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La posició estratègica de Turquia és molt atractiva, al bell mig d'economies emergents, i la seva economia està clarament a l'alça gràcies a la seva productivitat, un mercat potencial de consumidors que no para de créixer i als canvis legislatius del 2003 que van afavorir l'activitat productiva i la inversió estrangera.

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Invertir a Turquia

  1. 1. REPÚBLICA DE TURQUÍAOFICINA DEL PRIMER MINISTROLa Agencia de Apoyo y Promociòn de InversionesYasemen KORUKÇURepresentante en España“El Ámbito de Inversión en Turquía”
  3. 3. Turkey withKey Figures…
  4. 4. La 17a economía más grande a nivel mundial y 7a más grande encomparación con los 27 países de la UE en 2011 (IMF)Turquía tiene la población más jóven comparadacon los 27 países de la UE
  5. 5. 54 million credit cardusers (2012)67 million GSM users(2012 Q3)19 broadbandsubscribers (2012 Q3)
  6. 6. Turkey is the 8th largest steel producer in the world and 2nd compared withthe EU countries (worldsteel 2012)Turkey is the 16th largest automotive producer in the world (OICA 2012)
  7. 7. - Turkish Airlines is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe-The best airline in Europe (Skytrax 2011 & 2012)- 131 million airline passengers in Turkey (2012)- Istanbul Ataturk Airport is the best airport in Southern Europe (Skytrax 2010)
  8. 8. Turkey is the 6th most visited holiday destination in the world (2011)International TouristArrivalsCountry2011(million)1. France 79.52. USA 62.33. China 57.64. Spain 56.75. Italy 46.16. Turkey 29.37. UK 29.28. Germany 28.49. Malaysia 24.710. Mexico 23.4Source: UNWTO ;*Ministry of Culture and TourismOut of world’s top 100 best hotels 22 are from Turkey (TUI Holly, 2012)
  9. 9. FDI in Turkey
  10. 10. Source: Central Bank of Republic of Turkey & Ministry of EconomySoaring FDI Inflows5,66,78,811,71518,72123,725,529,432,60510152025303520022003200420052006200720082009201020112012‘000 Number of Companies withForeign Capital1512302550751001251923-2002 (80 years) 2003-2012 (10 years)FDI Inflows($ billion)
  11. 11. FDI in TurkeyThe Growing Confidence in the Turkish EconomySource: A.T. KearneyForeign Direct Investment Confidence Index 2012
  12. 12. Top Reasons to InvestIn Turkey
  13. 13. Top reasonsto invest in TurkeySource: IMF World Economic Outlook, April 2012; Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy GDP & Income Key numbers Population International Hub Structural ReformsBenchmarking Performance of theTurkish EconomyAverage Annual Real GDP Growth (%)2002-2011
  14. 14. Source: OECD Economic Outlook No.91, June 2012Let your business blossom in a thriving economy andpromising futureThe fastest growing economy among the OECD countriesAverage Annual Real GDP Growth (%) Forecast in OECD2012-2017Top reasonsto invest in Turkey Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy GDP & Income Key numbers Population International Hub Structural Reforms
  15. 15. Source: OSD, Ministry of Transport, TURKSTAT, CBRT, EIU, Ministry of Development *including credit cardsEmergence of a new middle-classTop reasonsto invest in Turkey2002 2011Motor Vehicle Sales (thousands) 174 911Motor Vehicles in traffic (million) 8,7 16,1Airline Passengers (million) 33 118Turkish Citizens visiting abroad (million) 3 6Stock of Consumer Loans* ($ Billion) 4,2 129,4Private Consumption per capita ($) 2.390 7.515Healthcare expenditure per capita ($) 188 657 Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy GDP & Income Key numbers Population International Hub Structural Reforms
  16. 16. Source: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, European Central Bank , FED, Euro Area; 2009Household Liability % of GDPTop reasonsto invest in Turkey1764940102030405060708090100Turkey Euro Area USA2010 Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy GDP & Income Key numbers Population International Hub Structural Reforms
  17. 17. Source: TURKSTATStability and High Performancein the Economy Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy GDP & Income Key numbers Population International Hub Structural ReformsTop reasonsto invest in TurkeyAnnual Inflation* As of February 2013
  18. 18. Top reasonsto invest in TurkeySource: UN *Number of people between ages of 15 and 64 **[Age 0-14 + Age 65+ ]/ Age 15-64 Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy Population Age Labor Force GDP International Hub Structural ReformsFavorable Demographic TrendTurkey
