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  • 1. tthe §Je§ BibleThe Ultimate Sales ResourceRevised EditiontJeffrey Gitomer(i)WTlEYJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.Copyright © 2003 by Jeffrey Gitomer. All rights reserved.Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc .. Hoboken, New Jersey.Published simultaneously in Canada.No part of this publication may be reproduced. stored in retrieval system. ortransmitted in any form or byany means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, orotherwise, except as permittedunder Section 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act without either theprior writtenpermission of the Publisher, or authorization through payment of the appropriateper-copy fee to theCopyright Clearance Center, Inc., 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers. MA 01923, (978)750-8400. fax (978)750-4470, or on the web at Requests to the Publisher forpermission should beaddressed to the Permissions Department, John Wiley & Sons. Inc., 111 RiverStreet, Hoboken. NJ 07030.(201) 748-6011, fax (201) 748-6008, e-mail: of LiabilityiDisclairner of Warranty: While the publisher and author have usedtheir best e:forts inpreparing this book, they make no representations or warranties with respect to theaccuracy orcompleteness of the contents of this book and specifically disclaim any impliedwarranties ofmerchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No warranty may be created orextended by salesrepresentatives or written sales materials. The advice and strategies contained hereinmay not be suitablefor your situation. The publisher is not engaged in rendering professional services.and you should consulta professional where appropriate. Neither the publisher nor author shall be liable forany loss of profit orany other commercial damages. including but not limited to special, incidental.consequential, or otherdamages.
  • 2. For general information on our other products and services please contact ourCustomer Care DepartMentwithin the United States at (800) 762-2974, outside the United States at (317) 572-3993 or fax (317) 572-4002.Wiley also publishes its books in a variety of electronic formats. Some contentthat appears in print may notbe available in electronic books. For more information about Wiley products, visitour web ste of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data:Gitomer, JeffreyThe sales bible, the ultimate sales resource I Jeffrey Gitomerp. cm.Includes index.ISBN 0-471-45629-2 (pbk.)1. Selling--Study and teaching. I. Title.HF5438.2.G582003658.85--dc212:G3001696Prin1ed in the United States of America10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2deall1 , ~"jeffrey opened my eyes on how to develop lasting and mutual{yrewarding business relationships with my prospects, built on dedication,c017unitment, and creativit)!."nIstvan Preda_::-:It:Vlanaging DirectorMaganbankir Buyout Advisory Kit."Since I began to end conversations with my customers witb thestatement Tbanks for being my customer, I bave garnisbed morecomments and positive results tban arzy otber single tbing I bave donein the past year: Instant results."Christopher FreyVP. CGM Industries Inc.CGM Industries Inc.CGM Transportation, Inc...:,,":ns"Innovative, Inspiring, and Creative! The Sales Bible gave us a newoutlook to not only compete and win in todays figbting econom)l, but tomake oz.wselves me1110rable to our customers in the process!"Julie Carey.."J
  • 3. Director of Marketing & Business DevelopmentSVM Printing & Promotions.Pie"You cant afford to not read tbis book! W1Jen I stray f1Om the positiveelements and paths tbat lead to success and acbievement, I pick up TheSales Bible to get back on track!"Larry Tiberio,Hamilton Sundstrand=- .=,[SAnd reason 49.5 you should own The Sales Bible-::-."So we get to go to college."julia CaplenClaudia G1Odowsk)Morgan Grodowskyjeff1Y3J}S granddaughters.. c,... _;:,:--5::XJ5xixtI-----------1fIbce §allce§ IBnlbllceTable of ContentsPractical sales information you can read daily and use immediately.Read it from cover to cover ... or ...Open it anywhere and learn what you need for the moment ... and ...Use it the minute you read it.Part 1 The Rules, the Secrets, the Fun1.1 Genesis 1The Sales Bible, The Second DecadeIntroduction ... "Itll never happen."8.5 ways to use this book.So, whats in it for you?The most important person in the world.The old way of selling doesnt work anymore ... sort of.Selling successfully in a down economy.Post-It Note™ your way to achievement.1.2 The Book of Rules 2139.5 rules of sales success.Sales Success Formula ... Aha!TM1.3 The Book of Secrets 29Why do salespeople fail?Are you born to sell?Do you have a self-imposed mental handicap?How the customer wants to be treated, honestly.How a salesperson wants to be treated, honestly.
  • 4. The elusive hot button ... How do you find it?1.4 The Book of BIG Secrets47More sales are made with friendship than salesmanship.Your best prospects are your present customers.Make a sale on Monday ...Easiest way to make a sale? Top-Down SellingTM!Your personal mission statement.1.5 The Book of Humor -- The Biggest Secret63A funny thing happened to me on the way to a sale!Part 2 Preparing to WOW the Prospect2.1 The Book of WOW67The WOW factor. Use it to land the big sale.Are you using the WOW factor?Remember me? Im a salesman ... like all the others.xxi--tt2.2 The Book of Questions79To sell or not to sell, that is the (power) Question.Setting up the question ... and lowering the boom.Can you close a sale in five questions?2.3 The Book of Power 89You are now under my Power (Statement).Part 3 Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself3.1 The Book of Introductions93The 30-second personal commercial ... How to write it.The 30-second personal commercial ... How to deliver it.Got a referral? Heres the perfect approach.3.2 The Book of Cold Calling 107"No Soliciting," the funniest sign in sales.Get to the decision maker on a cold call.Opening is as important as closing.The cold call is fun ... If you think it is.Elements of a cold call that can make it hot.Part 4 Making a Great Presentation4.1 The Book of Presentations 123Want to make the sale easier? Establish prospect rapport first.15.5 get-real questions about establishing buyer confidence.12.5 ways to make the prospect confident enough to buy.Where and when to establish buyer confidence.Sales words and phrases to avoid at all costs. Honestly.Physically involving the prospect more sales.Group sales ... dramatically different from one-on-one.The 21st-century computerized sales pitch.
  • 5. Part 5 Objections, Closing and Follow-up ... Getting to YES5.1 The Book of Objections 147Will the real objection please stand up!Real-world objections ... Real-world solutions!Objection prevention. A new way to enjoy safe sales.Overcoming objections series: What do you say when the prospect says ..."1 want to think about it.""We spent our entire budget, honest!""I want to check with two more suppliers.""I want to buy, but the price is too high.""Im satisfied with my present source:"I need home office approval:"I have to talk this over with my .. " Dh oh!"Call me back in 6 months."5.2 The Book5.3 The Book oi ttPart 6WOt56.1 The Book 0: L.i6.2 The Book 1)[ ,:.Part 7All H3:7.1 The Book 01 I:iPart 8 S p r t ~8.1 The Book C: I:.--: .. - .-8.2 The Book 0: Exxii~ 95.2 lhe Book of Closing 177Vhat are the 19.5 early "<trning signals that the prospect is readyto buy?89Vhen you answer a prospects question, avoid two words - Ies and No.Hmv to ask a closing question.The oldest rule of sales still holds true ...Two breeds of the Puppy Dog Close.Eat dessert first!93The most powerful close in the world is not a close.5.3 The Book of Persistence191No follow-up system? No saJeISales tools are a vital part of the follow-up process.107Most sales are made after the seventh 110.Youve been selling since you were a kid!Stamp out competition with a 37¢ sales call.The fax machine will breed sales if you harness irs power.Oh,NO! ... not voice mail-AAHHHHH!!!·Leave a message and Ill be glad to return your call" ... Not!
  • 6. Cant get an appointment? Try harder. Try smarter.123Part 6 Woes and Foes6.1 The Book ofLamentations217When bad sales happen to good people.18.5 characteristics of sales career failures.6.2 The Book of Competition 223Dancing with the competition? Watch your step.Part 7 All Hail the King ... Customer7.1 The Book of Customer Service 227JESThe secret of great customer service ... Ty Boyd.Outstanding customer service is a powerful sales tool.1"*7 Customer complaints breed sales ... if you handle them correctly.Part 8 Spreading the Gospel8.1 The Book of Communications 237CA weekly sales meeting is a place to create new sales.The sales letter will work, if you get it write.Want to close more sales? Listen more closely!Learn to listen in two words ... Shut up!There are 100 billion buyer types. Go figure.Toward error-free positive communication.8.2 The Book of Exhibitions 25535.5 trade show success rules.Business fair/trade show game plan.After the trade show is over, how do I follow up?xxili, ~Ir.Part 9 Networking ... Success by Association(s)9.1 The Book of Networking 267Networking ... TIle challenge of making success contacts.Networking 101 ... How to work a room.Networking 102 ... How to milk a room.Establishing rapport when working a room.Success rules for joining a networking organization.Networking is getting known by those who count.Elevator selling. New heights in networking.DocUlllenting, tracking, and using your networking contactsfor maximum benefit.Networking ... The Official Game™.Part 1 0 Prophets and Profits10.1 The Book of Leadership 2878.5 qualities of a leader.Sales manager success requirements.Sales managers can help or hurt. Its up to them.10.2 The Book of Trends 295
  • 7. The new breed of salesperson. A non-salesperson.Whats Bob Salvin got to do with it? Lots!10.3 The Book of Prophets 303Ken Blanchard and Harvey Mackay gave a seminar toremember ... and information to use.Zig Ziglar almost failed, almost quit.The sales doctor makes a house call.Part 11 Up Your Income!11.1 The Book of Numbers313The pipeline of success.Part 12 Can I Get an Amen?!12.1 Ihe Book of Exodus319Dads teach sales success without knowing it.Write it all down at the end of each day.The perspective of sales.The end is the beginning.Commit yourselfl ... 11.5 principles to lead your own sales crusade.Afterword " Wb.en I grow up.Thank yous.Index33711xxivTHE SALES BIBLEPart 1The Rules, the Secrets, the FunThe Sales Bible,The Second Decade ....................2Introduction ..."Itll never happen." ................... 38.5 ways to use this book .......... 5The most important personin the world ............................... 9The old way of selling doesntwork anymore ... sort of ....... 10Post-It Note™ your wayto achievement ........................ 181.1•- ..2 THE SALES BIBLE Jejfrey GitomerThe Sales Bible,The Second DecadeWhat makes sales books endure? Vhy do salespeople read sales books?Reason: Salespeople are looking for answers. The Sales Bible is 110%answers. I love to give answers.This is the second decade of The Sales Bible.The book has endured and
  • 8. will continue to endure, because it gives easy-to-implement, real-worldanswers that you can take out onto the street a minute after you read it,and turn the ideas into money.Over the years, some of the articles have been revised and updated. Theyare still what I believe to be tme about sales. Most of the revised articlesrelate to technology as it applies today. Ten years ago, there was no suchthing e-maiLTime flies - but not as fast as technology.Ten years ago, laptops had memories of 30 megabytes. Ten years ago, youcould receive something via 2,400 KB modems. I was a lot poorer 10 yearsago than I am today, thanks to this book.So here is The Sales Bible, the second decade.I will report back again in ten years.Jeffrey GitomerAs with mo-::,about me a:k1992 made :1:·to offer my -c:Not only did ::-.itll never " _with the ell"skills. I calle(:Hey, my ,"Im a collegt - ;North CarohI .up. I was in ::: .. .. :cold called t:cFortune 50u (Ive made s1almost 30 ;Sales Maces23, 1992.ThcDallas, Atlam.Mark Ethridge :journalist.Moves was 11: ,_:People bega:: .Papers :them makearticle on thepassing it ar,cities. TheyL_&;Genesis 3Introduction"Itll never happen."Wbere did this book comefr01n?As with most it started when I got turned down.An article publishedabout me and my sales skills in the Charlotte Obse1-ver in the spring of1992 made my phone ring off the hook. I went running back to the paper
  • 9. to offer my services. "I want to write a weekly article on "I trumpeted.Not only did they turn me down, they said, "Itll never happen. I said, "No,itll never happen here."That same morning 1 hour later - I struck a dealwith the Charlotte Business Journal to publish a weekly column on sellingskills. I called it Sales it1oves.Next time someone tells you "never,"remember that means "not for al1east 1 hour."c·::--my name is Jeffrey Gitomer and Im a salesman. I dont have a ph.D.Im a college dropout. I dont live in an ivory tower, I live in Charlotte,North Carolina. I learned to sell in New Jersey and NewYork, where I grewup. I was in multilevel marketing when it was called pyramiding. I havecold called every office in downtown Charlotte. and Ive cold calledFortune 500 company preSidents and made the sale. Ive made $1 sales andIve made $1,000,000 sales. Im a salesman who has been on the street foralmost 30 years. Sometimes face up, sometimes face down. I love to sell.:,ales Moves first appeared in The Business Journal in Charlotte on March23, 1992.The column was an instant success. It soon found its way toDallas, Atlanta, Denver, Princeton, and a number of other cities.Mark Ethridge, publisher of Tbe Business Journal, Pulitzer Prize-winningjournalist, and my good friend and supporter, said that publishing SalesAloves was his most impactful marketing decision of 1992. WOWPeople began to call, and still do every day. from all over the country.Papers wanting to publish the column, readers thanking me for helpingthem make sales. I found out that salespeople were hanging my weeklyarticle on the wall in their offices. They were copying the column andpassing it around. They were mailing it to friends and co-workers in othercities. They were using the column to lead sales meetings.j4 THE SALES BiBLE GitomerMy daughter, Stacey, bought a car in Cbarlotte. Everyone in the dealershipreads my article.When she got to the closing room (alone), they said,"Were giving you the best deal of the year because we dont want yourdad to write anything bad about us."The fIrst day I wrote an article, I knew I would write a book. It was anatural progression. My good friend and mentorTy Boyd suggested thesame thing. Encouragement means a lot to a salesman. Im grateful for his;Im grateful for yours.The material I use is mine. Im drawing on my 30 years of sellingexperience, 16 of which have been in consulting. I have listened tothousands of hours of tapes, read everything I could frod, and went toevery seminar that time would permit. My mission is to learn as I teach. Iseek to learn something new every day.I will continue to write my weekly column to provide you withinformation that you can use to make more sales out there in the trenches... today. I know what youre up against. I know how hard you work. Iknow how frustrating it can be. I will help you.I began the construction of this book in August 1993.After countless late
  • 10. hours in the off1ce, a week at Beech Mountain, NC, and a week at HiltonHead Island, SC, with my Macintosh; my ace critic, editor, and friend, RodSmith; and my cat, Lito, I was done. I thought it would be a snap. Sevenhundred man-hours later - snap.Heres The Sales Bible. I hope it makes you as much money as it will me.Salespeople;Salespeop 1 eSalet:Salespeople 3.JSalespeople hac:. .call, follow-up tc_presentations. creemake one sale. _.reference with :cc ....blocks, or challcr.:::-,The Sales Bible ;" :observations. te( of selling. Y _what you need, -- .knowledge you ::c:_The Sales Biblf: i" _highbrow, Ph.Dand 5(.1--_ c:world has to otj:c _work because I v. -"make senseyour real world_ - _1. As a resourCE:expertise with (-_;: -.:2. For a daily Ie:,:"3. In a study grousalesperson.4. To lead a mE-tOguide for a sale" -, .:.5. To solve a prohl6. To prepare rGenesis 5.. CI. cLesI!Il_:::lC ..8.5 ways to use this book.Salespeople are constantly searching for new ideas.Salespeople need a constant source of motivation .Salespeople need immediate answers.Salespeople are looking to make more sales ... today.
  • 11. Salespeople have lots of problems all at once. In the same day they coldcall, follow-up ten prospects, go to a networking event, make threepresentations, send five letters, get turned down six times, andmake one sale. Thats a regular day! Salespeople need a dependablereference with real-world answers to their immediate questions, stumbling. blocks, or challenges. They need Tl:Je Sales Bible.Tl:Je Sales Bible is not a "method" of selling. Its a series of real-worldobservations, techniques, and philosophies that you can modify to yourstyle of selling. You use what you need to make the sale today.You usewhat you need to prepare for the sale tomorrow. You acquire theknowledge you need to achieve your sales goals ..Tl:Je Sales Bible is a real-world resource. These lessons arent a bunch ofhighbrow, Ph.D., clinical research. Theyre a result of 30 years of successand failure in some of the toughest selling environments the businessworld has to offer. Theyre based on actual experiences of mine that I knowwork because I worked em. They are simple, pragmatic solutions, and theymake sense where it counts - in your sales environment. They will help inyour real world. Try a few and see.Use this book! ...1. As a resource .... To expand and strengthen your knowledge andexpertise with the selling process and daily sales challenges.2. For a daily lesson ... As part of your daily rededication to be the best.3. In a study group ... To grow and develop as a professionalsalesperson.4. To lead a meeting ... Most chapters are an ideal length to use as aguide for a sales training or brainstorming meeting.5. To solve a problem ... "hen youre out of ideas and need an answer now.6. To prepare for a sale ... To gain a competitive advantage.- ...---.-....---..---..I6 THE SALES BIBtE JejJrey Gitomer7. To close a sale ... The solutions and answers are indexed for fast access.8. In the heat of the battle ... Take it with you as you work your sales dayand reach for it as the doors begin to slam in your face, as the importantcontacts need to be made, when that hot prospect wont return the voicemail message you left for the third time. (Read on to find way 8.5.)One great way to abuse this book ...As you read it ... Read with a yellow higWighter and a red pen. Highlightthe areas that pertain to the knowledge you seek. Write YOUl thoughts,action plans, and ideas in the margins.One great way to learn from this bookTry it now ... For maximum benefit, use the information you read as soonas you can. On a prospect or customer. As soon as you use it, you own it.One new technique per day is 220 new ted111iques per year. In 5 years,youll have more than 1,000 techniques at your command. WOW Carry thisbook with you ... Ijse it as a resource and a reference. Read a chapter atlunch. Discuss a point with your co-workers. But most of all, use it to makea sale. Lots of sales.The spirit of sales!Each chapter has a quote at the top thats designed to capture the spirit of
  • 12. its content. Spirit plays a major role in The Sales Bible.The spirit in whichthe information is offered and the spirit in which its received - and used.Each lesson stands on its own. Each lesson evolves to the next. Each lessoninteracts with the others. Each lesson reflects the whole. Each lessoncontributes to the whole.Read the chapter titled Post-It Note™ your way to achievement found inGenesis. Use this method to chart YOUl progress through this book. It willbe good practice, and it will enSUle that you get the maximum benefit. Setgoals for chapters youll read each day. Set specific goals for enacting whatyouve learned. Set goals for improving your attitude. Set goals for havingfun in your career. Then set goals tor big sales.The accompanyin§: _information fromcalls, to net-.vorking ::--. _fire. The v.gain mastery of the ":::_are a ftrst-time USer. " _8.5I have created anNumbers. I did ir be, ....challenge you to d,Now its up to YOl:needed to do itGenesis 7The accompanying flashcards, available online, contain crucial supportinformation from The Sales Bible.You can carry them with you on sales;:" Jaycalls, to networking events, or to the trade show for quick reference underfire.The flashcards will reinforce the principles of sales.They will help yougain mastery of the selling process. Go to register if youare a first-time user. and enter "FLASHCARDS" in the GitBit Box.8.5 Double your money!-"--""..JghtI have created an income-doubling plan. It is outlined in The Book ofNumbers. I did it because so many salespeople have tmharnessed talent. Ichallenge you to double your income. I have given you the tools to do it.Now its up to you to prove it to yourself. Can you develop the disciplineneeded to do it?, .- ,his_ .it:-:lke- . Jf.. (h>:::d.: .._1
  • 13. . - ":::::_..-.Itet8 THE SALES BIBLE jeffr£!} GitomerSo, whats in it for you?Your reward will be the achievement of the loftiest goals youve everentertained for your sales career.Your reward will be the recognition youll get as a superior salesperson.Your reward will be the personal satisfaction of being the bestsalesperson you believe you can be.And you did it yourself.Your reward will be more sales.I have designed this book to help youin every facet of your everyday sales tasksby prOviding practical real-world solutionsto your real-world selling situations and problems.Areal-world reference. Aresource.Abible.Before you begin this book, ask yourself the following questions:• How well do I think I sell?• How do I practice my skills every day?• How mud} time do I spend learning newsales skills?• How many new techniques do I put intopractice daily?• How dedicated and committed to success am I?Sales is a discipline. Not a militaristic kind of discipline ("do it or peelpotatoes"), but a personal dedication to achievement that can only occurwhen discipline is present. Its control that comes from within, not rules oflaw from without, Not the drudgery of diSCipline, the joy of it. Discipline isthe everyday process of focusing on what you want. And striving for itrelentlessly lmtil you get it.I dont want to sound religious, but thats the dosest comparativediSCipline there is. If you pray or meditate every day, thats the discipline,the ritual, you need to succeed at sales. In sales, you get to rnake youroton rniracie.mostNothing happensYou sell so thatcan be deliveredso that the nell (.department caJISelling even oceNextendyouI lille . - _your abilitj to pt" !sell 1or 1-I I
  • 14. IGenesis 9r;•,.- ::-,,)11.. (,If:- ..lt5 of-: .:I.e is.-" (As a salespersonyoure themost important personin the worldof business!Nothing happens in business tintil someone sells something.You sell so that thefactory can produce the orders, so that the productcan be delivered, so that the administrative salaries can be paid, andso that the new computer s),stenz neededfor the bean-countingdepartment can be purchasedSelling even occurs when you want the bank to loan .you money orextendyour line ofcredit. You must sell your banker or vendor onyour ability to peiform and repay.tAnd a sale is always made!Either yousell the customer on YESor he sells you on NO!- .. .. ..-.--..-.-...Jd10 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerThe old way of selling doesntwork anymore ... sort of.It went out with leisure suits and bell-bottoms. We still wear clothing. justin a different fashion. The same in sales.We must change the way we sell inthis decade, or we will not make enough sales to break even, much less tomeet our goals and dreams.The recession of the ] 990s forced a change in the sales process that willbenefit the world of business forever.To succeed as a sales professional,you must be able to sell someone twice. Or sell to someone who will goout of his or her way to refer you to someone else.The new way uses the old way; you must still be a master of everysales technique - just employ them in a dffferent way ... a piendlyway, a sincere way, a way tbat elnphasizes serving jlrst and sellingsecond. It always grates me when someone says selling is an art. Baloney.Selling is a science. It is a response-triggered, repeatable set of words,phrases, and techniques that convince the prospect to buy. Like science itrequires experimentation to determine what works best or what theorieshave practical application.
  • 15. The new rules tbe game are simple, and you can apply them toda;,Ibur cballenge is 1l0tjust to use tbenz, but to master tbem. Here are 7.5of tbem to ponder; but tbere are hundreds in tbe pages tbat follow ...1. Say it ( sell it) in terms of what the customer wants, needs,and understands ... Not in terms of what youve got to offer.2. Gather personal information ... And learn how to use it.3. Build friendships ... People want to buy from friends, not salesmen.4. Build a relationship shield that no competitor can pierce ...My competitors call on my clients from time to time. My clients haveactually given them my number and told the competitor to call me andget my opinion of their services. They say, "Call Jeffrey Gitomer andexplain it to him. If he thinks its OK, hell tell us."Will your clients dothat if your competitor calls them? What are you doing to ensure it?5. Establish common ground ... If we both like golf or have kids, wevegot issues and things in common that will draw us closer.6. Gain confidence ... Once you motivate them to act, youd better havebuilt enough confidence to buy, or theyll buy from someone else.7. Have fun anda great timeLaughter is7.5 get-(;lsounds like ; -These and h1.1:these pages areinto an art.principles d...lih :If you read one :-read it, you "ii. ..techniques if k - -:want toTry reading Gi.sell more thanAnd its fun.When you re" Ldaily. Learnil1g c_ ...,sales mastery.You may not f.e __Selling isJun ":::-about your C,JC1b succeed at ":there are thOl:"c.:-_your experiec(cThe one thing . cis the absolute -- :attitude, the De-I have comeI came to that_ -sales. After co;" _
  • 16. Fortune 500 pre ..understandingLots more.............f.._:[inCD"<.t.....N_c itIt)....oIt)C1gs-5 .....C1,.r:::cyeGenesis II7. Have fun and be funny ... It aint brain cancer, its your career. Havea gTeat time. If you can make prospects laugh, you can make them buy.Laughter is tacit approval. Tacit approval leads to contractual approval.7.5 Never get caught selling ... It makes me mad when a salespersonsounds like a salesperson. Learn the science and convert it to an art.These and hundreds of other rules, guidelines, and techniques contained inthese pages are dedicated to the science of selling, so you can turn sellinginto an art. Your challenge is to learn to use these techniques andprinciples daily to succeed in the real world ... your world.If you read one lesson in this book every day and practice it as soon as youread it, you will have more than 100 lessons and more than 1,050techniques in less than 6 months.Hey, want to learn the best, easiest surefire way to sell everyone you meet?Try reading Fairy Tales - You wont sell everyone, But you cansell more than youre selling now, much more. There is an easy way.And its fun.When you read Ihe Sales Bible, you gain new knowledge and implement itdaily. Learning from the daily experience of its implementation leads tosales mastery. If you dont follow the process, sales will remain a mystery.You may not fail, but you wont succeed. Not the way you want to.Selling is fun, selling is lucrative, but only if youre willing to get seriousabout your commitment to being the best you can be at it.
  • 17. 1b succeed at selling, you must realize that there is not just one way to sell;there are thousands.You learn a little from everyone and combine it withyour experience and adapt it to your personality to develop your style.The one thing I have found after selling and studying sales for 30 years thatis the absolute truth - the best salespeople are the ones with the bestattitude, the best product knowledge, and who give the best service.I have come to an understanding about sales and how sales are made.I came to that understanding after years of making and not makingsales. After cold calling and getting hung up on, and after cold callingFortune 500 presidents and making the sale. My objective is to share thatunderstanding with you so that you can use it to make more sales.Lots more.•12 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerSelling successfullyin a down economy_Whats new new?The economy and the rules.Welcome to the New New Economy.Thats the economy thats comingright after the New Economys bubble finishes bursting.The new economy is over. Some of it worked; some of it bombed, orshould I say, dot.bombed. And many businesses dot or not areexperiencing their first dose of tight times in 10 years.Why did the dot. com economy fail? It failed because people forgot to sellsomething.They tried (unsuccessfully) to combine their business idea withthe philosophy of the movie Field of Dreams. Ifyou build it, they willcome, One problem. They came, but they didnt buy.For a year or sO,America marveled at how some kid could come to work inflip-flops and raise a ton of money to "staff-up; advertise, give everyonestock options and Beemers, then do ostensibly nothing, other than have anidea and a (very expensive) business plan (also called "model") that hethought might work. Wow, how did he do that? Well, it turns out hecouldnt ... he failed at it. And because that greed bandwagon has come toan abrupt halt, we are now back to business as usual- dog-eat-dog. Or, intheir case, mouse eat mouse.Then came the tragedy of 9.11 and the economy has fallen further. We arenow in a 9.12 economy, and in spite of the news, were going to stay thatway for a while.In my travels I ask everyone "hows business?" In Vegas I ask the cabdrivers. They say, "Its picking back up" that means it still sucks, but itdoesnt suck as bad as it did a few months ago.The pinch is upon us. And if it aint you yet, dont be too sure it wont beafter big companies do their new budgets, and you get cut.As the old "New Economy" tightens down a bit, and its replacement, the"New New Economy," cranks up, some people will be in panic mode. Many(maybe even you) have never experienced a slowing of sales. I was inCharlotte. _:build mywere whiningI have just the
  • 18. work ethic tobaby. Heres ,1formulas for C - _Economy" to ::-.things aint sc. 24.; Sallto suand:of ea1. Guard your preyeing your cc:-:the time to iI,c-: _What would _competition -. :2. Its the relatioeveryone will -biggest 0PPOIT"::build their bu<;-biggest vultler.:.·::....additional _.created to bui:c .3. Its now timeyou were fat andyour people F . _ .the best possi"to encourage ..:New new que:"t::ldiscipline eael:4. Review your cElevate every,;-.:quality inventi:- .:.-"eli_. .c "-ithd:in__ c.-c an__ C• :-::1: to__ in:c ,cse: -:It- - leLmvGenesis 13Charlotte, NC, for the last one (,89, 90, 91), and thats how I began tobuild my successful business here - selling and networking while otherswere whining.Want to know what to do?
