per product structure (-> online Configurator, www.products.endress.com/cpa442)• Technical Information TI00306C/07/ENFlow assembly for sensors with Ø 12 mm and length 120 mm• compact stainless steel assembly with low sample volume• order no.: 71042404Measuring cable COS22DCYK10 Memosens data cable• For digital sensors with Memosens technologypH, redox, oxygen (amperometric), chlorine, conductivity (conductive)• Ordering as per product structure (-> online Configurator, www.products.endress.com/cyk10)CYK11 Memosens data cable• Extension cable for digital sensoren with Memosens protocol• Ordering as per product structure (-> Online configurator, www.products.endress.com/cyk11)COS22Special measuring cable COK21• Cable length 3 m (9.8 ft), order no. 51505870• Cable length 10 m (33 ft), order no. 51505868Junction box COS22DJunction box RM• For cable extension (e.g. for Memosens sensors)• 5 terminals• Cable entries: 2 x Pg 13.5• Material: PC• Ingress protection: IP 65• Order no.: 51500832COS22Junction box VBM• For cable extension• 10 terminals• Cable entries: 2 x Pg 13.5 or 2 x NPT ½"• Material: aluminum• Ingress protection: IP 65 (i NEMA 4X)• Order numbers:– cable entries Pg 13.5: 50003987– cable entries NPT ½": 51500177
  12. 12. Zero solution • 3 units to produce 3 x 1 liter oxygen-free solution• order no. 50001041Maintenance kitTo complete your order code, simply add the optional features to the end of the order code. If you haveany questions, please contact your local sales office.Number of membranesA 3 piecesB 10 piecesMaterial of O-rings2 Fluoroelastomer FDA5 Perfluoroelastomer USP Cl. VIMaterial of membrane ringB Stainless steelD TitaniumE Alloy C22Material of process sealing2 Fluoro elastomer FDA3 Fluoro elastomer ExCOS22Z- Order codeElectrolyte (optional)E1E2Standard, 25 mlTraces, 25 mlInner glass body (optional)F1F2StandardTracesMaterial of the shaft sleeve (optional)G1G2G3Stainless steelTitaniumAlloy C22Test, Certificate (optional, multiple selection possible)HA 3.1Additional approval (optional, multiple selection possible)IA Pharma Certificate of complianceTI00446C/07/EN/02.1271153855FM9