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Assignment 1 Assignment 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Assignment OneForms And Conventions In Documentaries.Transgender: Pakistanis Open Secret.Jhane Ormsby.
  • About the documentary.The documentary ‘Transgender: Pakistanis OpenSecret’ is an English TV documentary.The documentary explores the discriminationagainst transgender within Pakistan showing howthey are ostracized within the religious society.With this, Juliet Stevenson finds out about theirstruggle in more detail as they are unable tolegally work respectably as they don’t have manyrights.
  • Details and information.Name Good HairMade by Channel 4Running time 53:15Type TV Documentaryhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opKFtn9Yhr8&safe=activeLink to Trailer Below View slide
  • Conventions- Narrator.The TV documentary used JulietStevensons voice as a narrator asshe was the one who had donefurther investigation within thedocumentary. View slide
  • Conventions- Expert Interviews(talking heads).During the documentary there where not many interviews as not many peoplewanted to talk openly about such sinful topics such as transgender, however a workerwithin the tax office was willing to openly speak about reasons why they don’t offerjobs to people who are transgendered.The shots which were taken of the worker consists of Mid shots and close up shotskeeping the audience focused on the dialogue which was expressed.
  • Conventions- Sense of realism.The use of handheld cameras gave the sense of natural movement whichwas shown through a recorded insight of what the Transgendered femaleshad to experience alternatively to make money. Most of such was throughsexual intercourse.
  • Conventions- Archival footage.Archival footage was presentedthroughout the TV documentary but aprime example of this was when Juliet(the narrator) had explored the ritualswhich you have to preform in Pakistan inorder to become an official Transgenderwithin the out casted community.With the footage, this helps support astatement made within the documentary.The images display the rituals in action.
  • Forms – Sound bridging.During the documentary voice over &sound bridging was used over the archivalfootage which was used to help introducea specific element within their belief.An example of this was used to introducethe transgendered lifestyle in which theyengage in activities such as dancing andbegging.
  • Forms – Cutaways.The documentary consists of manycutaways which then portray archivalfootage which gives the audiencewatching a visual display of occurrences.An example of this was shown through theprocess introducing the lifestyle of one ofthe transgendered males.