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Newslettter with varaity of applications for process enhancements using instrumentation in food industry

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Food Talkline Morgan Foods

  1. 1. talklineMorgan Foods Isfet sensors The innovation Endress+Hauser’sensures quality and outperform continues local servicerepeatability with traditional Page 6 technicians areautomated batch paracetic acid dedicated toprocessing. measurement keeping your plantPage 2 systems running 24/7 Page 4 Page 7Creating process improvementswith measurable resultsStrategic use of instrumentation in thefood and beverage industryIssue 5 • Volume 9
  2. 2. Automation of cook decks and retorts Morgan Foods realizes quick return on investment of instrumentation Morgan Foods of Austin, Indiana was founded in 1899 and is now the third largest condensed soup maker in the world. With over 100 different canned products, Morgan Foods must be flexible with processing and labeling lines. To accommodate these lines, there are four different types of cooking operations. Morgan Foods can handle thirteen different can sizes and sixteen assorted case configurations with increased efficiency due to constant automation improvements. In 2002, Morgan Foods contacted Endress+Hauser to help with a project to upgrade their retorts. The retorts, which were still running after more than 25 years of operation, required a lot of manual supervision. Replacing less reliable mechanical systems and indicating pressure gauges with new measuring technology including microwave radar for level measurement and new pressure transmitters gave the retorts a new lease on life. The automation of the retorts helped Morgan Foods to operate with less downtime and at optimal speed and temperature. This resulted in energy savings and also helped to ensure food safety. Although many canneries still rely on manually adding ingredients, Morgan Foods has recognized that in order to ensure quality and production repeatability, automated batching needs to be implemented eliminating the manual addition of ingredients where possible. Retorts Pressure on retort steam2
  3. 3. An operator oversees the operation of the cook deck who now also has timefor other duties due to increased productivity and throughput - as a resultof automated process controlsAutomated systems are set up on several lines to control theingredients and the amounts that are added to each batch ofproduct. Employees follow specific instructions at each step of theprocess based on electronic batch sheets. Endress+Hauser PromassCoriolis mass flowmeters were used to automate the ChesterJensen cook decks.Other instrumentation such as pressure and level switches helpensure stable operations. Today, a PLC based control system allowsoperators to focus on the addition of secondary ingredients suchas paste and spice mixes. The bulk components such as oil, sugar,starch and water are all batched in through the mass flow meters. Cory Lytle, Director of Engineering at Morgan Foods reports that since the cook deck was commissioned 18 months ago there has been no out-of-specification product and throughput has doubled without adding any staff.Radar for mix tank level Promass batch process meters 3
  4. 4. Increased plant utilization with newgeneration of non-glass pH measurementfor CIP controlIsfet sensors outperform traditional conductivity systemsfor concentrations measurement of paracetic acidA bottling company located in North Carolina isresponsible for five bottling plants in the SoutheasternUnited States. In an attempt to improve productionthroughput, a decision was made to use paraceticacid (C2H4O3) on one of four bottling lines. The ideabeing that paracetic acid can be used at ambienttemperatures to clean the line thereby eliminatingcross-contamination of flavors in one to two hours.The normal hot wash using sodium hydroxide (NaOH)could then be conducted over the weekend in two tothree hours (excluding preparation). As a result, thebottling plant would have at least 1.5 to six hours moredaily production time, depending on the number ofrecipe changes or line sanitation cycles.ApplicationThe measuring task is to measure the CIPconcentration with the purpose of controlling theaddition of paracetic acid and determination of thechange between water and chemical for rapid change Liquiline Mover. Traditionally, conductivity sensors were used to 2-wire transmitterdetermine the concentration of NaOH caustic soda. Inthe case of paracetic acid however, the baseline water CPS471 non-glassvalues change between 100 to 350 �S/cm at any given pH sensortime as there is no significant purification or pre-treatment of the plant water used for CIP makeup.Proposed solution Realized benefitsIsfet (Ion specific field effect transistor) non-glass pH In contrast to glass sensors, the overall response timesensors as opposed to traditional glass sensors were to monitor the CIP process is improved because thechosen due to the following conditions: non-glass Isfet sensor shows no change in impedance,• Sanitary requirements and food safety and in addition:• Periods of dry conditions leading to dehydration and • Ability to use the transmitters current output for breakage of brittle glass sensors concentration measurement by building a simple• Changing of chemistry of the measuring surface due table based on pH vs. percent of concentration of to evaporation/hardening of the gel layers unseen to paracetic acid the naked eye on glass membranes • Isfet sensor mounting allows for easy access • Ability to use a strong cleaner at ambient temperature providing for shorter recovery time between batches • With an average of four bottling lines per plant, this technology allows for an estimated savings of 20 to 120 hours production time per day4
