Enchoro Cultural Practices( Tourism0


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 Visit local families
 Meet and talk with individuals and groups such as women, youth and children
 Visit schools, places of worship, local market places etc.
 Having fun with the Masai morans and community members at a cultural evening.

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Enchoro Cultural Practices( Tourism0

  1. 1. Enchoro Voluntourism ProgrammeEnchoro.Enchoro Wildlife Camp recently unfolded its newest website; it provides keyinformation that will facilitate travelers of all walks of life in choosing the besttourist programs around the Mara region, and to promote tourism as well asto provide people with quality adventure holidays and with the greataccommodationIf you are interested in planning a wonderful and remarkable tour in theMara region is no longer a problem, it is now easier as enchoro camp will helpyou manage everything.If you are enticed by Volunteerism, wildlife Safaris, walking&trekking, thiswill ensure that our visitors gain local knowledge and at the same time, thelocal communities economies will also earn from it.”Masai dances”“Go direct to enchoro, Save Money and give more back” This philosophyguide’s enchoro wildlife camp with its product and service development.Enchoro offers a lot of direct booked adventure tours and holidaysaccompanied with a comprehensive route plan, Trip information, clearlymarked tour durations, and give back to the Masai communities throughvolunteer program plan activities.Our volunteer options are planned to suite Group travels, Families orindividual options enabling every individual to choose from several activitieswhich they can do during their trip.Enchoro is strictly committed to its policy regarding responsible tourism andthus, it chooses to work with those local Masai organized groups of Men,Women and Youth that offer and represent the local communities with greatlong term benefits that maintain the welfare of the preservation of theirenvironment, culture, believes and traditions. This however developsrelationships across with the goal to promoting better understanding betweenforeign tourists and the Masai communities while freely interacting, sharing ofcultural social practices and their traditions.About us.We are a non governmental organization organized an s a community servicein Kenya, with a Mission to build global community events throughenvironmental and community service.
  2. 2. We provide opportunities that make a difference to the lives of people fromall parts of the world, the organization also works to set up sustainableprojects to protect the environment, provide basic education for vulnerablegroups and encourage community development as well as cross culturalexchange.Vison, Mission and Values.Our Mission isVisionValuesVolunteer.Would you like to travel to a country and experience its cultures more deeplythan you would on a normal vacation?Would you like to take up on a new challenge and learn new skills?Would you like to take part in something worthwhile and meaningful as partof an international Team?If you say yes to all, then welcome to our international Volunteer Service witha project that offers either short or long term basis service project in rural andurban areas.VoluntourismReasons to Volunteer Abroad.Ever got a feeling that you have a higher calling? You know that you have aspecial purpose on this planet earth? Infact if you had a chance, you wouldsurely try to save the world or some part of it.Volunteering is one way to make a difference in the world around us,volunteering is not for everyone its for those who really feel they can make achange in peoples lives and the surrounding environment, it demands for realcommitment.
  3. 3. A. To see the world with a purpose. Some travelers are content partying their way around the world, looking for a more substantial experience. Volunteering not only gives the opportunity to give back ,it also gives you something to do, somewhere to go,somehere to stay and most importantly make and meet new friends. B. Change Yourself, By volunteering you learn so much about yourself you will do things that you never imagined you were capable of. The biggest difference you will notice at the end of the program will not be external but will be the difference inside of yourself. Sharing your thoughts and friendship with local people will have a greater understanding of another culture. C. Flexibility. Unlike paid employment, volunteering provides for a more flexible schedule and varying time commitments, you may choose to participate in a work camp anywhere for two weeks. Volunteer with street kids (families) or teach in a school for a year or more. D. Build Your Résumé. Many employers value volunteerism above all else if you have volunteerism on your résumé, it shows that you are flexible, patient and committed. E. Career Development. In some cases you may find volunteer stick in your field of study a volunteer position may give you the hands or experience you won’t get stuffing envelops for an internship. F. Cultural Immersion. Many travelers know where they want to go, but don’t know what they can do once they get there, volunteering gives your travels a purpose and an itinerary. G. Affordable Travel. There are afew travel experiences that are cheaper than volunteering but most volunteer placement organizations charge a fee. The fee typically covers initial accommodation, orientation, communications and the program itself. Many volunteers cover their own expenses by organizing for fundraising events at home, sometimes through letter writing campaigns to families and friends. Contributions from churches or student organizations and other donations, fundraising is a simple way to help source for money and pay for a volunteer excursion abroad. Some of the best sources for small scholarships or donations are from companies or donor agents tied to the project service. Nb:Before you sign up you should consider the following.Can you Camp?
