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Presentación lasa

  1. 1. Institutional efforts in teaching academic writing in Spanish in Latin- American universities: What agendas have been envisioned for higher education? Elizabeth Narváez-Cardona
  2. 2. Goal Presenting tendencies of the initiatives in teaching reading and writing in Latin American higher education as a way to identify agendas envisioned by the region
  3. 3. Organization 1. Brief overview of movements to educating readers and writers in Latin-American region 2. What means educating writers in higher education? 3. The project “Initiatives of reading and writing in higher education, ILEES Latin America” 4. Tendencies emerging from an online survey applied in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and México 5. Agendas envisioned emerging from the tendencies
  4. 4. Overview of movements to educating readers and writers in Latin-American region
  5. 5. What means educating writers in higher education?
  6. 6. The project “initiatives of reading and writing in higher education, ILEES Latin America” Goal: Developing a comprehensive, diverse, and inclusive map of research and pedagogy tendencies in teaching higher education writing in Latin-American region. 1° stage: applying an online survey in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico relying on a purposeful sample during summer 2012. Participants: 20 scholars known by their publication and leadership in disseminating programmatic research and pedagogy projects: Purposive sample
  7. 7. The project “initiatives of reading and writing in higher education, ILEES Latin America” The survey 1. Institutional information of the participants 2. Teaching initiatives known by the participants in their universities and in other institutions up to 10 universities. 3. Authors, journals, books, and data bases used as resources, as well as publication venues from Latin America and Spain to publish their work. Titles of publications, oral communications, and research projects in the issue. 4. Other scholars who might be interested on responding the survey: Snowball technique.
  8. 8. The project “initiatives of reading and writing in higher education, ILEES Latin America” 2° stage: Extend and deepen the first round of findings by surveying Brazil, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. Interviewing academic leaders and program leaders and faculty members of selected programs Observing major network conferences in Latin America, and analyzing the content publications from the region.
  9. 9. Disciplinary affiliations of the scholars leading the initiatives
  10. 10. The curriculum configurations of the initiatives reported by the participants
  11. 11. The initial impulse led by Chairs of UNESCO reading and writing in Latin America remains as a strong paradigm. Theoretical frameworks (authors, books, and journals) of progressive thinking advocating systematic endeavors after freshman years, have impacted barely in the Latin-America region. - inter-institutional networks - research teams - research emphasis on academic writing in PhD programs - Conferences - senior and graduate students have been addressed as key population The initiatives might be hindered due to the need of investments required to sustain such endeavors. Emerging hypothesis
  12. 12. Influential authors
  13. 13. 1. Paula Carlino (Argentina) Background: psycholinguistics, cognitive, and sociocultural psychology Publications on higher education writing: 2002 Initially dispersing the programmatic US, British, and Australia scholarships 3. Daniel Cassany (Spain) Background: philology and didactics. Publication on higher education: 1997-2003 and after 2006 4. Monserrat Castelló (Spain) Background: sociocultural psychology and didactics Publication on higher education writing: 2007 2. Charles Bazerman (EEUU) Background: Literature and Rhetoric Publications on higher education writing: 1980
  14. 14. Revista Signos - Chile 1964 Literature and Sciences of Language 2005 Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Textual and Discourse linguistics, and Applied Linguistics. Lectura y Vida – Argentina 1980 – 2010 Reading and writing across schooling systems based on the Latin-American experiences International Reading Association (IRA) Revista Lenguaje - Colombia 1973 Linguistics and Sciences of Language Revista Magis - Colombia 2008 Education Revista Mexicana de investigación educativa - México 1995 Education The Journal of Writing Research Europe – EEUU multiple scientific disciplines (education, psychology, anthropology, communication studies…) The WAC clearinghouse – EEUU 2000 Academic writing (WAC) Resources
  15. 15. 1. Strengthening continentally and internationally networks and associations in the issue while we develop regional disciplinary identity (south- south and south-north) 2. Involving in larger discussions regarding higher education expectations in Latin-America and participating of networks at the issue. 3. Exploring and comparing what has made been sustainable the initiatives regionally and internationally to learn what has been pertinent and possible be further implemented. Given curriculum innovations… • Material investments (time and funding) of the stakeholders (leaders of the programs, directives, students, and faculty members). • Projects to negotiate and “get room” for different expectations of the stakeholders: ideological sustainability
  16. 16. 4. Understanding the specific features of the curriculum reforms and higher education systems in the region (nationally and continentally) and its differences in contrast to other soils (north). 5. Building historical accounts regarding when and why the importation of theories have occurred (regionally and internationally) and the identity of our initiatives(south-south and south-north) . 6. Exploring the exchanging processes of the initiatives within the Latin-American region, and between the region and other international soils and derived tensions of publishing and disseminating in Spanish or English.