  • 19. I have just the formula. BUT it will require a different (than last years)work ethic to make it happen. Ill teU you what to do, but you gotta do it,baby. Heres a hint in a nutshell Get Ready! These are the strategies andformulas for converting from the dot. bombed, rose-colored "NewEconomy" to the emerging, not as robust, ":Kew :Kew Economy; wherethings aint so rosy, or are at the very least uncertain.24.5 sales and personal strategies neededto succeed in these new new times,and a new new question at the endof each strategy to test your reality:1. Guard your present customers with your life. Others will beeyeing your customers like a hungry tiger ready to hunt fresh prey. Now isthe time to invest time and money in relationship. New new question:What would happen if you lost two of your top 10 customers to yourcompetition? Whats your plan to be CERTAIN that doesnt happen? Ouch!2. Its the relationship, not the price. When business isnt expanding,everyone will be trying to steal your customers with a lower price.Yourbiggest opportunity is to build relationships with value (help customersbuild their business, give them ideas they can use for their profit).Yourbiggest vllinembility is to ignore your present customers in quest ofadditional customers. New new question: What new ways have youcreated to build relationships?3. Its now time to do the things you didnt do (or put oft) whenyou were fat and happy. Start here.Train yourself to be the best.Trainyour people to be the best. is the time to invest in your people withthe best possible tmining both in sales and service, and now is the timeto encoumge your people to invest in their own time to study.New new question: is your training budget? is your training,discipline each week?4. Review your quality, and eliminate anything that isnt BEST.Elevate everything you do or have anything to do with to BEST. Take aquality inventory, and compare your products and services with your..THE SALES BIBLE Giiomercompetitors and your market. If youre not in first you will loseground to someone who is. teXl1S and Mercedes will continue to sell cars.Lower-quality car dealerships will drop like flies. New new question:Wben was your last internal quality review of everything and everyone?What are you BEST at?5. Network more than you have ever networked. It is the single bestway to build existing relationships and find new ones. Rededicate yourselfto the networking process. If youre not networking :4 to 6 hours a weekyou will lose to someone who does.:letworking is the ideal way to buildrelationships, whether its a golf outing. a trade association meeting, or justa lunch with two or three customers and two or three prospects that YOllbring to the table for them. NOTE The good ole boys network isalive and well. Dont curse it: embrace it. Join it.Yever been good oleboyed? Sure you have. Somebody else had an inside track or a betterrelationship than you did, and got the business, And its most interesting to
  • 20. note that Billy Bob doesnt have the lowest price: he just has the bestrelationship. New new question: Do you have a written I-yearnetworking plan to get in front of more customers and prospects?6. Position yourself as a person of value by being seen andknown in the community. If you become known as a person of value,people will seek you out for answers (not brochures). This is a combinationof networking, industry a,ld community leadership. and reputation. In thiseconomy (more than ever its not who "ou knmv. its who knowsyou. New new question: What do the top 10 people in your industryknow about you? Do they can7. Everyone else will be scrambling, too, and may not have timeto hear a buncb of crap about you. But customers and prospectsALWAYS have time for valuable information and new ideas to help thembuild THEIR business. Think about it this way. Do your customers needanother one of your brochures or product sheets? Or would they ratherhave a hot sales lead? Why not make a list of 10 things that you can beginto give your customers that are low in cost, like sales leads, but high invalue. And begin to make daily or weekly communication to strengthenyour present status and earn future orders.You better have bulletproofcustomers, because your competition is packing heat. New new question:Have you identitled fIve areas where you can give value? VVhat value do younow?8. Build your reputation, because thats what you will becomeknown for. The actions you have taken over the past few years havemolded your present reputation. How is it? The biggest challenge in slowtimes is: Do everything you can to huild an impeccable reput:ltion.P.S. Notsuccess OYerNew nc-w qm:: ... c.9. Makesimply on tht: ;".c:be over - wLt.:.say "when" tl:c Your reputaTi ..that you lea" .preaches, "-Le.rather thandirected WI -.New new qUe:.compromise.10. Spend Ii11.:-;;problems.. "famous quote.recession ofand you can r,be whining. L.·People villbuying as meL
  • 21. question: : .. 11. anin.l11minutes a d:n·,day,Readbook. (The he::question: Y:: :12. Invest. till. iyou do).form of theeverything ,, .assets to btH}.question: .13. Createeveryone eIs;.EVERYTJ:U.: (messages. aL.What iscst" "d" , .:5t, :u..:"un- "me_ -<ion:)UrrGenesis 15P.S.lot everybody will like you ... get oycr it. But your best chance forsuccess over the next fevv years is to have lots of customers who LOVE you.New new question: 11at do people say about you when youre not there?9. M.ake decisions based on who yOU want to become -- notsimply on the basis of your monthly quota. Eventually this mess wiHbe over where will you be AS the smoke dears Please note that I did notsay "when" the smoke dears. Because when the smoke clears, its too late.Your reputation, based on your words, deeds, and actions, will be a legacythat you leave for yourself. If you heed the words of Dr. Paul Homoly, whopreaches, "Make all decisions based on the person you want to become,rather than on your situation." then all of rour actions will bedirected toward long-term relationships rather than short-term quotas.New new question: lThen you make a sale, are you making short-termcompromise at long-term commitments?10. Spend more time figuring solutions than whining aboutproblems. "You can! be a winner if youre a whiner, wiener." Thats afamolls quote said in 1993 by me after I observed vho came out of therecession of and who didnt. This is a time to prepare and be your best,and you cant do that if good nevs is, most people will
  • 22. be whining. This leaves plenty of monl fi.:JI you to succeed. well:People will still be during this of wont bebuying as much. Business will go to [he prepared. New newquestion: ,«11at are you vhining about? 711at solutions make you a winner?11. Study attitude; dont just think Jon have a good one. Spend 15minutes a day reading. The best time is in the morning, before you start yourday. Read happy, positive thoughts, eyen if irs just a re-read of a Dr. Seussbook. (I11e best one for salespeople is Green and Ham.) New newquestion: Xlhat are you rC<lding eyery morning? Or are you just watching TV?12. Invest dont spend (in money, in in business, in anything thatyou do). Now is the time to guard your assets (and perhaps the abbreviatedform of the word). Its real easy to put your head in the sand and think thateverything will return to the way it was.The reality in, but use yourassets to build a fortress of positive thought, nev information, and strategicappearances at networking evems to ensure business victory. New newquestion: What is your time investment in yourself each13. Create a REAL (and perceived) difference between you andeveryone else. Work on clifferentiation in new v,rays. ChangeEVERYTHING ordinary to memorable. Greetings, literature, proposals,messages, and YOll. New new Wllat is memorable about you?What is different aboUlt16 THE SALES BIBLE jeffie) Gitomer14. The new new rules include the Internet and e-commerce. Forspeed, ease of doing business, the appearance of 24.7.365, ease ofcommunication, scheduling, inventory availability, AND information thathelps others build THEIR business, your web presence must border ondominance. If you didnt invest in the Web when you had the money, bitethe bullet and do it now. Or prepare to lose to someone who does. Newnew question: What is WOW about your Web site?15. Study creativity. Upgrade everything you say, every action you take,and every customer communication (brochure, fax cover sheet, businesscard, invoice) to WOW! New new question: What book on creativity haveyou read in the past 3 months?16. Learn the joy of rejection. Practice by making more cold calls. :Morepeople will be saying "No" to you. Get over it. New new question: What doyou say when someone tells you "No"? What should you (could you) say?17. Work while others sleep. The earlier you rise, the better chanceyou have of bettering yourself and beating the competition. My column hasexisted and thrived for 11 years. Written early in the morning and late atnight. I owe my success to the fact that Im willing to do more than mostother people are willing to do. Much more. Look at "balance" a new wayif youre not working out of balance, your checkbook will be. New newquestion: What are your work hours? What are your TV hours?18. Become a morning person, not an evening person. After 43years, I finally discovered that my thoughts are better and clearer in themorning. If youre reading this and think, "Youve got it all wrong,Jeffrey.Im an evening person," youre incorrect. The reason most people dontthink of themselves as morning people is because theyre so screwed upthe night before, they cant function in the morning. New new question:
  • 23. What do you do with your early morning hours? What else could yoube doing?19. What you do off the job will determine your success on thejob. Invest your money in books and training, not beer Cre-read number15). New new question: What are you doing in the evening thats keepingyou from being a morning person? Ouch!20. Put your goals in front of your face and say them twice a day.The formula for achieving goals may differ, but the universal truth of"out of sight, out of mind" still remains valid. Write your goals onPost-It Notes on your bathroom mirror and read them twice a day untiltheyre accomplished. Then post them on your bedroom mirror.New new question: What goals are you not even working on?21. Figure outgoal $3 a day. .L,h::and canyour grasp . .ew I1ctoward your22. Bet on YOUNthe race. .in your menu: Cyou do to get· x 23. It is, and lil"How ya doin ;Vhat do you24. Its not up :(1and ownershic -.New newresponsibility24.5 Regain thestore asKing yowan answer. Hsales now? . cc;area, take YOl::-Wbat could II.All you haye "remainBusinesslooking toovendors.because you:- =house. Take r:cPersonaldeterminedWell, now wL Tthere fighting:-:. ,.selling while :. _-.C~ , , -- . , ~ " . ;::
  • 24. , ,__ :,;e_ :"rejo-- ::as=,,jon:hE:-:ngday.Genesis 1721. Figure out the daily dose and do that no matter what. Part 2 ofgoal achievement is to break the goal down into daily actions. Save $1,000at $3 a day. Make 30 sales with five appointments a day. If you figure outand can consistentIy achieve the smallest bit each day, any goal is withinyour grasp. New new question: What small bit could you do each daytoward your biggest goal?22. Bet on yourself -- and get in shape to do it or you wont winthe race. You better be a lean, mean, selling machine. This is a time to investin your mental self, not in your material self. New new question: Vhat canyou do to get "leaner and meaner"? How much are you investing in you?23. It is, and always has been your attitude. If someone asks you,"How ya doin?" you respond with, "Cashin checks!" New new question:What do you say when people ask you, "Hows it going?"24. Its not up to your company. Its up to you. Take responsibilityand ownership of your job, your work habits, your customers, and yourself.New new question: W110 are you blaming for things you should be takingresponsibility for?24.; Regain the tenacity you had as a 4-year-old in the grocerystore asking your mom for a candy bar, and not taking "no" foran answer. How often did you make that sale? As often as youre makingsales now? How tenacious were you then? Now? If you need help in thisarea, take your child shopping. New new question: Giving up too soon?What could you be fighting harder for?Wow -- thats a list.All you have to do is master each strategy and the market share willremain yours.Business Summary? Sure. Theres less (but lots) of business, but dont belooking too hard and look past your biggest asset present customers andvendors. (Yes, vendors.) Do all you can to keep your customers loyal,because your foxy competition is hungry and looking for food in your henhouse. Take new new steps to keep your customers loyal.Personal Summary? Sure. Tbe new new ecol101ny will be sbaped anddetermined lry tbe dedication to tbe new new you!Well, now what? TWO THINGS: Easy answers, hard work.And Ill be inthere fighting myself to keep my share of my market. Once again, Ill beselling while others are whining. You?1t•
  • 25. 18 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffiey GitomerYou toililook at those Post-it NoteTrgoalsuntilyou are sick oflooking at them ...and then youll begin to accomplish them.Post-It NoteMyour wayto achievementGoal: I want to be a success,Challenge: Easier thought than done.Thought: Success means achieve goals.Wrong thought: Many people are afraid of success.Reality: People are not afraid of achieving success; they just dont knowhow to do it.Bigger reality: Its that time of the year again - no, no, not Christmastime. Goal time. Resolution time. Achievement time. Rats.Biggest reality: Last years resolutions (goals) never made it throughFebruary.Depression starter: Its now March and you havent accomplished squat.Idea: Go purchase a pad of Post-it Notes, and youll be on the pathto success!A resolution is really a goal.You have several goals you want to achieve, buttheyre not written down in plain sight. They just sit on a piece of paperin a drawer or on the back page of a day timer, or pop up in your headevery once in a while, only to be buried in a black hole of procrastination,excuses and guilt. Take heart - I found a way to beat the system:Post-it Notes_Want to achieve your goals? Want your resolutions to become a reality?Here are all the tools necessary to achieve the success that has eluded youso far:• Post-it Notes • Bedroom mirror• Bathroom mirror • Felt-tip penAnd here:"1. Write down b,,,your primethe year a,>,-arc,2. Write downyour secondanread book - .3. Put them inmirror, where :morning and _4. Say them aloucdoubles the5. Keep lookin;;: 2Juntil you areachievement ;lC6. Seeing the n(l:c:on it every day,to do today toTo achieveBy posting the ;.
  • 26. goals at least nact, gnawin.g aAchievement JC:,And when Y01:youve been w ,them - I DID , ,6.5 Revisit you:- :your goal is J.C:,triumphant{l.check outGenesis 19And hereS the tested and proven method ...1. Write down big ones ... On 3 x 3 yellow Post-it Notes, write downyour prime goals in short words (get funding for business; win salesman ofthe year award; new client: First Citizens Bank).:; ; i! ...,-nem.2. Write down small ones .. , Use three more notes and write downyour secondary goals in short words (read about attitude 15 minutes a day;read book - Dale Carnegie; organize desk; build new closet).3. Put them in front of your face." Post them on your bathroommirror, where you are forced to look at them - and yourself - everymorning and evening.4. Say them aloud each time you look at them ... saydoubles the aff1rmation.5. Keep looking and talking until you act ... You will look at themuntil you are sick of looking at them and will begin to take actionachievement action - and accomplish them.,,6. Seeing the note there every day makes you think about actingon it every day. Once you start acting, the note triggers a "What do r haveto do today to keep the achievement on target?"The note forces you to act.To achieve your goal.By posting the goal in the bathroom, you are consciously reminded of yourgoals at least two times a day. hom there your subconscious gets into theact, gnawing away at your soul until you are driven to take positive action., .13.1.Achievement actions.And when you get to the top of the mountain when you achieve whatyouve been working for - at last you can say the magic words. ScreamXlt them - I DID IT! (Screaming positive things always feels wonderful.)I,6.5 Revisit your success every day ... Here comes the best part - aftern. your goal is achieved, take the Post-it Note off the bathroom mirror andtll:umphantly post it on your bedroom mirror. Now, every day when youcheck out "how you look for the day," you also get to see your success.t ll20 THE SALES BIBLE Je/fre)! Gitorner
  • 27. WOW!Not only does it feel great, but you are able to set the tone for a successfulday, every day, first thing in the morning by looking at (goal) success,remembering how good it felt, and thinking about what it took to do it.Plus - it gets you motivated to keep achieving more.• The program is simple.s The program works.• The results will change your attitude.• The results will change your life .• The results will change your outlook about yourcapability of success achievement.By the time you have your bedroom mirror full of achieved Post-it Notegoals, youll have enough money to go out and buy a bigger mirror - andthe hOll!,e to put it in.Post it. Post haste.Get your Post-It Note goal achiever starter kit. Want a preprintedpad of Post-it Notes to get started? Id love to send you one in appreciationof your continued support and readership. Send $1 to cover postage toBuyGitomer, 310 Arlington Ave., Loft 329, Charlotte, NC 28203.THE SALEpJ.!The Rules. tht 5* 39.5 Rules 0: , ~ _* Sales Sueets, ~ ..Ahar·......... .1THE SALES BIBLEPart 1The Rules, the Secrets, the Fun" :-_11JIbe Jllo({))Ik({))f RmJie§* 39.5 Rules of Sales Success ...... 22* Sales Success Fonnula .. .fiAharM........................................ 27t1.222 TIlE SAlFl> BIBLE Jeffie} GitomelFollowing the fundamentalrules ofselling will lead tosales successfaster than anyhigh pressure sales technique.39.5 rules of sales successPeople arent afraid of failure; they just dont know how to succeed.In 1960, I met a college basketball coach on the com-t and asked him for hisbest, niftiest pointer. He took the ball, walked under the basket, and shot aneasy lay"up. "See that shot," he said gmft1y;"99% of all basketball games arewon with that shot; dont miss it; and he walked away. I felt cheated thatday, but 20 years later I realized it was the best sales lesson I ever got.
  • 28. Concentrate on the fimdamentals: 99% of all sales are made that way:We are each responsible for our own success (or failure). Winning at acareer in sales is no exception.To ensure a win, you must take a proactiveapproach. Prevention of failure is an important part of that process. If youfind yom-self saying, !rn not cut outfor not pusby enough,""}bate cold calling,""[ cant take tbe rejection,""My boss is a jerk, "or "Myboss is a real jerk," youre heading down the wrong path.Here are 39.5 recm-ring characteristics and traits of successful salespeople.How many of these apply to you? How many of these guidelines can youhonestly say you follow? If you are serious about achieving sales success, Irecommend you post this list someplace where you can see it every day.Read it and practice these principles until they become a way of life.1. Establish and maintain a positive attitude ... The first mle of life.Your commitment to a positive attitude will put you on a path to successthat will be tmstoppab1e. If you doubt it, you dont have a positive attitude.A positive attitude is not just a thought process, its a daily commitment.Get one.2. Believe in yourself ... If you dont think you can do it, who will? Youcontrol the most important tool in selling: your mind.3. Set and achiE clong-term (wh.c.:you want)4. Learn andlearning how: what youewith hands-onin a sales needed.5. understand tb;and listen to tlc . - .6. Sell to helpdont sell for7. Establish 10n;;;way you want"concentrate OJ:8. Believe in iJ rservice is the he": ":and manifests i: C: product, your9. Be preparedof your outrelL:·..Be ready to ."your outcome.10. Be sincerevice versa.11. Qualify the bdecide.12. Be on time !{your time." ,
  • 29. the appointee:13. Lookyou, your com;- ..14. Establish rJ.Iprospect and ,;ental.2:7d to.:;i r his" ,t an.;.re_,,,,,,1.:..:C ,~ -~ ~ ~. :de..:UThe Book of Rules 233. Set and achieve goals. Make a plan ... Define and achieve specificlong-term (what you want) and short-term (how youre going to get whatyou want) goals. Goals are the road map that will direct you to success.4. Learn and execute the fundamentals of sales ... ~ e v e r stoplearning how to selL Read, listen to tapes, attend seminars, and practicewhat youve just learned. Learn something new every day and combine itwith hands-on experience. Knowing the fundamentals gives you a choicein a sales call. Even in a relationship or partnership, sometimes a techniqueis needed.5. Understand the customer and meet his or her needs ... Question ,and listen to the prospect and uncover true needs. Dont prejudge prospects.6. Sell to help ... Dont be greedy, it will show. Sell to help customers;dont sell for commissions.7. Establish long-term relationships ... Be sincere and treat others theway you want to be treated. If you get to know your customer andconcentrate on his best interest, you11 earn much more than a commission.8. Believe in your company and product ... Believe your product orservice is the best and it will show. Your conviction is evident to a buyerand manifests itself in your sales numbers. If YOll dont believe in yourproduct, your prospect wont either.9. Be prepared ... Your self-motivation and preparation are the lifebloodof your outreach. You must be eager and ready to sell, or you won·t.Be ready to make the sale with a sales kit, sales tools, openers, questions,statements, and answers. Your creatie preparation will determineyour outcome.10. Be sincere ... If you are sincere about helping. it will show, and
  • 30. vice versa.11. Qualify the buyer ... Dont waste time with someone who cantdecide.12. Be on time for the appointment ... Lateness says,"I dont respectyour time." There is no excuse for lateness. If it cant be avoided, call beforethe appointed time, apologize, and continue with the sale .13. Look professional ... If you look sharp, its a positive reflection onyou, your company, and your product.14. Establish rapport and buyer confidence .. Get to know theprospect and his company: establish confidence early. Dont start your24 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey Gitomerpitch until you do.15. Use humor ... Its the best tool for relationship sales I havefound. Have fun at what you do. Laughing is tacit approvaL Make theprospect laugh.16. Master the total knowledge of your product ... Know yourproduct cold. Know how your product is used to benefit your customers.Total product knowledge gives you the mental freedom to concentrate onselling. You may not always use the knowledge in the sales presentation,but it gives you confidence to make the sale.17. Sell benefits, not features ... The customer doesnt want to knowhow it works as much as he wants to know how it will help him.18. Tell the truth ... Never be at a loss to remember what you said.19. If you make a promise, keep it ... The best way to turn a saleinto a relationship is to deliver as promised. Failure to do what you sayyoure going to do, either for your company or your customer, is a disasterfrom which you may never recover. If you do it often, the word gets outabout you.20. Dont down the competition ... If you have nothing nice to say,say nothing. This is a tempting rule to breakThe sirens are sweetlysinging. Set yourself apart from them with preparation and creativitydont slam them.21. Use testimonials ... The strongest salesman on your team is areference from a satisfied customer. Testimonials are proof.22. Listen for buying signals ... The prospect will often tell you whenhe is ready to buy - if youre paying attention. Listening is as importantas talking.23. Anticipate objections " Rehearse answers to standard objections.24. Get down to the real objection ... Customers are not alw-aystruthful; they often wont tell you the true objection(s) at first.25. Overcome objections .. , This is a complex issue - its not just ananswer, its an understanding of the situation. Listen to the prospect, andthink in terms of solution. You must create an atmosphere of confidenceand trust strong enough to cause (effect) a sale.The sale begins when thecustomer says no.26. Ask for the sale ... Sounds too simple, but it works.27. When you ash 228. If you dont :Lireturn ... If yet. _face, it may be J _
  • 31. each time you29. Follow up.exposures to ait takes to get 1:<: _,30. Redefinethe offer youre -31. Anticipate andis change.Fight it and fail,32. Follow rule5Think theyre n(t :33. Get along withnever a solo efi,=-: _.,customers.34. Understand th;;the people you t:-,:in years of hard35. Dont blame lit... Accepting re 5;-- - "Doing somethin; ,-money - mone- :36. Harness the ?<:for an answer a::_ "challenge inste;,(10 exposures itunderstand the :- ,37. Find your 5U(Chow many lead-, _ups it takes to tic·38. Do it passioru39. Be memorab:tprofessional W;1on.:-.<),._.>_:15.,, C-The Book of Rules 2527. When you ask a closing question, smrr UP ... The ftrst mle of sales.,28. If you dont make the sale, make a finn appointment toreturn ... If you dont make the next appointment when youre face-toface, it may be a long, hard road to the next one. Make some form of saleeach time you call.29. Follow up, follow up, follow up ... If it takes between 5 and 10
  • 32. exposures to a prospect before a sale is made, be prepared to do whateverit takes to get to the 10th meeting.30. Redefine rejection ... Theyre not rejecting you; theyre just rejectingthe offer youre making them.31. Anticipate and be comfortable with change ... A big part of salesis change. Change in products, tactics, and markets. Roll with it to succeed.Fight it and fail .32. Follow rules ... Salespeople often think rules are made for others.Think theyre not for you? Think again. Broken rules will only get you fired.33. Get along with others (co-workers and customers) ... Sales isnever a solo effort. Team up with your co-workers and partner with yourcustomers.34. Understand that hard work makes luck ... Take a close look atthe people you think are lucky. Either they or someone in their family putin years of hard work to create that luckYou can get just as lucky.35. Dont blame others when the fault (or responsibility) is yours... Accepting responsibility is the fulcrum point for succeeding at anything.Doing something about it is the criterion. Execution is the reward (not themoney money is just the by-product of perfect execution).36. Harness the power of persistence ... Are you willing to take nofor an answer and just accept it without a ftght? Can you take no as achallenge instead of a rejection? Are you willing to persist through the 5 to10 exposures it takes to make the sale? If you can, then you have begun tounderstand the power.37. Find your success fonnula through numbers ... By determininghow many leads, calls, proposals, appointments, presentations, and followups it takes to get to the sale. And then following the formula.38. Do it passionately ... Do it the best its ever been done.39. Be memorable ... In a creative way. In a positive way. In aprofessional way. What will they say about you when you leave? You always26 THE SALES BIBLE Mfrey Gitomelcreate a memory. Sometimes dim, sometimes bright. Sometimes positive,sometimes not.You choose the memory you leave.You are responsible forthe memory you leave.Tbe 39.5 charactel"istic is the most important of them all - Have fun!You will succeedfat" greater at something you love to do.Doing sotnetbing you enjoy will also bring joy to others.Happiness is contagious.Not following the rules leads to slow but sure failure. It doesnt happen all atonce - there are degrees of failing. Here are five of them. What degree are you?1. Failing to do your best.2. Failing to learn the science of selling.3. Failing to accept responsibility.4. Failing to meet quota or pre-set goals.5. Failing to have a positive attitude.Success is a level of performance and a self-confidence brought about bywinning experiences. Failure is not about insecurity. Its about lackof execution. Theres no such thing as a total failure. Zig Ziglar has ananswer: "Failure is an event, not a person."Vince Lombardi said it better:"The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare to win."
  • 33. The guy who won the lOO-meter dash in the last Olympics did it in justunder 10 seconds. Ten seconds isnt too long to run in a race, but how longdid it take him to prepare to run it? Do you have the same will to win? Ihope so.This is a com];:: .achievement. I: "element co11tr;:- __They are user"...::Heres how itAttitude -- .,.every endeaorits a diScipline ... .::being positie. :that comes anc ..: ,on the inside."time.Humor -- He,a perspectin: - ,sense of hum(i::- 0__laugh and feei ::talking to you: _humor does. It -,ducking YOLlr -:Action --set of goals. He: :the last calL f :..anyone else y .The conllPfOCl1The Book of Rules 27c forSales Success Fonnula ...:-1111.AlIa.,TMAttitude -- Humor -- Action:::-- .Iil atyou?This is a comhination of elements I have found to be effective for salesachievement. Its simple on the surface and even simpler in practice. Eachelement contributes to the whole and is vitally linked to the other two.They are useful by themselves, but together they make sales magic.Heres how it breaks down:Attitude -- Your positive mental attitude is your driving force to success inevery endeavor of your life. Positive attitude is not just a thought process;byits a discipline and a commitment. Each day you wake to a rededication toJl lackbeing positive, thinking positive, and speaking positive. Its not something
  • 34. :,:1that comes and goes_ Its all-consuming. It makes you feel good all the timeon the inside, no matter what the circumstance is on the outside.All thetime.":"tHumor -- Humor is not just being funny. Its how you see things. Humor is:-longa perspective for effective living and a successful career in sales. Its your_:1: Isense of humor ALlD your ability to fmd and create humor. Making otherslaugh and fcel good in your presence, making others smile. Hearing "1 liketalking to you.You make me laugh," or "You just made my day:Thats whathumor does. It makes others look forward to talking to you instead ofducking your calL Its medicine, sales medicine.Action -- Walking your talk. Waking up in the morning to a clearly definedset of goals. Having a daily agenda that youre totally prepared for. Makingthe last calL Following your own game plan for success. Doing more thananyone else you know. Doing enough to make yourself proud. WOWThe combination ofthese three elementsprovides the pathway to success.28 THE SALES BIBI.E GttornerI challenge youto master each element,then combine themin your own wayto suit your own personality.The nlo11etaty results will astound you,but the personal rewardis way beyond money.Follow them to the letterand youll say ...Aha!THEPartThe Rules, the 5tu Why dou Are you bon}: ":U Do you paye :l ::mental handic.;u How the eus!,:to be treated..-u How ato be treated. :-.U The elusiw .How do you ,_1.THE SALES BIBLEPart 1TIle Rules, the Secrets, the Fun
  • 35. JIbeIrou,.Why do salespeople fail? .......... 30Are you born to sell? ................ 33t.r Do you have a self-imposedmental handicap? ..................... 35How the customer wantsto be treated, honestly.............. 37IHow a salesperson wantsto be treated, honestly.............. 40The elusive hot button "How do you find it? .................. 431.330 THE SALES BIBLE jejpey Gitomer50% ofsuccess is believing you can.Simp{y put, you become what you think about.Why do salespeople fail?Because they think they will.Do you have a positive attitude? Everyone will say yes, but less than 1 in1,000 actually do! One-tenth of 1%. Are you really in that small percentile?All you have to do is pass this simple test.Yes NoCJ 0 I watch the news for about 1 hour per day.CJ CJ I read the paper every day.CJ 0 I read a news magazine every week.CJ 0 I sometimes have a bad day, all day.CJ 0 My job is a drag,CJ 0 I get angry for an hour or more.o 0 I talk to and commiserate with negative people.o 0 I look to blame others when something goes wrong.o 0 Wben something goes wrong or bad, I tell others.o 0 I get angry at my spouse and dont talk for more than 4 hours.o 0 I bring personal problems to work and discuss them.o 0 I expect and plan for the worst.o 0 Im affected by bad weather (too cold, too hot, rain)enough to talk about it.0-2 yes answers: You have a positive attitude.3-6 yes answers: You have a negative attitude.7 or more yes answers: You have a problem attitude. Serious problem.More than 4 yes answers? Go out and invest in the books, tapes, andcourses of Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Ken Blanchard, WClement Stone, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins,and DenisWaitley.These people tell you how you can, not why you cant.The plot thicktstartling starl"::_,
  • 36. I"1"Sounds almc": _succeed 50in his legemt,:-.attitude: We lJc .that must be ":- _Want to begirsuccess (andV When son:c-VYou alw;n"V If you tlli.::::V Ignore thedo something :V For 1 yelfV When you _.opportunityV Listen to a:- :.V Ignore pc -; _V Check (Y"::sunny? AvoidV Say why ,V Help othc-cc.say,Tm not c,_"only ... ," y11c,: "V Visit a chi,>V How longsomethings "V CountIf you take the .convert it int,family, at tl1c c:-,days. ,,-.or 15 days a y;:511Ii can.;7UOUt.I?. 1 in:-. tntile?,cDi-.-::-:CiS,t.The Book of Secrets 31The plot thickens. Several national tests have revealed the followingstartling statistics about why salespeople fail:15% Improper training - both product and sales skills.20% Poor verbal and written communication skills.15% Poor or problematic boss or management.50% Attitude.
  • 37. Sounds almost impossible, doesnt it? Salespeople (or anyone else) couldsucceed 50% more if they just change the way they think. Earl Nightingalein his legendary tape,The Strangest Secret, reveals the secret of a positive,attitude: We become what we think about. But its a dedicated diSCiplinethat must be pf".tcticed ... every day .Want to begin to change your attitude? It will miraculously affect yoursuccess (and income). Live these thoughts and exercises:V When something goes wrong, remember its no ones fault but yours.V You always have (and have had) a choice.V If you think its OK, it is ... if you think its not OK, its not.V Ignore the junk news work on a worthwhile project, make a plan, ordo something to enhance your life.V For 1 year, read only positive books and materiaLV When you face an obstacle or something goes wrong, look for theopportunity.V Listen to attitude tapes, attend seminars, and take courses.V Ignore people who tell you that "You cant" or try to discourage you.V Check your language. Is it half full or half empty, partly cloudy or partlysunny? Avoid why, cant, wont.V Say why you like things, people, job, and family. Not why you dont.V Help others without expectation or measuring (keeping score). If yousay, "Im not cause hes not:" who loses? If you say, "Why should I, when heonly ... ," who loses?V Visit a childrens hospital or find someone in a wheelchair.V How long do you stay in a bad mood? If more than 5 minutes,somethings wrong.V Count your blessings every day.If you take the hour a day that you currently waste watching the news andconvert it into positive action or learning for yourself, your business or yourfamily, at the end of 1 year you will have captured more than 15 full 24-hourdays. Which will help your success more - 15 days a year watching the newsor 15 days a year building your fumre? You have a choice.32 THE SALES BIBLE jejfiey GitomerWhen Vince Lombardisaid,"Winning isnt everything,its the only thing,"he should havesubstitutedthe wordattitude for winningto get closer to the truth.Are1"Youve heard it: ,. _ -,Baloney! That is :-_An acquired skit .:painstakingly dce. :
  • 38. about learning .lL_Are you in ,,:-__getting into -_.Take this perso!:. _great salespeople -.middle ground bc:- iYoure better of: __ ._,:Yes Noo n I hayeo 0o 0 I amo 0 Iwam, -,.o 0 Iant:o 0 lam sc::-<o 0 I like _o 0 Iloye Fen 0 I lm-e J ,,The Book of Secrets 33Selling is a learned skillacquired by people with theattitude, aptitude, fortitude, desire,andpersistence to succeedAre you born to sell?No, you learn to earn!19,Youve heard it; youve probably said it: "That guys a born salesman."Baloney! That is one of the biggest fallacies in sales. Selling is a science.An acquired skill. The salesperson who you thought was born to sellpainstakingly developed the traits and characteristics to do so, then wentabout learning and applying the science of selling.Are you in sales and not performing the way you want to, or thinking ofgetting into sales and wanting to have some idea if youll succeed?Take this personal inventory test. These are 21 traits and characteristics ofgreat salespeople. How many do you have? NOTE: There is amiddle ground between yes and no for salespeople called "working on it."Youre better off marking it no until you achieve that characteristic.)Yes Noo 0 I have set my goals in writing.o 0 I have good self-discipline.DOl am self-motivated.1.DOLwant to be more knowledgeable.o 0 I want to build relationships.I, I, I am self-confident.o 0 I like myself.n n I love people.o 0 I love a challenge.:Si&§&!134 THE SALES BIBtE Jeffrey GitomerYes No
  • 39. DOl love to win.n LJ I can accept rejection with a positive attitude.o 0 I can handle the details.D CJ I am loyal.o 0 I am enthusiastic.o 0 I am observant.DOl am a good listener.o D I am perceptive.o 0 I am a skillful communicator.o 0 I am a hard worker.o 0 I want to be financially secure.D i1 I an) persistent.Answer over 15 with an HONEST yes and youve got what it takes.Between 10 and 14, it could go either way (better chance if you answeredyes to knowledge, enthusiasm, self-confident, perceptive, self-motivated, andpersistent). Under 10, dont do it even if it would mean world peace, anend to disease, and helping the space program.• Note well that none of the above statements said anything aboutclosing sales or overcoming objections.• The science of selling can be learned and applied easily if youembody the above traits.• All you have to do is believe you can do it, commit yourself todoing it, and live up to your commitment.Do youmtPeople with(handicaps) inPeople with sel.f-::-mental handicap? ::::c• Ie· . "• She --• Ht:• I ";:--"::"l• She" I c-.:· . _lfilit a second Ii ,:brain cancer that Lcustomer or pros::, _actually harder to in-· c-The answer toor not to be FOnSDFocus leads you in If •commitment. Fcc.. _"through and wh·of the easy salecause you to>c,tred_,:;J, lnd.::1
  • 40. Ig abouti! you!o-e if toThe Book of Secrets 35Are you missing opportunities becauseyou are too focused on obstacles?Do you have a self-imposedmental handicap?People with physical disabilities regularly overcome their challenges(handicaps) in a way that inspires their non-handicapped counterparts.People ~ i t h self-imposed mental handicaps need help. Self-help. Wbat is amental handicap? See if these excuses sound familiar:• I cant get him on the phone.• She wont return my calls.• He wont give me an appointment.• I overslept. I forgot. I didnt write it down.No one told me.• She didnt show for our appointment.• I cant get him to commit.Wait a second while I go get my violin. Wah, wah, wah. Woe is you. Is itbrain cancer that cant be operated on, or was it just a problem getting acustomer or prospect to return your call? Big deal. It seems to me that itsactually harder to invent excuses than it is to get the sale.The answer to mentally handicapped salespeople lies in their ability to beor not to be FOCUSED.Focus leads you in the direction of the sale. It creates intensity, desire, andcommitment. Focused energy provides the drive you need to followthrough and win (make the sale) in a competitive market. Face it the daysof the easy sale are gone. Competition is so fierce sometimes that it cancause you to rethink your career or position.t•..... ,":•36 THE SALES BIBLE jeffiIJ) GitomerHere are seven things you can do to keep the focus, intensity, drive, andcommitment necessary to change your direction from u)oe is me to whoa,what a sale!1. Stop blaming circumstances for your situation. Its not the rain,or the car, or the phone, or the product its YOu. You have a choice ineverything you do, Choose a better way. Dont blame the path, change thepath. Dont blame the situation, change the situation.2. Stop blaming other people for your situation. Take responsibilityfor yourself and your actions. Heres the rule of thumb: If you areconsistently blaming other people, guess what, Bubba it aint them.3. Get to know your customer or prospect better every day. It isjust as powerful to prevent problems as it is to handle them. If you cantget the prospect on the phone, its your fault for not knowing the best timeto reach him. Know the right time to call; know when a decision is to bemade. Double confIrm every commitment.4. Persist until you gain an answer. A prospect will respect a tenacious
  • 41. salesperson. If it takes 5 to 10 exposures to make a sale, do you have what ittakes to hang in there? Even if its "no; at least you know where you stand.5. Know where you are, or where you should be. Manage your time.Lunch a customer, not a friend, Keep perfect records. Know enough aboutyour prospect or customer that follow-up becomes easy and fun.Are youorganized enough to get to the 10th exposure and make the sale?6. Work on your skills every day. Tapes, books, seminars.You cannever read enough books or listen to enough tapes. I challenge you to do itfor an hour a day. One hour a day, seven days a week, for one year is equalto more than nine full weeks of work. Think about what you could bedoing to improve your focus and knowledge base the next time youmindlessly turn on the Tv:7. Become solution oriented. Instead of griping or wallowing in yourproblems, why not spend the same amount of time working on solutions?I have found that being solution oriented has done more for me and mypath to success than any single philosophy. Every obstacle presents anopportunity - if youre looking for it. If youre too busy concentrating onthe problem, the opportunity will pass you by.You have been given a bag of cementand a bucket of water.You can either build a stepping stoneor a stumbling block.The choice is (and always has been) yows.To be the beST .::-you must recc,;.;:::-__.::,started calling ,salespeople t7)salespeople to .Unless youre J..nprospect will delalways made .on no.Here is a listtheir 1110Utbs,How many ltee,your productmore often. If "build aHeres what lr):,• Just give me thget to know Ilk .• Tell me the trtI1nervous -• I want an ethi<Salespeople ute::- ,actions will prethics usualh-The Book of Secrets 37.. J.Dont use a bunch oftime-worn
  • 42. sales techniques to pressure me_cto buy when I dont want to.How the customer wants_ .• tto be treated, honestly.::::- timeTo be the best salesperson in the world (and I hope you think you are),you must recognize listening as the fIrst commandment of sales. So, I::USstarted calling people who buy and asked them what they wantitsalespeople to do. How they want salespeople to act. What they want_ - ·1.... ,salespeople to say (or not say). I listened, and I wrote.elme.Unless youre an order taker, the way you treat (handle) a:,uprospect will detennine how often you get the order. And a sale isalways made either you sell the prospect on yes or the prospect sells youanna.00 itHere is a list of what customers want from salespeople - direct from.their mouths. In a nutshell they are saying, "Heres how I want to be sold;How many items on this list can you say you fulfill each time you presentyour product or service? These customer requests will help you to get yesmore often. If you use them in combination, you will have more power to. "urbuild a relationship and close a sale .::;1Heres what your cu..,tomers have to say about how they want you to act:In• Just give me the facts I dont want a long, drawn-out spiel. After youget to know me a little, get to the point.• Tell me the truth, and dont use the word honestly. It makes menervous If you say something I doubt or I know not to be true, youre out.• I want an ethical 3alesperson Did someone say honest lawyer?Salespeople often get bum raps because of a few ",ithout ethics. Youractions will prove your ethics, not your words. (fhe salespeople who talkethics usually are without them.)• Give me a good reason why this product/service is perfect forme - If I need what youre selling, I need to understand how it benefits meto buy it.• Show me some proof Im more likely to buy if you can prove what
  • 43. you say. Show me an article in print reinforcing my confidence, orconfirming my decision. (The buyer is saying, "I dont believe mostsalespeople. They He just like we do:)• Show me Im not alone. Tell me about a similar situation wheresomeone like me succeeded - I dont want to be the first or the only. Ineed to know how it (or you) has worked elsewhere. I will have a lot moreconfidence if I know of someone else like me or with the same situation asme who purchased and likes it or did well with it.• Show me a letter from a satisfied customer One testimonial hasmore strength than 100 presentations.• Tell me and show me you will serve me after you sell meI have bought a lot of empty service promises in the past.• Tell me and show me the price is fair - I want reassurance the priceIm paying is fair for what Im buying . .ffake me feel like Im gettinga deal.• Show me the best way to pay - If I cant afford to pay, but I wantwhat youve got, give me alternatives.• Give me a choice and let me decide, but make a consultiverecommendation - Tell me what you would honestly (Hey, if I cant sayit, neither can you.) do if it was your money.• Reinforce my choice - I may be nervous Ill make the wrong choice.Help me reinforce my choice with facts that will benefit me and make mefeel more confident to buy.• Dont argue with me - Even if Im wrong, I dont want some smartasssalesman telling me (or trying to prove) I am. He may win the argument,but hell lose the sale.• Dont confuse me - The more complicated it is, the less likely I amto buy.• Dont tell me negative things - I want everything to be great. Dontsay bad things about someone else (especially competition), about yourself,your company, or me.• Dont talk down to me Salespeople think they know everything andthink Im stupid. Dont tell me what you think I want to hear, Im so dumb,I think Ill buy from someone else.• Dont tell mand good alv _.goofed, too,• Listen to mt:and youre :• Make me ftlgood aboUt i:• Make me tilMaking me 1..:.,make a sale• Take an inttits everythi:.,..• Be sincere ,",just to get nr, _.• Dont use a tme to buywhe
  • 44. like a friel{d,;• Deliver me lyou my busi::c"you again.• Help me buI have given:. _sold. Takeyour salesrThe buyer k.she can just :.their pen,wac"t,ir" :11e:Jt,",-C.,. :::e. ,elf.. .,:lclThe Book of Secrets 39• Dont tell me what I bought or did is wrong - I want to feel smartand good about what I did. Be tactful if I goofed; show me how othersgoofed, too.,• Listen to me when I talk Im trying to tell you what I want to buy,and youre too busy trying to sell me what youve got. Shut up and listen.• Make me feel special- If Im going to spend my money, I want to feelgood about it. It all hinges on your words and actions.• Make me laugh - Put me in a good mood and Im more likely to buy.Making me laugh means I agree with you, and you need my agreement tomake a sale .• Take an interest in what I do - It may not be important to you, butits everything to me.• Be sincere when you tell me things - I can tell if youre being phonyjust to get my money• Dont use a bunch of time-worn sales techniques to pressureme to buy when I dont want to - Dont sound like a salesman. Soundlike a friend. Someone trying to help me.• Deliver me what you sell me -- when you say you will- If I giveyou my business and you disappoint me, its unlikely Ill do business with
  • 45. you again.• Help me buy -- dont sell me - I hate being sold, but I love to buy.I have given you 25 statements made by buyers about how they like to besold. Take another 10 minutes to review how many you incorporate intoyour sales presentation and philosophy of selling.The buyer has the ultimate weapon against your sales technique - he orshe canjust say no. They also have the ultimate weapon for doing it right- theirpen.Imagine the nerve of our customers and prospects,wanting all this stuff. Dont they know were busy?And why dont they return our phone call anyway?40 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerReturn my phone callHow a salesperson wantsto be treated, honestly.Salespeople have feelings too. If youre a buyer, company owner, or CEO, Iask you how do you treat salespeople? Vould you like to know how theywant to be treated?I have talked to thousands of salespeople who talk about what they wishbuyers and prospects would do (or not do). If youre a decision maker foryour company, how many of the items below can you honestly (there goesthat word again) say you do in your relationship with a salesperson?Important note .. .This section is not about a bunch of whinysalespeople moaning about how theyre being mistreated. Rather its aseries of statements about what salespeople need to build relationshipswith you their customers.If you have ever asked yourself the question, "What do salespeople want?"here are the answers:• Return my phone call. The number one gripe of salespeople, especiallyif youve got the dreaded voice mail. W11y cant you take 2 minutes of yourtinle and return someones call? Dont you want your call returned?• Take my call if youre in -- H you screen my call, dont screen meout. The other day I called Dick Kittle, president ofAssociated Mailing, thelargest mailing house in the Charlotte area. I said, "Is Dick there?" Ne:At thingI knoW; a voice says, "Dick Kittle: I said, "Dick, no screen on your calls?" Hesaid, "I dont want to miss any opportunities." And Ill bet he misses darn few.• Dont have your gatekeeper say, "Mr. Johnson doesnt seeanyone without an appointment." At least have the courtesy of tellingJohnson Im here and giving him the choice. Jerk.• Tell me the truth. Id rather know the truth than have you string mealong, or lie about the situation. Have the guts to be truthful.You want itfrom me, dont you?• If you dont dt(iand tell me whulike you, but I ,y:,_: :• Tell me how y Jright or wrong..
