Wheel of life supporting guide and action plan


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Wheel of life supporting guide and action plan

  1. 1. Change the World, One Smile at a Time Copyright© www.startofhappiness.com Wheel of Life - A Self-Assessment Tool Please Click Here to Tweet this to other people who may find it useful HeyGuys! Thisis an additional resource tosupplement the postonthe Wheel of Life,tohelpyou incompletingit and ensuringyougetthe mostout of it. Checkoutthe original postatthe linkbelow: http://www.startofhappiness.com/wheel-of-life-a-self-assessment-tool/ I recommendthatyouprintoff the nextpage soyou can simplydraw yourWheel of Life straightonto the template. Ihave includedboththe originalcolouredWheel of Life thatIuse,andhave alsoincluded a blank-canvasforyouto developyourowncategoriesandbuildinawaythat suitsyoupersonally. Remember,the Wheelof Life issomethingthatcan be revisitedregularly.Iwouldrecommendquickly drawingupa Wheel of Life every6monthsto see how youare progressing.Inaddition,if youare going througha particulartough time inyourlife,it'sanotherwayof helpingyouquicklygetvisibilityof what areas of your life youare dismissingorspendinglesstime in.Onthe flip-side,if youare findingyouare goingthrougha periodof extreme happinessandfulfillment,Iwouldalsorecommendcompletinga Wheel of Life atthis pointintime asit will indicate toyouwhere youare spendingmostof yourtime and whatit isthat is makingyoutrulyhappy.By understandingthis,thiswill helpyouindetermining whatyou trulywantto do withyourlife andultimately,be yourguide for experiencingongoing happiness. Process: 1) Printoff one of the templatesonthe below page.Eitherthe colouredWheelthatalreadyhas headings,orthe blanktemplate whereyoucancreate your ownareas.Whatevertemplate suits you. 2) Use the questionsprovidedoneachcategorytohelpyouthinkthroughhow satisfied youare in each of your areasof life andplotyourscoreson the Wheel. 3) Immediatelyfollowing,identifywhatyouare most satisfied inandleastsatisfied in.Describe whatit isthat you are doingthatis makingyousatisfied.Foryour leastsatisfiedcategory, describe howyouwill goaboutchangingthat. 4) Write your immediateactionplan!Complete the questionsprovidedandkeeptheseclose by. Setyourself atime-limitinwhenyouare goingtoachieve this,and stickto it! Ideally,youwould be pinningupyourWheel of Life,togetherwithyourActionPlaninavisible place whereyoucan see itdaily.
  2. 2. Change the World, One Smile at a Time Copyright© www.startofhappiness.com __________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. Change the World, One Smile at a Time Copyright© www.startofhappiness.com __________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. Change the World, One Smile at a Time Copyright© www.startofhappiness.com Questions toPrompt Your Thought Withoutrepeatingwhat'swritteninthe online article,belowIhave includedsome additional questions to helpyougetthe most out of each category.  Are you comfortable withthe home that youlive in?  Do youhave a cleanand tidy environment?  Do youhave a goodcommunity?  Do youfeel love?  How oftenare youexpressingloveto others?  Are you where youwantto be by now?  Is yourcareer headinginthe right direction?  Are you satisfiedwiththe kindof workyou do?  How focusedare youon Personal Growth?  Do youread often?  Are you tryingnew experiencesand thrivingtolearn?  Are you satisfiedwithyourdirectionin life?  Are you comfortable withwhatyou’re earningtosatisfyyourneeds?  Are you financiallysetupforfuture growthin wealth?  Are you enjoyinglife andmakingitfun?  Are you satisfiedwiththe level of activity that youdo?  Do yousocialize often?  Do youregularlydowhat youlove?  How physicallyhealthyare you?  Are you satisfiedwithyourlevelof fitness?  Are you satisfiedwithyourdiet?  Are you socializingoften?  What do youdo that impactsthe livesof others?  How wouldothersrate yourcontribution to societyorto themas individuals?  How connectedare youto the innerand outerworld?  Are you satisfiedwithyourrelationship withyourspiritual being?  Is yourfamilysupportiveof you?  Are your friendssupportive of you?  Are you socializingoften?  Are you supportive of yourfamily& friends?  Do youthinkof yourskillsandabilities highly?  Do yourespectand love yourself?  Do youappreciate yourself?
  5. 5. Change the World, One Smile at a Time Copyright© www.startofhappiness.com My Immediate Action Plan Nowthat youhave your Wheel of Life complete, lookingatitissimplyjustnotgood enough.Youneed to ACT on it!Nowthat itis freshinyourmind,write 3 keygoalsor objectivesyouwillachievetohelp yourestore balance to yourlife orenhance yourlife inthe area(s) youfeel moststronglyabout. These couldbe as bigas startinga newventure tohelpwithyourfinances,orassmall as callingafriend more regularly.Whateveryouare mostpassionate aboutafterlookingatyourWheel of Life andwhile it’sfreshinyour mind,write your3 pointsof actiondownnow! My Immediate ActionPlan 1) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ I will achieve thisby(date) _________________________________________ 2) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ I will achieve thisby(date) _________________________________________ 3) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ I will achieve thisby(date) _________________________________________
  6. 6. Change the World, One Smile at a Time Copyright© www.startofhappiness.com I hope you found this useful! If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at brendan@startofhappiness.com or simply leave a comment on The Start of Happiness. This information is given to you purely for free. All I ask is that if you know someone that can benefit from reading this, can you please send this to them, or let them know about The Start of Happiness. Additionally, you may want to share on Facebook or Twitter. The more people we have on this planet that are waking up excited each day and living a happy and fulfilling life, the better the World will be. Remember, you can change the WORLD, one smile at a time! Cheers! Brendan