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  • 1. Things do not pass for what they are, but for what they seem. Most things are judged by their jackets.Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 2. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 3. This is how we cast your words into beautiful objectsMumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 4. We Listen We Understand We Plan We Create We execute OutcomeMumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 5. The most important thing for us to create a master piece is your brief, because we understand the value of your brand and take the responsibility of handling it with care.Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 6. Our Secret is with answer to the What? when? WhERE? Why? s Who?Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 7. o What is the event? o When is the event? The time line o Who is the target audience? o Why are you doing the event? (The idea behind the event) o Where is the event? VenueMumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 8.  With the brief provided we understand the whole idea behind the event.  The five W’s of the brief give us clear idea and understanding of the goal you want to achieve through this event.  We study the brand as whole and then plan the deliverables.Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 9.  Once we know what is expected from us, our team start planning and extract from the brief, the key points that should be reflected through the design.  Pick up the message that the brand wants to convey to its audience.Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 10.  Once all the points are clear our creative, imaginative designers create a design to reflect your thoughts.  They shape your thoughts and create a image.Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 11.  Thoughts and idea get a new face, by our production team.  The then imaginary idea is crafted into a live model, The model that speaks the story behind it…Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 12. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 13. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 14. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 15. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 16. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 17. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh
  • 18. Mumbai.Delhi.Chandigarh