Magazine and poster analysis


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Magazine and poster analysis

  1. 1. A2 magazine analysisThe text I used for the magazinetitle was Trajan pro, I thendecided to add some effects toenhance the look of the title, Iadded the inner shadow make itstand out against the lighting ofthe background. I also addedblack squared boxes behind‘maker’ to make it moreeffective and to ensure it stickswith the colour scheme of themagazineI have decided to put theinformation along both sides ofthe page, this will ensure thatthe main focus is still on theactors themselves, this is reallyimportant as I do not want toput too much information asthis make it far too messy andunprofessionalThe images itself gives a good hintas to what to expect in the actualmovie, as you can see one of thecharacters is more serious than theother, this would defiantly have animpact on the intended targetaudience as they will show moreinterest because they do not knowwhat both characters personalitiesare like, so this urge them to watchitI decided to use a naturalbackground, this I believe iseffective because it makes it uniqueas you would not see that inexisting movie magazines , also theaudience can get a glimpse of whatthe movie might be about, to theaudience it looks as though it hasbeen taken in a office, it gets themthinkingI decided to use red, white andblack as the predominantcolours, once combined itlooks attractive, I have alsoadded effects to enhance thelook of the magazine by addinginner and outer shadow, thismakes it more professionalI have also included a barcodewhich I found on the internet itincluded the date, therefore makingit more professional
  2. 2. To ensure that it is consistentI have used the same font,this is Trajan Pro, this makes itconsistent and gives it aprofessional look, as you cansee I have made the twoletters at the start and endlarger, this makes it stand outallowing the audience to readit clearlyI have decided to place the names of thecharacters at the top of the pageThe colour scheme is anotherelement which I have keptconsistent, these colours oncecombined look very attractiveand eye-catching to the viewer.I wanted it to relate to thegenre of my movie so byproviding these colour it willgive them a hint of what toexpect.The back ground was createdusing Photoshop, it allowed meto make a flash behind thecharacters, this I believe is reallysuccessful as it makes it standout and adds instant interest asit can resemble a lot of stuff.I have provided a credit blockat the bottom of the page,this makes it moreprofessional and businessstandard which the intendedtarget audience will beaware ofI have provided a quote at the bottom the page because it is aunique selling point, as it makes the audience think , a numberof things will run through the mind , this is really effective as itwill draw attention of the viewersThe image is still the mainfocus as this is what theintended target audience willlook at, so I have not used anything which will affect this, Ibelieve it stand outs and looksprofessional