devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus


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devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

  1. 1. The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque August 31, 1670 In 1673 The middle ages Devotion was promoted by the Saints In the 11th and 12th
  2. 2. In the 11 th and 12 th centuries we find the first indications of devotion to the Sacred Heart. It was the Benedictine or Cistercian monasteries, in the world of Anselmian or Bernardine that the devotion began. Back
  3. 3. On August 31, 1670 the first feast of the Sacred Heart was celebrated in the Grand Seminary of Rennes . Constance's followed suit on October 20. The feast soon spread to other dioceses and the devotion was adopted in various religious communities. Back
  4. 4. In 1647-1690 Margaret Mary Alacoque, Visitandine of the monastery at Paray-le Monial, was chosen by Christ to reveal the desires of His Heart and to confide the task of inspiring new life to the devotion. Back
  5. 5. After she received the Vision of the Sacred Heart, which popularized the devotion, she was scorned by her mother superior who thought her to be delusional. The Saint took ill. Mother superior told St. Margaret Mary that she would believe the miracle of the vision if the Saint was cured. Back
  6. 6. Under the guidance of her spiritual director, St. Claude Colombiere. St. Margaret was able to promote the devotion. Several books have been published on her extensive letters, sayings and the revelations given to her by Our Lord. Back
  7. 7. There is nothing to indicated that this pious religious had known the devotion prior to the revelations. These revelations were numerous, and the following apparitions are especially remarkable: Back
  8. 8. In 1673, when Jesus permitted Margaret Mary, on the feast of Saint John, as He had formerly allowed Saint Gertrude , to rest her head upon His Heart, and then disclosed to her the wonders of His love, telling her that He desired to make them known to all mankind and to diffuse the treasures of His goodness. Back
  9. 9. The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus focuses attention on the physical Heart is the symbol of His redemptive love. By the middle ages, the efforts of St. Bonaventure and St. Gertrude the Great, Back
  10. 10. Because of their strong emphasis on the Passion of our Lord, the devotion became popularized as worshipping the mystery of Christ, living in the Church. Back
  11. 11. This devotion was promoted by the great Saint: St. Albert the Great, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Francis de Sales, As well as the great religious orders: Benedictines, Dominicans, Carthusians (The Order of St. Bruno.) Back