Take a long term view of your people assets


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EmpXtrack Strategic HR helps you plan your long term people strategies and continuously monitor them for a lean and mean success driven organization

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Take a long term view of your people assets

  1. 1. Take a long term view of yourpeople assetsIntroducing EmpXtrackStrategic HR
  2. 2. 2About SaigunTechnologies• Specializing in HRproducts since inception• Management withextensive experience inHR consulting• Leverage 120 full timeemployees• Accredited with CMMILevel 3 certification• Latest infrastructure,network, hardware andsoftware platforms• Presence across morethan 20 countries
  3. 3. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 3About EmpXtrackSaigun’s full featured cloud based HRMS solution toautomate any aspect of your HR department:
  4. 4. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 4Strategic HR Challenges: The Big PictureStruggling to get the most out of your people?Increasingattrition rateDecreasedemployee moraleManagingTalent No link betweenperformance andpayAbsence ofleadershipplanningLinking HRpractices tobusinessgoals
  5. 5. EmpXtrack Strategic HRA solution that helps organizations take a long-termapproach towards strategic human capital development.Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 5
  6. 6. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 6EmpXtrack Strategic HRSuccessionPlanningCompensationPlanningManpowerBudgeting &CostAccounting360Feedback
  7. 7. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 7EmpXtrack Strategic HR: Multi faceted approachto human capital managementSuccessionPlanningEnsuresleadershipcontinuity forkey positionsCompensationPlanningOffers anintuitivedashboard thathelps matchperformancewith payManpowerBudgeting &CostAccountingAlignsmanpowerplanning withbudgets360FeedbackProvides self-ratings & peerreviews for abroadassessment ofemployeeperformance
  8. 8. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 8Succession PlanningCreates 3strategies forkey positionsi.e. short-term,medium termand long-termMaps employeesto successionpipelines with amilestone baseddevelopmentplanTracks changesin employeeprofiles such astransfers,promotions, exitsCaptures inputson employeeassessmentCentral hub ofall HR-relateddataGeneratescustomizedreports &dashboards
  9. 9. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 9Compensation PlanningSynchronizes incrementcycle throughoutcompanyTakes line managers’inputs in decidingincrementsPermits setting up ofrules for compensationplanningFacilitates real timeinteractions between lineand HR managers
  10. 10. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 10Manpower Planning & Cost Accounting• Matches job openingswith appropriateemployee profiles• Directs workflows toavailable managerialpositionsIdentify Talent• Improves short and longterm recruitment cycles• Facilitates adherence tomanpower budgets• Generates customizabletemplatesAchievebusiness goals
  11. 11. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 11360 FeedbackAllows HR to assimilateemployee ratings fromdifferent reviewersUses a workflow thatinitiates the review &feedback processProvides customizablereports including real timeprocess monitoringOffers employees achoice to determine whoprovides the feedbackMaintains confidentialityas feedback is sharedwithout revealing therespondent’s identity
  12. 12. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 12Next Steps
  13. 13. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 13Getting started is easyDemos & freetrialsIntuitive userinterfacesmakesnavigationbusinessfriendlyMinimaltrainingneeded andimmediatevalue tobusinessFlexibleimplementationoptions offerschoices
  14. 14. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Implementation and SupportImplementation options• Flexible implementationoptions• Module by module• SaaS vs. in-premise• Tailoring functionality tosuit your company’s needsSupport14• Experienced anddedicated consultants• Tailored service support
  15. 15. Copyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 15Benefits to the BusinessCreate a set of engaged employeesDevelops employee plans based on 360-degree appraisals & improvement areasOffers steady career developmentthrough constructive feedbackGreater alignment of HR with businessManages hiring according todemand and budget availabilityReduces the gap between current& projected talent needsLeadership Planning to support business growthBuild & manage succession plansfor critical positionsIdentify top performers , nurtureand reward them
  16. 16. For a demo or moreinformation pleasecontactCopyright 2013 | Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd.