Review of Election Promises Made by Political Parties

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  • 1. PROMISES TO KEEP A Comparative Review of Election Manifestos 2009 Wada Na Todo Abhiyan
  • 2. Manifestos Released
    • CPM – 16 Mar 2009
    • CPI – 21 Mar 2009
    • Congress – 24 Mar 2009
    • BJP – 3 April 2009
    • NCP – 3 April 2009
  • 3. Key Commitments: Health
    • Investment : 5% GDP for health (CPM)
    • Public Health : Upgrade, expand (Left, INC)
    • Health Insurance - RSBY (INC)
    • Privatization : Regulatory authority (BJP) / No to Privatization (CPI, CPM)
    • Strengthening JSY, 6 State of the Art Hospitals (BJP)
    • New Public Health Policy, Life saving medicines at affordable rates (NCP)
    • Missed (wrt. People’s Manifesto demands):
    • Right to Health Act, Free primary health services
    • New Legislation for PLHVA
    • Comprehensive program for maternal and infant health
  • 4. Key Commitments: Education
    • Investment - 6% GDP for health (Left)
    • Policy - RTE Act & CSS (Left), New Policy & Edu. Comm (BJP)
    • Exclusion : Free Education (INC), Ladli Lakshmi (BJP), 20% SSA funding for Minority Blocks (CPI)
    • Skills & Support : NSDM (INC), National Student Bank (BJP)
    • Communalism : Monitoring of curriculum (INC)
    • Missed (wrt. People’s Manifesto demands):
    • No mention of investments, RTE or steps to curb privatization of education by INC, BJP
  • 5. Commitments: Work & Social Security
    • NREGA – 100 Days @ Rs. 100 / day for all (INC), To all for as many days as demanded (CPM), 2% GDP for implementation (CPI), UEGA ( Left parties)
    • Women - Special provisions in NREGA for women (CPI), 1/3 rd Central Govt. jobs for women (INC), Social security for working women (CPM), Equal wages for women (Left), Bank accounts for women (INC, BJP); Pref. contracts for marginalized groups (INC)
    • Unorganized : Stronger implementation of UNW & ISM Acts (Left), Setting of National Minimum Wage (CPI), Labour laws for IT / BPO / SEZ workers (CPI)
  • 6. Commitments: Work & Social Security
    • Workers’ Bank & National Child Labour Commission (BJP), Special programs for urban poor / high risk groups (INC, BJP)
    • Agricultural Labour – Loan waiver for distressed peasants (CPM), Separate law for Agricultural Workers (Left)
    • 1.2 million IT enabled jobs in rural areas (BJP)
    • Missed:
    • Mention of UEGA by INC, BJP
    • Investments specified for Unorganized Sector
    • Specific mechanisms and provisions for USW, ISMW Acts
  • 7. Commitments: Land & Forests
    • SEZ : Amendment of SEZ Act – and CRZ notifications (CPI), Ban on farmland conversion and National Land Use Policy (BJP), Market rates & stakeholder options (INC)
    • FRA : Stronger implementation, amended definition of forest dwellers, protection & restoration of tribal lands (CPM)
    • R&R : Introduction of R & R Act (INC)
    • Amendment of Land Acquisition Act (across)
    • Implementation of Land Reforms (Left)
    • National Bio-diversity Law (NCP)
    • Missed:
    • Scrapping of SEZ Act, Status on reversal of ULCA, Regulation of land development activities and a/c to local communities,
    • Land earmarked for marginalized groups
  • 8. Key Commitments: Agriculture
    • Investment: Doubling of investment (CPI, NCP)
    • Credit : Crop Insurance and low interest rates (Across), Loan Waiver (BJP)
    • Support : Minimum Support Price (Across), Commodity Board to fix floor prices (CPM), Kisan Cards & Kisan Vigyan Kendras (CPI), Direct income support to ecologically vulnerable areas (INC), Support to related industry (NCP)
    • Review of Patent Act (CPI), Regulation on GM foods / crops (Left, BJP)
    • Irrigation : National Program for SC/ST (CPM), 35 million hectares additional irrigated farmland (BJP)
    • Anti-dumping Authority and Protection of Patents (NCP)
    • Missed : National Irrigation Mission, Farmer Status for Women
    • Support to SC/ST farmers, Drought and flood areas package
  • 9. Key Commitments: Food Security
    • National Food Security Act (INC)
    • Universal PDS FOR 14 essential commodities (Left), Food Subsidy Programs (INC, BJP)
    • Universal ICDS (Across), Double salaries for Anganwadi workers (BJP), No privatization (Left)
    • Community kitchens for urban poor (INC, BJP)
    • Food stock buffer in event of global crisis (BJP)
    • Missed :
    • Status of Investment
    • Targeted programs for backward districts and marginalized groups
    • Expanding PDS and protecting essential commodities (INC, BJP)
  • 10. Key Commitments: Infrastructure
    • Water : Right to Water (Across), National Water Policy and Water Management System (Left), No privatization (Left)
    • Housing: Housing as a FR (CPI), 10 lakh housing units (BJP), Urban Housing & Sanitation program (INC, NCP)
    • Roads : National Highway Development & Gram Sadak Yojana (BJP)