  4. 4. Can you live with ought modern plumbing, hot water and electricity? Mostinternational volunteer experiences are hosted in developing countries likeKenya sometimes basic necessities are hard to come.Before you go you should do some research about the area of possibleplacement and be convinced that you are able to adjust as the last thing thevolunteer organization and the locals need is someone complaining aboutfood. You will be surprised at how much or how little you need in the way ofmodern comforts to be happy.however, if you know yourself and you knowthat you wouldn’t last an hour in a developing country, there is stillopportunities for you in other areas.Are you open enough to accept and respect a culture no matter howdifferent it is from your culture?This may be one of the most difficult aspects of your volunteer experience,there will be some aspects of the local culture that confound your sense oflogic or challenge your sense of justice, however remember that you are thevisitor. No solitary volunteer can change centuries of tradition or culture. Youmust look deep inside of yourself to determine if you are flexible enough torespect the local culture before you go despite of what you may have heardyour job is not to teach the superiority of western ways.Are you comfortable with yourself?At times you may feel isolated, particulary when you arrive in a villageknowing no one. Many students travel because they are dissatisfied with thestate of their life at home this however is the wrong reason to venture forinternational trips, as many students don’t know much about themselves youmay have an opportunity and schedule that includes surrounding yourselfwith like minded individuals all day every day your social life or the lack thereof will be entirely up to you.Volunteering abroad is truly a study abroad experience. Every minute ofeveryday you will be a student counts.Are you hungry to learn?You may learn a new language, a new culture, a new way of life, flexibility andpatience are the key to having a satisfying experience abroad particularly indeveloping countries.Sometimes in developing countries people are not as obsessed with time asthe developed countries like U.S.A Europe etc.often schedules are ignored orappointments begin abit later than arranged.Sometimes the Volunteer organizations and NGO S are understaffed, so youritinerary will not be as smooth and well organized as a tour. Things may seem
  5. 5. disorganized at times; you may have to initiate your day to day itinerary. Theonly way to get over hurdles is to accept the program and offer your serviceswithin those parameters.What will I do?Volunteer projects are as varied as you might imagine, generally volunteerexperiences fall into four main arenas. 1 Community Development. Placements rebuilding a school, setting up a water treatment facility or dig a bore hole, cleaning the streets, planting trees or helping the aged. 2 Education. Teaching placements or acting as a teaching assistant in a local school or kindergarten or in an adult education program. 3 Eco-Environment work. Placement might be in a wildlife reserve or National parks, monitoring endangered species like rhinos, elephants or working in a reforestation project. 4 Social Welfare. Working with underprivileged children, womens co-op groups, working in a hospital or orphanage.How do I get started?Start with your homework, research for existing volunteer programs, if youhave questions about the quality of the program ask for assistance from theorganizations or visit the online resourse and references.NB. Volunteers never go to teach people on the western ways or culture, norare they there to save the people. Volunteers go to share their energy and timewith the people to experience their culture first hand and to grow themselves.PartnershipOur Goal is to develop partnerships and shared projects to assist in longlasting community development and environmental conservation.We are interested in establishing partnerships with local and internationalorganizations who share the same goals and objectives with ours.We believe in mutual benefits in partnerships based on knowledge sharingand co-operation is the key to creating and implementing exceptionalinternational volunteer projects.We wish to establish a greater network of organizations co-operating togetherto maximize assistance to areas in need.