  • 46. • Give me your :1phone calls or pc• Tell me your rtJobjection willYou wont hun• Do what you :0.1be made by eci:: .:answer.Exampll: "Your secretal!- s., ,Common• Dont tell me .,real objection• Dont tell me itthe year.lell r:1cwant to buy it n• If you dont ha,can help you findthe selling proce" time (too much :.• Dont play garr"t:the price?" or _I might call you t-if you want a• Respect me. .relationship tbe• If you must mt.:there too. So Isure to arise.• Be on time forappoint me at lsay, "Thats OK. ",want me to be.• Show up for:salesman. Wnabme youre as de;II;,.1 pbone call·:1cr. or CEO, I-:-,:rw how they-"[ they wish->n maker for(there goesits a- --, tionships:: :ple want?"especially
  • 47. - :es of your:" -:1 cd(. nt screen me : the:: c S ext thing.. : CJlls?" He. "0: darn few.:-i>Iit seeof telling-Iring me,;ant itThe Book of Secrets 41• If you dont decide (or arent the only decision maker), tell me,and tell me who (or who else) does. Dont waste my tinle or yours. Ilike you, but I want to talk to (all) the decision makers - in person.• Tell me how you feel while Im presenting. If Im doing somethingright or wrong, I want to know so I can help serve you better.• Give me your undivided attention during my presentation. Nophone calls or people running in and out or reading your mail. Thanks.,• Tell me your real objection. If you do, it will help us both. Your trueobjection will shorten the sales cycle and make us both more productive.You wont hurt my feelings - I really want to know the truth.• Do what you say you will do. Jjj.:cnnple: If you tell me a decision willbe made by Wednesday, take my call on the appointed day and tell me theanswer. Example:You tell me to call you on Friday to set up a meeting. I call.Your secretary says, "Oh, hes out of town and wont be back until Tuesday."Common courtesy. Do what you say. Thats not too much to ask. Is it?• Dont tell me you want to think about it. We hate that. Tell me thereal objection or how you really feel. Admit it youve already decided.• Dont tell me its not in the budget or you spent your budget forthe year.lell me how you feel about my product or service and if youwant to buy it now, next year, or never.• If you dont have the money and you want to buy, tell me, so Ican help you find a way to buy. Dont let pride or ego get in the way ofthe selling process. Salespeople run into people without money all thetime (too much of the time, actually), and we want to help.• Dont play games. Dont say, "1 can get it for $500 less. Will you matchthe price?" orTm going to shop around to see if your deal is the best, thenI might call you back." Be straight up with me. Put your cards on the tableif you want a long-term relationship (like I do).• Respect me. Often common courtesy will do more to enhance ourrelationship than anything (besides a big order).• If you must meet with others to get a final decision, let me bethere too. So I can answer questions about my product or service that aresure to arise.• Be on time for our appointment. I dont want to wait. Its not fair toappoint me at 10 and take me at 10:30 and say, Im sorry. I got tied up." Illsay, "Thats OK; but it aint what Im thinking. Be as timely as you wouldwant me to be.
  • 48. • Show up for your appointment. Sometimes you say, "Oh, its just asalesman. Whats the difference?"The difference is common courtesy. Showme youre as dependable as you want me to be.42 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffiey Gitomer• Decide now. You already know the answer. Why dont you just tell me?• Give me the sale when I ask for it. Even though this is a fantasyrequest, I couldnt resist putting it in a list of things salespeople want.And hey, Mr. CEO who has no time for - is mde to - wont return the callsof salesmen and saleswomen, I ask you this - Do you have salespeople? Areyou treating salespeople the same way you want your salespeople treatedin a selling situation? Think about it the next time you dont return a phonecall from a salesperson.Its amazing to me how simple the sales process would beif buyers just followed one nlle -The Golden Rule.Maybe if we revised it for sales and gave it to CEOs and decision makers, itwould have an impact. Here it is for the first time ...The Golden Rule ofSales for eEOs ...Do unto salespeopleas you would havebuyers and decision makersdo unto your salespeople.The ellAll sales trainingpusb bis bot but:asking distance: i: " -.Pusbing the b(lt ;.:ways to discol I?iconversation (• Ask questionswhere his kid glc"where it came fre:·::·• Ask questions alxBiggest goal this c• Ask questions a1xmost of his free tc-:• Ask what he "oul,dreams and ambi::. -:• Ask goal-relatec (company this _see as his :-c.:-• Look at evernh:I1;Something fram;C: .Look for ..__ me?:calls: Are
  • 49. phone.:: be_,:;ers, itThe Book of Secrets 43t,The hot button is a bridge that can get youfrom the presentation to the sale.The elusive hot button•••How do you find it?,ill sales training includes this line: Ifyou want to make tbe sale, be sure topusb bis bot button. Great, wheres that? Its within plain sight; its withinasking distance: its within listening distance. All you have to do is be alert.Pusbing tbe bot button only works ifyou can find it. Here are someways to discover or uncover a personal or business bot button in aconversation (NOTE WELL:personal is botter tban business):• Ask questions about status and situation - Where he vacationed,where his kid goes to college. Vhere the business stands at the moment,where it came from (history).• Ask questions about issues of pride Biggest success in business.Biggest goal this year.• Ask questions about personal interests - inat does he do withmost of his free time? What sports or what hobbies does he pursue?• Ask what he would do if he didnt have to work - What are his realdreams and ambitions?• Ask goal-related questions - What is the prime objective of hiscompany this year? How is he going to meet that objective? What does hesee as his biggest barrier to the goal?• Look at everything in the office - Look for something outstanding.Something framed apart from others, or looking bigger, more prominent.Look for pictures and awards. Ask how he got them.44 THE SALES BIBI.E Jeffrey GitomerAsking and looking are the easy parts. Listening is the hard part. Listening isthe important part. The hot button is in the answer!1. Listen to the first thing said or alluded to - What is first said inresponse to a question is what is foremost in the mind of the respondent.The thing most on your mind is usually what you talk about first. It maynot be the actual hot button - but it will provide insights to it.2. Listen for the tone of first responses - The tone will depict theurgency or importance. His gestures and loudness will indicate passion.3. Listen for immediate, emphatic responses - Knee-jerk reactionsare hot subjects. Absolute agreement.4. Listen for a long, drawn-out explanation or story - Somethingtold in detail is usually compelling (and hot).5. Listen to repeated statements - Something said twice is at the frontof the mind.6. Look for emotional responses - Something said with passion or in adifferent tone.OK, you think you found it. Now, lets push it.
  • 50. Here are 4.5 button-pushing techniques:1. Ask questions about importance or significance. Whats theirnportance of that to you? or How will that impact you? will help youunderstand the situation better.2. Ask questions about the area you think is hot. If you have takennotes, there are some areas to probe that will generate heat.3. Ask questions in a subtle way. Work them into the pitch as a part ofthe conversation, and watch the reaction. If you believe its a hot button,offer solutions that satisfy that circumstance.4. Dont be afraid to bring up the hot button throughout thepresentation. Reconfirm it and listen for emphasis of response fromthe prospect.4.5 Use "If I (offor a solution) ... , would you (commit or buy) ... ?"and variations. Try "Theres a way . .. "This type of question orstatement gets a true response because it consists of a possible solutionthat hits the button.Words of C{f". The hot butt/lother ramific.,:uncover theyou sense (he . ..• The hot buttllfobservation.prospect witl: ,presentatioc ",• The hot butt/:;r.(the sale). But ::-,The hot butto;: . "sale. AIl youWatson ... Inbefore one h3." , .. c c..:is: ,.:.:0 in: !clay- the.... e:hing: ::::e front:1 or in a-ouc taken:c ?art of.. :itton,u: theI ••• ?".::l,)n_. , ,- $Wt t
  • 51. The Book of Secrets 45Words of caution:· The hot button is sometimes a very sensitive issue. It may haveother ramifications that the prospect is not willing to divulge,Your job is touncover the button and use it to make the sale, Use your best judgment. Ifyou sense the issue is touchy, dont push too hard.· The hot button is elusive. But you can find it with a question orobservation. TIle hot button is a prize you can win if you listen to theprospect with care. The hot button is a bridge that can get you from thepresentation to the sale .• The hot button is an elevator. It will go all the way to the top floor(the sale). But it only works if you push the button.The hot button is a bridge that can get you from the presentation to thesale. All you gotta do is find it. How do you tind it? Elementary, my dearWatson ... In 1888, Sherlock Holmes said, "It is a capital offense to theorizebefore one has data."You gotta be a detective to find the hot button.46 THE SALES BillLE Jeffrey GitomerListening is the hard part.Listening is the important part.The "hot button" is inthe prospects response!THE SALPaThe Rules. the* More sales a.r:: .with friends!:.:::salesmansru:* Your best pre?present c u " w = - ~ ~* Make a sale, :* Easiest war IiTop-Down :f::::* Your person.::...statement. ...1.THE SALES BIBLEalt.Part 1The Rules, the Secrets, the FuntheeIB({])({])Ik({])f IB[G§ e e c C J r e e ~ §* More sales are madewith friendship thansalesmanship ........................... 48* Your best prospects are yourpresent customers ................... 51* Make a sale on Monday........... 54* Easiest way to make a sale?
  • 52. Top-DownSelling™! ................. 56* Your personal missionstatement.................................. 601.448 THE SAlES BIBLE Jeffrey GilomerYour best competitor couldn t blastyou away from a customerwho is also a friendMore sales are made withfriendship than salesmanship.Your mom said it best.As a child, when you were fighting or arguing with asibling or friend, your mom would say, "Billy, you know better than that!Now you make friends with Johnny. " Your mother never told you touse the alternative-of-choice close or the sharp-angle close on Johnny. Shenever said to quote Johnny with our policy. She just said make friends. Thatmay have been one of the most powerful sales and service lessons youever got.TI.1eres an old business adage that says, "All things being equal, peoplewant to do business with their friends. And all things being NOT so equal,people STILL want to do business with their friends." It is estimated thatmore than 50% of sales are made and business relationships are keptbecause of friendship.In the South its called "the good old boy network"; in the North they sayits "who you know; but its really just friendship selling.If you think youre going to make the sale because you have the bestproduct, best service, or best price, dream on, Bubba.Youre not even halfright. If 50% of sales are made on a friendly basis, and you havent madefriends with your prospect (or customer), youre missing 50% of your market.And the best part is that friends dont need to sell friends by usingsales techniques. Think about it.You dont need sales techniques whenyou ask a friend out or ask for a favor - you just ask.Looking to make more sales? You dont need 1110re sales techniques; youneed more friends.Think about .., .you have gre:t:customer, it ,";1.:negotiating. ,bad service ar: _TIleres _Your best compcwho is also a intMost salespeo[:e :.something. its .. CCPeople don·t 1L>::::How do you S:.=.::it takes time to l:P"I dont haye ;::...-:tInd a new ,";Here are a few
  • 53. salespeople DE_:::: You can learnquality hours,,A different yec_::: :relationships,.,- :--• T,Join a business aBusiness COU!:(.managers wh<=-:::help membersrelationships __.;: t blast. :r:--tomer,t};endithship.:;: y;;ith a,-. [iut!-1 toShe::::Js.That.;. -,)U, equal,:hatsa"-.JIf..-usinghen;011The Book of Big Secrets 49Think about your best customers, How did they get that way? Dontyou have great relationships with them? If youre friends with your bestcustomer, it will often eliminate the need for price checking, pricenegotiating, and delivery time demands,You can even occasionally givebad service and still keep the customer.Theres another huge bonus to being friends - competition is eliminated.Your best competitor couldnt blast you away from a customerwho is also a friend.Most salespeople think that unless they are calling a customer to sellsomething, its a wasted call. Nothing could be farther from the truth.People dont like to be sold - but they love to buy.How do you start? Slowly. It takes time to develop a relationship;it takes time to build a friendship. (If you are reading this and thinking,"I dont have time for this relationship stuff. Im too busy making sales"[rod a new profession.This one wont last long.)
  • 54. Here are a few places to meet or take your customer. The biggest mistakesalespeople make is giving away tickets and not going W1TH the customer.You can learn a lot (and give value to a relationship) by spending a fewquality hours with the people who provide the money to your company.A different venue than the office will begin building friendships andrelationships. Here are a few to ponder:• A ball game.• The theater.• A concert.• A gallery crawL• A Chamber after hours event.• A community help project.• A breakfast, a lunch, a dinner.• A seminar given by your company.• If your customer has kids, get a few tickets toan I-Max theater. Go on the weekend. Talk aboutsolidifying a relationship. An I-Max movie is greatfun, and it aint just for kids.Join a business association and get involved. I belong to the MetrolinaBusiness Council. MBC is a 17-year-old group of business owners andmanagers whose main objective is to do business with one another andhelp members get business. But MBC is not just about business, its aboutrelationships and friendships - ask any member.50 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerCAUTION:This does not eliminate your need to be a master salesman. Youmust know sales techniques to capture the other half of the market. Sokeep reading books and listening to those tapes in your car.Having moved from the North (Cherry Hill, ND to the South (Charlotte, NC)has helped me understand the value of business friends. They are mucheasier to establish in the South. And more loyaLIm often in conversations where someone is lamenting the fact they cantget into or around the so-called" good old boy" network. That is the biggestbunch of baloney and lamest sales excuse Ive heard,AlI the salesperson issaying is that he has failed to bring anything of value to the table and failedto establish a relationship or make a friend - AND SOiHEONE ELSE HAS.You can only earn acommissionusing a sales technique, but youcan earn afortune bllildingfriendships and relationships.Ifyou make a sale, you earn a commission.Ifyou make a friend, you can earn a fortune.T _!has cre:i·.YouryourpLooking for new -; - . "you have :your present CU5: ... ,Consider these 11
  • 55. 2. T:-.c _3. ".:..: .4. C :,_.j5. Y:_ ..;.-. T::;c:8. r:;c:9 T:-.::10.10.5 T:·.::Think about thi-wake up and dec.::barn where the ...: • -:c,begging even f(l:: "head for some . ..:.:-.::....C., You.... ,-)- :C)+- -"-- ..cant:-lggestis. :-,":.. ,C{-lS.•;SlOnrou10;:,pSt1.1 I?.The Book of Big 51Your present customer has a history ofbuying!has credit terms! likes yourproduct! and likes you ...What are you waiting for?Your best new prospects areyour present customers.Looking for new prospects? Who isnt! It may interest you to know thatyou have hundreds of HOT prospects youre not paying attention toyour present customers.Consider these 105 assets already in your favor:1. They know you.2. They like you.3. You have established rapport.4. Confidence anel trust have been built.5. You have a history of delivery and satisfaction.
  • 56. 6. They respect you.7. They use (and like) your product or service.8. They will return your calL9. They will be more receptive to yourpresentation and product offering.10. They have credit and have paid you in the past.10.5 They dont have to be solel- they will buy.Think about this for a second.Youre a farmer, and you need milkYouwake up and decide to go milk your neighbors cows. You walk by yourbarn where the cows are full of milk - udders so full that theyrebegging even for a set of cold hands - but you just pass them by andhead for some unknown neighbor in search of milk. Sales is the same.52 THE SAtES BIBtE Jeffrey GitomerWhy go out and cold call or prospect when your present customerbase is ready to milk? Theyre waiting for you, dripping with business. Idont think you could ask for much more than that. It beats a cold callby 1,000 to 1.Here are some ideas to get your present customers to buy 1norenow:Sell them something new. People love to buy new things. Yourenthusiasm will set the tone. Create excitement about how your new(better) product will be exactly what will serve better or producemore. Sell sizzle; sell appointments - then let them buy.Sell them an upgrade or an enhancement. Bigger, better, faster.Enhancements and upgrades have kept the computer software industryprofitable since its inception. Up-selling has built fortunes - just ask anyfast-food business. (The question, "Do you want cheese on that?" sellsmore than one billion pieces of cheese annually.)Sell them more ofthe same in a different place. Look for otheruses, other departments, groVrth or expansion of the customerscompany, or replacement due to wear and tear. You may have to dig alittle, but the soil is softer at a present customers place of business thanthe pile of rocks you usually face at a new prospects company:Sell them additional products and services. Your company maysell multiple products or offer varied services, and very few of yourcustomers carry your full line. Sometimes a customer will say, "Oh, I didntknow you sold that."When you hear a customer say that, DONT BLAMETHE SALESPERSON - blame the salespersons trainer.Get your customers to meet you for IUtlch. If you can get thecustomer out of the office environment, you can often uncover moreopportunities to sell (ask them to bring a referral along). Build therelationship, and you build sales.Get them to give you one referral a month. This is the true reportcard on the job your product or service has done in performing for yourcustomers, as well as a report card on your ability to gain enough buyerconfidence that they will refer you to a friend or business associate.Give them one referral a month. Getting your customer business willcreate new thought patterns in the way the customers perceive you. If youget them business, they will find new ways and new people to do the samefor you.
  • 57. NOTE: Nobe in front of .1If you cant clame excuse .•.really 1.Y.".yAnd the bigMost ,: •something.Im amazed .l: :prospect. I ciE _:list. Ill bet the:::IlO(The Book ofBig Secrets 53NOTE: No matter whether you make a sale or not, continuing to,,;::-5. Ibe in front of your customer builds relationship and goodwill.,If you cant call on your present customers, or if you come up with somelame excuse like, Ive sold them everything I can sell them: what thisreally means is ",• You have failed to establish enough rapportwith the customer,,"tW• You have probably not followed up well(or at all) after the sale.:c:r,• Your customer had some problem and youre,reluctant to call and open a can of worms,. >k any• Youre in need of more sales and,::llscreativity training.And the big one. , ,,her• You have not developed a proper relationshipwith the customer.a.:: thanMost salespeople think that unless they are calling a customer to sellsomething, its a wasted calL Nothing could be farther from the truth,:,l"Im amazed at the salespeople who make a sale and move on to the next:,Intprospect, I challenge you to carefully (and honestly) look at your customer<_-:._lE
  • 58. list. Ill bet there are hundreds of opportunities to sell something,I would rather have.11100 satisfied customersto do business with-:, ""ill:. iOU.lme than 1,000 prospects.54 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitornelThe secret to agreat week is to use .Mondayas a springboard Schedule your hottestprospectfor morning.Make a sale on Monday• • •It does wonders for your week.Im often asked if there is some secret for consistent sales performance.The answer is simple. Have a great Monday. Have a great Friday.If youre looking for consistency in selling performance, try these 8.5 steps.You wont believe how luck, you start to get.1. Make a sale on Monday morning to start the week.2. listen to a sales training tape on Monday morning (mental Weight lifting).3. Make enough (at least five) appointments on Monday to ensure aproductive week.4. Work like hell all week.5. Listen to a sales training tape on Friday morning.6. Make a sale on Friday afternoon to end the week.7. Confirm and solidify your Monday appointment on Friday.S. Make five appointments on Friday for next week.8.5 Keep your pipeline fulL Have enough qualified prospects in the bank sothat a Monday sale isnt a major barrier. PREPARE for your success or itwont occur.Monday. How you do on the Itlst day of the week sets the tone forthe rest of it. And how you do on Monday is based entirely on howsmart you worked last week. If you are disciplined enough to followthese methods, you wont believe the difference it will make in your weekand your productivity.1. Make a sale first thing Monday morning ... Set an appointmentfor early Monday morning you are confident will buy. It makes you feel greatto capture a sale to start your week. Sets you in motion and gives you amental boost to work harder (and make another one).NOTE WELLMondaycan startfew calls be:"2. Learn sOlJleyour car or 1. ,news or :you make t1E: .:appointmen:
  • 59. 3. Make at 1ft:.Wby not haY:, "you. Pick up .,.,4. Work like hFriday. How:.peopleweek and5. Learn SOIllI!throughout r>:success as :1Cmorning,6. Make a saleafternoon. 7. Confirm an..•• If you wo:-:·:make-a-sale a::-:"S. Make atleaguarantee YOl.:>::relaxing instc:,,_this commitmc:"appointment"S.5 The secretspringboard.Monday. The :",2pipeline toSounds simple ,.!It just isnt ea"promise to ". ..(youll also elc, ::Now you la1O; ..will you DO i • •The Book of Big Secrets 55NOTE WELL: Since there are a lot of companies having sales meetings onMonday A.M., youre as productive as you can be with an appointment. Youcan start making sales calls after 10 A.M. (If time permits, you can also try a:dezlfew calls before 8 A.M. Lots of decision makers are early risers.)r;-test 2. Learn something new ... Pop a training or motivational tape intoyour car or home stereo (or both), and instead of listening to the same old,r, ilIa., cYnews or music, try to feed your head with new knowledge that will helpyou make that first sale. When you learn a new technique on the way to allappointment, you can try it out in minutes.3..Make at least five appointments for the rest of the week ...Why not have a Monday full of success and positive anticipation? Its up toyou. Pick up the phone and work at it.4. Work like hell all week ...Friday. How you do on the last day sets the tone for the next week. Most
  • 60. people slack off. If you work intensely on Friday, it will ensure success nextweek and give you good reason to have a great weekend., -:eps. 5. Learn something new ... Continuing your sales educationthroughout the week on a regularly scheduled basis is as important to yoursuccess as any other aspect of sales, but make sure you listen on Fridaymorning.6. Make a sale on Friday afternoon ... Schedule a close for Fridayafternoon ... nothing like ending the week on a positive note.7. Confirm and solidify your Monday appointment on Friday••. If you worked hard the last 4 days, youve already set your Monday A.M.make-a-sale appointment. Call the prospect on Friday and confirm it.8. Make at least five appointments for next week ... Why notguarantee yourself a full schedule next week? Spend your weekendrelaxing instead of worrying about how few appointments you have. Makethis commitment to yourself: I wont leave work on Friday until I have five.ill±;: soappointments and Ive set my Monday appointment/sale.," .:,r1r8.5 lbe secret to a great uleek is to use Monday as aspringboard. The bigger secret is to trigger it by making a sale calionMonday. The biggest secret is you having enough qualified prospects in your::le forpipeline to make that Monday sale possible. Keep your sales pipeline full.:,n how,, ,Sounds simple. Make appointments, listen to tapes, make sales. It is simple.- ,,-eekIt just isnt easy. But if you work intensely, you can do it. I can make onepromise to you ... follow these guidelines and youll have sales consistency(youll also earn money)., greatNow you know the secret. Ive given you the answer. The question is whatwill you DO with the answer..156 THE SALES BIBtE jeffrf?Y GitomerIn every company there is one person you arecertain can make a decision: The CEO.Why start anyplace else?The power ofbeing introduced the CEOdown to the decision maker is better than a Christmaswhere Santa brings you everything on your list.Easiest way to make a sale?Top-Down SellingM!Vhat does the Guggenheim Musewl1 (a classic modern art museum inNYC housed in a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) have incommon with sales success? They reconmlend that you start at the top,The building is one big circular ramp. You take an elevator to the top floorand casually walk down eight inspiring floors. Its the same in sales. Why
  • 61. start at the bottom and fight your way up through people who cantdecide and wholl use their Olmce of power to make your life miserable?Take the elevator and start at tbe top. Dont walk uphill!Where do you start? How high up the ladder do you dare go when makingan initial approach to a prospect? The rule is ... The higher you start,the more success youre likely to meet.Getting there properly can be tricky. If you just ask for the preSident, theowner, the boss, or the fearless leader, you may get through, but it will payyou to prepare before making a call to the CEO, especially if the prospectrepresents an important sale to you.1. Get read, be:it your best or;,• Have a Ii ;writing : .._you want• Be totalh(salesbefore yo"• Identifr tl.,many ell,,.,and assoc.,::2. Use the rid:!• ASK FOR• Jfyou get ,:• Be polite, r,: :.• Be profe5S:• Persist - y, • Get his -embarra:sl: .. :Example:lx ,"Wow,• Get anythir. .. -,her on the "• Make sure "• Take acOlnpall,r, ::4It",Qil.i... _ ..... .._.IIiIIIIIIiIII$.I.·iii_The Book of Big Secrets 57:. are_TO.t?lse?:: CEO,<:mas: list.e?- .. "Jf_C" ..:-.. >.;mg
  • 62. c..:.n.",",Here is a four-step plan for contacting and scoring a CEO appointment:1. Get ready before you start. You only have one shot at it; makeit your best one.• Have a written game plan - Target 1 to 10 companies and defme inwriting what you want to accomplish and what it will take to get whatyou want.• Be totally prepared to sell be/ore you make the call - Have everything(sales pitch, concept, samples, daily planner) prepared and in front of youbefore you make the first call.• Identifj; tbe leader (lry name) and get as nlUcb in/onnation and as1rzany characteristics as you can - Make calls to underlings, associates,and associations to get pertinent information before you make the big call.2. Use the right tactics when getting to and getting through ...• ASK FOR HELP.• If you get the presidents secretary, get her name and use it.• Be polite, but firm.• Be professional.• Persist - you cant take the first no or rebuff.• Get his name - You can try "how do you spell his last name?" but itsembarraSSing to hear ]-O-N-E-S.• If they wont put you through the first tinle ...* Get his extension number,..,... Get the best time to call..... Find out when he usually arrives ...,... Find out when he takes lunch...,... Find out who sets his calendar...,... Find out if he leaves the building at lunch..... Find out when he leaves for the day.Example:You call; the secretary says, "Mr. Jones is on vacation."You say,"Wow, thats great, Sally. Where did he go?"• Get anything personal you can (golf, sales meeting time, staff meetingtinIe, important new product) and refer to it subtly when you get him orher on the phone.• Make sure the person closest to the boss likes you.• Take a chance on humor. Try this line: 1 know you run thecompany, but could 1 speak to tbe person wbo thinks tbey do?58 THE SALES BIBLE ./rdJrey Gitomer3. When you get him or her on the phone, shoot quickly.• Have your opening line.• Get right to the point.• Make it compelling (the best Power Question and statement of your life).• Ask for no more than 5 minutes (offer to be thrown out if you go past 5).• Have five comebacks if you are initially rebuffed.Notes about the CEO and the process ...• CEOs are hard to get to, harder to appoint, and easiest to sell.• If the CEO is interested, he or she will take you by the hand and
  • 63. introduce you to the team member (underling) who will actually dothe deal.• The CEO always knows where to send you to get the job done.• If they try to pawn you off without seeing you, it means you have notdelivered a powerrul enough message and theyre not interested. Thesolution? Fix it. Keep trying until you get an appointment.• If you start lower than the top, there is danger. No matter how powerrulpeople say they are or appear to be, they usually have to ask someoneelse for final approval - EXCEPT THE CEO. CEOs usually just ask theirsecretary or administrative assistant if they liked you. Get the picture?The benefits are obvious ...• The leader is always the decider.• The CEO may not be directly involved in purchasing what youre selling,but his or her introduction after a brief interest-generating meeting canbe the difference between sale and no sale.• The power of being introduced by the CEO down to the decision makeris as real as you would hope it is.Beware of the handoff. If the boss tries to hand you off too early (beforethe proposed 5-minute meeting), dont accept it. Say, "I appreciate yourwanting to delegate, but the reason I wanted to meet with you personallyis that this will impact your business significantly. Id like 5 minutes toshow you the highlights and get your reaction before 1 talk with anyoneelse in your firm. I know your time is valuable. If I take more than 5minutes, you can throw me out."4. Make your• Have a pr0I ,_• Have• Have a list• Have samp:C• Have• Be early• Look as c• Be knowlec;c _• Be memora:.c -rememberec• Deliver Yc: -..Its the most ebThe st·]·]·]·]The gift shopmuch more of .i >life).;)ast 5).jo.._.;: notrne
  • 64. - :·,,·erful,.. ::-.;:·:1C:r.eir__ :-.lre?•:,- C ::.:-. g. can:-. :nakerDefore··)Uf_ ::->::1ally.-:>,ne;::The Book of Big Secrets 594. Make your 5-minute meeting the best you ever had.• Have a proposal in writing.• Have notes on everything you want to cover.• Have a list of anticipated questions and answers.• Have samples or something to demonstrate.o Have credibility builders - your best letter, something in print.• Be early.• Look as sharp as youve ever looked.• Be knowledgeable have answers in terms of how it works for the buyer.• Be memorable - The thing that sets you apart, the thing that getsremembered is the thing that leads to the sale.o Deliver - You have one chance. Dont blow it by not following through.Its the most challenging, rewarding fun you can have in sales!The secret of top-down sellingis the 4.5 Rs ...• Be resourceful.• Be ready (prepared).• Be relentless.• Be remembered.There is a 4.5 R -- Risk it .Irs the only way to make it happen. Go for it.The gift shop at the Guggenheim has a T-shirt that says Start at tbe Top. Howmuch more of a wake-up call do you need? Call them and order a few today!60 THE SAlES BIBW Jeffrey GitomerI urge you to write yours. It builds yomcharacter at the same time it lays it bare.Your personal mission statement.A personal mission statement is your affirmation, philosophy, and purposerolled into one. Its an opportunity to bring your goals into focus andtransfer your ideals into the real world.Its a chance for you to write your own legacy. Its your personal challengeto yourself. Sounds pretty heavy, but actually its fun if you do it right. Hereare the ground rules:• Define yourself.• Who or what are you dedicated to (familyperson, children, etc.).