  19. 19. Source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2012, IMD WCY Executive Opinion Survey based on an index from 0 to 10Top reasonsto invest in TurkeyQualified Working Force Indicators 20126,15,45,14,73,83,20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7TurkeyChinaPolandRomaniaHungaryBulgariaAvailability ofComponent Senior ManagersDynamic, Stable &AttractiveEconomy Population Age Labor Force GDP & IncomeInternational Hub Structural Reforms
  20. 20. Source: TURKSTAT, Ministry of DevelopmentProductive and Cost-effective Labor ForceTop reasonsto invest in TurkeyProductivity and Unit Wages Index in Industry(Per Worker; 2005=100) Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy Population Age Labor Force GDP & Income International Hub Structural Reforms
  21. 21. Top reasonsto invest in TurkeySource: OECD *Harmonized Unemployment Rate, seasonally adjusted Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy Population Age Labor Force GDP International Hub Structural ReformsEmployment Generating EconomyTurkey generated c. 3 million jobs since the onset of theglobal financial crisis in 2009
  22. 22. Top reasonsto invest in TurkeyFuente: *MERCER - Pan-European Employer Health Benefits Issues Survey 2008**EUROSTAT 2011 dataProductive and Rentable Work ForceHorasJornada semanal a tiempo completoPromedio Anual**Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy Population Age Labor Force GDP & Income International Hub Structural ReformsPromedio anual de absentismo laboral(2008) *
  23. 23. 4h
  24. 24. Top reasonsto invest in TurkeySource: Respective CompaniesBusiness Capital for Regional HQsMultinational Companies (MNCs)MNCsNumber of CountriesManaged from TurkeyCoca Cola 94GE Healthcare 80Microsoft 80Intel 67Unilever 36Verifone 30GlaxoSmithKline 30BSH 30Schneider Electric 27Alstom 26Ericsson 22Cargill 20Pfizer 20Volvo 18BASF 18PepsiCo 14Dynamic, Stable &Attractive EconomyPopulation International Hub Access to Multiple MarketsEnergy CorridorStructural Reforms
  25. 25. Structural ReformsFDI LawExpatsInternationalArbitrageTrademarkProtectionCorporateIncome Tax 20%NationalTreatmentFreedom toInvestRepatriation ofthe CapitalReal EstateDynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy Population International Hub Structural ReformsTop reasonsto invest in Turkey
  26. 26. Source: World Bank Doing Business ReportsTop reasonsto invest in TurkeyImproving Doing Business:Number of days to set up a company Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy Population International Hub Structural Reforms
  27. 27. Top reasonsto invest in TurkeyNew Turkish Commercial Codeeffective as of July 2012TransparencyAccountabilityInstitutionalizationImprovement in investment & businessenvironmentAdoption of institutional management principlesOpportunity to perform legal procedureselectronically Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy Population International Hub Structural Reforms
  28. 28.  Dynamic, Stable &Attractive Economy Population International Hub Structural ReformsTop reasonsto invest in TurkeyStructural Reforms: Yielding Results & Increasing CompetitivenessGlobal Competitiveness IndexYearNumber ofCountriesTurkey’sRankTurkey’s Rank(Percentile)2004 104 66 63,52005 117 66 56,42006 125 59 47,22007 131 54 41,22008 134 63 47,02009 133 61 45,92010 139 61 43,92011 142 59 41,52012 144 43 29,8Source: WEF
  29. 29. The Agency• Trabaja directamente con la Oficina del Primer Ministro• La mentalidad del sector privado con el apoyo del Estado.• Un equipo plurilingüe• Ventanilla Única de Inversiones• 2 oficinas (Ankara y Estambúl)• Servicio Enfocado a los Resultados• Según el Reporte de Progreso en Negociaciones con la UE, elestablecimiento de La Agencia es la prueba del mejoramientodel ámbito de inversión en Turquía.The Agency
  30. 30. AgencíaLa Red Internacional15representantes21 países
  31. 31. The Agencyfor all potential investors!nTURKEY
  32. 32. Turkey: Vision of 20232011/12772 bn USD75.0 mln10.469 USD135 bn USD%0,86 of GDP23 bn USD%9.12.236 km888 kmGDPPopulationPer Capita IncomeExportR&DTourism RevenueUnemploymentHighwaysHigh Speed RailLine20232.064 bn USD82.5 mln25.076 USD500 bn USD%3 of GDP50 bn USD%57.500 km10.000 km34Why Turkey?
