8 Reason You Need Mobile CRM

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For more info on how Sage CRM can help your business visit : http://www.enbuconsulting.com

For more info on how Sage CRM can help your business visit : http://www.enbuconsulting.com

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  • 1. Agenda 01. Sage CRM Global Business Overview 02. Analyst Coverage 03. Recent Wins for Sage CRM 04. CRM Market Opportunity 05. Sage CRM Product Vision 06. Sage CRM 7.2 – Quick Recap 07. Sage CRM Product Roadmap 08. Sage CRM and Sage ERP X3 8 reasons why your business needs mobile CRM
  • 2. Mobile CRM is here… are you ready? www.enbuconsulting.com
  • 3. Today 89% of employees use a mobile for work, while 67% of companies say they would lose competitive ground without these devices. By 2016, more than 1.6 billion smart mobile devices will be purchased globally. Source Citrix (2012), CDW (2013)
  • 4. Today 82% of organisations have a mobile work style strategy in place. Businesses need to adopt these technologies to enable mobile workers to become more effective. Source CIO Mobility Survey (2013)
  • 5. Today 68% of firms identified implementing a mobile device management solution as a critical or high priority. By 2018, 70% of mobile workers will use a tablet or a hybrid device that has tablet-like characteristics. Source Gartner (2012), Forrester Research (2013)
  • 6. • Imagine everyone in your organisation having immediate access - anytime, anywhere - to the information they need, when they need it. • Mobile CRM is designed to put detailed customer information at your fingertips and enable you to perform key actions quickly wherever you are. What is Mobile CRM? Providing sales people with mobile device access to CRM drives a 14.6% productivity increase
  • 7. How can mobile CRM make a difference to your business? www.enbuconsulting.com
  • 8. Close more sales, and in less time
  • 9. With immediate access to customer history and more, sales reps can do business and close sales on the road or at customer sites.
  • 10. www.enbuconsulting.com “The entire solution is available in the cloud, providing us with access to the information from anywhere… keeping us mobile and informed.” Philip Meyer CEO Capsol Capsol
  • 11. Build stronger customer relationships
  • 12. Using customer history, call notes and case information, you can make the most of customer visits, strengthen relationships and improve satisfaction.
  • 13. www.enbuconsulting.com “Our sales teams are equipped to successfully manage their relationships, real time.” Matt Golby System Manager Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia
  • 14. Increase the performance of your sales team
  • 15. Anywhere, anytime CRM access means sales staff can respond to customer requests, manage appointments and update opportunities on the go.
  • 16. www.enbuconsulting.com “Our sales reps in the field can access real-time information on the companies they call on.” Bill Keogh Sales Manager Troy Industrial Solutions Troy Belting
  • 17. Increase the productivity of your service teams
  • 18. Allowing your staff to use familiar mobile devices can help them to become more comfortable with CRM and work more efficiently.
  • 19. www.enbuconsulting.com “It gives my users the ability to get basic information while out in the field and for a service company that’s huge.” Karen Snyder CIO American Pool American Pool
  • 20. Reduce the need for multiple calls from the road
  • 21. Your staff can update and view information when on the road, avoiding the need for follow- up calls to customers and the office.
  • 22. www.enbuconsulting.com “The entire sales force can now be mobile, access the system and work with it no matter where they are.” Leon Nel IT Project Manager ATEC Security Limited ATEC Security Limited
  • 23. Reduce paperwork www.enbuconsulting.com
  • 24. By using mobile devices to document the outcome of customer meetings or service calls, staff can reduce paperwork.
  • 25. www.enbuconsulting.com “We are able to create quotes within minutes and managers can provide the approval online, via a mobile device if necessary.” Sunny Liew Sales and Marketing Engineer Wong Fong Engineering Works Wong Fong Engineering Works
  • 26. Reduce data errors and increase real-time availability
  • 27. With mobile access, you can reduce the number of sources of data entry, resulting in reduced errors, improved data accuracy and increased real-time data availability.
  • 28. www.enbuconsulting.com “From the employees’ point of view, it liberates them, particularly for staff who are working part-time or who have parenting responsibilities. From a managers’ point of view I’m giving them flexibility and you get that back in spades.” Eric Whitfield Assistant Director for Scrutiny & Monitoring Suffolk County Council Suffolk County Council
  • 29. Deliver exceptional service
  • 30. Keep up-to-date on critical customer information when on the road, so when your customers make contact you are always in the know.
  • 31. www.enbuconsulting.com “Our sales teams are equipped to successfully manage their relationships [in] real-time.” Matt Golby System Manager Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia
  • 32. Key Concepts and Terms <If you have any terminology you need to define up front or key concepts to cover as a foundation for your session, summarize them on this slide.> #SageSummit
  • 33. Learn more about how mobile CRM can empower your business http://bit.ly/1tUfh4f sagecrm.comwww.enbuconsulting.com