    • Power : Rural Electrification and Non-conventional energy (across), Increased nuclear power (INC), IT for villages (INC, BJP), Budgetary provisions and private investment (NCP)
    • Disaster Management measures across states (NCP)
    • Missed :
    • Macro plan and investments for urban to rural infrastructure
    • Targeted development for marginalized communities
    • Accountability and regulation of private operators
  • 11. Key Commitments: Economy
    • Plan Expenditure at 10% GDP (CPM), Introduction of GST (INC), Tax Exemption & Abolishing FBT AND CST (BJP)
    • PSUs: Protection and promotionof viable PSUs (Left), Protection in manufacturing / strategic sector (INC, NCP), Promotion of SMEs (Across), Promotion of Tourism (BJP)
    • Retail : Ban of FDI (Left, BJP), Regulation of corporate retailers (Left)
    • Regulation of Corporate and Financial Sector (Across)
    • Exclusion : Affirmative action in private sector (INC, Left), Equal Opportunity Commission for Minorities (INC, Left), Support to disabled groups (Across)
    • Co-ops : Constitutional Provision (INC), Model Law (BJP), Amendment of Banking Regulation Act (NCP)
    • Missed :
    • Concrete measures for Corporate Regulation
    • Reservation Act replaced by ‘affirmative action’
  • 12. Key Commitments: Social Inclusion
    • Women’s Reservation Bill enacted (across)
    • Sachar Committee Recommendations implemented (INC, Left, NCP) and Ranganath Commission Report made public (Left)
    • Equal Opportunities Commission (INC, Left) and Constitution status for Minorities Commission (NCP)
    • Stronger PWD Act (CPI), Opportunities for Disabled (Across)
    • Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana & Tribal Devt. Authority (BJP)
    • National Mission to end Dowry and Female Foeticide (CPM)
    • Law against Sexual Violence, incl. against children (Left)
    • Reservation for Dalits across religions (Left), and OBCs (Left, NCP)
    • Reservation for EWS across communities (INC, BJP)
    • Special support to girl child, high risk, urban poor groups (across)
    • Protection of senior citizens, Old Age Pension (across)
    • Missed: Mandatory inclusion of women and marginalized groups in all asset building and development programs
  • 13. Key Commitments: Governance
    • Police and Judicial Reforms (across), National Judicial Commission (BJP, Left), Gram Nyayalaya Act strengthened (INC)
    • Electoral Reforms incl. direct representation system and bar on criminal candidates (Left), Lok Pal Act (CPM)
    • Parliament approval for international treaties (BJP, CPM)
    • Establishment of PRIs where none exist (CPI)
    • Constitutional amendment for fixed term of LS (NCP)
    • Increased allocation to GPs and new model of urban administration (INC), Devolution of 50% centrally collected taxes to states (CPM)
    • Minimum 100 days sitting of Parliament (CPI)
  • 14. Key Commitments: Governance
    • Creation of smaller states, Uniform Civil Code, National e-governance plan (BJP)
    • Media Council for regulation of media (CPM)
    • Seats reserved for youth in local governments (INC)
    • Missed :
    • Annual report of works and budgets presented by elected representatives and govt. agencies in public
    • Stronger mechanisms for public participation and monitoring
    • Strengthening of RTI
    • Election Watch team with official sanction
    • Right to Recall system
    • Protection of women and marginalized group candidates from harassment and discrimination
  • 15. Key Commitments: Peace & Security
    • National Identity Card (INC, BJP)
    • Women and Dalits protected from atrocities (INC)
    • Empowered NHRC to monitor communal and caste violence (INC)
    • Law against Communal Violence and Implementation of Sri Krishna Commission Report (CPM),
    • Opposition to laws that curb human and democratic rights (CPI)
    • Restoration of Article 370 and regional autonomy for J&K, Ladakh (Left)
    • Replication of Salwa Judum, New POTA type law, Removal of article 370 (BJP)
    • Modernization of Defence systems (INC, BJP); PPP in Defence (BJP), Pay Commission for Defence (BJP, NCP)
    • Missing: Protection of minorities from harassment in the name of terror; Strengthening of Atrocity Prevention Laws and extension to Minorities, with special provision for women
  • 16. Foreign Policy & Global Role
    • Climate Change action (Across),
    • Global Engagement with US, Europe, Africa (INC)
    • Ties with West Asia (INC, Left), Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline (CPM)
    • Confidence building between India & Pakistan (Left); Show of strength against terror tactics (INC, BJP)
    • Reworking 123 Agreement and No to Defence ties with US (CPM)
    • Systematic removal of illegal migrants, Fencing of India-Bangladesh border (BJP)
    • Strengthening ties with NRI / PIOs (INC, BJP)
    • Transparency in FTA / International negotiations (Left)
    • Missing:
    • Priority and composite plan for strengthening peace, security and economic ties across South Asia