  • 65. • Defme your service to others.• Tell how you will strive to get better,do new things, grow.• Commit yourself to community service.• Tell how its getting done.Wonl... ~ that will help ... will, dedication, persist, honest, ethical, positive,enthusiastic, fun, health, learn new things, listen, help, provide, encourage,others, continually, example.Use your goals and visions to define your mission:• The examples you seek to set.• The ideals by which you live or seek to live .• The affirmations that you can use every day tomake you a better person.The process takes time. Write a flISt draft. Let it sit for a few days. Re-read itslowly and make changes that you feel better express your true feelings.Describe the things you think you are and the things you seek to accomplishor become.Dont be afraic .yourself, not orh::>to become. Do .PcIm attaching m:: :Im sharing mine -::some tough timeI urge you to wn.:c:bare. It serves asbuild on every ti,-.... $- r 1-% P;M... JDur,.: bare.lent...:.:2enge.-I ere. it. ::-:cplishThe Book of Big Secrets 61Dont be afraid or embarrassed to flatter yourself.Youre writing this foryourself, not others. Affirm everything you think you are or think you wantto become. Do it "ith a sense of pride and a spirit of adventure.Post it where you cansee it every day.Sign it in big,bold felt-tip pen.Live it. Live it every day.Im attaching mine to use as a template for yours. Feel free to paraphrase.Im sharing mine because it has helped me achieve some tough goals insome tough times.
  • 66. I urge you to write yours. It builds your character at the same time it lays itbare. It serves as a beacon of light in the fog of life. It is a path to take that youbuild on every day. It is your mission.62 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey GitomerJeffrey GitomerPersonal Mission StatenzentI am a father ...I will be a positive person and positive example.I will encourage my children, give them self-confidence,and help them understand the ways of the world.I will be a good person ...I will help others when I am able, without sacrificing my goals.I will say yes when I can, no when I cant.I will be the type of friend to others that they hope Ill be.I will not be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help when I need it.I will seek business leadership positions ...I will continue to be a leader by examplein sales, marketing, training, writing, and business consulting.My expertise and technology will position me to serve ...businesses and individuals with the highest-quality plans, reports,training, advice, business expertise, and customer support.I will strive to build quality long-term relationships ...with my customers and vendors, and to deal fairly and honestlywith all people and companies I encounter. I will continuallyendeavor to increase the level of service to my customers.I will help my customers discover the best solutions their sales, marketing, and management needs by listening, providinginformation, and performing services to the highest of excellence.I will serve my community ways that reflect my commitment to co-workers, customers, and friends;and show my appreciation for the help and support they andthe community have given me.I will be the best person I can be for myself so I can be my bestwhen helping others. I will be enthusiastic in all that I do.I will do my best to maintain my health.I will try to learn something new every day.I will have fun every day.I will rededicate myself to my positive attitude every day.Jeffrey GitomerTHE SALPaThe Rules. th eBo.[H1l1lI[The Bigg,U A funny thin.. :-_on the Yay:- _1....
  • 67. .--.:.;.--ends;bestdl).0-,THE SALES BIBLEPart 1The Rules, the Secrets, the FunTheeB1»1»Ik 1»f]I-[1illm1»Ir -The Biggest Secret* Afunny thing happened to meon the way to a sale! ................ 641.564 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey GitomerIfI can get the prospect or customer to laugh,I can get him or het, to buy... So can you.Afunny thing happenedto me on the way to a sale!When youre on sales calls and prospects tell you no, start thanking them.Tell them that by saying no, theyre helping you get one step closer to yes.Tell them how much you appreciate it. Tell them it takes you fIve nos to getone yes and you still need three more nos. Ask them if they know anyoneelse who might not be interested, so tbat you can get tbe tbn3e I1Wle 110Sbefore someone says yes. Tell them you need people to tell you no, becauseit helps you get to the yes quicker. Itll blow them away. Humor. How muchof it do you employ when selling? Enough to make a sale?Humor is one of the most important communication strengthsneeded to master in the selling process. If you can get the prospector customer to laugh, you can get him or her to buy.Nothing builds rapport faster than humor. Its a bonding mechanismthat transcends (and reveals) all prejudice and prejudgments. It brings theselling process to a real level. It brings out the truth. I have found thatmany truths are revealed through humor. If you listen carefully to aprospects jokes, it will often reveal philosophy, prejudice, and intelligence(or lack of it).How can you use this powerful tool to make more sales? Here are afew guidelines:• Use humor in the warm-up of the presentation to set a happytone for the meetiug. The earlier you get a prospect to laugh, the better.Laughter is a form of approval.• Dont make jokes at someone elses expense. If the prospect knowsthe person (you never know who knows who), or is related to the personat the brunt end of the joke, youre dead meat. If it is repeated, I guarantee it""ill be mistold or altered, and will surely come back to haunt you.. Use yourself :bhuman and c:.u:• Some people 1.(
  • 68. horrifying. "lake"counts. But no ::.stops before the -• Dont useethnic. Thatswho said that tt _to tell one. I hJYtand Id rather 11.1;: .,my friends opir:• Listen before -Idemeanor of thewill kill you as I.>·• Try using personSomething fum}were a kid, ratht:: :.• If you tell a jokeit is actually a nf2reason for using :::;:-fIrst time.· Tuning. Tuning..prospect or era. c:time for a politic.:use humor whert .:• Keep a joke file.remember them - "· There are hunwIabout the other gt:- People in bordee- ..: .North Carolina ic -::::lived in Indiana .. : -:C"from New York• Risque jokes Cartthem to the wrc::,.:: ::.engaging your n: _• Thm questions illphone pitch and :much does this c -: .,711gb,.. :;; rou.dLie!_ ...res.":0 getone!las:"ccauseC. r:mch:,ect
  • 69. .. .l:1ism..:: theh.lppy::: .. :-:nows: ";:;:"on.. itThe Book of Humor 65o Use yourself as the example or victim of tbe joke. It shows youre!human and can take it. Its also a safe form of humor.o Some people wont get the joke. Silence at the end of a joke is prettyhorrifying. Make sure its funny to someone else before you tell it where itcounts. But no matter how tested the material, some peoples elevatorIstops before the top floor, and they will never get it.o Dont use ethnic humor or make ethnic jokes unless youre theethnic. Thats not a guideline, thats a rule. I was challenged by a friendIIIwho said that telling someone an ethnic joke is implied approval for othersto tell one. I have mixed feelings about that. I go back to truth in humor,and Id rather have the prospect reveal himself or herself. But I do respectmy friends opinion.o Listen before you tell a joke. Try to determine the type anddemeanor of the person or people youre addressing. The wrong humorIwill kill you as fast as the right humor will let you live (and sell) eternally.II• Try using personal experience rather than story-type jokes.Something funny happened in your office, with your kid, or when youIi,were a kid, rather than "two guys were walking down the street ... "Io If you tell a joke that prospects or customers have heard before,Iit is actually a negative to make them hear it again. Thats one greatreason for using personal humor they are sure to be hearing it for thefirst time.o Timing. Timing. Timing. Humor properly inserted will turn theprospect or crowd in your favor. But be forewarned - there is never a righttime for a political or religious joke told to someone you dont know. Dontuse humor where its not appropriate.• Keep a joke file. Write down funny things or events so that you canremember them in selling or speaking situations.. There are humor tendencies. Men and women tend to make jokes
  • 70. about the other gender. Religious groups are apt to take each other on.People in bordering states tend to be on the wrong end of the joke. InNorth Carolina it seems to be about farmers inWest Virginia, but when Ilived in Indiana, it was those farmers from Kentucky.And of course if yourefrom NewYork everyone else in the world is a farmer.o Risque jokes can be risky. They will get you in trouble if you saythem to the wrong person. Know the limits of your audience beforeengaging your mouth.• fum questions into opportunities with humor. You give a 30-secondphone pitch and ask for an appointment at the end. The prospect asks, "Howmuch does this cost?" You say, "Oh, I dont charge to make a sales call."66 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomer• Dont dread cold calls; laugh them off. There is a fear and dislikemany salespeople have when it comes to cold calling. A salesman told me astory that he had a big fear of being thrown out of a company whenmaking a cold call. I suggested to him that his strategy should be to onlycold call on one-story buildings.Adapt real-world humor to a real-world selling situation. I was making apresentation in a room full of smokers. I hate smoke. So I recounted a storywhere I was driving with my friend, Becky Brown, and she was talkingabout how tough it was to quit smoking and how hard she was trying butjust couldnt. I asked, "Have you ever tried the gum you know, thatnicotine gum?" She said, "I tried it, but I couldnt keep it lit."I made the sale. If you can make em laugh. you can make em buy.THE SALPaPreparing to ~1rj]B({]){we* TheWOWb....the big sale.* Are you usL1Z -=factor? "" ..* Remember c.:.:... like all tt-:-).I!IIII!"" ~ . "THE SALES BIBLEPart 2~ ~ ~ - . c: n1e aPreparing to WOW the Prospect~ - - - - ~ - - - . ~ - ~ . - .".,.. .1story. - - ~
  • 71. .; butrIbceB({])({])]k ({])~WOW~ The WOW factor. Use it to landthe big sale............................... 68~ Are you using the WOWfactor? ...................................... 71~ Remember me? Im a salesman. . . like all the others............... 742.168 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey GitomerThe WOWfactor totalry separates you from eve1yone.Using WOW turns yourprospect into a customet:The WOW factor.Use it to land the big sale.WOW is your ability to be different. The WOW factor and your closing ratiohave lots in common. If you dont WOW em, its likely you wont sellem. I went to NewYork to sell a publisher on a book idea based on mysuccessful column on selling skills, Sales Moves. I used the WOW factor,Background and preparation. 1 developed a total WOWpreparation. I had sample prototype book cover designs and mock-ups; Ihad a 15-page proposal including several letters of reference; I named thebook The Sales Bible; I had the name trademarked; I had a multimediapresentation prepared by the Whitley Group; I had a daring marketingconcept incorporating a computer disk and a package of wallet-sizedflashcards to make it different from all other books on the shelf; I wrote mypitch and answers to every objection 1 could think of; I selected clothing Ithought was appropriate; 1 was ready.1 selected 10 target publishers and contacted four before I arrived in ;"Y Imade one solid appointment with the publisher I really wanted (a majorpublishing firm with a guy Im calling Mr. Book).This is how the appointment was made. It took me seven calls to get Mr.Books name and extension number! Call number eight BINGO. Heanswers his own phone. (He later said, "The phone is usually moreimportant than what Im doing.") I tell Mr. Book everything he needs toknow in about 1.5 minutes he seems interested. I tell him Ill send him aproposal and 1 ask him for a 5-minute appointment. He says, The old 5minute appointment bit. Did you read that in the Harvey Mackay book?"I said, "Listen, Harvey Mackay is from Minnesota, Im from Jersey. Helearned that ploy from me!" Mr. Book laughed and said OK to a 5-minuteappointment. (I sent Mr. Book my package by next-day air.)I had two mtnr"lof Charlotte fwho put mehad published _coaching and ::-:-,_The first appalnManhattan aIk _ minutes." I sur:
  • 72. presentationtwo personalminutes. Then :- : ..:.talks, the morc: ,,::minutes later, II;Mr. Book says, :-me run it by rr- _next threebe meeting?" I "", _gain a positiondilemma. and Ithe next fewwith the CEO 0-_"I should be"Great. Why d()c _tomorrow?" I"Looks fine to 1:-,Im so excited I _(In Manhattan ;or cares.)I get back to n:my door. 1 call, _few other peor.:want a diction.l:- _,$The Book of WOW 69I had two mentors help me with my presentation. Ty Boyd, the voiceof Charlotte for two decades and one of the nicest people Ive ever met,who put me on the right path; and Bill Lewis, who was in Manhattan and- . one.had published 20 books. (Every day I showed up at his place for an hour of11I!eJ:coaching and encouragement. He was instrumental to my sllccess.)The first appointment. 1walk into Mr. Books office in midtownManhattan and he says, "OK, Gitomer, I read your proposal. Youve got 5minutes," I start in immediately with background, get to the meat of mypresentation in less than 2 minutes, put my prototype in his hands, sneak intwo personal questions (for rapport), and tlnishmy pitch in less than 5leeminutes,Then I begin to question, listen, and take notes. (The longer hetalks, the more questions he asks, the stronger my chances are.) PQrty-jive,.:: ratiominutes later, Im still in there.sellMr. Book says, Im interested. Leave me your stuff (my only copies), and letme run it by my CEO." Great. Ive got three other publishers to see in thenext three days, and this guy wants to keep half my tools. "Vhen will yoube meeting?" I ask lightly. "Before the end of the week," he says, trying toI gain a position of power, (Here goes my risk statement.) "I have a slightthe
  • 73. dilemma, and I need your help; I said. "Ive got sever,il appointments overthe next few days. Do you think you might have a chance to discuss thiswith the CEO by tomorrow?":c my"I should be able to." he said.:.·.::1g I"Great. Why dont we set up an appointment for the end of the daytomorrow?" I said, nailing him to the Hoor. "4:30 OK?" I ask. He says,TI"Looks fine to me:lJrIm so excited I could scream.l walk back to my hotel singing and dancing.(In Manhattan you can do anything you want. No one notices, looks,lr,or cares.)I get back to my room and theres a phone message from Mr. Book undermy door. I call. He says, "Can you make it a little earlier? 1 want to have a,:l-::1 afew other people present; "Yeah, sure; I reply in a millisecond. (If you everwant a dictionary definition of a buying signal, that was it.)".I", .:(e70 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffiey GitomerThe second appointment. I arrive 10 minutes early the next day. Mr.Book leads me into a conference room so that I can hook up mycomputerized (Whitley-prepared) presentation. In walks the national salesmanager. I have to convince him why my book will selL I turn on mycomputerized multi-media dog-and-pony show that has him leaning so farforward he about falls out of the chair. Now its time to drag out every toolin my box. I talk about additional distribution ideas I have. I tell him Iwould be glad to go with him on selected sales calls. He is now totallyconvinced he can sell it.We then negotiate" Wbat if we accept you?" terms. Advances, royalties, andpublicity. Mr. Book asks, "If I offer you this deal [he lists the bullet points]would you take it?" Oheres a switch now hes closing me) "Yes," I say.He says, Tll call you by noon tomorrow and let you know," and walks outof the room. Eighteen more hours of agony.The third appointment. By 1:00 P.M., no call. I call him. He gruffly says hehasnt met Mr. Big yet and will call later. Tactically I tell him Ill stop by atthe end of the day to pick up some of my materials. He says OK. Im anervous wreck.At 3:30 he leaves a message for me. I decide not to callbackAt 4:45 I show up at his office. He keeps me waiting until 5:20. Hecomes out to greet me and says the magic words: Lets talk business.WOW! I just made the biggest sale of my life!I also failed. It is important to note that in success there are alwaysfailures. In all I contacted 10 publishers and two agents. All were cold calls.Six publishers turned me down or said I needed an agent before theywould talk to me. One agent said no; the other has yet to call me backWOW
  • 74. Im saving the rejection lettersso Icanframe them around my book.Are you 1One of the mosTWhat is WOP .WOW -WOW separate: .WOW separate5 . c: -.WOW :::cWOW is the full _. .Are you WOW: T,How do you 0You can measure .following 10 aspc.:1. Be totallyinformation. to ge-_2. Be totally,kno;;J.lof the prospect .L:":sale. Use the fam· __much ittiormaric.: . - .a first-time user ..:o. _. :3. Be totally prepJrehearsed. HaYe ., C. -:or sell. Develop ,:--possible objecti:-.of them.4. Be 10 minute: tdisaster to arrin: _.5. Be totally profebriefcase,The Book of wow 71, ,. _ . 1:".-.lIesThe WOWfactor can be used by anyone.farThe problem is that most salespeopletoolwon)t sacrifice enough to create it.Are you using the WOW factor?One of tbe most powerful aspects of sales - being difterent .. -.lY.What is WOW? ... WOW is sales!.. _._·:,JutWOW separates the strong from the weak.WOW separates the sincere from the insincere.WOW separates the sales pros from the cons.
  • 75. - . heWOW separates the yess from the nos.atWOW is the full measure of your sales power and the way you use it .. •• - ,1_.illAre you WOW? Is WOW a factor in your selling process?HeHow do you WOW the customer?You can measure how much WOW is in your sales effort by looking at thefollowing 10 aspects of what make up WOW:1. Be totally persistent - To reach the prospect, to get the prospect yourcalls.information, to get information about the prospect, to appoint the prospect.- ..2. Be totally knowledgeable about the prospect - Your knowledge.:,.,::;-:,of the prospect and his or her business is often critical to completing thesale. Use the famous "Mackay 66· questionnaire as a guideline for howmuch information is needed. Go to register if you area first-time user, and enter the words "lVlACKAY66" in the GitBox.3. Be totally prepared - Have a perfect presentation that youverehearsed. Have a written proposal for what you want to accomplishor sell. Develop support tools and support documentation. Identify allpossible objections, and prescript, test, and rehearse responses for eachof them.(Jok.4. Be 10 minutes early - It is best to arrive a little early. It is always adisaster to arrive late. Carry a light load (only what you need for the show).5. Be totally professional- Great clothing, professional accessories;briefcase, business cards. Have everything crisp and clean.i2 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffiey Gitonzer6. Get to the point quickly, then question, listen, and question -Add up your 5(Talk straight to the point. Get your meat out in 5 minutes or less. Writedown your thoughts when the prospect is talking. Dont interrupt7. Totally separate yourself from your competition and everyoneelse - Have creative, new ideas; have the sale in finished form (designdone, preliminary layout, sample); have a VOW computerized presentation(multimedia); have a comparison chart of key areas where you beat theGetting to ~ c . .competition. Do things (professionally) no one else would do.making a plan ~ •~8. Be totally confident in what you say and the way you act - Builddiscipline to c:rapport first and keep building it during the presentation. Use humor, useimplement tee • - :..humor, use humor. Act and speak as though the deal were done. Use totalmanners - think back to your mother screaming at you about how to act
  • 76. civilized and do it. Dont confuse confidence witb cockiness. One works;tbe otber fails..;.9. Dont be afraid to use sales tactics - but dont be obvious. Get tiedowns, approvals, and commitments along the way Dont leave without."knowing where you stand. Dont leave without a written-down nextaction, deadline, and/or meeting.10. Be WOW yourself - You must be positive, enthusiastic,focused, polished, and convinced. You must be outstanding enough tobe memorable.There is a chJL;::- ~ .Here are 15 characteristics/words that epitomize a VOW salesperson:process. If rOl: ;must put your WOW Factor My score: l=lowest, 5=highestincorporate ( ..1. Persistent (relentless) 1 234 52. Prepared 1 23453. Best 1 234 5• p4. Creatively different 1 234 55. Funny 1 2345• Lc ~ :6. Truthful 1 234 57. Real (genuine) 1 23 4 58. Compelling 1 2 3459. Fast and to the point 1 2345In sales i: ;10. Skillful 1 234
  • 77. 511. Knowledgeable 1 2 3 4 512. Courageous 1 2345To ~13. Memorable 1 2 345..14. Long term 1 2 3 4 515. Able to get to yes 1 2 345Je5tion, Xnteeveryone:: ,:: the.let BuildJr. usetOtalact,Jlks;Get tie:0o :1:....----The Book of wow 73Add up your score and rate yourself.70-75 = WOW60-69 =AOK50- 59 = SO?15 -49 = DUDGetting to WOW is identifying weaknesses in the preceding 15 areas,making a plan to strengthen them one by one, developing the selfdiscipline to carry out the plan, and taking action to practice andimplement the changes. You can do it if you want it bad enough.Are you WOW? Ask yourself ...• Would you buy it if you were the buyer?• Do you have what it takes to stick with it, stickto it, and do it until its done?• Will the prospect be moved to act as a resultof your presentation?• Will the prospect go home or around the officeand talk about you in a positive way?• Do you epitomize the 15 WOW characteristics?There is a challenge and sacrifice needed to put WOW into your selling
  • 78. process. If you have the fortitude to put the package together, then youmust put your WOW in front of the prospect. Here are the final steps toincorpolate WOW into your presentation. Notice that all are intangible:• Focus on your target.• Have your dreams ever present in your mind.• Put your passion in your presentation.• Dont ever let them see you sweat.• Let them feel your belief in yourself andyour product.• Never quit.In sales it all boils down to one word ... yes.To get there more often,use WOW74 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomelWhen you leave an appointment or anetworking eventywill anyone rememberthat you were there?Remember me? Im a salesfllan. .. like all the others.My cat, Lito, has a business card. She is our c01porate mascot and plays avital role in my office productivity.Whenever I need an important paper,Lito is lying on it. I give her card out in seminars and training programs forfun and a laugh. But everyone who gets her card keeps it, shows it tosomeone else, talks about it, and talks about me.Being memorable is creating a vivid image in the mind of the prospect thatdistinguishes you from others. What you do, how you do it.Wbat you say,how you say it.How memorable are you? Do your prospects talk about you when youregone? Or are they talking about (and ordering from) your competitor?Here m"e some recommendations and examples of tuhat bas beenmemorable ... and brought about business:Spend money on your business cards. They are the image you projectabout the quality of your business. Take a look at your business card. Willcustomers and prospects remember you from it? If someone gave it to you,would you make a comment about it?My friend, Richard Herd, prints his on the back of a deck of playing cards_He has received thousands of comments about his card. He has peopletalking about his card after a sales call. He also has lots of customers.Coincidence?My friend, Greg Gregory, is vice president of Builders Supply, a 53-year-oldbusiness in Lancaster, sc. They supply lumber and building materials tohome builders throughout the region. Last week he had business cardsprinted for his truck drivers. He considers them a valuable part of his teamand wants hisconsider them .His ambassadc:customers.H;c:,-Get with the time
  • 79. of the _check that youhere is the bare -:.Does your busi::;:: -, ._have the .. _Youd better nuke - ...A note about e-mamore than just .e-mail address. -.; .be for personal .::;company to loa:..;get yourself a ct, ::.addresses. Its aRespond with a pc<!your foot in the,:tell me that apersonalizedamong other thi;-_> developed amemorable.___.... - n"; OJ a•;,.IJlber: :bere?man-" _.:.-:S a,c:,cr,for: that,,re:- --,iect, _--=-7:-._ learnThe Book of WOW 75and wants his drivers to be memorable to his customers. Gregory doesntconsider them drivers - he thinks of them as ambassadors of his company.His ambassadors are on the front lines with daily interface with hiscustomers. They are ready to serve in a memofdble way. WOw.Get with the times. Want your business cards to be current with the restof the business world? Better pull yours out of your wallet and doublecheck that youve got the basics covered, And man, the information listedhere is the bare minimum needed for conducting business today.Does your business card (and everyone of your employees business cards)
  • 80. have the following information?* Name**TitleCompany name* Company address* E-mail address* Companys Web site address* Phone (with area code)* Fax (with area code)* Cell phone (if applicable)* Company logoYoud better make them memorable " and make them quick.A note about e-mail. If youre a company of any size at all, meaningmore than just YOll being a Lone Ranger at your desk in your den, get a reale-mail address. None of this Hotmail or AOL crap. Those accounts shouldbe for personal use, not for professional communication, If you want yourcompany to look like its going to be around for more than 3 months,get yourself a domain name for your Web Site and for your employeesaddresses. Its a minimal and worthwhile investment in your business.Respond with a personal surprise. After I wrote an article on gettingyour foot in the door, Sheila Neisler ofA Basket of Carolina, wanted totell me that a gift basket was a good tool, so she hand-delivered one withpersonalized items: a book of quotes on winning and cat food (for Lito),among other things. She was talked about in this office for weeks. We havedeveloped a business relationship that will last ". because she dared to bememorable.76 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffie) GitomerHere are S01ne elements that you can incorporate into a memorablemarketing campaign:(... Hand delivery.c" Fast delivery.(... Early service.:... Late (after hours) service .... Delivering more than you promised.,... Personalized thank-you.r... Fax a joke.r... Quotation example (famous quotebook of quotes).r... A remarkable business card.:... Gift basket of things that are meaningfulbanner from college, golf balls, personalizedanything .... Fax an article about the persons interest .... A birthday call.c" "I was thinking about you" call.(... Personal attention - before, during, andAFTER the sale .... Delivering a gift of thanks - gift basket,
  • 81. plant, flowers.... Delivering a personalized gift of thanksa book about the persons interests,a golf lesson.Do something that says,"I took the time to get to know youAND Im acknowledging myappreciation for your business."To be mem,Jr: .:customer. Thelevel. To _GettingIf you have the __yourself one c.>::,they will, you ::e·,",.".l4JIilllit3......, " ,{ .LiIBb!:-"1,&:.",The Book of WOW 77To be memorable, you need personal information from your prospect orcustomer.The famous "Mackay 66" takes personal information to a newleveLTo start, you must develop a form to gather the following data:@ Number of kids (in school? which one?).§> College attended.@ Favorite sports teams.§> Favorite restaurant, food.9> Type of car.@Type of pet.@ Hobbies.@ Favorite magazine.@ Last book read.@ Prime goal.§> Last vacation - where.©> Trade publications read.© Trade association involvement.©> Civic/community organizations.@Hometown.@ Other places lived or worked.©> Present place of residence.Getting personal information will facilitate follow-up if you use it properly.If you have the information, how will you use it to be memorable? Askyourself one question: lVill they talk about you ajteruard to others? Ifthey will, youre on the right path.rOll....,,.78 TIIE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerThe value and power of using the information you have must be
  • 82. strategized! Planning a memorable follow-up program for the client will getthe results you want. Here are the planning elements to consider:-+- The game plan (and budget).-+- The objectives.-+- The urgency (selling cycle time).-+- The tools to be used.-+- The verbiage of all writing ... with impact.-.... The verbiage of the pitch (phone, in person)... with impact..... The objections - scripted responses.-+- The implementation (and training).-+- The measurement - documenting results.Being memorable and being remembered means doing creative,personal tbings. Things like ...If you have tickets, dont give them tocustomers. Go with them.Take them to their favorite restaurant.Donate to tbetr charity in their name.Make them your Customer of the Month. Sendthem an award plaque.Share a fan1ily experience - Discovery Place,a Knights game, a picniC.Have a customer award programBest, Most Fun to Talk To, Most Professional.Send a handwritten note with a personal message.I was at a networking event last weekA Charlotte Fast 50 corporatepresident ran over to me saying, "Hey, Gitomer, show this guy your eatscard: "Have one," I said, "and have one of mine in case the cat isnt in.I usually handle her calls.... Im printing another batch of Litos cards.Authors note: In February of 1999, my friend and companion of 14 yearspassed away in her sleep. I wish I could tell you how close we were eventhough we spoke different languages.To maintain her place in businesshistory, we have named our publishing company Lito Press. Her first bookwas published in December 2002 and the company made a profit its very[tIst week of business. Evidently, Litos nine lives were not completely usedup when she died.THE SALPalPreparing to 1TJJBCO[* To sell or fi:: :(Power)* Setting upand loweric... :-.* Can you ..:questionsi-
  • 83. _.THE SALES BIBLEPart 2.. will getPreparing to WOW the Prospect0·,t.lfS·-en-.,Jkc..:sedTheJBooIk of1X To sell or not to sell, that is the(Power) Question .................... 801X Setting up the question .. .and lowering the boom............ 831X Can you close a sale in fivequestions? ................................ 852.2I80 THE SAtES BIBLE jeffrey GitomerThe question is tbe most important skilla salesperson should master ...The importance ofasking one properlylies somewhere between sale and no sale.To sell or not to sell,that is the (Power) Question.Two of the most important aspects of selling are asking questions andlistening. The proper questions will make the prospect tell youeverything you need to sell him or her.Combine powerful questions with effective listening skills and you willhave the power and self-diScipline to uncover facts/needs, then formulatea response that moves the buyer to a decision.Man, that sounds so simple. So why doesnt everyone buy when you try tosell them? Because ...1. Youre not doing an effective job of askingquestions.2. Youre not doing an effective job of listeningto the prospect.3.You have a preconceived notion about theprospect - prejudging the type of person,anticipating answers, and interruptingdialogue.4.You think you already know all the answers,so why bother asking questions or listeningwith full attention?
  • 84. 5.You have not uncovered the true needs of theprospect. How can you satisfy needs if youdont know what they are?The most efie,How does th.l:you say.just anquestionHow do you .,-,questions uric"Developing Ii i,to lIIi,,,rypes and " "1. Is the qUbtl(the question, :: "2. Does the qUtprospect can hi]path toward ,3. Does the q U:infonnation orasking superichallenge thee4. Does the q Utyour competiw!yourself fron: ::thought to5. Does the q titpast experienceshare things ( care rapport-I;:6. Does the q utnever thought 0the top of YO",7. Does the qU(presentation prending word- .,:you with the ,,;.your presenLL8. Does the qtHsituation?direct respoc-cskill..."operly. : f) sale.,•tlOfl.l .nu
  • 85. .-. _Llte_ toThe Book of Questions 81The most effective sales call is 25% questioning/talking and 75% listening.How does that compare with what you do? "Oh, that doesnt app{y to me,"you say. "iMy product is different. [ need to talk more." Bull-blankThatsjust an excuse.Vhat youre really saying is, "[ dont know hmv to ask aquestion effecttve{JI,"How do you ask a question? In a word - open-ended. Avoid yes or noquestions unless youre sure yes is a slam dunk - as in a tie-down question.Developing and asking Power Questions is the fulcrwn point ofyourability to understand tbe prospects needs. Here are 12.5 challenges to tbetypes and styles of questions you ask ...1. Is the question clear and concise? Does the prospect understandthe question, its meaning, content, and implication?2. Does the question require productive thinking before theprospect can fonnulate a response? Have you put the prospect on thepath toward your product or service as a result of the question?3. Does the question force the prospect to evaluate newinformation or concepts? Are you building prospect credibility byasking superior questions that dont make people feel inferior, but dochallenge them in a new way?4. Does the question make you seem more knowledgeable thanyour competitors by probing in new areas? Are you separatingyourself from the competition by asking questions the competition neverthought to ask?5. Does the question lead the prospect (and you) to draw frompast experience? Are you asking prospects questions that make themshare things they are proud of? Tbese are not only sales questions; theyare rap pan-building questions.6. Does the question generate a response that the prospect hasnever thought of before? ::lew twists make you seem different, better, atthe top of your game.7. Does the question provide a tie-down answer that moves thepresentation process closer to a dose? Using question lead-in orending words, like dont you, isnt it, sbouldnt you, doesnt it, providesyou with the opportunity for the prospect to say yes to a particular part ofyour presentation and move on to the next area.8. Does the question relate directly to the prospects (business)situation? The more direct the question, the more likely you are to get adirect response.82 THE SALES BIBtE jeffrey Gitomel9. Does the question relate directly to the prospects objectives?Are you probing in areas that the prospect can relate to? Areas that makethe prospect commit to real answers?10. Does the question draw infonnation from the prospect thathelps you make the sale easier? Questions about how your product orservice will be used, what are his or her expectations.11. Does the question create an atmosphere that is positive and
  • 86. conducive to make a sale? Is the question provocative or provoking?Dont make prospects mad when you ask a question - make them think.12. Are you asking a question back when a prospect asks youone? Prospect: Can I get delivery in two weeks? Salesperson: Is that whenyou need it delivered?12.5 The ultimate question -- Are you asking a closing question?A question to which the answer confirms the sale.Do you have 10 or 12 different closing questions written downto rehearse and use as the occasion arises? Ill bet you dont.Vant to master the science of formulating and asking Power Questions?Write two or three questions that respond to each of the 12.5 challengesabove, and incorporate them into your selling process. If you do, Ill makeyou two promises:1. It will be very challenging.2. The reward for doing it will make youa better, more financially rewarded salesperson... forever.Questions are to sales as breath is to life.If you fail to ask them, you ,vill die.If you ask them incorrectly,your death ,vont be immediate,but its inevitable.If you ask them correctly, the answer is ...a sale.Settin:andIn Ray Leone "discusses qUe- the mostpresents acould change c;.: cFirst stage.. <: ...Second stag"and creates erc .Third stage .. . c ctwo stages.OK, sounds pre·Here are threeLets say Im StUHrst stage: y_ ,:quotas set fo!. ::,:experience b.:;" ,often poor SLL":achievementsell on otherthemselves: .( -,Third stage:Eand maintain c_ ••••Pretty cool. b;;"""Mj$:;;;:atJjJPI
  • 87. ... .lke,,:::c: that.let or[L,t and.. :::11:....... ,Oilcbent,; Jestion?:-:;-;?,) ille.Ie,The Book of Questions 83Setting up the question is as important as asking it.Setting up the question ...and lowering the boom.In Ray Leones insightful book Success Secrets of the Sales Funnel, hediscusses questions as part of his sales philosophy, Leone says the questionis the most important skill a salesperson should master, and I agree, Hepresents a three-level strategy in setting up and asking the question thatcould change the way you ask questions from now on.First stage . .. Make a factual statement that cant be refuted.Second stage . .. Make a personal observation that reflects your experienceand creates credibility.Third stage ... Ask an open-ended question that incorporates the firsttwo stages.OK, sounds pretty easy. Lets try it.Here are three (concise) examples to illustrate this technique:Lets say Im selling sales training.rzrst stage: "You know, Mr.}ones, sales staffs rarely meet the sales goals andquotas set for them by their boss or manager! Second stage: "Myexperience has shown me that when there is a lack of training there isoften poor staff attitude and an absence of goal-setting and goalachievement skills. Interestingly the staff tends to blame their inability tosell on other things and other people rather than take the responsibilitythemselves." (Now, and only now, is it time for you to drop the question.)Third stage: "How are you ensuring that your sales reps meet their goalsand maintain a positive attitude?"Preuy cool, hub? Lets try anothe1 one.1584 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffitry GitomerNow Im selling copiers.First stage: "You know, Mr. Jones, document processing is an integr<ll part ofthe operation of any business." Second stage: "My experience has shownme that many businesses fail to put enough emphasis on the quality andcost control of their documents. They fail to realize that every time a copyis sent to a customer, it reflects the image and quality of their business."
  • 88. (Now it is time for you to drop the question.) Third stage: "How areyou ensuring that the quality of your copies reflects the quality of yourbusiness?" As an owner of a business, that question would makeme think.One more. Lets say Im an accountant (as far-fetched as thatseems).First stage: "You know, Mr. Jones, most businesses dont plan long enoughin advance for their best tax advantage: Second stage: "My experience hasshown me that entrepreneurs lack the financial expertise to do their ownplanning, then blame it on a lack of time. Thats what led us to put togetherthis tax planner. It takes about an hour a month, is simple to use and cansave you thousands of dollars every year." (OK, now its question time.)Third stage: "How are you planning for your taxes for this year? With yourpermission, Id like to review your return from last year and customize yourplanner for the type of financial situations you face day to day. Im sureyoure looking to save every tax penny you can and want an accountantwho "ill fight the IRS to keep every dollar allowed you under the law,dont you?"How the heck can you say no to that? You cant.This questioning technique is powerful. It builds credibility andidentifies needs at the same time. It works for any business or service.Dont take the examples too literally. Learn the concept and adapt it toyour business. The object is to compel the prospect to think and respondto you in a different way. So different that it sets you apart from (above)the competition.If youre going to use this technique successfully, write out the three stagesand give it about five practice sessions to work out the kinks, refine yourverbiage, and get familiar "ith the process.After about 25 attempts, youll own the technique and begin to see thereal rewards.Sales ,;( ...Can•mQuestions brec:creating an atm Secrets of tbein selling, has "C: _Heres a mbnurcSales soluti0115 .i.only accompli(:;:; _information.identify theThis questionin,.: -c: •close the sale ic .,printing.(Have aQuestion you choose :,Prospect says. I
  • 89. Question #2:Hccr.,to you?" ( _responses of theThe prospect ,,:.been asked qUeYou may even v::,L part of, wnand. - " copy:·mr?oS :hat- c ::::mgh:::.(;t hasown_ -gether_.. _ can,:::(.Jyour::.:ze your-, .::-e_:-, .lnt. --- _i7·:.c,,: :!)-c::.mdc.e))ur. ::The Book of Questions 85Sales solutions are easy once you identify the prospecfsproblems, concerns, and needs ...with questions.Can you close a salein five questions?Questions breed sales. Using Power Questions to find facts is critical tocreating an atmosphere in which a sale can be made. Ray Leone (SuccessSecrets of the Sales Funnel), who is probably as good a questioner as existsin selling, has issued this challenge: Can you close a sale in five questions?Heres a mixture of his technique and mine.Sales solutions are easy once you identify the prospects problems. This isonly accomplished by well-crafted questions. Questions that extractinformation, needs, and concerns. The sale is most easily made once youidentify the prospects real needs and harmonize with his concerns .This questioning technique can be used to qualify, identify true needs, andclose the sale in five question steps. For this example, lets say Im sellingprinting.
  • 90. (Have a notepad out and use it as the prospect responds.)Question #1: "Mr. Prospect, how do you select a printer?" (Variation: "Howdo you choose a printer?")Prospect says, "Quality, delivery, and price."Question #2: "How do you defme quality?" or "What does quality meanto you?" (Ask the same "How do you define ... ?" question for all threeresponses of the "How do you choose ... ?" question_)The prospect will give you thoughtful answers. Many prospects have neverbeen asked questions like these and will be forced to think in new patterns.You may even want to ask a follow-up question or create a tie- down86 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomerquestion here before going to Question #3. For the prospect sayshe defmes quality as crisp, clear printing. You ask, "Oh, you mean printingthat reflects the image of the quality of your company?"How can a prospect possibly say no to tbat question?Question #3: "What makes that important to you?" or "Is that lllostimportant to you?" or Why is that important to you?"This question draws out the true need of the prospect. Finding out whatis important to them about printing and why printing is important are thekeys to closing the sale. There may be secondary or follow-up questions togain a clear defmition of what is important and why.Question #4: "If I could deliver the quality you demand so that the imagein your printing reflects the image of your business to your customers,and I could do it in the time frame you require, at a reasonable [not thecheapest} price, would I be [variation: is there any reason I would not be]a candidate for your business?"Of course you would! This is a feedback question that combines the datafound in the flrst three questions. Its the classic "If I ... would you" questionthat makes the prospect commit. It actually quasi-closes the prospect. Ifthere is a true objection (we have to get bids . .. Someone else decides ...Im satisfied with my pmsent vendor), it is likely to surface here.Question #5: "Great! When could we begin?" or "Greatl When is yournext printing project?"The object of the flfth question is to pin the prospect down to a beginningdate or time or quantity to start doing business. In many cases you can sella sample order or trial.Vhere big-ticket products are involved (copiers,computers), a puppy dog approach will work best (leave your product forthe customer to use for a few days), or take the prospect to visit a satisfledcustomer and see your product in operation and get a live testimonial.This is not hard sell; its heart sell. Good questions get to the heart ofthe problem/need very quickly without the buyers feeling like theyare being pushed. Use the questioning process early and often. If youredoing a lot of talking and the prospects are not, youre boring theprospects and losing the sale.They dont care what youve got unless itserves their needs. The only way to identify those needs is to ask em.Looking for .,To use quest:in advance. ,problems. p",::-..create prospc:,
  • 91. uncovered.rou...,. .r..- - , : eet says-L" chat mostwhat-:.1rethe_.::":hms to__ trs._: the:lot bel- -_0:: data__ .::uc:stion.- :-..:: If,"::; ::e:1 is your- ;:::inning" sell-::tfS.- .:..:ct for_".Eist1edk }--le:1n oflike they-.-,)u·re.;:.;" it;:::1,The Book of Questions 87Looking for a few additional Power Question lead-ins? Try these ...• What do you look for ... ?• What have you found ... ?! i• How do you propose ... ?• has been your experience ... ?• How have you successfully used ... ?• How do you determine ... ?• is that a deciding factor ... ?• makes you choose ... ?• What do you like about ... ?• Wilat is one thing you would inlprove about ... ?• would you change about ... ?(Do not say, "{1hat dont you like about ... ?")• Are there other factors ... ?• Wilat does your competitor do about ... ?• How do your customers react to ... ?To use questions successfully, they must be thought out and written downin advance. Develop a list of 15 to 25 questions that uncover needs,problems, pains, concerns, and objections. Develop 15 to 25 more that
  • 92. create prospect commitment as a result of the information YOll haveuncovered.Practice.After about 30 daysof asking the right questions,youll begin to see the real rewards.88 THE SAlES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerThis is not hard sell;its heart sell.Good questionsget to the heartof the problem/needvery quicklywithout the buyerfeeling like he or she isbeing pushed.THE SA!P:Preparing to ~*You are HI: -,,Power ( ~ ~ ~ ~ : - :-~-I•ttl ...•__.THE SALES BIBLEPart 2Preparing to WOW the ProspectJIbceBco>co>Ik CO>fPco>wcerrYou are now under myPower (Statement) ........... 90..2.390 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerPower Statements make yourproductor service outstanding) credible!understandable. and buyable., vYou are now under myPower (Statement).Wbat is a PmJ)(!1 Statement? A statement that makes your product orservice outstanding, understandable, credible (incredible), and buyable. A(nontraditional) statement that describes what you do and how you do it interms of the customers and their perceived use or need for what youre selling.·Where does the statement get its power?
  • 93. Your creativity.Youre trying to make a sale or the impact that leads to one. The objectiveis to persuade and motivate the prospect or customer to act. Thatswbat a Power Statement is designed to do, If you do it right, it alsodistances you from and sets you above your competition.How do you create a Power Statement for your business? Easy - just thinkof what you do in terms of how your customer will benefit. Not a boringdescription, but a vivid, alliterative, benefit-filled picture - an energeticgroup of words that has the prospect wanting more.Heres tbe mind-set neededfor generating Power Statements:Dont sell drill bits. Sell the perfectly smooth holes they create.Dont sell printing. Sell the brochures that will reflect your prospectsimage and impact her sales.Dont sell cars. Sell the prestige and status youll have, or the smooth ride.Dont sell insurance. Sell safe, financially secure families protected fromtragedy.Dont sell eyeglasses. Sell better vision and a stylish look.Get it?Powercompleting :1I:, -+- A statemec :how he or-+- A statemen:->- A nontradi::it in terms .. =-+- A statemec _..-+- A statemCrlc .your comlc::-+- A stateme:1t-+- A statemec-+- A statemeI:t .-+- A statemec _-+- A statemem :-+- A statemen., :-.... A statemen: :Power Statemc_How do you re:boring one-seccsomeone else:instead of the c-;:• Temporal:] hemployees Iemployees i- , _or reduction• Mens Clotb,theirCharlotte h:>meeting or ,;.bought at L_
  • 94. Power StatemeDthose busine,,:businesses for ...represented. E.:,Droductcledible,,•-_. :[ in. seiling.,biective::1. [bats- :hink- iring-- ride.)n1The Book of Power 91Power Statements have several purposes and can serve many needs incompleting and solidifying the sale. A Power Statement is ...+- A statement that makes a prospect think about what you do in terms ofhow he or she can use what you offer.-* A statement that builds your credibility with a prospect.+- A nontraditional statement that describes what you do and how you doit in terms of benefits to your prospect.-»0. A statement about what you do in terms of what your prospect needs.+- A statement that draws a clear line of distinction between you andyour competitor.+- A statement that makes the prospect want to hear more.+- A statement that gives the customer a reason to buy,+- A statement that breaks down resistance.-»0. A statement that gives the customer more confidence to buy.+- A statement that makes a favorable impact on the prospect.+- A statement that links what you do and how it relates to the prospect.+- A statement that is memorable.Power Statements creatively say what you do in terms of a prospects needs.How do you respond when someone asks you what you do? Ill bet its aboring one-sentence description that has the other person looking forsomeone else to talk to. Here are some examples of using Power Statementsinstead of the previous answer you gave to the question, What do you do? ,..• Ternpomry Help:We provide quality emergency and temporaryemployees for businesses like yours so that when one of your ownemployees is sick, absent, or on vacation there is no loss of productivityor reduction of service to your customers.• lHens Clothing: Our experience has shown us that salespeople dress fortheir customers. We create the look you need to make that importantpresentation. Variation: Bruce Julian at Miltons Clothing Cupboard in
  • 95. Charlotte has a great power line: "When our customers have an importantmeeting or speech to make, they go their closet and select clothing theybought at Miltons.·WOW.Power Statements are memorable opening lines. I went to one ofthose business opportunity (franchise) shows. Companies trying to sellbusinesses for $10,000 to $150,000.There were more than 100 businessesrepresented. Half were immediately recognizable by their national stature,92 TIlE SALES BIBLE Je.ffrey GitomerI took my tape recorder because I was sure I would hear dozens of gems.Wrong, franchise breath. They were disappointing (pathetic). After the first20 or so duds, I was hoping to find just one. I did. As I walked by a boothloaded with Mickey Mouse products and clothing, a woman met me in theaisle and said, "Mickey Mouse makes more money in a year thanevery company in this room ... combined!" Wow, what a line. Ithanked her for making my day. She gave me a puzzled "Youre welcome?"Power Statements generate interest and get appointments.• Generic-interest Power Statement: Your key to profits is productivity.Last year we grew sales by more than 300% by providing items thatarrived on time and aided our customers productivity. In 30 days wecan improve yours.• Generic appointment Power Statement: Im not sure if I can help you,Mr. Johnson. Let me explore some details with you for a few minutes(or over lunch). If I think I can help you, Ill tell you, and if I think I cant,Ill tell you that, too. Fair enough?Have you created your Power Statements yet?Create your Power Statements now. Get out a sheet of paper in yoursales meeting. Brainstorm them with your sales team. Bring in your mostpowerful salesperson - your president. Write your Power Statements for allsituations. Why not take a fresh, powerful look at your selling expressions?Its a great way to sell against the competition ...Overpower them!THE SALEParrPlease Allow :le w Illbce Iojrrilll d1]* The 30-secon",personal ,-How to write ::* Thepersonal C01:::... -:-.:How to delic:::- ..* Got a referral; . _perfect3. ];: :1fSt- ththe
  • 96. i..:.n--,;:... ..-", ::- - -THE SALES BIBLEPart 3Please Allow Me to Introduce MyselfThee Bco>co>lkCO>Im§,tall.I1S?* The 30-secondpersonal commercial",How to write it.. ................ "...., 94* The 30-secondpersonal commercial " ,How to deliver it .................. , ... 99* Got a referral? Heres theperfect approach .......... "..... " 1 0 33.1...94 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerYour commercial is an opportunity toprovide information that creates interest andresponse from people you network with.The 30-second personalconunercial ... How to write itWhen you go to a business meeting or are networking, you are on thelookout for contacts and prospects.Your commercial is your opportunity toprovide information to create interest and response from prospects. It isthe prelude and the gateway to a sale.How effective is your commercial? Do you even have one?Lets say youre out with a customer networking at her trade associationmeeting and she introduces you to a prospect. The prospect says, "What doyou do?" If youre in the temporary staffmg industry and you say, Im in thetemporary staffmg industry," you should be shot.Your reply should be, "We provide quality emergency and temporaryemployees for businesses like yours so that when one of your ownemployees is sick, absent, or on vacation, there is no loss of productivity orreduction of service to your customers." You deliver a line like that andthe prospect cant help but be impressed.Now you have the prospects attention. You ask your Power Question(s) tofind out how qualified the prospect is. "How many employees do youhave?" you ask"Do you give them 1 or 2 weeks of vacation?" "How do youensure that the level of service to your customers isnt reduced during
  • 97. these vacation times?" Make the prospect think.Want to prepare or revise your commercial? Heres how:Your objective is to have 15 to 30 seconds of information that ...States who you areStates who your company isCreatively tells what you doAsks one or .:. ,.:,:"Makes aEnds with 1:::Jyou askthat makftThis informati,::-. "_you can help. .c..-:_ .questions mu":-::and talking. :",: _There is ncuntil you ha eThe Power Que-:.qualifies the pr,. -;.:formulating thefive questions:l.What2. Can I quality -:,3. Does it take c :;4. Do my que5t:, ..5. Can I ask a qLt<.Here are some• What do you 1 "• What have :• How do -;• What has bee-:• How have :-0- _,• How do you Ce:;,::• Why is that 8 -= _:• What makes y ,,_• What do you i:.-:::• What is one• What would . _ :(Do not say. ""-:-..c..:• Are there :.:..• What does yoc _.....ii.-"-...";<tzmity to.:.-erest and.-:c ork with.tal
  • 98. rite it. - the. rmnity toIt is., nat doI :n in the-::-1- .:: or.... , and:m(s) to..; )U.: do you:: .. .:ringThe Book of Introductions 95..... Asks one or a series of Power Questions-)I. Makes a Power Statement that shows how you can help others-)I.- Ends with why the prospect should act nowAfter you creatively say what you do,you ask a Power Question or series of questionsthat makes the prospect think and respond in a waythat gives you needed infonnation.This information allows you to formulate an impact response to show howyou can help, and lets you know how qualified the prospect may be. Thequestions must be open-ended. (A question that gets the prospect thinkingand talking. Not just saying yes or no.)There is no reason to tell a prospect how you can helpuntil you have uncovered what kind of help he or she needs!The Power Question is the most critical part of the process because itqualifies the prospect and sets up your impact (power) response. Whenformulating the Power Questions for your commercial, ask yourself thesefive questions:1. What information do I want to get as a result of asking this question?2. Can I qualify my prospect as a result of the question?3. Does it take more than one question to fmd out the information I need?4. Do my questions make t.Qe prospect think?5. Can I ask a question that separates me from my competitor?Here are some lead-ins to Power Questions that will expose areas of need:• Wnat do you look for ... ?• What have you found ... ?• How do you propose ... ?• What has been your experience ... ?• How have you successfully used ... ?• How do you determine ... ?• Why is that a deCiding factor ... ?• What makes you chouse ... ?• What do you like about ... ?• What is one thing you would improve about ... ?• What would you change about ... ?(Do not say, "What dont you like about ... ?")
  • 99. • Are there other factors ... ?• What does your competitor do about ... ?96 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey Gitomero How do your customers react to ... ?o How are you currently ... ?o Vhat are you doing to keep ... ?o How often do you contact ... ?• Vhat are you doing to ensure ... ?You should have a list of 25 Power Questions that make the prospect thinkand give you the information you need to strike.Kext comes your Power Statement. Re-read the section, "You are nowunder my Power (Statement)" in Tbe Book ofPower. This definesPower Statements completely.Last, develop a call to action ... a closing line, statement, or question thatensures another contact.Here is an example of a personal commercial:o Name ... Hi, (hey) my name is Richard Herd.o Company name ... My company is (Im the president of) ContinentalAdvertising.o Creatively say what you do ... We impact your image, create sales, andensure repeat business by providing innovative advertising specialties thatkeep your name in front of your customers and prospects.o Insert your Power Question ... How are you currently using adspecialties? (Variations:Vhat are you doing to keep your name in frontof your customers every day? How often do you contact your presentcustomers? Vhat are you doing to ensure that your name is in front of yourcustomers more than your competitors?)o Insert your Power Statement (How you help) ... (May be modifiedbased on answers to Power Questions.) I think we can help you. We havecreative brainstorming sessions with our clients where we bring togethera small team of our people and yours. We place various items on the tablethat relate to your business and the customers you serve. This processcreates dialogue that always leads to innovative products that complementyour marketing plan and itnpact your customers itnage of you. Not only isit productive, its fun.o Why the prospect should act now ... Would you like to schedule abrainstorming session, or have lunch first and preview a few items to abetter feel for what I mean?Use this example to help you write your own commercial.Afier you writeit, rehearse it. Then go try it out and adjust it for the real world. Then reallypractice it (more than 25 titnes in real situations) until you own it.o Name ____o Company name• What you doo Power Questwl(Ask more follr,:.:o Power StatelllerH,• How you help _o Why prospect .. bInstructions: F
  • 100. personal prone _:" ,________________________________________________________ __cThe Book of Introductions 97Your Personal Commercial Worksheet•think• Conrrpany nanrrc __________________________• What you do (briefly) now:-(Ask more follow-up questions until you get the information you need.)_.::: "lies, and• Power Statement ___________________________________that• Power Question ________________________________that;: .::.j;: __ o-Jnt-: -:::"e:1t.: of your:::: :::-.)dified-:cchave.. .: - :gether:::e table":c5S, "Tlement. ,)nl is-.·;:,.:.lle aget a.1 write.. e:1 really• How you hclp _____________________• Why prospect should act now _______________Instructions: Fill out the form, read it from top to bottom, add a fewpersonal pronouns, time it, practice it, and voila!May be reproduced, The Sales Bible/Jeffrey Gitomer 704/333-111298 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey GitomerYou now havewritten the bestcommercialin the world,but if you dontdeliver it properly,no one will be
  • 101. inclined to act.Next page .... , -The,commercCan you deliYer .time to deliver , .. :in a baseball gar:: c .are not alike. Thc..and the ever-por .pitch?)In order to pitch ,of hitter he is.l:<)L ., c::baseball team ha"" -,how to pitch hin:the ball. It is nouyou dont kno0...prospect. Its .prospects quest!c:c,Your objectiye i5 :. __you are, what YOL -..:should act now. 1:-: .. cand how you beZ:: Power Question.;.:- .a response that . .,.The Book of Introductions 99Don)t deliver too soon. Wait untilyou have enoughinformation from the prospect before you strike.The 30-second personalcommercial ... How to deliver it.Can you deliver? You just wrote your personal commercial and now itstime to deliver itThink of your personal business commercial as a pitcherin a baseball game. You want to make a pitch thats a strike, but all battersare not alike.They require different types of pitches - fast balL curve, slider,and the ever-popular screwball. (Isnt it amazing how many screwballs wepitch?)In order to pitch to the batter most effectively, you need to know what typeof hitter he is. You need to know his hitting strengths and weaknesses. Everybaseball team has a "book" on every other player in the league. They knowhow to pitch him and where the fielders should play in the event he hitsthe ball. It is no different in sales. You cant pitch the prospect effectivelyuyou dont know what his needs are.You must know how to play eachprospect. Its easy to get a strike in sales. All you have to do is ask yourprospects questions. They will be delighted to tell you all about themselves.Your objective is to deliver 15 to 30 seconds of information that states whoyou are, what you do, how you can help others, and why your prospectshould act now. In the middle of your commercial (between what you doand howyou help others), you are going to ask a series of open-ended
  • 102. Power Questions that will gather enough information for you to formulatea response that will lead to prospect interest and action.100 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomer10 Personal Commercial Delivery Rules ...(Im tempted to say 10 Commandments, but I wont)1. Be brief. Your remarks (other than questions) should be no more than30 to 60 seconds.2. Be to the point. Say something that creatively tells prospects exactlywhat you do in terms of their needs..3. Be remembered. Say, give, or do something that will stay in theprospects mind (in a positive, creative way).4. Be prepared. Have your information at your command - rehearsed,practiced, and polished.5. Have Power Questions and Power Statements ready. Prepare alist of questions and statements in advance and rehearse them.6. Get the information you need by probing first. Ask power andfollow-up questions that generate information, establish interest, showneed, and allow you to give your information in a meaningful way.Ask yourbest questions and have your most concise message ready to deliver whenthe timing is right. Before you explain your problem-solving capabilities,know enough about the other person so that your information has impact.7. Show how you solve problems. The prospect is bored hearing aboutwhat you do, unless you tell him in a way that helps or serves him. Theprospect doesnt care what you do, unless what you do impacts him.8. Pin the prospect down to the next action. Dont let a goodprospect go without some agreement about whats next.9. Have fun. Dont press or be pressured - it will show.10. Tunes up. When you have delivered your message, made yourcontact and secured the next meeting or action - move on.IMPORTANT: Dont say ANY words that arent an integral partof your commercial. Be as concise as possible. Be creative. If it drags,no one will listen or be inclined to act. Make your message in terms ofthe customer (you,your), not in terms of you (me, 1). Be original. Boringmessages are forgotten immediately. Say. do, or hand out something thatwill be remembered. Ask open-ended, thought-provoking questions.Your commercial can be used in various forms at a networking event,business or trade association meeting, trade show, PTA meeting, or church.Be prepared. When you meet a prospect or a prospect comes up to you,are you ready? Test yourself:• What do youcreate that?• How quickly Co!:1 .• Wllat kind of qclc-:and generate• Do you have a b• Do you have a b- .Lets say youre in :.:Cbusiness meeting. " .you spot a prospecGive your name and (
  • 103. Shake firmly. ((.Creatively say what ., (Ithrough quality do._ ..copy and send it t of your business. Yan opinion about y _.We supplyTosbib" .- ::Now ask an open-endlVbat type ofyour compan) atmany copies do.,logged on your Picregarding the gil,:.Let the other pers(lf:: .or she can use your funtil you are sure ,.11Make a Power StattITlmajor aCCOUll ts, :::.,been dealing leiti..that the copy (jUL!"is trying to port;,arent you?Solidify an action pIJopportunity to Sfi..,.-.:-. t I-- :::: than:::-"cd..,::,e a- - _,:1d°c,k your. yhen-"_ --_-,;:. :lbout-:--::e-r.:l partit_::iI:g_--JU,The Book of Introductions 101• Vhat do you want his or her first impression to be? How will youcreate that?• How quickly can you qualify him or her?• What kind of questions can you ask that will qualify your prospectand generate interest in what you do?
  • 104. • Do you have a list of your Power Questions? Are they lehearsed?• Do you have a list of your Power Statements? Are they rehearsed?Lets say youre in the copier business. Youre at a networking event orbusiness meeting, youre well dressed, youre got your business cards, andyou spot a prospect ...Give your name and company. Im Jirn Riggins, udth Technocom.Shake finnly. (No one wants to shake hands with a dead fish.)Creatively say what you do. We help businesses build their imagethrough quality document duplication. You know every time you make acopy and send it to someone, its a ret1ection and expression of the qualityof your business. Your customer, prospect, or supplier subconsciously formsan opinion about your company when she sees the quality of your copy.We supply Toshiba copiers to some of Charlottes finest businesses.Now ask an open.ended Power Question or series of questions.What type of copier do you have? (Variations and additions: -What doesyour company do? How often does your present copier need repair? Hozl)many copies do JJOU make per month? How rnany copies have youlogged on your present machine? What type ofpolicy do you haveregarding the quality of copies you allow to be sent to a customer?)Let the other person talk until you get a finn idea about how heor she can use your product or service. Dont talk too soon. Waituntil you are sure you have the infonnation you need to strike.Make a Power Statement and show how you help. Some of ourmajor accounts, like ... [said to gain S01ne confidence; are people wevebeen dealing with for more than 7years. Our experience has shown usthat the copy quality we can maintain impacts the image our ([{stameris trying to portray to his custorner. Youre concerned about your image,arent you?SolidifY an action plan and get together. Id love to have anto show you instead of telling you. Ifyou give me your card,102 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerIll arrange a free 2-day test and demonstmtion; this way you get achance to see if it works for you in yow environment. When would be agood time to get together?The delivery of your commercial is successfully achieved when you are ableto match your services exactly to specifically identified prospect needs. Thiscan only be achieved with excellent preplanning and preparation.Ibe statements YOll make and questions you askmust blend with the information you gather in order to score.lfyoute going to play the game,its a lot more fun when you bit a home run.This is the personal commercial I give in my ((sales lead" listbllsiness. YOll may get an idea or two from it.• Name ... Hi [sometimes I say, "Hey"], my name is Jeffrey Gitomer.• Company name ... My company is Business :Marketing Services.· What I do ... Every week we publish lists of new businesses, newhomeowners, and building permits that businesses like yours use asnew sales leads,Insert Power Qllestion ... How valuable are new leads to your salesprogram? How do you generate those new leads?
  • 105. · How I help ... Our subscribers tell us that the leads provide them avaluable supplement to their regular lead-generation and referralprogram and also help new salespeople get off to a good start.Insert Power Statement ... Have you ever seen the names of newbusinesses and permits published each week in the Business Journal? Arethey useful? We sell them that information.· Why prospect should act now ... If you would like a free sample listto see if our leads can generate new sales for you, please give me yourbusiness card and Ill mail you one.Other Power Questions to open areas of need:• How do you get your sales leads?• Are new sales leads important to you?• How many new leads do you generate per week?Actual time to deliver my commercial is 20 to 30 seconds.(Heres tYou got it. The::- .do you ,this referral H c: -.Rule #1: Go slo"to get the sale long-term relati :,,Rule #2: ;_the referral, and -stage. Here are T::.customer in orc:c.,.:::-,,- -,arc :--If those method"• Gc:- _cNOTE WELL: Ttc":party to singOne third-pam cbeaable"t:-fiad" list._: sales. :: J- I:e,v. .Ie... :e list,,:rThe Book ofIntroductions 103Wben you get a treat it like gold.One third-party endorsement is worth a hundredpresentations) ifyou know what you)re doing.
  • 106. Got a referral?Heres the perfect approach.You got it. The most coveted prize in selling besides a sale.A referral. Howdo you approach this person? How do you maximize the selling power ofthis referral? Here are eight rules to ensure your success:Rule #1: Go slow. Timing is everything. Dont appear to be too anxiousto get the sale (money). Proper setup (giving some value first) will breed along-term relationship (more money) instead of just a sale.Rule #2: Arrange a three·way meeting. Setting the stage for the firstmeeting/communication can be make it or break it.All three people (you,the referral, and the person who referred them) together sets a perfectstage. Here are the preferred methods of a first meeting with a referral andcustomer in order of preference (and effectiveness):• Arranging a meal together (breakfast and lunchare more business; dinner is more open-endedand casual) .• Arranging to meet at a networking event.• Arranging to meet at a social event(theater, ball game).• Getting a personal (in-person) introduction.If those methods are not possible or practical, try these:• Getting a phone call to the referral from yourcustomer telling of your impending call .• Getting a letter of introduction.NOTE"TELL: These methods provide the best chance for success. A thirdparty to sing your praise in front of the referral is a HUGE lever to the sale.One third-party endorsement is more powerful than 100 presentations.104 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffiey GitomerRule #3: You dont have to sell at the first meeting if yourcustomer is with you. In fact, the less selling you do, the more credibleyou will appear. You only have to establish rapport. some confidence, and(Rule #4) arrange a second, private meeting where you can get downto business.Rule #5: Dont send too much infonnation in the mail. The mail,like the phone, is not where a sale is made. Its just a sales tool. Send justenough to inform and create interest.Rule #6: Write a personal note to the referral within 24 hours.Brief but positive. Dont slobber all over the note with thanks, and thanksagain. Just tell him or her it was nice to get acquainted and youre lookingforward to the next meeting.Rule #7: Write your customer a note of thanks. Include a gift if thesale will be of some significance (a quality ad specialty something withyour logo printed on it, or two tickets to a ball game).Your thanks and giftwill encourage the customer to get you another referral.Rule #8: Overdeliver! Failure to follow up and deliver as promisedmakes you and your customer look bad to the prospect. Failure to deliveralso eliminates any chance of another referraL This rule is the mostimportant of them all; it is a breeding ground for your reputation.What kind of delivery reputation have you got?One final real·,. .
  • 107. a referral, but ::-l:: ..letter) to a nan:c, .::It is where thepersonal connc<.. :-:company befon: .or writing ane .;. .Say instead. Handyou donibusiness uit/.},.might be ableto introduceI think youll/I •.Now say somer:::information YOJlaugh. Then sa:over lunch, T/.}"Dont be too we.just enough toThe referral is tb:who hatesof their new bll:::-.of making........" i)Ur-:: credible- _,:lee, and".:et downU, ..e mail,end justhours.· _._i thanks_ -;- lookingif the- c:_.:ng with· -.::- .md gift:-:-..:"ed: _ deliver· got?The Book of Introductions 105One fmal real-world note. The least preferred or least productive way to usea referral, but the way it seems to happen most often, is a stone cold call (orletter) to a name, address, and number given to you by a customer or friend.It is where the referral is lost. PLEASE: Be creative. Make it a meaningful andpersonal connection. some information about the referral and hiscompany before the first contact is made. Dont fall into the trap of callingor writing and saying, "[ was given your name by ... "That sounds horrible.Say instead, "Hi (bey), my name is Jeffrey, my company is BuyGitomer,and you dont know me from a sack ofpotatoes. Ive been doingbusiness witb [name of customer]for some tirne now, and sbe tbougbt [migbt be able to belp you in tbe sarne way Ive belped bel: [just wanted
  • 108. to introduce myself and get your address to send you some information[ tbink youU find of interest."Now say something CREATIVE to establish personal rapport from theinformation you were given by your customer. Try to get the referral tolaugh. Then say, Ill call you back in a few days, and maybe we can talkover luncb. TlJanks for your time."Dont be too windy. Youre not going to make the sale on the phone. Sayjust enough to create interest and arrange an in-person meeting.The referral is the easiest prospect in the world to sell.A.ik any professionalwho hates selling (accountants, architects, lawyers) - theyll tell you that 100%of their new business comes from referrals. Thats because theyre not capableof making sales calls and rely on the fall-in-your-Iap method of selling.106 THE SALES BIBLE jeffiey GitomerTake alesson fromthese professionals -the referral isthe easiest-to-sell,most powerful sales leadon tIle planet.The real secret ishow do you get them?Simple two-word answer... earn them.THE SALpaJPlease Allow -it t.TJ([CalfI: "Nosign in salefI: Get to theon a coldfI: Opening is ;.:. _:as closing.fI: The cold .if you thil1k::fI: Elements ci _that can m.:.....:: :rrlLi.;-erTHE SALES BIBLEPart 3Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself1fIbce
  • 109. JB({])({])Ik ({])f* "No Soliciting," the funniestsign in sales ........................... 109* Get to the decision makeron a cold call ........................ 111* Opening is as importantas dosing.............................. 114* The cold call is fun .. .if you think it is .................... 117* Elements of a cold callthat can make it hot ............. 1203.2108 THE SAlES BIBLE jeffrey GitomerI have asignon mycompanysfront doorthat says ..."SolicitorsWelcome"theIt seems tYc":«Soliciting L <in front of .<IveIts interesIl:: <cold calling _No Solicitir:::temporaryWhat doLead Club. -<made upthey did 1:,,"I go intopresidentand Ive 11e·,,"Once I W:cExpress. ··r <<right in:«"Most builL::Continenta: .-_not me. I"J cold cal!sign on theThe Book of Cold Calling 109What do salespeople thinkofNo Soliciting signs?"No Soliciting,"
  • 110. the funniest sign in sales.It seems every office building I go into has a sign on the door that says,NoSoliciting. It has to be the funniest sign in sales. What a useless sign to postin front of a salesman. Id like to have a dollar for every "No Soliciting" signIve ignored. What is the purpose of this sign and whom does it deter?Its interesting to me that many of the businesses that sport the sign havecold calling salespeople themselves. Its somewhat hypocritical to seeNo Soliciting on the door of a copier business, insurance broker, ortemporary help agency.What do salespeople think of No Soliciting signs? I polled the Early RisersLead Club, the largest pure sales lead association in the Charlotte area,made up of entrepreneurs and salespeople. I asked how they felt and whatthey did when they encountered the dreaded sign."1 go into the buildings so fast I dont see the signs; says Cindi Ballard,president of EI EI Interior Plantscapes. Ive been cold calling since 1976and Ive never had a problem.""Once I was told No soliciting by a company," says Earl Coggins of PonyExpress. "I said, Im just trying to save you some money: They said, Comeright in.", "Most buildings are built with that sign on the door," says Richard Herd ofContinental Advertising. "I feel like its meant for other kinds of salesmen,not me. I ignore it and have never had a problem:"I cold call on the telephone. That way I cant see if theres a No SoliCitingsign on the door," says Bob Dillard of Bob Dillard Sales.110 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomet·"Everyones got one; it doesnt affect me; says Ward Norris, president ofCrown Resources. "If they tell me No soliciting, I say, I was so focused onmeeting you and learning your name, I must have missed the sign.""I take my glasses off just before entering so I cant see the sign," says MattKeeble of Carolina Container Corporation."I got tossed out once: says Tom Barnett of PC Sales, "but one out ofthousands isnt bad odds."Out of 32 people polled in the Early Risers Lead Club, only 2 said theywould respect the sign; 2 said they have fear but enter anyway; 28 (87.5%)said they ignore it. It is also interesting to note that the same salespeoplethink its OK to ban the door-to-door peddlers selling candy, perfume, andpictures.You know, solicitors.Its seems that salespeople from legitimate businesses believe that the signis not aimed at them. I agree.I was having a discussion with a company president and his sales manager.They have adopted a new policy NOT to screen cold sales calls. They feelthat too many opportunities are missed by not listening to what asalesperson has to offer or say. What a great way to think. Of course, assales warriors, weve known that all along.A word of caution ...If you see a No Soliciting sign that is customized or handcrafted,they probably mean it, especially if the word absolutely is on it.Get 1Getting pa":that require ,
  • 111. boss; it itspeak to am . .indirect and csecretaryfacts youYou can tin pLets say YOL "Ive got son:::for (or sene ..double-coru:::.:-"thing? IsIf the from-_ -.or herusuallyrequestingyou get theD<and as_c::r ofcd ons 1attS-.59<.)cJpleandsign..reelThe Book of Cold Calling 111To find out who decides,make apassive statementand ask an indirect question ...(Tve got some important informationabout new computers. Who should I leave itfor?"Get to the decision makeron a cold call.Getting past the No Soliciting sign is easy. Its getting to the decision makerthat requires skill and fmesse, If you use the line, Id like to speak with theboss," it will never get you to the boss without a major hassle. Dont ask tospeak to anyone, The key to getting to a decision maker is to make anindirect and nonassertive request for "information only" from thesecretary or administrative person, He or she will gladly give you all thefacts you need to make the perfect follow-up.You can use the following technique if youre cold callingin person or making a cold telemarketing call.Lets say youre selling computers, .. "I need your help. My name is Jeffrey, andIve got some in1portant information about computers. Who should I leave itfor (or send it to,if calling)?" If you get the name, you MUST ask the followingdouble-conftrming questions:"Is she the person who decides on this type of
  • 112. thing? Is there anyone else who works with her on this type of decision?"If the front-desk person says, "Just leave the information with me," ask himor her politely, "Are you the person who decides on computers?"They willusually back off quickly, If they dont, you must still be as nice as pie inrequesting the all-important deciders name. Be gentle but persistent untilyou get the name. You may have to try three or four approaches,Dont quit until you get the nameand ask the double-confinning questions.l112 THE SALES BIBLE jeffi-ey GitornerHow do you handle a No Soliciting sign and get to the decision maker?I cold called every office in every (No Soliciting) office building in uptownCharlotte. I got off at the top f100r and worked my way down each tower. Igot tossed out of two offices_ One actually called the sales police. But theycan only throw you out into the hallway/You, of course, promise not todo it again, get on the elevator, get off at the next f1oor, and keep on coldcalling. No Soliciting is actually more of a game than a rule.The sign is meant for door-to-door-type sales crews who canvass an areatrying to sell handbags, perfume, calculators, and wall hangings. If you have alegitimate, established business, making a cold call will not be offensive tomost businesses IFYOU DO IT RIGHT.The best method is actually an indirectsolicitation.Youre only dropping off literature and asking a few questions.If youre out making an appointed sales call, its a great use of time to makea few next-door neighbor cold calls after that appointment. I always do. Iftheres a No Soliciting sign, I dont even think about it. The entire cold callprocess takes less than 5 minutes.You dont have to solicit to make a cold call. Here are the guidelines tofollow to ensure maximum No Soliciting success:1. Ignore the sign.2. Have literature and business cards.3. Ask for help.4. Offer to leave literature only.5. Get the name of the decider.6. Find out the title of the decider.7. Write him or her a personalized note on yourbusiness card, attach it to your information, andask for your package to be delivered ASAP8. Ask for (and get) the decision makers card.9. Find out when is the best time to call thedecision maker.10. Get the name of the person who helped you, andwrite it down on the back of the deciders card.11. Thank the person genuinely for their help.12. Leave.Try this pitch next time ..."Hi, my name is [first name only] and I was wondering if you could helpme. [Everyone wants to help.] I want to leave some information about [myproduct/service].Who decides on that type of thing?"Great, I __ -;;while Im or. "- .
  • 113. get that :_decision?" Ii:_questioned. I -..:-..:.;there are t,-,: ::::::gatekeeperNow I make"-wonder if Ie: __ ..:get some __appear. If YO: ::: "appear t,-ice "" _"When woulCof info before : .,-,"Thank you 5,: -::.your name"with praise a::..:you call and Ce:::Look at all the :-:.the first time. :- ..:next call.1.... - .-.:; ,,:-.My follow-upevery way she _-"a check.The Book of Cold Calling 113"Oh, that would be .Mr.Johnson; she gleefully volunteers._<_,cr?Great, now I know the decision maker, but Im going to double qualify·.::,townwhile Im on a roll. "What would his position be?" I query innocently.Youll~ :),yer. Iget that answer, too. "Is there anyone else he works with on this type of,; tbeydecision?" Im asking to find out if Ive reached the biggest person. If I get)t toquestioned, I simply say, "We usually mail two packages of information if:. coldthere are two people involved in the decision:That usually shuts thegatekeeper up.-;".1Now I make a bold move. "Im leaving this information and a note for him. I: ~ J e awonder if I could get his card." You 11 get the card 90% of the time; 5% youlltoget some facsimile of the card; and 5% of the time the boss himself will;:directappear. If youre a female salesperson and the boss is male, the boss willDS.appear twice as often. Thats not a sexist remark; thats a fact.
  • 114. make"When would be the best time to call him?" I ask, trying to get the last bit"io. Ifof info before I wear out my lminvited welcome.j call"Thank you so much for helping me. I really appreciate it," I say. ",,"l1at wasyour name?" "Thank you, Susan." People love to hear their name associatedwith praise and thanks. If you do both, shell remember you the next timeyou call and need to speak to Mr. Johnson.Look at all the information you got! You may not have made a money salethe flfst time, but they bought your pitch and youre loaded for bear on thenext call. Check out your prizes for being nice and nonpushy ...1.The decision makerS name and card.2.Whether he or she acts alone.3. The decision maker has your information.4. He or she has your card and personal note.5.You made friends with the secretary.6. You know the best time to call back.My follow-up call will be made 24 hours later, and Susan will help meevery way she can. Now all I need is an appointment, a contract, anda check..:: [my114 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerGood or bad, your opening linewill immediately establish an impression.It sets the tone for the sale.Opening is as importantas closing.On a sales call your professionalism is the first thing a customer orprospect sees. Then comes the impact of that all-important first line. Yourdelivery, sincerity, and creativity set the tone for the rest of theconversation. They also determine how the prospect listens. If you getattention and respect, you are likely to keep it throughout, If not, yourelikely to leave empty-handed.ifyoure on tbe pbone, tbe opening line is even more importantIts all youve got You cant say, "Look at my nice suit."You are at tbe mercy of (or tbe mastery oj) your words.It is critical to understand that if a prospect doesnt know you, the onlything on his mind is What do you want?The faster you get to the point,the better.Are there standard stock lines you can use? Sure there are. Should you usethem? Sure you should, but ... only if you are the master of them. Its notjust what you say, its how you say it.Opening is as important closing. If you cant get past the gatekeeper, youcan never get to try for the prize. If you cant impress the prospect, youwont get the contract. And if you arent perceived as professional, sincere,and competent, it will soon reflect in your weekly paycheck.Opening lines on a face-to-face cold call:1. Can you help me?This is by far the most effective way to begin a conversation. People love to
  • 115. help and dont feel on guard against a salesperson. Remember, the objectis to get the prospect to listen. Can you belp me? almost commands theother person to pay attention. Other lines that are effective are ...2. Id like to 1.:-:product or SErThis is know" ,All youre a,,::":::-_.then you Ie:,.3. Id like toabout (type 1ThisisabitcIn either =2 -:decider on --through on (-: Cold call (on lbThere are - ,, -,For manyMarketing -c:made my re -,was dealiI1§: -, .Avoid sale,·,How are .1"company--::1; lng line?·.:Iession,;- ,. rbe sale.UltYourz :f the. _ get_re,r?, :7:. youJ., . ::e to. ,;:eet=-:-. _, ::xThe Book of Cold Calling 1152. Id like to leave (or mail) you a brochme about (type ofproduct or service). Who should I leave it for?This is known as indirect qualification and puts the gatekeeper at ease.All youre asking for is a name, and all youre doing is leaving something,then you leave. She wants you out of there.3. Id like to leave some information for the person who decidesabout (type of product or service). Who would that be?
  • 116. This is a bit more pushy, but it actually seems to work better.In either #2 or #3, if you leave information, writing a personal note to thedecider on the back of your business card goes a long way toward gettingthrough on tbe follow-up call.Cold call (on the phone)There are 7.5 rules to follow Alwaysfollow them.1. Smile when you talk2. Give your name and company.3. GET TO THE POINT IAST (State yourpurpose within the first two sentences.)4. Make it short and sweet.5. Try to be somewhat humorous.6. Offer or ask for help.7. State that you have important information.7.5 Ask for the sale. The "sale" may only be to getan appointment. But whatever your objectivewas when you picked up tbe phone ...persist until you get it.For many years I have said, "Hi, my name is Jeffrey, my company is BusinessMarketing Services, and you dont know me from a sack of potatoes; tbenmade my request. I could tell by the reaction (laugh or no laugh) who Iwas dealing with.Avoid salesy-sounding lines like Great weathe1; isnt it? or the dreadedHow are you today? or any lengthy description about you or yourcompany before you get to the point..?116 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerPhone follow-upUse the same rules for cold phone calling and select from the following:1. Ive been thinking about what you do.2. Ive got the answer to your question.3. Ive got some important information thatwill impact your business.Amajority of salespeople make the fatal mistake of asking,"Did you get the information I sent you?" If the prospect says no,what do you say now, genius? You can fumble about how you sent it 3 daysago and how you cant understand how that could have happened, butthats lame, sounds defensive, and you have ruined any chances of makinga positive call.Try saying this instead:Im calling about the information I sent.It wasnt completely self-explanatory,and Id like an opportunity to discuss itwith you personally for about 5 to 10 minutes."Ifyou want to gain immediate benefit from reading this today, makea list ofthe opening lines you use in your business, revise them,analyze them closely, and compare them with those ofyour co-workers.Tryout your revised lines tomorrow. The results will surprise (andbenefit) you.
  • 117. Cold calling ."Sales pr," _;; .Here is an1. Be excepti t:.•• Have a pl:::-" ....• Ki10V• Have a 8.1<::--.• Have2. Dont apolothere, get t·your line.3. How you Gtimpact of :r..:4. Don"t pa .1reluctance "or "I dOli f .. books, sto;: .,5. Not ewI (tlPeople .: =them.There - -.."0.6. Learn frO:1]say no or n,The Book of Cold Calling 117::ing:L ~ ( r_..I. -..::CJ.: 3 days_ ::-ur_:-:--,!IDgn;ake·Cers.ifyou use humor andget a blank stare,youre dead -but a cold call is a crapshoot anyway ...why not have fun?The cold call is fun• • •if you think it is.Cold calling is one reason many people shy away from a career in sales.Sales professionals who make a sLx-figure income will tell you that cold calltraining provided the basis for their sales success. Doubt it? Ask em.Here is an 8-point game plan to begin succeeding at cold calling:1. Be exceptionally well prepared.• Know your best targets (preplan).• Have a purpose (the big picture).• Know your objective (get an appointment, get a name).• Have a memorized script (lines, power lines, Power Questions).
  • 118. • Have perfect materials and tools (ad specialties are good on eold calls).2. Dont apologize for anything, dont make excuses. When you getthere, get to your business. Dont say, "Im sorry to interrupt." Just deliveryour line.3. How you deliver your first line determines your success. Theimpact of the first sentence will determine success or failure.4. Dont pay any attention to reluctance or fear issues. Cold callreluctance is another way of saying, "1 dont know how" or "1 cant plan"or "J dont like it when people reject me." Develop a pitch, read positivebooks, stop watching the news, and believe you can succeed.5. Not everyone you call is a sale. Be prepared for rejection.People arent rejecting you, theyre only rejecting the offer youre makingthem. There, that feels better, doesnt it?6. Learn from those who tell you no. Find out what caused them tosay no or not be interested.118 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitumer7. Practice, practice, practice. Unless you own your pitch, youll soundcontrived. Nothings worse than a salesman sounding like a salesman.8. Have fun! Youre being paid to get the sales education of a lifetinle. Itaint brain cancer; its a sales call. Have a good time. Make someone smile.Note: If you say, "J hate cold calls!" realize it is a self-induced mentalstate that is easily overcome by a series of cold call successes, sales,and commissions.Here is a personalized formula to help you get better at cold calling:• Identify your weaknesses and fears about coldcalls. List them in detail.• Create an action plan for weaknesses so that youcan overcome and eliminate them one by one.• Work on one every 30 days.• Challenge yourself to succeed every day.• Quit complaining ... no one buys froma complainer.Three of the most important parts of the cold call are opening lines, PowerQuestions, and Power Staternents. They allow you to gather theinformation needed to qualify, determine the prospects real needs, and sell.Here are some examples of opening lines:Weak, door-closing openers:1. Could I have a few minutes of your time?2. I was wondering if maybe you would be interested in ...3. Is the boss in?4. I have an idea that can save you money.Strong, effective openers:1. I need your help.2. I know you actually run the place, but could I speak to the person whothinks they do?3. Is the king in?4. I need a loan for $;0,000. I wonder if you eould help me.;. I was just next door with and she thought I might be able tohelp you the same way I helped her company.6. I was just next door with .. , and she recommended I stop by to
  • 119. see . Is she in?7. My name is Jeffrey and you dont know me from a sack of potatoes ...8. (In summer on a scorching day) I just fried an egg on my car and waswondering if you have any salt and pepper?9. Can you p,:.:-.humor will10. My boss -.lmood, perhapPower Questio!1. -.Power Statemt(j. ,,Two more p,,-:-:prospect. anc -;Is there a mO:,1.c",11 sOlmd : ~ , J n ,, ,"::::ill1e. It:( "mile.~ : .P01ler,c:1d sell.r: ho::e to~ by to~ c ~asThe Book of Cold Calling 1199. Can you point me in the right direction? (A receptionist with a sense ofhwnor will quip, "Sure, which way did you come in?")10, My boss said if I dont make a sale. Im fired, so if youre not in a buyingmood, perhaps you have a job opening.About being funny ...• If you use humor and get a blank stare, youredead - but a cold call is a crapshoot anyway ...why not have fun?• The response (laugb or no laugh) will tell youexactly where you are.• Laugbing is agreement - tacit approval.~ not go for it?Power Questions ...• A question to make the prospect think.• A question to let the prospect know youlmderstand his or her business.• A question that makes a prospect answer insuch a way that he or she reveals informationthat leads to qualification, appointment, or sale.• An open-ended question. Dont say,
  • 120. "Do you . , .?" say, "What do you ... ?"or "How do you ... ?" or "lfl1en do you ... ?"Power Statements ...• A statement that makes a prospect think.• A statement that builds your credibility witha prospect.• A nontraditional (nonboring) statement thatdescribes what you do and how you do it.• A statement about what you do in terms ofwhat your prospect needs.• A statement that is memorable.Two more parts are attitude and focus. Positive attitude will impact theprospect, and proper focus permits you to use your skills to create action.Is there a most important part of the cold call? Yes ...Askfor the sale.120 THE SALES BIBLE Jelfrey GitomerProspects are just as motivated to avoidlosing something they already haveas they are to buy something new.Elements of a cold callthat can make it hot.Cold calling is one of the most difficult parts of selling.An old sales clichesays that the hardest door for a salesman to open is the car door.To be successful at the science of cold calling, you must first defme theelements, functions, and formulas that comprise the call. Then, like all othersciences, experiment (practice) until you have a method that works.The basic elements that comprise a cold call are:1. Deliver your opener.2. Ask Power (thought-provoking)Questions to create meaningful dialogue.3. Make Power (benefit) Statements to establishcredibility.4. Qualify the prospect as to need, desire,decision-making capability, and money(the ability to pay).5. Gather information.6. Get what you came formake the next step in your sales cycle.7. Have the right attitude and focus.Here are several cold calling elements, guidelines, and techniques that haveproven to be eftective:• Opening lines are important. Deliver a smooth, sincere line. Say yourea single woman and a guy comes up to you in some social circumstance andsays, "Dont I know you?" or "Youre just the prettiest little thing I ever didsee." Ibe first thing you think is, "111is guys a jerk. Get me out of here." Itsthe same in cold calling. The opening line determines if you get to dance.• Openingacross in L c .• After you d,::
  • 121. criticalknowledge.-lake stare:: .your ...• Get to the Ibeat -• If YOll artmost cre.-·-• Detennint:• They will rget tlle ,-.;the sale v:• They wil: tStatemem- .. ::::benefits: ",.-",whatpain, -.will prec.,.• Foclls OE rthem.them ho,,:avoid the : cavoid Ie,,:.. _ • Gain bu.t""Bring in tcavoid.rd) havenew.ill..,, Aher-..-, .,-.::,Iure,_ .. :,.= ;lnd- ":ld-,_c.The Book of Cold Calling 121• Opening impressions are important. The way you look and comeacross in the first 30 seconds often (not always) determines your outcome.• After you deliver the opener, make the prospect think. Yourquestions (Power Questions) and statements (Power Statements) arecritical to gaining prospect confidence. Ask questions that showknowledge, imply prospect areas of weakness, and gather vital information.Make statements that are creatively descriptive, imply benefits, and buildyour credibility.• Get to the point fast. The prospect is busy and will be insulted if you
  • 122. beat around the bush.• If you are asked for a price, give it immediately. Try to do it in themost creative way you can, but give it .• Determine what your prospects need by ...• Understanding the problems of their operation• Appealing to their sense of greed• Evoking their fears• Appealing to their vanity• Determining what their customer needs• Finding (searching for) the hot buttontben pusbing it.• They will resist you. So what? It takes seven exposures, seven tries toget the prospect to become a customer. If you quit after just one or two,the sale will go to the next guy/woman who shows up.• They will buy to solve a business problem or satisfy a need.Statements and questions need to be pointed in that direction. Stressbenefits (whats in it for them), not features (how it works). Emphasizewhat they will gain profic pride, reputation. Prove that they will avoidpain, loss, criticism. Failure to express benefits in terms of custmner needswill preclude the sale.• Focus on negative prevention. Get them to share what dissatisfiesthem. Motivate them to show discontent with their current situation. Tellthem how theyll safeguard profits, eliminate worry, overcome fear, andavoid the terror of customer complaints. Prospects are just as motivated toavoid losing something they already have as they are to buy something new.• Gain buyer confidence. Use every weapon in your sales-tool arsenal.Bring in testimonials, references, and similar situations whenever possible.• • •122 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomer• Attitude, humor, and action (persistence) will whip fears andrejection. Fear of failure doesnt exist if you believe it doesnt. Youwill be rejected - the prospect will reject your offer - big deal! Edison,Lincoln, Babe Ruth, Colonel Sanders these guys failed miserablythousands of times. Where would they be without their attitude tosucceed? (And where would we be without theilsuccesses?) You onlyfail when you quit!• Set your OW11 goals for achievement. How many calls per day; howmany appointments per day. Selling is a numbers game, but it will only workif you are prepared. You must work your numbers consistently to get them topay, Push yourself to win. If you cold call enough people, you will makeappointments (your objective), and you will make sales (your purpose).• Visualize it happening. Seeing is believing. Believing is the firststep to achieving. Its easier to do what you can see. Visualizing successhelps eliminate fear of the unknown. Re-create those visual pictures in yourconversation with the prospect.• Every time you go through a door, get what you came for. Knowwhat your objective is for this cold call. Close the prospect on the nextstep in your sales cycle. The biggest fear isnt making the call, its asking forthe sale. Focus on asking and push for it until you get it. Here are a fewasks that work:
  • 123. • Which will be better for you ... ?• Tho should I ... ?• If I ... Would you ... ?• When can I ... ?You are now armed with enough cold calling information to choke ahorse. Dont let it stick in your throat.The best technique I can give you about the cold call?Its a biggamehave/unandplay to win!Makino;]llhePrres Iu Want:.first..u 15.5 :::-:abOll::<.conte:: ,u 12.:;coOOc:::-:U bert :...:bmeru Salesayoidu Phrsic:"""= me:::u GrOll::- ..:.differ;;u TheSalesTHE SALES BIBLEPart 4, rears and] T doesnt. You Making a Great Presentation:1-011 Ollly:. .howthe lB<{])<{])lkworkthem to. ___ikePIre§ellJl- -c)..t first_ .. ccess_ in your* Want to make the sale easier?
  • 124. Est"Jblish prospect rapportIT: tor. MOWfirst ........................................ 124_·.-", fori:I 15.5 get-real questions- _.about establishing buyerconfidence ............................. 128i:I 12.5 ways to make the prospectconfident enough to buy........ 1311...r Where and when to establishbuyer confidence................... 134..u Sales words and phrases toavoid at all costs. Honestly..... 136(,lId call?u Physically invoh,1ng the prospect= more sales ......................... 139i:I Group sales ... dramaticallydifferent from one-on-one..... 1411...r The 21st-Century ComputerizedSales Pitch............................. 1444.1124 THE SALES BIBLE .Jeffrey GitomerIfyou can establish common groundwith yourpro,pects, they will like you,trust you, and buy from you.Want to make the sale easier?Establish prospect rapport firstOK, everyone in sales sing, "Getting to know you, getting to know all aboutyou, getting to like you, getting to hope you like me; getting to know you,putting it my way, but niceltYou are precisely singing the song that willmake the sale easier to achieve.If you find common subjects or interests with a prospect,you can establish a business friendship;and people are more likely to buyfrom a friend than a salesman.What do you do to establish rapport? Are you sharp enough to fmdsomething besides business after you open the conversation? Here aresome techniques you can try on the phone, at the prospects place ofbusiness, at your place of business, or at a networking event.On the phone ... Its likely that youre calling to make an appointment, sofocus on four things ...1. Get to the point in 15 seconds.2. Be happy and humorous.3. Get to know something personal aboutthe prospect.4. Nail down the appointment.
  • 125. You first begin to establish rapport by getting to the State thepurpose of your call immediately. Its not necessary (and its often a put-off)to ask the insincere "How are you today?"Just state your name, yourcompany name, and how you can help the prospect. Once youve donethat, the:::-c ,becaUSe .:theestabli5L.. _Is the p::- "during th t ..:A quick. ,minute- :You canpersona.,I listenprospec •.the same:- .Listen for .ifshe is 11havingme toIf you hl11;personal hd_might 5,,;a lO-mi.c,5 minute:Remembc- :ttalk abo,::Establish p::1The betcommOl: .. What defmd S0111e:some ted":.: .. t? you,iii yOU.ler?first__ JDout"C, -,)U.,:,-ill_I:---.e:r.L so,Jut-off)Ine
  • 126. The Book ofpresentations 125that, there is a sense of relief on both sides. The prospect is relievedbecause he now knows why youve called, and youre relieved becausethe prospect hasnt hung up on you. Now you can go about the task ofestablishing some rapport and setting the appointment,Is the prospect formal or friendly? Try to use humor at least twiceduring the conversation (but dont force it). People love to laugh.A quick, clean lO-second joke can do more for buyer rapport than 10minutes worth of sales talk.You can gain insight by listening. Prospect mood, hometown, andpersonality will all be revealed in just a few minutes on the phone.I listen closely for speech accent. It gives me a clue about where myprospect hails from - a great subject if youre well traveled or come fromthe same place.Listen for and be sensitive to the mood of the prospect. If he orshe is noticeably short or gruff, just say,"I can tell youre busy [or, nothaving the best of days].Wby dont we pick a time more convenient forme to call?"If you know the prospect, you can sell the appointment with apersonal touch. For example, if youre talking to a basketball fan, youmight say,"I know I can help you reach your computer training needs. Witha lO-minute appointment I can show you how we can help you in the first5 minutes and have the other 5 to discuss who the Hornets should draft."Remember, people love to talk about themselves. Getting people totalk about themselves will give you a chance to f1nd common ground,establish rapport. and increase your chance to make a sale.Establish prospect rapport before you begin your pitch.The best way to win the sale is to first win the prospect. If you f1ndcommon subjects or interests with a prospect, you can establish abusiness friendship.People are more likely to buyfromafriend than a salesman.What do you do to establish rapport? Are you observant enough tofmel something besides business to open the conversation? Here aresome techniques:126 THE SALES BIBLE jeifrey GitomerOn an appointment in the prospects office ... This is the easiest placeto establish rapport. Look for clues as soon as you walk into the prospectsplace of business. Pictures, plaques, or awards on the wall; magazinessubscribed to that dont match the business. When you get in theprospects office, look for pictures of children or events, bookcase items,books, diplornas, awards, desk items, or anything that reveals personal likesand/or leisure pursuits. Ask about an award or trophy. Ask about a diplomaor picture. Your prospect will be glad to talk about what he or she hasaccomplished or likes to do.Try to engage prospects in intelligent conversation with open-endedquestions about their interests. Its obviously better if youre well versed inthe subject, but the point is to get prospects to talk about what makesthem happy. Usc humor. Humor builds rapport because it constitutesagreement (when the prospect laughs). Getting the prospect to laugh will
  • 127. set the stage for a positive presentation.When the prospect comes to your place ofbusiness ...When yourprospective customer comes to your place of business, it is more difficultto establish common ground because you dont have the advantage of thetelling items that would be present in his or her surroundings. So, beobservant. Look at clothing, car, rings, imprinted items, their business card,or anything that gives you a clue as to the type of person they are.Be friendly. Ask open-ended questions just below the surface. (Surfacequestions or talk about the weather, or did you find the place OK, shouldbe avoided at all costs.) Try to find out what they did last weekend, orwhat theyre doing this weekend. Ask about a movie or television show.Avoid politics, their personal problems, and dont lament yourpersonal problems.People love to talk about themselves. Ask the right question and itstough to shut them up. Your objective is to tind a subject, idea, or situationthat you BOTH know about or are interested in.Be real. Its as easy to spot an insincere salesperson as a skunk in yourliving room. Both smell a",rful.One word of (J.Jspend buildi::;the Northeas: .tried to be at":::In the South. :..establishing ; : : , ~ ,you the miss: ",before makir;themselves. T:-..:- ,.rapport, andThe Book of Presentations 127. " cJsiest place. ;: prospects.. :.izines. . . 1<::,: ,,!-: items,::- :::.,: J diploma- ;:le has._ cO:...: ,ersed in_: :nakes-.: LlUgh will,1 ,: .;: Chen your:c: clift1cult. :.:.ige of the, _ - ", be- .. ":1;;:55 card,:,re:,0: . Surface. _,. "l}.:. should
  • 128. orY,,11 show.::: : L::nent your., .;, ::·JIl and its-, or situation...:::k 111 yourOne word of caution ... Be aware of time. The time you are pemlitted tospend building rapport has a lot to do with where you live geographically. Inthe Northeast you may have as little as 30 seconds. In these situations I havetried to be direct immediately. Gain interest fIrst. Then go for some rapport.In the South, Midwest, Southwest, and West, you can spend 5 to 10 minutesestablishing rapport. Dont lose sight of your mission, but ... I can assure,you the mission is most likely to be accomplished if you make a friendbefore making a presentation, The key is getting prospects to talk aboutthemselves. TIllS will give you a chance to fInd common grOlmd, establishrapport, and increase your chance to make a sale .No rapport, no sale!II128 THE SALES BIBLE le.ffiey GitomerIf the prospect says NO, its most like{y thatyou failed to establish buyer confidence,15.5 get-real questions aboutestablishing buyer confidence.The prospect said NO! Rats.Did you lose the sale or just fail to make it? Youre sure that prospectshould have bought.As you head back to the car, licking your wounds, youtry to justify or figure out why the prospect turned you down.Once youve answered the fundamental questions of self-doubt - Was Ienthusiastic, friendly, and professional-looking? - you may have to probe abit deeper for the true answers. Even though the truth hurts, the realizationof what you failed to do is a big step in making the sale next time,Let me save you some anguish. YOU FAlLED TO ESTABLISH BUYERCONFIDENCE, Spark).You say, "Hey, Jeffrey, youre dead wrong - that guy really liked me." Maybe.But likability is only a part of the sales equation.Take the Jeffrey Gitomer Establish Confidence Test and rate your ability. Ifyoure willing to be objective about yourself and your abilities, ask yourselfthe following 14.5 revealing questions and rate yourself from 1 to 10 oneach question. (1 = lowest to 10 =highest)1. Was I on time? Did I show up 5 minutes early (good) or 5 minuteslate (real bad)?2. Was I prepared? Did I walk into my appointment with everythingI needed to make the sale?3. Was I organized? Did I have everything at my fingertips or wasI fumbling?4. Could I answer all product questions? Do I really have commandof my product, or am I constantly "having to get back to you on that one"?5. Did I makeThe sample ,,_,
  • 129. informatioL c:_6. Was Ianswer, did:::(ad nauseUI:7. Did the pn:r"If I buy: say:,in 6 month;;8. Did theWhat _this product;9. Did thehave I beer.10. Did I nam€I fail to use ,t-_:: _11. Did I feelanswering q_:::service? : :12. Could I (I.,find myselfissues ,13. Did I do;]. rthe prospec: "competition "14. Was my prlDid the pros;e.14.5 Was I t(H)obvious to theTough quest: establish, .,-: __questions art::._reveal your -:-someone wt,:prepared to :::-e.,.:ke(r tbat. ii t7dence.aboutdence.- .. ;1d5. you- YJS I:"obe a-;;: .llizationlaybe.If, mrselfon.nes. ;11I11andone"?