  5. 5. CIP optimization Food producers consistently rate food safety as their instrumentation, such as flow measurement on the highest priority; initiatives to enhance process cleaning supply header and temperature and conductivity are the next highest priority. A range of new CIP and measurement on the return header, is a must. This plant cleaning detergents makes the cleaning task arrangement not only allows for optimizing the use easier but it also comes with new challenges. of costly detergents but also helps conserve water Care has to be taken when selecting suitable and heating costs. Optimized water use also leads components such as instrumentation; the newer to savings on effluent treatment costs and municipal detergents often contain strong surfactants that may charges. attack or seep under gaskets and seals. Endress + Hauser offers all the instrumentation you Endress+Hauser recognized this and investigated new need to optimize your CIP systems: ways to protect the instruments from damage, helping • Magnetic flowmeter – Promag 50H or alternative protect your investment. Examples are the Easytemp the Prowirl 72 vortex flowmeter – TSM 470F self contained temperature sensor/ • Conductivity – Several options including the transmitter and the Liquiphant FTL50H point level CLS 54 or CLD 132 transmitter switch. Conventional ½” NPT cable seals are notorious • pH sensors, both glass and non glass solutions to leaking. A good alternative is the use of quick depending on application disconnects cable connectors that not only simplifies • Temperature – Easytemp TSM 470F installation but also keeps water out. • Level measurement of detergent or make-up tanks - Capacitance, ultrasonic, guided or free space When designing CIP systems, the efficiency and radar or classic hydrostatic pressure sensors for cost of operation need to be considered. Basic retrofit to existing nozzles • Recorders to capture CIP performance CIP - Return flow 1 CIP - Return flow 2 Y Drain Make-up water Overflow protection with Liquiphant M CIP - line 1 Acid Caustic Water To heat CIP - line 2 exchangerSanitizer solution • Flow - Promag 50H Magnetic flowmeter offers high • Level - best fit for every media and tank size with turndown, is resistant to vibration and is your choice of guided radar, capacitance or comparable in price to vortex meters hydrostatic level measurement or overflow • Conductivity – optimize water/chemical usage protection with Liquiphant M • Temperature - water tight design and immune to • Ecograph T - track CIP conditions with 6 channel, vibration - TSM 470F fully programmable display unit with recording, • pH – keep up with new advanced detergents trending and alarm functions and sanitizers 5
  6. 6. The innovation continues... For more than 50 years, Endress+Hauser has provided innovation to help customers meet their unique and changing needs. Here are some examples for our customers in the food industry. Liquiline M - universal transmitter for pH and conductivity. Used in combination with Memosens technology (pictured at left sidebar), you no longer need to do pH calibrations in the plant. pH sensors can now be pre-calibrated in the laboratory under controlled conditions and installed into the process when needed. Patented inductive connectors eliminate problems with moisture or ground loops. CLS 54 conductivity sensor - specially developed for CIP applications. PEEK construction ensures long life in demanding applications. Integrated temperature sensor provides fast temperature compensation. Ecograph T - 6 channel, fully programmable display unit with recording, trending and alarm functions. Connects easily to plant network via Ethernet or RS232 connections. Overall depth of only 7” (18 cm) allows for installation in most panels. Keeps track of storage conditions, CIP systems or general process data. Levelflex FMP41C - first guided radar level transmitter to meet 3-A sanitary standards. Use for tank levels up to 13 ft (2.2 m). Great solution for day tanks or for products with density or temperature changes.6
  7. 7. Service from Endress+HauserEndress+Hauser’s Service Department is dedicated to keeping your plant working efficiently seven days-a-week, 24 hours-a-day. Technicians are located throughout the country to provide various levels of supportfor you and your instruments.Start-up service The School of Instrument MaintenanceDelays and production losses can far exceed the costs of Technology is changing rapidly. Are you and your staff keep-planned start-up! A high percentage of instrument problems ing up with the changes? We can help with schools designedcan be traced to start-up by unqualified personnel. These to teach fundamental, theoretical, and practical knowledgecan be prevented by scheduling a trained Endress+Hauser about instrumentation and application technology, with anservice technician to be on-site during start-up. emphasis on service and maintenance of the instrumentation.Basic factory warranty is extended from 1 to 3 years when Training, combined with hands-on experience, is a powerfulstart-up is purchased on your instrumentation order. Ask for combination that will help you better manage you life cyclea start-up to be quoted with your new instruments. costs. To contact us for training schedules or to obtain a for on-site sessions, call 800-642-8737 or visit us online. Maintenance AgreementsPlanned maintenance lowers costs Long-term maintenance offers more savingsTo ensure optimum performance and help extend the life The Endress+Hauser Instrument Management Solu-of your instruments, our skilled service engineers perform tions (IMS) service provides a long-term plan to a moreperiodic checks (including any necessary adjustments), and reliable operating plant, cost-effective maintenance,issue a report confirming the instrument’s performance. and gives a basis for complete life cycle management ofAdditionally, we provide specific recommendations for your instrumentation.maintenance of the equipment under the agreement. 7 7
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