Ravi Singh                                         CEO & Founder                                         Ravi Singh is CEO...
Ravi Singh                                         CEO & Founder                                         Following his run...
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Ravi singh election mall


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Ravi singh election mall

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Ravi singh election mall

  1. 1. Ravi Singh CEO & Founder Ravi Singh is CEO and founder of ElectionMall™ Technologies, Inc., a non-partisan technology solutions company, powered by Microsoft, which provides citizens, candidates, and political parties with the necessary online tools, services, and products to help them win elections via technology and the Internet. Known for its SaaS campaign technology, ElectionMall has worked with over 600 different campaigns during the 2008 election cycle and over 1000 campaigns during the 2010 campaign cycle. ElectionMall expanded into the Latin Americanceo@electionmall.com market during the 2010 Colombian Presidential Elections and recently opened offices in Bogota, Colombia. The company, first featured in “Click the Vote” March 2004 BusinessWeek@campaignguru Magazine®, is considered to be one of the largest and fastest growing campaign and election technology firms in the United States. With offices in Washington D.C., Chicago, Brussels, andceo.electionmall Bogota, the company provides a unique “one-stop shop” technology approach for a variety of candidates since 2000.linkedin.com/in/campaignguru Singh has played an integral role these past two years in Presidential and Parliamentary campaigns all over the world, including Europe, Asia and Latin America. As a result of Singh’s visionary approach ElectionMall has launched Campaign Cloud, Powered by Microsoft®, which allows campaigns to manage all of their technology services and social networks via one central login. Campaigns across the globe are utilizing ElectionMall to be a part of this new technological phenomenon, which is not only spreading their message via the Internet, but is providing them with affordable technology solutions. Singh, described as the “campaign guru, in a USA Today® article, is a featured speaker on ” eDemocracy and is a visionary in cloud computing, which he has promoted enthusiastically at international speaking engagements at the European Union Parliament in Belgium, a United Nations Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico and Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Public Affairs Association of Canada in Toronto, and the Personal Democracy Forum in New York and Madrid, plus numerous academic speeches at universities abroad. During these presentations Singh has encouraged world leaders to use social media networking sites and establish dialogues with their grassroots supporters. Over the past two years Singh was awarded the prestigious Sikh in Media Award and received an award as one of “50 Outstanding Asian Americans” for his work encouraging participation via the Internet. In 2008 Singh was named a “Rising Star” by Campaigns and Elections Magazine®. In 2004, USA Weekend Magazine® named Ravi Singh as one of the “five new powerbrokers whose sites and bytes may well influence how you cast your ballot come November. ” Singh, the first-born son of U.S. immigrant parents, began his political journey at age 14 when the US Armed Forces forbid him to wear his turban in a USA Military Academy. Senator Paul Simon and Congressman Dennis Hastert introduced legislation on his behalf signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1987. This legislation allowed Singh to graduate from the military academy with full honors as a 2nd Lieutenant, making him the first American with a turban to graduate. In 1995, Singh taught citizens at the Illinois State Fair “how to use the Internet and surf Yahoo!®. In 1996, he was asked to serve on the National Asian American Planning Committee, ” collecting “Internet email addresses” for the 1996 Presidential Election. By the age of 25, Singh’s passion for politics inspired him to run for public office. He was the first Asian American and Sikh with a turban to run for office in the 42nd District Illinois General Assembly. During his campaign, Singh made history by launching the first “online chat town hall meeting” and the first Internet candidate campaign website in the district. Fax us at: 1.866.464.3502 1.888.WEB.2WIN E-mail us at: sales@electionmall.com Live 24 hour Operators standing by Visit us at: www.electionmall.com Washington D.C. | Chicago | Los Angeles | Bogota | Brussels | Dublin | Mexico City © 2000-2012 ElectionMall Technologies Inc.
  2. 2. Ravi Singh CEO & Founder Following his run for political office, Singh founded ElectionMall™ Technologies, Inc., in 2000 and was one of the first in the industry to send a unique electronic card over the Internet known as eYardSigns®, utilized in the 2000 Presidential Campaign by both George W. Bush and the Democratic National Committee. ElectionMall continued in its pioneering approach in 2004 as CNN® and PC Magazine® highlighted the first online animation debates, which premiered on www.electionmall.tv.ceo@electionmall.com As an “industry pioneer” and inventor with registered patents, Singh and ElectionMall have@campaignguru qualified as the only online “registering authority” (RA) providing digital authentication certificates for candidates, campaigns, and political organizations’ websites. The exclusiveceo.electionmall online program, known as ElectionSecurity™, ensures election and campaign trust, security, and protection for online political consumers.linkedin.com/in/campaignguru Ravi Singh, born and raised in the United States, has a Bachelors of Science from Valparaiso University and a Masters in Political Science from Northwestern University. He is a member of the EAPC (European), the AAPC (American), and IAPC (International) Associations of Political Consultants, serving on the IAPC Board as well. Singh is the author of two books and various articles. Singh is also an author and his book, Leadership by Turban, is now available on Amazon®.com. Singh has published articles on Campaign Relationship Management and “Voter Space” for George Washington University. Singh currently resides in Washington D.C. and can be followed on Twitter during his international travels @CampaignGuru. Fax us at: 1.866.464.3502 1.888.WEB.2WIN E-mail us at: sales@electionmall.com Live 24 hour Operators standing by Visit us at: www.electionmall.com Washington D.C. | Chicago | Los Angeles | Bogota | Brussels | Dublin | Mexico City © 2000-2012 ElectionMall Technologies Inc.