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  • 1. The Presidency
  • 2. The Constitutional Powers of the Presidency
    Most of the constitutional provisions
    concerning the president and
    executive power are to be found in
    Article II, which demonstrates the
    framers’ considerable ambivalence
    about executive power.
    Presidential powers combine those expressly stated in the Constitution, delegated powers, and powers inherent to executive leadership.
  • 3. Commander in Chief
    President is the head of the national military
    Congress can declare war
    1973 War Powers Act
  • 4. Diplomatic Power
    “Recognize” other countries
    Executive Agreements
    An agreement between the president and one or more other countries.
    Does NOT require approval of the Senate.
    Cannot supercede federal law.
  • 5. Treaties and Executive Agreements
  • 6. Two Presidencies?
    Foreign vs. Domestic Affairs
    President generally has more discretion in foreign affairs.
    Congress approves
    more foreign policy bills.
    Post 9/11 changes versus economic meltdown
  • 7. Legislative Power
    Agenda setting
    Role of popularity, mandate?
    State of the Union
  • 8.
  • 9. Legislative Power
    Agenda setting
    But, not able to introduce bills
    Role of popularity, mandate?
    State of the Union
  • 10. Veto Power
    Negative power
    Veto Threats
    Overriding a veto
    Requires 2/3 support in both houses
    Line Item Veto
  • 11.
  • 12. Signing statements
    Uncontroversial versus controversial
    Innovation from the G.W. Bush presidency
    Constitutionality of the Bush signing statement– a backdoor pocket veto?
  • 13. Obama’s Position on Signing Statements
    Campaign position
    Instructions to check with Eric Holder
    First signing statement 3/12/09
    “releasing him from five provisions of the spending bill”
  • 14. Are signing statements an appropriate expansion of presidential power?
  • 15. The Organizational Presidency
    Contemporary presidents sit atop complex and growing White House organizations as well as an ever-expanding executive branch.
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18. Expanding White House Staff
    The White House staff increased from fewer than 50 members in the 1930s to over 500 in contemporary White Houses.
    Organizational elaboration within the White House increased specialization and expertise in the presidency.
  • 19. Expanding Executive Branch
    Growing executive administration empowers the president as the “chief executive.”
    Presidents use appointment powers, executive reorganization, and executive orders to affect policy through executive action.
  • 20. In recent years, presidents increasingly have made policy through executive orders that often direct executive branch officials and agencies to implement policies in accordance with the president’s policy preferences.
    Executive orders are rules or regulations by the president that have the effect and formal status of legislation.
  • 21.
  • 22. Why Cared about Obama’s First 100 Days?
    The Honeymoon
    Decreasing influence, increasing effectiveness
    External factors
    Internal factors
    Does Obama meet or beat?
    The assessment
    A comedian’s version