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Soups, Salads & Casseroles PowerPoint Soups, Salads & Casseroles PowerPoint Presentation Transcript

  • Soups, Salads and Casseroles
  • Soups There are thousands of different kinds of soups! Usually they are a variation of one of the following:Stock: Rich-flavored broth in which meat, poultry, fish or vegetables and seasonings have been cookedBouillon: Clear broth made from beef or chicken stockConsommé: Clear, rich-flavored soup made from stock
  • SoupsCream: Soup made with milk or creamBisque: Cream soup made with shellfishChowder: Thick soup made with fish or shellfish, salt, pork and vegetables (usually potatoes)
  • Convenience SoupsCanned Soup: Add water or milk, then heat!Bouillon Cubes or Granules: Added to hot water to make brothDehydrated Soup: Added to water and cooked
  • Storing Soup Canned and Dehydrated Soups: Long shelf-life! Once opened, they must be cooked. Cooked Soups: Store in a covered container in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Freeze for longer storage.
  • Soup Q & AWhy should you let soup simmer for several hours?What are some examples of hearty soups?What are some examples of cream-based soups?What are some examples of broth-based soups?
  • Kinds of SaladsVegetable: Salad greens plusother raw or cooked vegetables Fruit: Combination of fruits (fresh, frozen cooked or canned)
  • Kinds of SaladsProtein: Made with cheese, eggs,meat, poultry, or seafoodGelatin: Fruits plus flavored gelatinPasta: Cooked pasta, vegetables, dressing, and possibly a protein
  • Every Salad Has 3 Parts…Base: The foundation – Usually salad greens or pastaBody: The main feature – Placed on the base (could be vegetables, fruits, or protein)Dressing: The finishing touch –Should enhance other flavorsalready present in the salad
  • Salad GreensEscarole:Green with yellow edges,mild flavorCurly Endive: Lacy texture,tangy flavor
  • Salad GreensSpinach: Broad, bright greenLeaves; mild flavor Iceberg Lettuce: Tightly packed leaves, mild flavorBibb Lettuce: Sweet, tender,deep-green leaves
  • Salad Greens Romaine: Long, crisp leaves; sharp, nutty flavorLeaf Lettuce: Crisp, light-green,curly leaves; delicate flavor
  • Washing Lettuce• Wash all lettuce (even bagged, pre-washed varieties!) thoroughly under cold water• Shake out excess waterWashing lettuce before eating is crucial, because it removes 2 things… ??
  • CasserolesCasserole: A combinationof foods prepared in asingle dishWhy Do We Love Them? Quick and easy to prepare! They freeze well! Cheap way to feed a large group! Can be adapted easily to make healthier!
  • Herbs and SpicesHerbs: Leaves of plant – Can be purchased fresh, but most are drySpices: Dried roots, stems and seeds of plantsBlends: Combinations ofground herbs and spices
  • Are You a Gourmet?Gourmets: People who enjoy being able to distinguish the complex combinations of flavors that make up food