Xing User Group Agile Rhein-Main: Innovation Games™


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Michael Tarnowski from gave a presentation of a Teaser Event on Innovation Games™ for the Xing User Group Agile Rhein-Main (

What are Innovation Games and for what you can use them... Questions over questions... Here you get the answers!

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Xing User Group Agile Rhein-Main: Innovation Games™

  1. Innovation Games Xing Agile User Group Rhein-Main, 16.08.2012 Michael Tarnowski
  2. Innovation Games ‒ The Seriously Fun Way to Do Work! Innovation Games:  a set of originally market research oriented, facilitated and directed games, developed by Luke Hohmann.  13 core games at the beginning; now more than 20 games. Free account to play online:
  3. Gamestorming ‒ Another Playful Way to Do Work! Gamestorming:  A similar approach, initiated by Sunny Brown, David Gray.  More games ― collection of “traditional games”, and not limited to a certain business field. Recently, Luke Hohmann (Innovation Games) and Gamestorming started a co-operation aka “Community Games”
  4. Games 2/3 Games involve a high level of emotion. Emotions help us to  Focus  Remember  Decide  Perform  Learn TED Video: Stuart Brown: Why Playing is vital?
  5. Games 3/3 Games  involves people  have structure and goals  operates more like a real-world system  results are unpredictable  small changes in variables generate dramatic differences in the
  6. Business Process Result of a well-designed and well- executed business process are standard, repeatable, scalable results.  chain of cause and effect,  leading to a predictable
  7. World is a Complex System... ...made up of many complex systems, all of them interacting with each other in complex, dynamic and unpredictable
  8. Business Process vs. Creative Process (Game) Business Process  Same result every time  Framework for Predictability Game  Different result every time  Framework for Possibility and
  9. Games *) 1/3 *) Innovation Games, Agiles Games, LEGO Serious Play Agreement  Games are alternatives to standard business meetings. New Ideas  Games are structured activities. Unraveling A facilitator leads a group complexity towards some goal by way of a game, that provides scope for thinking freely, even playfully. Problem Solving  Games require a few props such as sticky notes, poster paper, markers, random pictures from magazines, or other thought provoking objects ― “Fluffy Stuff”. Planning Deep
  10. Innovation Games ‒ The Seriously Fun Way to Do Work! Innovation Games: Focussed on real-time collaborative games to engage customers and stakeholders to reveal what really matters to them and to get breakthrough
  11. Innovation Games ‒ The Seriously Fun Way to Do Work! Ways of  customer feedback about a product or service  prioritising issues, features, meanings, options, possibilities, ...etc.  Serious games to solve a wide range of product strategy and management issues across the whole market
  12. Innovation Games ‒ Fields of Application Not only applicable for market research and product design, but also for  Portfolio management,  Requirements management,  Project management  ..... ...any number of tasks of  Innovative Thinking  Brainstorming  Collaboration / Team building 
  13. Scenario: You have a bunch of smart people in a
  14. Option One... …One Question leads to the
  15. Option Two... …One dominates the meeting ― the dullest one
  16. Option Three... …Chaos of
  17. Solve Scenario Problem by… …Gamestorming …Agile Games …Innovation
  18. Core Set of Innovation Games: 13 Games Product Box Spider Web Make My Day Speed BoatBuy a Feature 20/20 Vision Me and My Shadow Hot Tub The Apprentice Remember the Show and Tell Prune the Product Tree My Worst Nightmare Future
  19. Innovation Games (Core) 1/5 Product Box: customers work individually or in small teams to create and sell their ideal product. Me and My Shadow: discover hidden needs by carefully observing what customers actually do with your products. Buy a Feature: customers work together to purchase their most desired
  20. Innovation Games (Core) 2/5 Give Them a Hot Tub: customers provide feedback on outrageous features to establish what is truly essential. Remember the Future: understand your customers’ definition of success by seeing how they shape their future. (This game is related with Future Perfect from Agile Coaching) Spider Web: participants work individually or in small teams to create vivid pictures of how your products and services fit into their
  21. Innovation Games (Core) 3/5 Start Your Day: participants collaboratively describe when, how, and where they use your product(s). Participants describe their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly events related to their use of a product. Show and Tell: customers describe the most important artifacts produced by your system to you and other customers. The Apprentice: an engineer or product developer uses the product as an
  22. Innovation Games (Core) 4/5 20/20 Vision: customers negotiate the relative importance of such things as product features, market requirements, and product benefits. Prune the Product Tree: customers work in small teams to shape the evolution of your products and services. Speed Boat: customers identify their biggest pain points with your products and
  23. Innovation Games (Core) 5/5 My Worst Nightmare: Discover hidden and/or unconsidered worst-case scenarios to develop better understanding and planning. Participants imagine and draw a caricature of their “worst nightmare” related to the product or service that you’re
  25. + a Bunch more Games aka „Community Games“ 1/2 Gamestorming, Agile Games Discover  Cover Story Think big to uncover your company’s potential  Empathy Map Understand what your stakeholders want from the business  SWOT Analysis Uncover how to attain your desired end state  Whole Product Differentiate your product Shape  Impact/Effort Matrix Find the most efficient way to reach your goal.  Learning Matrix Think of effective improvements for your iteration Free account to play online:
  26. + a Bunch more Games aka „Community Games“ 2/2 Gamestorming, Agile Games Shape  Bang for the Buck Collaboratively rank a project backlog based on estimated value and estimated cost  How Now Wow Matrix Form original ideas to implement Act  Plus/Delta Game Collect constructive criticism to improve future events  Pros/Cons Game Organize your thoughts to make careful decisions  Actions for Retrospectives Discover how you can improve an event for the future  Circles and Soup Improve your past projects  Circles of Influence Identify who can help you reach your
  27. Further Reading Books  Luke Hohmann: Innovation Games. Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play. Addison-Wesley, 2006  Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo: Gamestorming. OReilly, 2010. Web Links  Innovation Games:  Gamestorming:  Michael Tarnowski (Article) 
  28. Graphics Acknowledgements      www.phillip,      DownOnEarth, ttp:// 58564123@N05/   Official Innovation Games Trained Facilitator course material (Luke Hohmann, Maarten Volders,
  29. Website:, Twitter: Xing: LinkedIn:
  30. Competencies:  Trained Innovation Games Facilitator & Trained LEGO Serious Play Facilitator  Certifed Scrum Master, Agile Coaching  ISO 15504/Automotive SPiCE Prov. Assessor  Requirements Engineering & Management consultancy  Quality Assurance & Management consultancy  Project Management & Configuration Management consultancy ISO 15504 Assessor Industrial Sectors:  Automotive, Finance  Logistics & Public Transport  Defence , Aerospace  Aviation & Air Traffic