  • 130. The Book of Presentations 1295. Did I make excuses or blame others about anything?The sample wasnt shipped on time, the company didnt send the rightinformation, etc.6. Was I apologizing? Sorry Im late, unprepared, dont know theanswer, didnt bring the correct information, quoted the wrong price(ad nauseum).7. Did the prospect probe personal issues about my company?"If I buy; says Mr.]ohnson, "how do I know youll be here to service mein 6 months?"8. Did the prospect ask doubting questions about my product?What happens if it breaks down after the warranty, or, who else buysthis product?9. Did the prospect ask doubting questions about me? How longhave I been with the company, or, how much experience do I have?10. Did I name drop other happy, loyal customers effectively? DidI fail to use the name of a happy customer to answer a pointed question?11. Did I feel as though I were on the defensive? Was I constantlyanswering questions dealing in subject matter other than my product/service? Could I prove my points?12. Could I overcome all objections in a confident manner? Did Ifind myself unable to respond confidently about price, quality, and otherissues blocking the sale when asked by the prospect? Did I try to fake it?13. Did I down the competition? Did I berate my competitor (possiblythe prospects supplier)? Did I make disparaging remarks about thecompetition to try to make me/my product look better?14. Was my prospect uninvolved in the sales presentation?Did the prospect just sit there, or worse, do other things while I was talking?14.5 Was I too anxious to make the sale? Was I too pushy? Was itobvious to the prospect that there was a commission involved?Tough questions - but I ask them because confidence is elusive, toughto establish, and easily lost at the beginning of any relationship. Thesequestions are designed for you to evaluate your sales performance andreveal your ability (or inability) to create prospect confidence fromsomeone who just said no. The answers will lead you to the next sale betterprepared to make it through with confidence rather than manipulation..130 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerOne of the primary lessons of sales is: If they like you, believe you, trustyou, and have confidence in you, then they MAY buy from you. If any ofthose four elements is missing, the answer changes from sale to no sale.Wnen the prospect says "NO," its most likely a vote of "no confidence."These questions are designed for you to evaluate your salesperformance and reveal your ability (or inability) to createbuyer confidence from a customer who said noor would not buy today.h1 order for this exercise to work,youve got to be real with yourself.Next well look at methods, techniques, and sales tools that will helpanswer these questions and show the link between gaining buyer
  • 131. confidence and the word yes.conProspects w :do youstories in a W.l"to theirestablishing r- ,Besides the :-:: _" ..professional - :.-:::1. Be completelsalesperson b_._2. Involveor hold you::- .,:-;team.3. Have somethproduct from .:.-_,4. Tell a story nsimilar sinJat: .:- ::5. Use a reftITa[name of coe::-6. Drop nambIf you are dci.:-,.strength and ( -(NOTE: Besure its appr -; -.;business witt -::: . ~ . tfuSt.. ~ : .myofsale.::.cnce.": . our salesi to createlC. norork,l l ~ e l f ..-:.dpThe Book of Presentations 131Buyer confidence must be establishedby using sales tools, examples, and storiesthe prospect can relate to.12.5 ways to make the prospectconfident enough to buy.Pfospects wont buy if they lack confidence in you or your product. Howdo you establish buyer confidence? Use sales tools, examples, andstories in a way that prospects can relate the use of your productto their business environment. When is the appropriate time to beginestablishing this? As soon as you can.Besides the basic four be enthusiastic, be on time, be friendly, lookprofessional- these are the 12.5 most effective techniques Ive learned ...1. Be completely prepared. A fumbling, excuse-making, apologizing
  • 132. salesperson builds zero confidence.2. Involve prospects early in the presentation. Get them to help youor hold your samples. Something that makes them feel like theyre on yourteam.3. Have something in writing. An article about your company orproduct from a national news source will reek of credibility.4. Tell a story of how you helped another customer. This creates asimilar situation that the prospect can relate to.5. Use a referral source if possible. "Mr. Prospect, you should call[name of company and contact name] to find out how we helped them."6. Drop names of larger customers or the buyers competitors.If you are doing business with a large firm, state it in a way that showsstrength and competence rather than sounding like youre bragging.(NOTE: Be extremely careful not to drop competitions names until youresure its appropriate. Sometimes it will work against you to be doingbusiness with the prospects competition.) 132 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomer7. Have a printed list of satisfied customers. Include large and smallaccounts. Make perfect copies on good-quality paper.8. Have a notebook of testimonial letters. Try to get letters that covervarious aspects of your business: quality, delivery, competence, service, andextra effort. Be sure some of your letters answer the buyers objections.9. Dont bombard the prospect. Work your examples in as a naturalpart of the presentation. Let confidence build to a natural close.10. Emphasize service after the sale. The buyer needs to be certainyou wont sell and run. Talk delivery, training, and service.11. Emphasize long-term relationships. The customer wants to feelthat you will be there to help with problems, new technology, growth, andservice. Give your home number.12. Sell to help, not for commissions. Prospects can smell a greedysalesperson. Its a bad odor.12.5 The most important link to the process. Ask the rightquestions. Go to The Book of Questions and read it 10 times.Try to use your confidence-building tools as you would use trump in a cardgame. Play it when you need to. If the prospect asks you who else usesyour product, drop your big-name customers, or give a list of satisfiedcustomers. If the prospect asks about service, offer your testimonial lettersto confirm your capability. Dont play your cards too soon.If your business is relatively new, credibility will be a leading factor ingetting the sale. You must sell your personal experience, desire to do agreat job, and only ask for a small test order.Not once have I mentioned price as a credibility factor ...because its not.Being the least expensive wont get you anywhere if the prospect has noconfidence to buy; and many times a low price actually scares the buyer.There are circumstances that require different confidence-buildingtechniques. They will be addressed in the next chapter. Eh, confidentiallyDoc, read it!if- _ .1l1d small:- (hat cover
  • 133. . _ ,::::-dce. and;:c:ions.natural-" certain- -.:1tS to feel.. ::.:: T1:h. and, • - _._ .1 greedy:::t right;::- -- in a carduses. - ::-.fied,- :lial letters:-L.- .. : .. "::rin:: .::: :, do a:--- IJuOr .••-. -:-CI has no:::c buyer.The Book of Presentations 133Being theleast expensivewont get youanywhereif the prospect hasno confidenceto buy.Many timeslow priceactually scaresthe buyer.134 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey GitomerBuyer confidence must beestablished and reconfirmedin allphases ofthe selling process.Where and when to establishbuyer confidence.The prospects wont buy if they lack confidence in you or your product.Buyer confidence must be established and reconfirmed in all phasesof the selling process. Obviously the faster you establish confidence in theselling process, the easier it will be to get to the neXl phase of the sale.Listed below are the prime selling opportunities to establish buyerconfidence. Each situation calls for different types of confidence-buildingtechniques.In a networking situation ... If you only have time for one statement,make it one that will discuss the use of your product/service by a goodcompany. "We were very fortunate to be awarded the toner cartridgecontract from Duke Power. They selected us from among seven other bids."This begins the process of making the prospect feel confident in you.
  • 134. On the phone ... Use only one item to establish confidence.Just sen theappointment. For example, "I believe we can help you get the computertraining and achieve the productivity you need to cut operating costs.Wejust completed a similar project for Acme Manufacturing that used the samecurriculum. Let me fax you a copy of a letter we received from them afterthe training was completed. Id like to set up a brief appointment at youroffice to be certain this curriculum fits your needs exactly: Your objective isto establish enough confidence to get an appointment - not make a sale.On a cold call ... Be brief. You must generate interest in about 30seconds or less, or forget it. Make a strong statement about howyou can help the prospect. Dont focus on how much money you cansave them. That approach seems to be wearing thin.Talk about what youdo for companies like hers, or how your product has worked for others.If youre ne establish cDuring a preseplace ofwith your Iibuilding a brl(kdoubt, you 11-",.On a/oUOil.Upforce it, the p=- . ,to gain. Haye .,things you-e cexamples of ;..• I...., -How do you kn(icalls are retumeIts actually ea::;::prospect. He SE-:·"Well get backready to buy ye:popular, "Call c;:have not establi-]I. ;·:xe must be:. ··econfirmedr "77(TprOCess.. .. .tablishIo-f.. -KG in all phases.. jence in the: . ...C: sale,. ..:er
  • 135. .. C: statement,• •., J good. bids:,·ou.rust sell the• :mputer. .: )sts.We>::j the sameafter." your·,bjective is.ike a sale...:[ 30i.;".:..:t howvou canwhat you-. . :Jf others.The Book of Presentations 135If youre not in a one-call close business (over 90% are not), you only needto establish enough confidence to make the next appointment.Save your best stuff for your presentation.During a presentation ... Your presentation - either at the prospectsplace of business or in your office is your big chance. You walk inwith your bag full of tricks, and use them one by one, like yourebuilding a brick foundation. Each time the prospect casts a shadow ofdoubt, you have something to counter that will make you shine ...• Letters from satisfied customers, articles,examples, comparison charts, and lists ofsatisfied customers that make the prospectsecure enough to buy.• Write things down. Let the prospect seeprofessional respect for his time and theimportance of the meeting.• Your demeanor. Confidence begets confidence.On a call ... Relax. Dont sound contrived or forced. If youforce it, the prospect will begin to lose the confidence you worked so hardto gain. Have a specific purpose for calling; use similar situations (goodthings youve done for others), and specific benefits for the prospect asexamples of why he should buy now. Have comfortable lead-in lines ...• I was thinking about you ...• I was thinking about your business "• Someone paid you a compliment yesterday ...• Your name came up in conversationyesterday with ...• Something important came up you needto consider ...How do you know if you have established confidence? Your phonecalls are returned. You get the business, or the promise for it.Its actually easier to determine you dont have the confidence of theprospect. He starts handing you a bunch of pat-on-the-head responses like:
  • 136. "Well get back to you in a few weeks." ... "Our budget is spent." ... Tm notready to buy yet." , .. "The board needs to meet and decide." ... Or the everpopular, "Call me back in 6 months." When you start hearing stalls, youhave not established enough confidence for the buyer to proceed.136 THE SALES BIBLE GitomerThe key to being aprofessionalsalesperson is not to sound like one!Sales words and phrases toavoid at all costs. Honestly.Create a new way to ask for the sale.My friend, Mitchell Kearney (pronounced Carney), is the best commercialphotographer in this region. When shooting a subject, he never says, "Smile!Thats got to be a major obstacle if youre a photographer. He says it makeshim more creative to ask his subject for a smile without ever saying theword. Ive looked at hundreds of his photos ... most are smiIing, so itseems his philosophy works. Mitchell avoids the trite, unimaginative,insincere word that separates the professional from the amateur.How do you ask your customers to smile and buy today? Are you usingwords that offend the prospect? Are you using words that createconfidence or ruin it? Are you projecting "Im only here for the order"?To get the sale, you must use superior word crafting to avoid sounding likean insincere salesperson. If you sound like one, you probably are,Words and phrases to avoid. Forever.Frankly - a word that sounds insincere. All sales courses recommenddropping this word from your vocabulary.Quite - a double dose of the dreadedfrankly, It makes me verysuspicious of the person who says it.Honestly - a word that is almost always followed with a lie.And! mean that - you dont.This is probably as insincere a phrase ashas been turned in the English language.Are you prepared to order today? - Give me a break. This is an offensive,stupid, turnoff phr-dse.There are 100 better ways to ask prospects whattheir feelings are, or when they want to order.How are "immedi.:,::::"Can! be,:clerks,Y,_more Cft",PhilosopbiEDowniw:-.:its an 31,have nort--_and it m2C: ,Preac/JiJi5c,shine thr,preachec
  • 137. how roc-;relation,,:::When ITheneeds of,way you -:.cgetting a,lettingwhenHow do .,room will_And ha-eiofessionalizd like one!lSes tonestly.I(J sale.: C :11illercial-- ".lys:Smile."it makes. ;: , ,:":lg the,.: so it: c--; t: J.mateUT...l using,:c-,.1Ilding like:-::-:lend.;:, :11e yery::. phrase as• ,c .)tTensive,,- ;:-:tS whatThe Book of Presentations 137How are you doing toda.y? - When you hear this on the phone, youimmediately think, W1Jat are you seiling, jerk?Can J help you with something? ... The universal anthem of all retail salesclerks. Youd think after 100 years of retail, they might have somethingmore creative and customer service-oriented to say.Philosophies to avoid. Forever.Downing the competition Dont ever. Its not just a no-win situation;its an absolute losing situation. My mother always told me that if youhave nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing. If you down thecompetition to a prospect, you may be speaking to their relative or spouse,and it makes you look bad.P1<eaching ethics - Dont ever say how ethical you are. Let your ethicsshine through. The jails are full of televangelists and businesspeople whopreached ethics. If you feel you have to prove yourself, use an example of
  • 138. how you performed or responded. Tell the prospect you want a long-termrelationship, not just a one-shot order; but dont ever use the word ethics.Wben I hear it in a selling situation, I avoid that person at all costs.The chalJenge is for you to rededicate yourself to helping and satisfying theneeds of your customer or prospect. Your creative words and actions (theway you say it and the way you do it) are often the difference betweengetting ayes or no.They are the difference between getting the order andletting your main competitor get the order. Its enough to piss you offwhen your rival gets the business, isnt it? Well, do something about it.How do you do it? You have to work at it. Get co-workers and othersalespeople together and work at being different. Talented people in aroom will create answers and positive results. Write it down. Practice.And have faith the results are certain to make you smile.-.-..138 THE SALES BillIE Jeffrey GitomerMy experience has shown me that if youhave to say what you are,you probably arent.Think about thatfor amoment."In1 honest","Im ethical,"even "Im the boss",or "Im in charge,"usually indicatesjust the opposite.Doesnt it?PhysicaWhen I sold : ~ , - ~the prospect- ,,- :,"Gee, I ha,-e .: _~ - - Prospect gor : --the franchise : - -to make.] iii iHow invollerl ;:;Tactile (tOllC(want to findget them imUsually its e::";.:-sale. But if YC) ~ :can get S0111e -,.Involvement in I• Ask for he!::, -• Ask for SO[;:t:_• Ask him to• Take the
  • 139. • You can C"C_room tory,• Getting theopportunit:c, :Involvement dl!."Having your . -,aspect of the ,-work the co;The Book of Presentations 139Prospect involvementlets them have a sense ofownership.t if YOUthat leads to apurchase.Physically involving the prospect= more sales.Wben I sold franchises in 1972, I drove a big new Cadillac. I would pick upthe prospects at their home, and as I walked toward my car, I would say,"Gee, I have a headache, do you mind driving?" By the time Mr. and Mrs.Prospect got to my office, they wanted a car just like mine. They would buythe franchise I was selling to get a Cadillac ~ i t h the profits they were sureto make. I involved the prospect in the sale fronz the first 5 seconds.How involved is yourprospect when you make a presentation?Tactile (touch, feel) involvement leads to the feeling of ownership. Ifyouwant to find out how receptive a prospect is to your product or service,get them involved early and often in the selling process.Usually its easier to involve a prospect in a product sale than in a servicesale. But if you use your creativity, youd be amazed at how involved youcan get someone. Below are some ideas to consider.Involvement in the presentation setup ...• Ask for help with an easel, slide projector, video machine.• Ask for something - paper, special marker, board eraser.• Ask him to plug things in or help you move something .• Take the offered cup of coffee or soda.• You can even call ahead to request that equipment be ready and in theroom for your presentation (markers, projector).• Getting the prospect involved in the set-up gives you additionalopportunities for small talk and humor.Involvement during a product demonstration ...Having your prospects physically involved is the single most importantaspect of the selling process. Let them run the demo, push the button,work the copier, drive the car, hold something, help you put something140 nIE SAtES BIBtE ]elfre)! Gitomertogether, make the call, fax the document. Get the picture?Even though you know how to do it, youre not going to impress theprospect with a whiz-bang demonstration, youre going to bore him.11:V to let the prospect lead the entire demonstration ifpossible.The more the prospect does herself the more ownershipshe will take as she gets closer to a decision.Look and listen for buying signals: big smiles, words of praise, questions,
  • 140. exclamations.Involvement while explaining a service ...Get the prospect to follow along. Read aloud. Playa part in thedemonstration. Take a test. Do anything interactive that is fun and createsinterest. A 20-minute pitch (monologue) is not nearly as effective as a 10minute interaction (dialogue).Involvement techniques and questions ,..Ask open-ended and probing questions to determine how interested theprospect is:• How do you see yourself using ... ?• If you could use this in your , .. , when would you ,.,?• How do you see this working in your environment?• Do you see how easy it is to operate?• That are the features you like best?• Let the prospect sell himself - How do you think this will benefityou/your company?• the prospect if she can qualify or afford the product.NOTE: When you have finished the demonstration, take things away fromthe prospect, turn things off, and remove all literature, This eliminates alldistractions and keeps you in control of the selling process. If the prospectasks to play with something again or see something again - its a buyingsignal. Close on it,Try to create some involvement that putsapen in the prospects hand ...TIlis way hes ready when you give lliman order form to sign.GroupdiffercGroup sales <=- -,at sales, mortdynamics, In :..:Worse, you em;The problem c. .a group presc:,her plaid, The ;:My friend, Ell:of people, ali100, sellingAfter spendic:,: ..the groupproven to be .:Remember. a [lto two or thrt• Look good. bcenter can di,- ,:youre sarin§:,• Get there t,e:of them pers,", -(.arlhe
  • 141. :l:m.,-,sible.,unership_ -: Jtstions,- createsas a 10:--c:"ed the_.. <::tIt- ..> :,,ay from.. all::,t prospect, c. buying. llltt.The Book of Presentations 141In agroup sale,it takes a consensus to rule in YOUlfavor ...but it only takes one person to rule against you.Group sales ... dramaticallydifferent from one-on-one.Group sales separate the professional from the amateur. You must be skilledat sales, more skilled at people reading, and even more skilled at groupdynamics. In a group you can sell 5 out of 6 and not make the sale.Worse, you can sell 99 out of 100 and not make the sale.The problem in group sales is that you must please everyone. One night ina group presentation, a woman asked me what was my favorite color. I toldher plaid. The group loved it.My friend, Bill Lehew, is the master of group sales. He has sold thousandsof people, all in groups of 10 to 500. Lehew says if you can sell a group of100, selling one-on-one becomes duck soup.After spending a few hours discussing and documenting the dynamics ofthe group selling process with Bill, here are S01Tle guidelines that havepmven to be successful in actual selling situations .,.Remember, a group is two or more. So even if youre presentingto two or three decision makers, these principles still apply.• Look good, but look plain vanilla. Dressing too far left or right ofcenter can distract the audience.You want them to concentrate on whatyoure saying, not what youre wearing.• Get there early and introduce yourself to everyone. Get to know someof them personally. Find and remember those who seem most enthusiastic . 142 THESALES HIBtE JejjreJ Gitomel• Remember everyones name. This is considered by many as thesleeper of trump cards. People love to hear their names. Being recognizedby name is a sense of pride among peers. It can definitely sway the opinionof the group in your favor. You may have to take one of those memorycourses to do it. but Lehew claims it is one of his most valuable tools.• Get some information about the group in advance - their history,goals, and achievements. Being able to talk to the group as an insider ratherthan an outsider has dynamiC advantage.
  • 142. • Find the power person the one who (other than you) seems to havethe attention of the group. Play to the leader.• Find the problem person and address them head-on and early. Havesolid answers to their questions and concerns.The"one rotten apple spoilsthe whole basket" rule applies here.• Uncover all objections by asking the group questions early. Writedown the groups concerns on a board or flip chart. Be sure to cover everyone of them and check them off as you do.• Anticipate objections and cover them in the presentation. Youalready know what theyre going to ask. Vby not have scripted answers?• Get interaction early. Audience participation leads to a feeling ofownership ... and a sale.• Get someone in favor to talk early. Remember the names of those infavor when you walked into the room? Nows your time to play the card,and play to the group. One of them can sell the others better than 10 ofyou.• Address the numbers for those who are analytical. If you havebean counters or logical types, they "vill be relentless to get the facts. Dontdisappoint them. Give solid, hard-core, believable facts and move on to theemotional issues.• Win the group emotionally after you have made the numbersvery clear. This is the heart of the selling process. You must present solidemotional reasons of involvement, protection, benefit, and security to winthe sale.• Give good handouts that are clear, concise, on high-qualitypaper, and that lead to a close. Your company, your integrity, and yourability to make the sale often ride on the quality and lmderstandability ofyour handout or sales literature. It must be first quality all the way."Humorbeing 11m,:climate: lcit makes"Its totalhalienate acand even ...sales ane!I agree., ::1(,:gnizedopinion,< :::)fY. - history,,: ,:ef ratherto have. Havespoilsearly. Write.ef everyG:.1tion. You
  • 143. . _ .,:l,v,ers?-:; ofc those in::1", card,10 ofhave:.ccts. Dont:Il to theC" numbers. :c"em solid-:C- to win.mel yourof..."cY.The Book of Presentations 143"Humor plays an important role in group dynamics. Not funny stories, justbeing humorous can win a crowd and create a favorable negotiatingclimate," Lehew says with a classic Southern drawl. "If they laugh with you,it makes them feel comfortable and in the mood to"Its totally different than one-on-one," says Lehew. "You cant afford toalienate anyone. In my years of experience, I have only found one way toconsistently win the group its integrity. I know it may sound too simpleand even a little old fashioned, but it is the basis of my success in groupsales and the basis of my success in life:I agree .144 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerThe future ofthe sales presentationis a laptop computer andaportable overheadprojector.The 21st-centurycomputerized sales pitch.I have seen the future of the sales presentation.International expert on computer presentations Bill Whitley and hiscreative genius associate,Arny Pickholtz, sat me down in my living room,plugged in their Macintosh laptop and portable overhead projectortotaling 7 pounds - and proceeded to show me a computerized salespresentation that Im still reeling (and buying) from.It was just an ordinary 3.5-inch floppy disk and an 80 :1B :Ylacintoshlaptop, but it contained animation a cartoon character named Normwho was smart, funny, and prepared to sell. They added 3·D computerizedgraphics that moved and talked. They incorporated an actual videotape clipthat was somehow imported into the presentation, and Norm closed me atthe end.I was sitting on the edge of my chair the entire time(less than 12 minutes). I was stunned.And I was sold.These guys arent 011 the cutting edge of sales technologythey are the cutting edge.The technical, tactical, and persuasive advantages of a computer-assisted
  • 144. sales presentation are powerful and compelling ...• It is a weapon ... Its a sales tool, an educational tool, and a trainingtool all at the same time.• It makes you look professional ... And builds instant buyercredibility.• It sets you :lcompetith-e:• You are stetedge of tec:C-.:• It keeps ~ l l Jpresentatio:,repetitions -c• Its fascinariforward in• It answers dright prese:,:_,it is being Ce.o You can putanswers to• It can be pnproduct or St:1presentatio::the pitch.• It can be U ~questionsinformatior:• Its so goo d.Yeah, you ~ . , .Branch BarL:": s= .products.l1:cto make the:loved it.At(remember ",miss a paYl;::: - When it "-.,possibiliti eThink abol,.pop in a C[ type in 1:.0salesperson c :.. ;I?sentation_ ii?puter and, . t.<:. ia proJec 01:!Jitch.,:-,.j his
  • 145. .:.:lg room,:-,,:::05h::. (orm:::::mterized. :cotape clip:"sed me at[:Ie timec.:<.1. ::-·3.:sisted:r,iiningThe Book of Presentations• It sets you apart from your competition ... An incrediblecompetitive advantage .· You are seen as a leader .. .A computer presentation is tbe leadingedge of technology.• It keeps you on course and eliminates omissions ... A completepresentation that never fails to make its impact, even after 1,000repetitions of the same pitch.• Its fascinating to the prospect ... It will have the prospect leaningforward in the buying position from the first 5 seconds.• It answers the prospects questions before theyre asked ... Theright presentation takes the prospects questions into consideration whileit is being created and anticipates them as part of the pitch.• You can put in a qualifying test that the prospect takes ... Theanswers to which can lead you to a sale.• It can be programmed to overcome objections specific to yourproduct or service ... When you hear an objection, you can alter thepresentation to overcome the specific objection and close or go back tothe pitch.. It can be used to ask a closing question ... Or a series of closingquestions - and the prospect interactively answers with orderinginformation or information that confirms the sale.· Its so good, its scary.Yeah, you say, but how is it in a group? Better. I went to a dinner for 300Branch Bank &Tmst employees for the lmveiling ofthree new bankingproducts. The banks regional president, David Crowder, used a giant screento make the interactive, animated, song-and-dance presentation. The crowdloved it.At points in the presentation they were actually cheering wildly(remember these were bankers - people who dont get excited until youmiss a payment). But most important they were sold.When it was over, I just sat there staring into space contemplating thepossibilities .Think about it. You walk into a sales appointment, plug in your computer,pop in a CD and the prospect (mesmerized) watches a state-of-the-artpresentation. The computer gets him interactively involved, answers all hisquestions, overcomes all his objections, leads him to a close, and gets himto type in his name, address, and quantity ordered - all without the
  • 146. salesperson saying a word.146 THE SALES BIBIl: li.!tJieJ GitomerHow much does it cost? According to Wbitley, presentations start as low as$1,000, and all you need to get it going at the fundamental level is a laptopcomputer of any kind. "Small companies are not price precluded from thismarket," he says. "I think its a wise move to start at any level possible andsophisticate your presentation as profits permit." Obviously elaboratepresentations can get quite expensive, but consider the possible results asyou consider the investment.And if youre thinking,Ill wait until tbe price goes downIll bet your competitions not.And for those of you who say, "If its so great, Gitomer, how come youdidnt buy one?" I did.Epilogue: A decade after the first Sales Bible came out, The Whitley Groupno longer exists, and for the RIGHT reasons. I chose to keep this article inthe book because Bill Whitley and his company were AHEAD of their time.Ten years ago, he was the ONLY one who was doing tl1is, and it enabledhim to turn around and sell his company for tens of millions of dollars.What are you doing that is ONLY? Ten years ago, they showed me acomputerized sales presentation that blew my doors off. The point I amtrying to make is the importance of being Internet savvy. You should beteaching a 14-year-old how to use and navigate on the Internet, not viceversa. Computers are cheap, Internet connection is cheaper, and both are21st-century tools that are the gateway to your fame, fortune, fmandalfreedom, fulflilment, and fun.THEObit(Followllhe01fl ill ::stanc _fl Realreal-·.:fl Objtc::,to enfl OWfCselie"W11ar _prospc:."I "Wehone":"I more""I 31:: :is too >_:"Tmprest:::
  • 147. "I net. "I ,lill-o:: ."Callas.,;cop..:.adas:"roup_ .:le in:: .. lime.": ..,:11... _ :::e. ::ce. ::, :lfeTHE SALES BIBLEPart 5Objections, Closing, andFollow-up ... Getting to YES1rllnce ]B((})((})]k ((})fobj cecc&n(())lffi§u Will the real objection pleasestand up! ............................... 148U Real-world objections .. ,real-world solutions .............. 151u Objection prevention. Anew wayto enjoy safe sales.................. 156u Overcoming objectionsseries: .................................... 159What do you say when theprospect says ..."I want to think about it."................ 160We spent our entire budget,honest."........................................... 162"I want to check vith twomore suppliers.".............................. 164"I want to buy, but the priceis too high.". .................................... 166"Im satisfied with mvpresent source."...... : ....................... 168"I need home-office approval." ...... 170"1 have to talk tins over with my ...."Dh-oh.......................................:....... 172"Call me back in 6 months," ........... 1745.1148 THE SAtES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerIdentifoing the true objection.
  • 148. Every time.Will the real objectionplease stand up!The customer says, "1 object!" Or does he? Is it the true objection, a stall,or a He? Euphemistically called objection or concern, its actually the realreason a prospect wont buy now. the prospect or customer is reallysaying is, "You havent sold me yet"The prospect is actually requestingmore information or more reassurance.There are very few actual objections. Most are just stalls. Thisis further complicated by the fact that buyers will often hide the trueobjection. They dont want to hurt your feelings, they areembarrassed, or they are afraid to tell the truth. A white lie is so mucheasier, more convenient, and less bloody than actually having to tell thetruth, so they just say something to get rid of you.These are the Top 10 Stalls/Thite Lies:1. I want to think about it.2. Weve spent our budget.3. I have to talk it over with my partner(wife, cat, mistress, broker, lawyer,accountant, shrink).4. I need to sleep on it.5. I never purchase on impulseI always give it time to sink in.6. Im not ready to buy yet.7. Get back to me in 90 days.Well be ready by then.8. Quality is not important to me.9. Business is slow right now.10. Our ad agency handles that."We bm c .officeobjecticc, So, what90% of t".c _you aHere are tlFinding thtIts upOVerC0l111 :-._You can,youlI beWhen Y(Lone. QuaL-. : ;/)jection.e}y time.lon,. a stall,(he real: ~ , e r is really__, .:esting
  • 149. ;ulis. This... ;:: (ruemuch~ e U theThe Book of Objections 149"we have a satisfactory source,""we need two other bids,""The homeojfice buys everything," and "Your price is too bigh," are also classicobjections, but I didnt want to ruin the Top 10 thing .So, what is a true objection? Most true objections are never stated90% of the time when the prospect says. "I want to think it over; or givesyou a stalling line, he or she is really saying something else ...Here are the real objections ...• Doesnt have the money.• Has the money, but is too damn cheapto spend it.• Cant get the credit needed.• Cant decide on his or her own.• Doesnt have authority to spend over budget,or without someone elses financial approval.• Thinks (or knows) he can get a betterdeal elsewhere.• Has something else in mind, but wont tell you.• Has a friend, connection, or satisfactoryrelationship in the business.• Does not want to change vendors.• Vants to shop around.• Too busy with other more important thingsat this time.• Doesnt need (or thinks he doesnt need)your product now.• Thinks (or knows) your price is too high.• Doesnt like or have confidence in your product.• Doesnt like, trust, or have confidence inyour company.• Doesnt like, trust, or have comldence in you.Finding the real objection is the first order of business.Its up there (in the list) someplace. Then (and only then) is successfullyovercoming it and making a sale possible.You can overcome an objection perfectly, but if it isnt the real objection,youll be shaking your head wondering why the sale hasnt been made.Wilen you get an objection, you must qualify that it is true and the onlyone. Qualifying the objection and overcoming it are of equal importance.150 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerThe problem is most salespeople are not able to get to the true objectionand are not prepared to overcome objections when they occur. Why?• They lack the technical (product) knowledge.• They lack the sales tools.• They lack the sales knowledge.• They lack the self-confidence.• They have not prepared in advance
  • 150. (often for the same objection theyve heard10 times before).• Their presentation is lacking.Or any combination of tbe above."Tbe price is too bigb" is the classic sales objection.Tb overcome it, YOllmllst tind out what the prospect actually means or how high is too high.Half the time you hear it, youre dead. The other side of that coin saysthat 50% of the time you hear a price objection, you have a shot ata sale, and the prospect can be sold with the right words or phrases.Qualifying the objectionandovercoming the objectionare ofequal importance.]( ~ : ~ - ~ - ~cc _YOUhigh.t sayssc a shot at- --.,"ts.11011The Book of Objections 151Overcoming the true objection.Real-world objections .• •Real-world solutions!Objections. I love objections. Overcoming them is the true test of asalesperson. The customer isnt exactly saying no; hes just sayingnot now. An objection rnay actually indicate buyer interestThe best way to overcome an objection? The Boy Scout motto - BePrepared! But. since most salespeople are not prepared, this chaptercontains the second best method. (The best method is detailed in the nextchapter. No jumping ahead. This is a different way, and you may not alwaysbe able to use the best way.)do objections occur?1. Because there are doubts or unansweredquestions in the mind of the prospect(sometimes created by the salesperson).2. Because the prospect wants to buyor is interested in buying, but needsclarification, wants a better deal, or musthave third-party approval.3. Because the prospect does not want to buy.I guarantee you will get objections if ...• You have not completely qualit1ed the buyer,(Is he the real decider? Can he really afford it?
