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English, Pardus linux presentation, Thanks to Akın ömeroğlu. Translated by Emrah Tokalak.

English, Pardus linux presentation, Thanks to Akın ömeroğlu. Translated by Emrah Tokalak.

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  • 1.  
  • 2. What is Open Source ? - You can use the program freely for any purpose. - To understand how the program works to review and customize the program. - You can redistribute the program. - You may redistribute the program changed state.
  • 3. What's Linux ? Unix-like operating system kernel. Operating system provides the hardware to work together with the most basic part. Humanity's own free software. Develop obvious. The most known example of free summer. Fast, stable, reliable, customizable. Version 2.6 for 4818 developers $ 119 million in value more than 7 million line code
  • 4. What's KDE? Developed a desktop environment for Linux. First developer girlfriend can use a desktop environment in order to create comfortable with the project began. Completely free software product. Today many free software components with a very advanced desktop. Visual, aesthetic, stable and fast. Pardus default desktop environment Basic building developers for 1644 $ 95 million in value Wrote 5.5 million lines of code.
  • 5. What's PARDUS? Linux-based, developed by TÜBİTAK UEKAE an operating system distribution. Prepared by observing national needs and information literacy in their goal of becoming an operating system to use. The Latin name is the name of Anatolia Pars Pars Tulliana'dan is Pardus. Tulliana Linux kernel, combines with other free software tools and KDE. With proprietary technology and advanced management and a sustainable distribution policy tools to use to create a national extent. Turkey's largest community of free software developed by a living organism-a reason for living for many people, one of us, our friends, our cats ...
  • 6. Pardus In Numbers! The project Birthdate: September 23, 2003 First Working Version: February 2, 2005 Established First Version: December 26, 2005 Total Number of Versions: Home Edition: 4 Edition December: December 5th-Friendly Version Update Version: 2009, coming 2009.1 Developer Number: 123 By Code: 2000545 line Code value: $ 31,276,191 Estimated Number of Users: 100.000 +
  • 7. What can I do with Pardus? You can enter the Internet. You can make your office work. You can play games. Graphics can make transactions. You can play games. You can use your computer peripherals. You need new programs You can install on your computer. The computer can do with literacy Billişim anything you can do easily.
  • 8. Why should I use Pardus? Free All Turkish Safe Free All programs together Turkish Support
  • 9. For Freedom ... General Public License and is licensed. Customizable. Subject to change. Multiple systems can be integrated easily.
  • 10. All Turkish.. Board all the programs from Turkish. Turkish Office program. All desktop Turkish spelling control. Strong localization team.
  • 11. Safe.. Viruses do not pass. Not affected by malicious software. Provides a safe Internet experience. Has a strict security policy.
  • 12. Fastly setup Half an hour to install on your system. Installation tool to install the smart does not require technical knowledge. At the same time you can work with multiple operating systems. 10 GB disk space is sufficient.
  • 13. Easy to Use Large number of documents. No hardware and driver problems. Original Pardus technologies; Network administrator Tasma Package manager And more ...
  • 14. Free Pardus, has distributed free of charge is due to the general public license. Pardus to ensure; -Pardus web site -emrahtokalak @ -Pardus CD Volunteers Can follow-printed magazines.
  • 15. All Programs in One Internet programs, and Firefox. Office programs and OpenOffice. Multimedia programs and codecs. Graphics processing programs. Games.
  • 16. Turkish Support Developer allow you to reach it in your own language counted towards a single operating system E-Mail Lists Personal contributions Bug tracking system And [email_address]
  • 17. My friend, technical talk!
  • 18. Join the community! Web Site: Planet: Community Site: E-Journal: Wiki: Bug Tracking System:
  • 19. Thank you for your attention.. Any Questions ?