  6. 6. If you would like to discuss about becoming a partner organization with usand be part of our global network of voluntary organizations co-operating togenuinely assist areas in need, please do not hesitate to contact us.Application for Volunteer placementTo join a project overseas with us, you need to choose one from our latestproject list posted on our website, the information on our web is up to dateabout project availability, but if you would like to receive a hard copy, pleasecontact us.Once you have chosen a project that interests you, send us an onlineapplication accompanied by the appropriate fee and we will start theplacement process.Steps.1 Choose a project from the project list on our web.2 Send us the completed CV, Form, colour photo, photocopy of yourpassport and submit electronically to email .3 When we receive the application, we will notify you immediately, please giveus 1-4 weeks to process your application and match your placement.We will send you a notification of preliminary acceptance and a pre-departurebooklet within 1-4 weeks.4 Once you receive your project from us, you should begin preparing fortravel by obtaining all necessary documentation (passport and visa) plusmeeting the immunization requirements.5 Make your travel arrangement and other practical arrangements.6 Go and enjoy your project our staff will pick you up at the airport and takeyou to our organized accommodation.Community Activities with EnchoroEnchoro offers unique activities to its guests for them to experience thecommunity through village walks or activities involving cultural and socialeconomic aspects of the local rural communities these are as follows.  Visit local families  Meet and talk with individuals and groups such as women, youth and children  Visit schools, places of worship, local market places etc.
  7. 7.  Having fun with the Masai morans and community members at a cultural evening.Other ActivitiesPrograms.Our programs provide a volunteer service that creates opportunities forpeople from all over the world giving them the chance to change their livesand the lives of people they help.We are also setting up sustainable community development projects to protectthe environment and to provide basic education, leadership training and lifeskills for vulnerable groups.Environment Education.We are building an information bank about environment and global climatechange issues in order to improve awareness of young people and communityparticipation.Education.Education is fundamental to human progress, enabling individuals andcommunities to acquire skills and knowledge essential for improving theirquality of life. But for vulnerable groups like disadvantaged children (orphans)and rural teenagers access to basic education is limited.Community Development.We have many field based volunteer positions working with communitygroups in low income urban neighborhoods and rural areas.Training for Youth.Due to disadvantages and many life challenges youth encounter, they need toconfront and overcome these challenges in their lives and deal with conflictand decision making sometimes on their own.Volunteers can participate or contribute to the project upkeep.
  8. 8. The Enchoro Camp.The Enchoro Wildlife Camp is situated in Masai Mara ,Narok South Districtabout 270 km from Nairobi and at a quiet,safe and friendly environment.perfect for guests wishing to have a quality time of retreat and relaxation. Alsoa base for safari destinations to the neighborhood Masai Mara National GameReserve lately referred to as the new wonders of the world.Our Camp is surrounded by a natural environment, waking up to bird twitterand sometimes roaring of lions, hyena’s monkeys drama in the bush around.End of Program & Homeward Bound.After completion of your volunteer program we hold a debriefing session withother international, local volunteers and staff Here, participants say theirgood-byes, express their gratitude to other volunteers and staff, shareExperiences and come up with suggestions for improvements before beingescorted back to their Hostels/Hotels /Homes awaiting flights or departures.If we have convinced you well enough please contact us.Enchoro Wildlife CampPo box 4473-00200NairobiWeb: http://www.enchorowildlifecamp.comEmail: info@enchorowildlifecamp.comOr simply call us on+254 20 2726011 or cell +254710322787Tags,Accommodation,Camping,Tented Camp,Luxury Camping,Luxury tented Camp,Wildernesslodge,Camping in the Wilderness,Hostel,Youth Hostel,adventure Travel,Holiday,Holidays,Vacation,Hotel,Hotels in Kenya,lodge,Lodges,Kenya lodges,Kenya hotels,LuxuryTravel,Kenya Holidays,Kenya Accommodation,Accommodation in Kenya,Kenya Camping,Campsin Masai Mara,Maasai Mara Camps,Wilderness Holidays,Leisure Travel,Honey Moon,Weedings,Eco- Tourism,Cultural Tours,Camping in kenya,Bush Lodge,Bush Lodge Kenya,BushLodge Mara,Adventure Holidays,Tented Camp, Masai Mara Camp, Enchoro wildlifeCamp, Safaris Masai Mara, Masai Mara Tented Camp, Masai Mara Wildlife, KenyaCamp, Masai Mara Budget Accommodation, Hostel Accommodation, Masai Mara YouthHostel, Volunteer in Kenya, Youth Hostel Accommodation, Youth Accommodation,Kenya Tours, Africa, Kenya Safaris, Tanzania Safaris, Budget Camping, KenyaHostels, Hi Hostels Kenya, Kenya Budget Camp, Masai Mara Budget Camping, SafariKenya