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  • 1. Kranthi Kiran Vistakula CEO and Founder DHAMA Innovations +91 9724081053 1
  • 2. ClimaCon Technology Platform Technology Behind • Patent pending heat sink that allows thermoelectric to be incorporated with minimal space and weight • Heat dissipation is done using hydrogen bonds • For higher heat removal areas DNA can be used Design Features of ClimaGear • Heat sink designed to eliminate the need of fan • Heat dissipation decentralized • Products designed to supplement human Technical Specifications thermal management • Heat Removal: 100W • Heat sink designed to incorporate all modes • Weight: 650 gms of heat transfer • Operating Time: Upto 8 hrs 2
  • 3. Products and Solutions Dhama has developed innovative products that are cooling and heating apparel and accessories that keeps the user comfortable in harsh weather conditions ClimaGear: Jacket/vest ClimaNeck: Neck accessory ClimaMet: Helmet ClimaShoe: Shoes ClimaGear, ClimaMet, ClimaNeck : • allow user to feel temperature (18oC-40oC) of choice • fashionable, ergonomically designed and have no moving parts • run on rechargeable batteries that last up to 8 hrs • are many fold lighter than the current solutions in the market 3
  • 4. Other Solutions Dairy Sector • Cooling jacket for cattle to increase milk production yield • Cooling jacket for Milk can at the milk production center in villages Defense Sector • Cooling system for Scorigs (Control and Guidance system for Rocket Launcher) Medical Systems • Incubator for premature babies which is portable and requires minimal maintenance 4
  • 5. Learning Through my Journey Think Beyond boundaries and existing connections Use Waste from one context as wealth in another Transcend mimicking through ‘N’ iterations 5