Cinema, between culture and industry

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  • 1. Seminar “From the AVMS directive to the Cinema communication Cinéma: towards a global and coherent approach of the European Cinema
    • 3rd. Workshop :
    • Cinema, between culture and industry
    • Antoni LLADO
    • Director of Catalan Institute for Cultural Industries
    • Mons, july 2010
  • 2. Catalan Institute for Cultural Industries * We give support to cultural industries - Cinema, music, performing arts, publishing * Through financial instruments - Subsidies, refundable aids, loans, * Through services - Education / training - Information - International promotion To know more: icic /
  • 3. Cultural policy objectives * To preserve and widen the symbolic value of culture - A powerful tool of social integration (cohesion) * To guarantee access to culture - Relevant linguistic aspect * To grant it a strategic role as an economic sector - Culture creates jobs and wealth - Culture generates positive externalities
  • 4. Culture and industry, where is the lowest common multiple? * Symbolic values should be transmitted - The more the better *Access to culture implies dissemination - To more people more positive effects * Economy means market - More consumers more income LCM is to maximize diffusion
  • 5. Is European film policy set to combine those three objectives and thus achieve this LCM? * Too risky question - I think that’s the key question of the seminar - Perhaps we will have an answer tomorrow * Let’s go to the next slide
  • 6. What can a Regional Fund (RF) do to find this Lower Common Multiple? * Setting the right policies - Cooperating with broader schemes of support - At State or European level * Focusing very clearly on the objectives: - Specific regional objectives (Cultural, economic) - General cinema objectives: diffusion
  • 7. The new cinema law of Catalonia * It was approved by our parliament last 30th of June - 117 votes for the law, 17 against it * It contains the instruments to: - Consider cinema as an industrial sector - Force cooperation among institutions - Promote the cultural aspects of cinema - Emphasis on linguistic issues - Special attention to European cinema
  • 8. Being industrial: not easy by now * Catalan cinema: a mixed landscape now: - Very few national or international box office successes, - Significant recognition of “art house films” in some cultural spheres - Clear overproduction with a lot of films in “no man’s land” (Neither commercial nor art house) - Difficulties for distribution, particularly, “no man’s land” films
  • 9. Being industrial: a challenge for the future * The future will be shaped: - paying attention to the whole value chain (from development to exhibition) - taking into account competitiveness factors - education/training policies - internationalization policies - research and development policies * Creation of different financial funds to give support to different phases of the value chain: - Production - Distribution - Exhibition - Promotion - Competitiveness
  • 10. Institutional cooperation: a key point * External cooperation not only depends on us * From now on, different regional institutions will have to agree the policies under ICIC’s lead * Institutions involved: - Public broadcasting corporation (TV3) - Regional Agency for Innovation and Internationalisation (ACC10) - Public Investment Banking (ICF) - Other institutions that might subscribe the agreement
  • 11. A must: being cultural * We need to keep and renew European identity - Being Europeans but being Catalans as well *We need to give a way to cultural cinema - Refundable funding for distribution and promotion - Cultural screens system for: - Local production - European production in original version - Films with special artistic or cultural interest
  • 12. Thanks for your attention
    • Any further questions
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