  33. 33. 2023 Transport Targets• 5 new airports to be completed by 2014 – Elazığ, Bingöl,Hakkari, Şırnak, Ordu-Giresun• 3rd Istanbul Airport planned for 2015 with a 90m initialpassenger capacity. Tender by first quarter 2013.• New terminals planned for existing airports• Canal Istanbul – creation of an artificial waterwayconnecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara – US$ 50bln project• Major bridge in Çanakkale Straits (US$ 0.875 bln, as part ofTekirdağ-Çanakkale-Balıkesir motorway worth US$ 3.42bln)• Construction and privatization of ports and marinas(Transfering of Operational Rights & Built – Operate –Transfer model)Why Turkey?
  34. 34. 2023 Transport Targets - Rail• 9,978 km new high speed rail lines through 29 cities– 2 high speed rail lines have been completed (Ankara-Eskişehir,Ankara-Konya)– 4 are due to be complete in 2015 (İzmir-Ankara, İstanbul-Bilecik, Bursa-Bilecik, Gaziantep-Halep)– 9 more in planning stages:• Alifuatpaşa-Doğançay tender due in November, Doğançay-Sapanca in 2013 (part of the Istanbul-Bilecik line)• 4,997 km new conventional rail lines• 7,000 km Iron Silk Road (Bulgaria to Georgia, passing throughIstanbul, Ankara, Sivas, Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars)• Expansion of the Istanbul rail and metro – current 154 kmrail/metro capacity is expected to reach 641 km in 2023• 8 lines currently at the tender stage (total of over 100 km)Why Turkey?
  35. 35. Urban Infrastructure Projects• $400 billion investment planned for urban renewal projectsover the next 10 years• 7 million units of housing• 50 neighborhoods in Istanbul have been targeted for urbanrenewal projects• 2 new cities to be built in Istanbul with 1 million populationeach – construction will start in 2013• Istanbul Finance Center – planning complete and due to startconstruction• 34 hospital investments currently undertaken with PPP ($US15bln)Why Turkey?
  36. 36. 38Opportunities in the Turkish Automotive MARKETPassenger Car & LCVs Market Forecast (units)929.3261.320.000 +2011 2018Automotive Market Forecast (units)Source: McKinsey264.504460.0002011 2018LVCs602.248860.0002011 2018PassengerCar42%Why Turkey?
  37. 37. European automotive market vs. Turkey Car density per 1000 inhabitantsOpportunities in the Turkish Automotive MARKETSource: Ministry of Finance, IMFforecastPurchasing power per capita (USD)393.3942.334 2.3321.534837 791Why Turkey?
  38. 38. Rapid increase in the electricity demand … … and significant growth potentialPer capita electricity consumption - 2010(KWh)2,800TurkeyGreece 5,400Italy 5,700UK 6,100Spain 6,200OECDEurope 6,250Germany 7,100X2.5Electricity Demand(TWh)7.7%4.0%Source: Privatization Administration of Turkey,MENR6th biggest and one of the fastest growing electricity market in EuropeOpportunities in the Energy EquipmentWhy Turkey?
  39. 39. According to Goldman Sachs,Turkey will be the 9th biggest economy in th world and 3rd comparedwith all EU countries as of 2050.1.China2.USA3.India4.Brasil5.Rusia6.Indonesia7.México8.UK9.Turkey10.JapónSource: Goldman Sachs, 2009Why Turkey?
  40. 40. Increasing Confidence in the Turkish EconomySource: Respective rating agenciesTurkey’s Sovereign Credit RatingsS&P Moody’s Fitch JCRScale Jan 2010 Feb 2010 Scale Dec 2009Jan2010Scale Dec 2009Jan2010Nov2012ScaleJanuary2010February 2010A A2 AAAA+AAAAAA-A- A3 A-A+AA-BBB+ Baa1 BBB+ BBB+BBB Baa2 BBB BBBBBB- Baa3 BBB- Turkey BBB-BB+ Ba1 BB+ Turkey BB+BB Turkey Ba2 Turkey BB BB TurkeyBB- Turkey Ba3 Turkey BB- Turkey BB- TurkeyB+ B1 B+ B+B B2 B BB- B3 B- B-CCC+ Caa1 CCC+ CCCCCC Caa2 CCC CCCCC- Caa3 CCC- CSD Ca DDD DDInvestment Grade by Fitch in Nov 2012Why Turkey?
  41. 41. Why Turkey? An Attractive and Promising Economy(de 2002 a 2011, el PIB ascendió de 230 mil millones de $a 772 mil millones de $) Huge and Young Population(75 million people with average 28.5 age!; 60% of thepopulation is younger than 35!)Huge and developing domestic marketLiberal and reformist Investment Environment
  42. 42. Why Turkey?● Qualified Work Force(more than 27 million of profesional, qualified andmotivated work force)●Central and Unique Location●Energy terminal and Corridor of Europe●Low Tax Rates and Incentives
  43. 43. ON
  44. 44. Moltes Grá