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Bisbee Trip Presentation

  1. 1. 4th Grade Bisbee Field TripParent Information Meeting January 18, 2012
  2. 2. Purpose of the TripProvide our studentswith an authenticlearning experienceReinforce key topicscovered in the 4thgrade Science andSocial StudiesCurriculum
  3. 3. Trip Description This unforgettable trip is a 12-hour scientific and historical experience. The trip includes tours of Kartchner Caverns and Bisbee Queen Mine.
  4. 4. Save that Date!We will be departing from Ocotillo Ridge onThursday, April 26th at 7:15 AM* (Mulcahey)and Friday, April 27th at 7:15 AM* (Langdorfand Samuelsen)We will return to Ocotillo Ridge each night atapproximately 5:15 PM
  5. 5. Trip Details7:15 AM. Board charter buses and travel to Kartchner Caverns,arriving about 8:00 AM.8:00-11:30 AM Tour the Caverns in groups, and have a picniclunch.12-3:30 PM Travel to Bisbee, tour the Queen Mine3:30-5:30 PM Travel back to ORE, arriving approximately 5:15 PM
  6. 6. Costs The trip will cost$95 for students and This price includes: $105 for adult chaperones. - cost of buses - entrance/ticket feesLIMITED scholarships are -visits to Kartchner andavailable. See your child’s classroom teacher. Bisbee Queen Mine -Project Exploration Instructor
  7. 7. Methods of Payment1. Direct Payment- please make checks payable to “ORE Student Activity Fund.” In the memo section, please write “4th Grade Bisbee Trip.”2. Tax Credit- see your child’steacher for a tax credit form PLEASE NOTE--THESE PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE
  8. 8. Tax Credit Payment Optionsonline through the Vail School District website NOTIFY YOUR CHILD’S CLASSROOMTEACHER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU MAKEAN ONLINE PAYMENT
  9. 9. Important Dates January 18- February 10: Classroom teachers will be accepting STUDENT payments and CONTRACTS, and will contact CHAPERONES for assignments and payments Friday, February 10th LAST DAY FOR PAYMENTS Mid April (Date TBA): Parent Chaperone Meeting
  10. 10. StudentEligibilityStudents must maintain a minimum of a “C”average in ALL academic areasStudents must demonstrate acceptable behaviorat schoolStudents and parents must sign and returnAcademic & Behavior Contract, due on orbefore February 10th at Parent-Teacherconferences
  11. 11. Chaperones We would like to accommodate all parents who are interested in serving as a chaperone. Your classroom teacher will notify you if there is room for you to attend, and you may pay the chaperone fee at that point.
  12. 12. Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: Can a parent and student drive to Kartchner and Bisbee intheir own vehicle?A: Yes. However, please note the following: -Parent and student are considered a separate entity from the group. They are welcome to join the group for tours, hikes and site-seeing. -Parent and student will NOT pay the $95, but will be responsible for paying all park entrance fees and tickets -Parent is responsible for the safety of the student at ALL times and will not be assigned other students to chaperone. -The student may not ride the tour bus at any point in the trip.
  13. 13. Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: Can students bring electronic equipment (ipods,mp3 players, DVD players, game boys, etc.)?A: We recommend that students leave expensive gameequipment at home to reduce the risk of being lost ordamaged. Teachers/Chaperones will NOT beresponsible for carrying or keeping track of equipmentAT ANY time during the trip. Teachers/Chaperones willNOT be held responsible for any lost or damageditems.
  14. 14. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What will the students do for meals on the trip? A: Breakfast- students will have at their homes Lunch- students will pack a sack lunch (we will have coolers) and bring it to check in Dinner-students will be home in time to have dinner with their families. Snacks- students provide their own, note restrictions in packet
  15. 15. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How much money should I send with my child? A: We recommend no more than $15 that can be spent on souvenirs. Students will be responsible for keeping track of their own money.
  16. 16. Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: What happens if my child does not go on the fieldtrip?A: We will arrange for your child to stay with another4th grade teacher and her class during the trip.
  17. 17. Any Questions?