  • 151. What is the need and interest level?)• You have not established need.• You have not established rapport.• You have not established credibility.• You have not established trust.• You have not found the prospects hot button.• Your presentation was weak.152 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffre} Gitomer• You have not anticipated objections in yourpresentation and overcome them before theprospect can raise them.Hete are seven steps to identify the true objection and then overcome it:1. Listen carefully to the objection being raised ... Determine if it isan objection or just a stall. A prospect will often repeat an objection if itsreal. Let the prospect talk it out completely.No matter what, agree with the prospects at first. This allows youto tactfully disagree without it starting an argument.If you believe it to be a stall, you must get them to fess up to the realobjection or you cannot proceed. If you believe its a stall, or wantclarification, try tbese lead-in phrases to get to the truth:• Dont you really mean ... ?• Youre telling me ____but I think you might mean something else.o esually when customers tell me that,experience has shown me that they really havea price objection. Is that true for you?2. Qualify it as the only true objection ... Question it.Ask theprospect if it is the only reason he or she wont purchase from yourcompany. Ask if there is any other reason he or she wont purchase besidesthe one given.3. Confinn it again ... Rephrase your question to ask the same thingtwice: "In other words, if it wasnt for . youd buy my service.Is that true, Mr. Jones?"4. Qualify the objection to set up the close ... Ask a question in away that incorporates the solution:"So, if I were able to prove the reliability... "or "If I were able to get you extended terms ... " or "If I were able toshow you the system in a working environment, would that be enoughfor you to make a decision?" Or a variation, " ... would that make me acandidate for your business?"5. Answer the objection in a way that completely resolves theissue ... and in a way that the customer ties down to ayes answer. eseevery tool in your box at this point. If youve got trump cards, play themnow (a testimonial letter, a comparison chart, a customer you can callanthe spot, a special time-related or price-related deal).Th. ;iI/e it:- :-e if it is. :1 if itsLOWS you
  • 152. _ ~ t . 1 1r.•i.. "--e besides,:::::ice.-::ina.:: :-eliability:: "-:>Ie to:!lIgh,Ill? a1::0 the__ T -se:hem-_111 onThe Book of Objections 153Forget price - show cost, demonstrate value, list comparisons, and provebenefits. If you cannot answer the prospect in a way thats different or setsyou apart from others, youll never close this (or any) sale .Product knowledge, creativity, sales tools, your belief in yourself, yourproduct and your company, and your ability to communicate, cometogether in tIlls step.You must combine technique with assurance,sincerity, and conviction to get the prospect to agree with you and mean it.6. Ask a closing question, or communicate in an assumptivemanner ... Ask a question, the answer to which conilrms the sale.• "If I could ... would you" is the classic modelfor the close.• Im pretty sure we can do this. I have to checkone fact with my office. If its a go on my part,Im assuming we have a deal; or "I could meetwith all the decision makers to finalize it:• Use sinlilar situations when you close. Peoplelike to know about others in the same situation.• Ask, "Why is this/that important to you?"Then use, "If I could ... would you?"7. Confirm the answer and the sale (in writing when possible) ...Get the prospect to convert to a customer with a coniirming question like:• When do you want it delivered?• When is the best starting day to begin?• Is there a better day to deliver than others?• Where do you want it delivered?Observation About ObjectionsThere are mountains written about closing and overcoming objections. Myphilosophy is to learn as many of these techniques as you can from everybook, tape, and seminar available.Then make sales in a way that you never have to use them -by establishing relationships and friendships.Sometimes you are precluded from the relationship or friendship, and thetechniques are all thats left. Thats why you need to know them all.154 THE SAtES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerMore tricks? There are thousands. One good one is to get approvals and
  • 153. confirmations from the prospect during the sale. This sets the yes tone forthe close.Read every book; listen to every tape. They all contain closes or ways toovercome objections. And most have usable ideas. Your job is to applythose techniques to your style and personality. No two salespeople arealike.Thank God.But the best trick is no trick -- its friendship.Its a warm, open, human relationship., :::,d::c for-, LO-: __,reThe Book of Objections 155These are the Cliffs Notes version ofovercoming objections to carry in your wallet.Youll need a big wallet.1. Listen to the objection and decideif its true.2. Qualify it as the only one.3. Confirm it again, in a different way.4. Qualify the objection to set upthe close.S. Answer the objection so that itconlpletely resolves the issue,and confirm the resolve.6. Ask a closing question, orcommunicate to the prospect inan assumptive (I have the sale inhand) manner.7. Conilrnl the answer and the salein Writing.An objectionmay actually indicatebuyer interest.156 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerIfyou can anticipate objections)you can prevent them from occurring.Objection Prevention.A new way to enjoy safe sales."Your price is too high," Rats. Dont you hate when you hear that? Its thenumber ONE objection in the world of sales. do salespeople continueto listen to it? Beats me,There are no new objections,Youve heard them all before. Can youimagine the prospect saying, "Your price is too high," and you responding,"Really, Ive never heard that before." (Actually that response may be betterthan the one youre using,) X?hatever business youre in, there are between5 and 20 reasons why the customer wont buy now,Some objections are stalls - delay tactics or hesitation by the prospect totell the salesperson no, Both objection and stall are defmed by salespeoplein a single word:jrustration.
  • 154. Well, heres the way to cure what ails your sales: Prevent objections bydiscussing them in your presentation before the prospect has a chance tovoice them. Prevention is the best medicine to cure objections.Heres how the process works:· Identify all possible objections. Meet with sales reps and customers.Brainstorm objections. Ask them for the top 10 objections they get.Theyllflow like water.. Write them down. Make a detailed list of every objection you haveidentified. Often the same objection is given in a variety of ways.. Script objection responses with closing questions for each. Inorder to prevent, you must prepare. It may take some time to complete thistask. Do it with your te:ml and perhaps a few customers in the room.Create several scenarios for each objection.• DeH:l.1.Comp.:feel c,o Rehearschedsituatio Th"eahscript"o Try thethemtheyU• MakE-worldevery. Keep tta cop,salespccinsight• Meet rtIts so -<"occur, H, _that wLcHere arcaddingthis1. SimiLlorsimL:2. TestiJll"[thou,·cost, [(,Thank" .3. A s1o:-,To buile: .
  • 155. Jccurring.n.S.I(s thecontinue. )u. be better-c: between"pect to- ".l:espeople. 115 byto_.:sromers .. ,.:;:t. Theyll. laye:" each. In::-::plete thism.The Book ofObjections 157· Develop sales tools that enhance and support every response.Items like testimonial letters, testimonial videos, comparison charts, andsupport documentation could enhance the objection-to-close process.Companies must develop whatever is needed to make the salespersonfeel confident, supported, and able to make the sale easier.· Rehearse the scripts in role-play. After the responses are written,schedule several role-play sessions to get familiar with each SCriptedsituation. and try to make it sound naturaL· 1veak the scripts. After you role-play, there will be revisions to thescripts. Make them immediately.• Try them out on customers. Go to a problem customer or two.Tellthem what youre doing theyll be flattered that you had the courage, andtheyll most often give you truthful responses.· Make final revisions based on real-world situations. The realworld always changes a script or approach. Be sure to document revisionsevery time you make them.• Keep the documents in a master notebook. Give all salespeoplea copyThere is an added bonus to this system - when you hire a newsalesperson, he or she has a training manual that will provide immediateinsight and income.· Meet regularly as a group to discuss revisions. There is alwayssomeone inventing the new best way possible.Its so simple, it works. The key is to know the objections that are likely tooccur, and script the answers or responses into your regular presentation sothat when you come to the end of your pitch, theres nothing to object to.Here are 7.5 tools and phrases of objection prevention you might consideradding to your scripts and incorporating into your presentation as part ofthis process:1. Similar situations - Stories about customers who had the sameor similar problem or objection who bought in spite of the objection .
  • 156. 2. Testimonial letters - Some of them can be closers, for example,"1 thought the price was too high, but after a year of lower maintenancecost, 1 realized the overall cost was actually 20% lower than last year:Thanks for talking me into it."3. Astory or article about your product or your companyTo build support, credibility, and confidence.158 THE SALES BIBLE JeffreJ! Gitomer4. A comparison chart - Compare the competition apples to apples anduse it when the prospect says he wants to check around.5. Say, "Our experience has shown ..." One of the most powerfulverbal lead-ins to preventing an objection.6. Say, "We have listened to our customers. They had a concernabout ... Heres what we did ..." - To the prospect to see hispotential objection disappear, and how you listen and respond.7. Say, "We used to believe ... , but we have changed and now we••. " - As a method of preventing a myth from recurring (reputation forpoor service, high price, etc.)7.5 Prepare yourself. - You know the objection is coming. Youve heardit before. Be ready with questions, answers, and sales tools whenit arrives.If you can overcome an objection in your presentation before the prospectraises it, you are more likely to make a sale.The real world ...If you can anticipate objections,you can prevent them from occurring.Sounds simple. It just requires preparation and practice.It takes time, creativity, and focus to make it happen.Please try it.Your reward for superior effortwill be superior sales ...which leads to a superior wallet.OverThe sa/t ,,tell YOl: - ,objecti.Someric;cworse. v--The key t(.None of - :Some nf:All oItI., "Each c/;. -,you e(ii, " objectilnext sa,c"The Book of Objections 159-:riul
  • 157. c"ncern. .lL now we. for. heard,-_Overcoming objections series ...The sale starts when the customer objects. Most often customers wonttell you the real objection first; they just stall.A master salesperson can getthrough the stall to the real objection. The next pages are dedicated to theobjection. The ones you hear all the time, like ...I want to think it over.I want to check with two more suppliers .Your price is too high.I have to talk it over with my partner (boss, wife),Im satisfied with my present supplier.Weve spent our entire budget for the year.Get back to me in about 6 months.Sometimes these are true objections. Most of the time they are stalls, orworse, untnlths.The key to overcoming objections lies in ...• Your knowledge of selling skills.• Your knowledge of your product.• Your knowledge of your prospect.• The relationship you have built withyour prospect.• Your creativity.• Your attitude.• Your sincere desire to help your prospect.• Your persistence.None of these things has anything to do with price.Some of these things may relate to cost.Al! of these things have to do with value.Each chapter in tbe objection series will/GCUS on a single issue so thatyou can get as much practical, usable information as possilJle. Theobjective is to give you a technique you can use when you make yournext sales call.Rule #1 ... Before you can overcomean objection and lnake a sale,you have to get down to the true objectiOn.160 THE SALES BIBLE iejfiY!), GitomerWhat do you say when the prospect says ...((I want to think about it. JJThe prospect says, "I want to think about i1"? Dont you hate to hear that?Lets say youre trying to sell Jones Construction a new copier. Jones isinterested, but gives you the old line about thinking it over."Thinking it over" is a stall,not a true objection.
  • 158. You can onZv make tbe sale ifyou find out wbat thetrue objection(s) is and creatively overcome it.This will get Lllr.]ones off the fence and onto the order pad . ..Salesperson: Great! Thinking it over means youre interested. Correct,Mr. Jones?Jones: I am.Salesperson: Youre not just saying, "I want to think about it" to get rid ofme. Are you? (said in a humorous vein)Jones; Oh, no, no, no. (laughter)Salesperson: (seriously) You know, Mr. Jones, this is an importantdecision. A copier is not just a duplicating device. Every time you senda copy out to a customer, it reflects your companys image. Im sure youagree with me. Is there anyone else in your company you "ill be thinkingit over with? (Meaning: Is he deciding alone, or are others involved?)Jones: No, just me.Salesperson: I know you are an expert at building; your reputationspeaks for itself, but Im an expert in copiers. In my experience in thecopier industry over the past 6 years, Ive found that most people whothink things over develop important questions that they may not haveanswers for ... since the image of your business is on every copy youmake. Why dont we think it over together so that as you develop questionsabout the copier, Ill be right here to answer them? Fair enough? Now, whatwas the main thing you wanted to think about? [At tlJis point you willbegin to get the realobjec!ion(s).]NOTE: If Mr.]ones had said he was going to think it over with others, youmust think it over with all parties in the same room, or youre dead.:ear that?:les is__:. (·,)rrect,- : 1 : get rid of-: ..:It-,I send<Ire you. ~ tllinking__,:ion- _;:: ~ n thewho- : havelY youp questions. -, ~ o w , what,II willyou_. : __:tad_The Book of Objections 16150% ofthe time when the prospect says,(1 want to think it over, ))it really means he or she ...• Doesnt have the money.• Cant decide on his own.
  • 159. • Wants to shop around.• Doesnt need your productnow.• Has a friend in the business.• Knows he can buy itcheaper elsewhere.• Doesnt trust or haveconfidence in you.• Doesnt trust or haveconfidence in yourcompany.• Doesnt like your product.• Doesnt like you.The other 50% ofthe time he will buy.The prospect can be soldifyou use the right words orphrases.162 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GilomerWhat do you say when the prospect says ...((We spent our entire budget, honest!""We spent our entire budget" is one of the best put-offs a prospect can giveyou. But take heart its only a real objection about half the time.• Sometimes you can fmd another budgetcategory.• Sometimes you can get a bigger boss to makea variation or exception.• Sometimes the prospect will just use the lineto get rid of you.• Sometimes its the truth but Id love to have adollar for every lie.To overcome this objection, you must first find out if the prospect is tellingthe truth. There are several hidden meaning possibilities: "We spent ourwhole budget" may actually mean"1 cant afford it," or "I can buy itelsewhere cheaper (or better)," 011 dont want to buy from you (or yourcompany)," 011 already have a satisfactory vendor," 011 dont want whatyouve got."Here are a few ideas to get the prospect off dead center ...• Mr. Prospect, let me tell you about OU1deferred payment plan. Ifyou sign for2 years nou toe can delay payments for6 months until your next budget, then simplyaccelerate payments.• If my service solves your problem., is thereany reason why you cant make the necessar.Ychanges to be included in yOUt budget?• U7ho would have the authority to exceedthe budget? U7hen can we set up a meetingwith them?S a l f ~Pni
  • 160. :, ISalt-"P n l ~ ~SOTEthf ,;,1,Ynu n:.- -: ...Jllest!)- _- ~ . m give, cline.- ~ : is telling__[ our)f your.,:-:t what:-r ..•The Book of Objections 163To fmd out if the prospect truly wants to buy but actually does not havethe money in the budget, heres a great method to use:Salesperson: If the budget wasnt used, would you buy my product?Prospect: Oh, yes!Salesperson: Vben is the next budget meeting?Prospect: July.NOTE: You must now ask the following questions and write downthe answers."Vbat type of proposal do I need to submit?Date due?,,"Can you get mea sample of a previously submitted proposal?" "Are there others I shouldsubmit it to?""Vill you give me a letter of endorsement?" (A letter ofendorsement by a manager attached to the budget proposal can be thedeciding factor.) "Can I present my proposal in person at the meeting sothat any questions can be answered?" (Any besitancy on tbe part of tbeprospect to answer tbese questions probably means tbe lJUdget is not tbetrue or only objection.)You might still be able to get a sale or partial sale this year_ Begin to askabout the present situation: "Is there anyone else who might be able torearrange this years budget to find some money? ... Is there any moneyleft in approved items that is unspent? .. _ Can we categorize this purchasein another heading that has money left to spend (office equipment,promotion, dues and subscriptions, publicity, advertising)?"A bit more pushy approach is, "Are you sure you can get it approved?"Prospect says yes. You say, "Buy now. Ill bill you now, but its due after thebudget approval:"No money in the budget" is among the most difficult objections becauseyou dont know if its the truth, and if it is, theres serious follow-up thatmust be done. If you submit a proposal for budget approval, it must beconcise, without error, all terms and conditions spelled out, and on time.You must qualify the fact that the prospect wants your product.Then you can get an endorsement for next year, and potentially somebusiness this year.164 THE SALES BrBLE jeffrey Gitomer
  • 161. What do you say when the prospect says ...Salesptimt((I want to checkYOl: ::.con:, cwith two more suppliers. ))anc :. ..Its fmstrating when you have just made a great pitch, you know you havecoe:-.:.:the best product, you have explained every benefit, but the prospect says,by I:"I have to cbeck with two other suppliers."What the heck can you do orsay to get the sale today?:ow.1phoneThe best salespeople are trained to respond to objections and make closesat the appropriate moment. They go to a presentation prepared with every.OT- ,,tool that enables them to make the sale now. Below is a technique with ahor:::;c-:little-used but powerful sales tool that can win a sale and impress theSUet :: prospect with your thoroughness.SCENARIO: Mr. jones needs a cellular phone for better and faster businessA chartcommunication, has appointed you, listened to your pitch, but says hewants to look around.those ]insteadThis is probably not his true objection.A Ill,::Your objective in this situation is to position Mr. jones in a way that he willOffer t(buy today or state his tme objection. Try this on indecisive Mr. jones .,11.1: ,c::C":Salesperson: You know, Mr. jones, many of my customers wanted to dothe exact same thing before they bought their cell phone from me. Imsure you want to know youre getting the best phone and the best servicefor your dollar. Correct?giYt -Jones: Yes, absolutely.ntyc.Salesperson: Can you tell me a few of the things youll be checking
  • 162. (comparing)?anc .:"::Jones: (Whatever Jonesy says fIrst and second are the real objectionsunless hes just trying to get rid of you)Salesperson: After you have compared these items [name them] withother companies and found ours to be the best, Im sure youll buy fromus. Correct, Mr. jones?Jones: Yes, 1 will.(OK, its time to nail Mr. Jones.)you have"pect says,. ;"m do or.. _ :1:ake closes_ with every~ ~ . u e with a--c-5 the_,<cr business- .: "JYS heIJl:hat he will-·)nes .... ,::::ed to do.. :-:: ,ne. Im- jest service.-:: .::eckingcctionswith~ buy fromThe Book of Objections 165Salesperson: Great! Many of our customers want to shop and comparebefore they buy; but we both know this can take a lot of your valuabletime.The reason youre buying the cell phone in the first place is to giveyou more time. Isnt it? So, to save you the time, we have shopped thecompetition for you, Here is a chart of our top 20 competitors, theirproducts (show an 11 x 17 chart completely filled in), their services,and their prices for you to review. Take time to point out how youcompare favorably in each area, especially those areas of concern voicedby Mr.]ones.Now, Mr. Jones, when do you want to sign up for your cellphone plan?NOTE: Mr.]ones is now pleasantly surprised at how well you did yourhomework and in shock that he will have to decide now, or else begin tostate his true objections. (See "1 want to tbink about it," earlier in thischapter for a list of the true objections you are likely to get.)Achart that compares your products, services, and prices withthose of your competition can get your prospect to buy nowinstead of look around.A variation ofthis tactic ...Offer to do the comparison on your time. Have Mr.]ones tell youwhat hes going to compare. Tell him youll me a written comparison, and
  • 163. whoever wins, wins .Mr.]ones will say, "1 dont want you to go to all that trouble." You respond,"Mr.]ones, your business means a lot to me. 1 dont mind doing this. Itllgive me a chance to make sure were on top of our game. Besides, wevenever lost in a competitive comparison:Now, with the most guts you can muster, say, "Did you want to go aheadand sign up now, or wait until the comparison is over?"166 THE SAtES BIBLE ff!ffrey GitomerWhat do you do when the prospect says ...(7 want to buy, but theprice is too high. J)Mercedes-Benz is one of the most expensive cars in the world. Somepeople say, "The price is too high" ... the company sells thousands of autosworldwide. Mercedes is one of the wealthiest companies in the world."Tbe price is too high" has been a cry from buyers since the open marketin Damascus, 2,000 years ago ... but they still bought."17Je price is too high" is a classic objection. To overcome it, you mustfind out what the prospect actually means. Assuming he or she wantsto buy now, and the person youre speaking to is the sale decider, there areactually five possible meanings behind this objection ...1. I cant afford it.2. I can buy it elsewhere cheaper (or better).3. I dont want to buy from you(or your company).4. I dont see, perceive, understand the costor value of your product or service,5. Im not convinced yet,About half the time you get a price objection, you will not make the sale.That leaves a 50% opportunity window. Open it,Here are some probes you can try ...• Prove affordability: "What we will do for you costs less in comparison towhat it will cost you if you dont hire us and proceed on your presentcourse."• Challenge: "Vhat are you willing to pay?" "What price can you afford?"• Get a feel for the difference: "How much too high is it?"• Talk about value and tomorrow: "Mr,Jones, youre thinking aboutpennies per day, Were talking about value over a lifetime:Show : : : ~:-::eautos:"lJ,." :llarket:".1 must0: ,,ants. ",.ere are.;: ,ale.--,on to,rd"The Book of Objections 167The one that has worked best for me is: "Would you buy it from me now
  • 164. (not today) if the price were lowed" (Assume the prospect says yes.)"You mean other than price, there is no reason we cant do business?"(Note: I have double-qualified the prospect on the price objection todetermine it is the reaL true, and ONLY objection.) "If we can figure a wayto make it affordable, will you take delivery [or begin or order] right away?"If the prospect says yes, then you have to creatively figure out a way tochange the terms, offer a discount, offer a future credit of items to enhancevalue, compare price to cost (over a term), or simply resell at the originalprice. The key is to prepare these answers in advance. You know theobjection is coming, Why be surprised?If prospects want your product or service bad enough, theyll figure out away to afford it.Just because they say the price is too high, doesnt meanthey wont buy. What is actually being said many times is "I want to buy.Show me a way."Just because a prospect says,"The price is too high,"doesnt mean he wont buy today.168 THE SALES BIBIl: .Jeffrey GitornerWhat do you do when the prospect says ...see -:""((Im satiifwd with my• s;·.gcpresent source. JJ• "G:Great, just what you wanted to hear. But dont get discouraged with thisper::one; its actually pretty easy to get an opening and begin a relationship ifof r::;:you can get the prospect talking.Just because hes satisfied now doesnt• h5/:0: .mean hell stay that way.bus::: :::"the t:,:,.Realize that what your prospect is saying is that their existing suppliertois the best theyve been able to find...You may have a better product, price, availability for delivery, service,make: or warranty. The prospect is only telling you hes satisfied from• QZk-:his perspective. He doesnt really know about you or your company F_the p:- Knowing the reason why the relationship is satisfactory will help youunderstand how to proceed.TbeHere are the top 12 reasons your prospect likes the vendor hes currently1. Find
  • 165. using ...Get c.1. Price or great deal (perceived value).2. Quality of product/service.2. Ask t3. Has a special business relationship.thing4. Has a personal relationship. you (5. Has used this supplier for years.3. If,6. Doesnt know any better - only thinks hes getting a good deal or goodsoune -....service.with Y;:!J7. Vendor "he1ped me when I needed it."cultheyolc8. Great (friendly, immediate) service.9. In stock - immediate delivery.first10. Personalized service/does favors.4. Go to11. Told by others, "This is who we buy from."in the _12. Is lazy, has a vendor, doesnt want to change, isnt spending his ownmoney (not the boss).If pr, ,-am: .Find out which one of these 12 reasons applies to your situationnO, (before you start to overcome this objection ...way,Te__or youre wasting your time. prese:::0_ ,::;: ,,-ith thisif- ,,- doesnt..; supplier·;:;:::yice.-c. .. ried from__ _:npany yet.belp you- ::::5 currentlydeal or good.:- _ :1? his own.hi our situation:1inIl ...The Book of Objections 169
  • 166. • Get information about the present vendor: "What do you like mostabout the vendor youre using?" and "Is there anything you would like tosee changed?"• Show a difforence: "We have recently introduced new technologies thatgo beyond your present equipment and would appreciate an opportunityto demonstrate them."• "Give us a try": Suggest that the prospect use your service for a trialperiod of 30 to 90 days, or take a trial order, or give you a small percentageof the business to prove yourself.• Issue a challenge: "Im sure you will agree, Mr. Prospect, tllat as abUSinessman, you owe it to your business to continue to actively seek outthe best value."A satisfied buyer may indicate a complacent supplier. Offerto do all the comparative work.• Give an experienced response: "Mr.]ones, when I personally have asatisfactory vendor, I still need another vendor as a point of reference tomake sure Im getting the best price, selection of products and value:• Question their selection process (not their selection): "What standardsdo you judge your vendors by?" Raising the question of standards will getthe prospect thinking about future performance, not just the past.Tbe four keys to success witb this objection are ...1. Find out how the relationship with his present source began.Get a historical perspective. Find out how he began with his presentsupplier.2. Ask the two important open-ended questions: "X!hat are thethings you like most about the vendor?" and "What would you change ifyou could?"3. If you get a chance to give some information, youd better make itsound great. Be sure to stress that you have long-tenn relationshipswith your customers. Tell the prospect youre interested in slowlycultivating one with him and you dont expect a total switch, but anevolution of judgment and proof by performance. Say youd like the sameopportunity you gave (present supplier) back when you issued him thatfirst order.4. Go for the sample or trial order. Something small to get your footin the door, and prove your worth to the prospect.If prospects have a good long-term relationship with their present supplierand you really want the business - start building a relationship with themnow. Get your Mackay 66 filled out and start using it. There is no betterway. Tell prospects you want to begin the same way they started with theirpresent source. Go slow, start small, and win big.170 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerWhat do you do when the prospect says ...(7 need home office approval JJMore than half the time you hear the line "I need home office approval: itsa lie a stall tactic that frustrates and deceives. The challenge this objectionpresents is to fInd out if its the truth (or true objection).Ask the yrospect pointed questions about the home officeapprova process: "How long does it take? ... Does one person decideor is it a committee? ... If its a committee, when does it meet? ... Can Isubmit a proposal? . . Do you have a sample proposal or suggested format?
  • 167. ... Can I contact the decision maker?"Challenge the prospect: "No problem. I understand. Lets contact themright now while Im here.lilat way I can answer any questions they mighthave." The objective in making the appeal to call now is to determine if theprospect is telling the truth that home office approval is really needed. Ifthe prospect tries to make some excuse why he cant call now, chances arehome office approval is NOT needed. If you detect hesitation or uneasinesson the part of the prospect, he is probably less than 100% truthful.Direct questions will expose a prospect. If you dont believethe prospect is being truthful, go back to the pitch and fInd out thereal objection.Whether the prospect is telling the truth or not, the key questionto ask is ... "Tell me, Mr. Prospect, if you didnt need home offIceapproval, would you buy?"If the prospect says yes, you have crossed the fIrst bridge to malting thesale with or without home office approval.Look for ways around the problem. Sometimes the local manager hasa discretionary budget. Sometimes there is a dollar limit, so if you divideyour invoice into several smaller ones, it might fly. Be creative.Pren:ntthisappc:.:-:::::dec!-:oniUtJ,,:c:: _Thethe p::be :lflow;If YOL: ,_waySomeoal." its,iectionU(t.111 Iformat?{hem,t- mightif the,ceied. Ifare:;:ct, question: thehas,_ cii,ide
  • 168. The Book of Objections 171Prevent the objection by qualifying first. ... There are ways to avoidthis objection. How well did you qualify the prospect prior to making theappointment? You should not ask the blunt question, "Are you the soledecision maker?" It SOlUlds too "salesy" and is somewhat insulting to theprospect. Just rephrase it,Try this one: "Is there anyone else you work withon decisions (situations) like this?"The object is to fInd out if anyone else isinvolved in the decision BEFORE you make your presentation,TIle unfortunate aspect of this objection is that its a convenient put-off forthe prospect who doesnt want to (or have the guts to) just say no. It canbe a large, disappointing wheel-spinning exercise. Take heart, though. Iveflown to many home offices and brought back paper.If you really want the business, go for it. Dont let a home office get in theway of you and a big order. Go to the home office and bring back business.Someone is,172 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerWhat do you do when the prospect says ...2. Get (IJJ·Ollf -:.:.((I have to talk this over with my ...»the"L, ,•Uhoh!• "":e:Im -:.::-;::..::Wben you hear the words ttl have to talk this over with .,.,"you realize• »"0. _youve done something very wrong.•Try kYou didnt qualify the prospect very well, did you? OK. What do you do now?3. ArranLeayt eW1Jen others need to approve the deal, besides qualifying the buyeraltern,: ,better, you must take four action steps ".--,:1. Get the prospects personal approval,4. -lake2. Get on the prospects 3. Arrange a meeting with all deciders,think- .4. Make your entire presentation again.If you think you can get around these steps, think again. Its obvious yourelooking for shortcuts or you would have properly qualified the buyer.If you would have just asked, "Is there anyone else you work with on
  • 169. Ifdecisions like these?" this whole mess wouldnt be taking place. Would it?salespe:Back to the reality of the four steps ...An ab:1. Get the prospects personal approval. "Mr.]ones, if it was and you didnt need to confer with anyone else, would you buy it?"Ask the I(The prospect will almost always say yes.) I ask, "Does this mean youllto do thtrecommend our product to the others?"Wl1Y _, appny,,: Now I go through a checklist that seems a little redundant, but I want toFair t::: _.uncover any areas of doubt, so I ask ..V Is the price OK? V Is the product OK?You CJV Is the service OK? V Is the company OK?V Am 10K? V What doubts do you have?V Do you like it well enough to own it?(Note: Revise these questions to suit what you sell. Revise them in amore personalized way. The objective is to nail down absolute approval)Get the prospect to endorse you and your product to the others, but dontlet him (or anyone) make your pitch for you.lll• • •".:i realize·.)U do now?01l1er-::ous youre.:: ::,uyer.-, c.::h onCould it?just::my it?"...:1 youllwant tohave?in a:,;t? approval.)... <:[5. but dontThe Book of Objections 1732. Get on the prospects team. Begin to talk in terms of"we,""us," and
  • 170. "the team." By getting on the prospects team, you can get the prospect onyour side of the sale.• "What do WE have to do?"• "Then can WE get them together?"• "When does the team meet next? Its important that I am present becauseIm sure theyll have questions that they will want answers to."• "What can I do to be a member of the team?"• "Tell me a little bit about the others." (Write down every characteristic.)Try to get the personality traits of the other deciders.3. Arrange a meeting with all deciders. Do it any way you have to.Leave several alternative open times from your date book. Use thealternatives as a reason to get back and solidify your meeting with thedeCision-making group.4. Make your entire presentation again. You only have to do this ifyou want to make the sale. Otherwise just leave it to the prospect. Hethinks he can handle it and will try his best to convince you of that.The best way for you to make this (or any) saleis to be in control of the situation.If you make the mistake of letting your prospect become asalesperson on your behalf (goes to the partner instead of you),you will lose. Every time.An altenzative method , ..Ask the prospect if hes sure the partner (wife, boss) will wantto do the deal. If the prospect says, "Yes, Im sure," you say. "Great!Why not just approve the purchase now [sign the contract], and get theirapproval? If you call me tomorrow and tell me no, Ill tear up the contract.Fair enough?"You can avoid and prevent this objection with three words ...Qualify the buyer!174 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerWhat do you do when the prospect says ...((Call me back in 6months. "Is it just a polite way of saying no? Are you willing (do you have the guts)to bottom-line the prospect?Pat me on the head and ten me to go away. Thats the real meaning of "Callme in 6 months" (or any nebulous "get back to me" after some period oftime).The prospect is really saying no! To overcome this stall, you must fmdout what true obstacles are in the way.Does the buyer really want your product? Is there someone else? Is yourprice too high? Can the prospect afford what youre selling?Fact is, if the prospect says "Call me in 6 montbs," you havent found thetrue reason for the stall (and may not want to know).The real reasons forthis objection are ...1. You have not established enough rapport.2. You have not established enoughbuyer confidence.3. You have not established enough need.4. You have not established enough value.5. You have not established enough trust.6. You have not established enough desire.
  • 171. 6.5 You have not established a sense of urgencyto buy today.Youve done all that? The prospect is tening you the truth? Baloney. If youare looking for some truth in l-ejection, try looking a bit deeper. The realreason might be one of these:• The prospect isnt the true decider.• The prospect doesnt have the money.• The prospect doesnt like your company.• The prospect doesnt like your product.• The prospect thinks your price is too high.• The prospect has a friend or relationshipestablished to buy or get your product orservice in some other (more beneficial) way.• The prospect doesnt like you.TRY i ~BIG QBIG Atl1e guts)::: of "Call_-- reriod ofmust ftnd.";;:; Is your. ::: -- - the-·c _. for:1ey. If you::::::::::: TIle realThe Book of Objections 175TRY QUESTIONS:Xhat will be different in 6 months?Is there a particular reason you prefer that I get back to you in 6 months?What is preventing you from taking action today?BIG QUESTION: Are you willing (do you have the guts) to bottom-line thebuyer? Do you have the courage to ask him, "Are you really saying NO?"If you want to begin the process to overcoming this objection (stall) andftnd out where the sale is, do anyone or combination of the following:• Ask the prospect, "Do you see yourself buyingin 6 months?"• Find out who else is involved in the decisionby asking, "How will the decision be made?"• Ask the prospect, "Could you purchase nowand pay in 6 months?"• Show that by purchasing now the prospectwill save/earn back some or all of the purchaseprice in 6 months.• Show how a delay can cost more thanpurchasing now.• Ask if he has looked at the cost of delay.• Show how the advantage of purchasing nowoutweighs the hidden expense of waiting.• Show the difference between spend (cash
  • 172. outlay) and cost (total value of the sale).BIG ANSWER: Xherever the answer lies (and often the prospect does justthat), one fact is clear:A 6-month, 6-week, or 6-day stall is not the fault ofthe prospect. You have not uncovered the true desire, need, or objection.It is not an issue of blame it is an issue of responsibility - yours.THE SALES BIBLEPart 5Objections, Closing, andFollow-up ... Getting to YESthe lIl[J)«))]k«))~ (l«)) ~ ~ ; d L I m <gJfl: What are the 19.5 early warningsignals that the prospect is readyto buy? .................................... 178fl: When you answer a prospectsquestion, avoid two words -Yes and No............................. 181fl: How to ask a closingquestion................................. 183fl: The oldest rule of salesstill holds true....................... 184fl: 1vo breeds of thePuppy Dog Close ................... 185fl: Eat dessert first! . . . . . . .. .. .. .... . . . .. 188fl: The most powerful close inthe world is not a close......... 1895.2178 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gito11lerAny question asked by the prospectt:".must be considered a buying signal.What are the 19.5early warning signals that10the prospect is ready to buy?11Question: When is the prospect ready to buy?Answer: Hell tell you if you just pay attention.12The links between the presentation and the close are13buying signals.Recognizing signals to buy is the first step toward a close in the science ofI-tselling. Listen to the buyer. He or she will give you signals.When youre giving your presentation, the buyer will gesture, question, playwith your product, or in some way communicate that he is inclined to1=purchase. As a professional salesperson, your job is to recognize the buyingsignal and convert it into a sale.
  • 173. 16Here are 19.5 signals (questions) to look/or:1. Questions about availability or time. Are tbese in stock?How often do you receive new sbipments?18.2. Questions about delivery. How soon can someone be bere?How mucb notice do I have to give you?3. Specific questions about rates, price, or statements aboutaffordability. How lnuch does tbis model cost? Tf7hat is the price of tbis19.fax machine? I dont know ifI can afford tbat model.4. Any questions or statements about money. How mucb moneywould I bave to put down to get tbis?-,1t signal.•,thato buy?.7 ii?_- of_ .:esrion, play- to:he buyingIt aboutct? oftbis-JOlleyThe Book of Closing 1795. Positive questions about your business. How long bave you beenwith the company? How long bas your company been in business?6. Wanting something repeated. Wbat was tbat you said before aboutfinancing?7. Statements about problems with previous vendors. Our oldvendor gave us poor service, How quickly do you respond to a servicecall?8. Questions about features and options (What will it or you do?).Is tbe sorter standard or optional?9. Questions about quality. How many copies per montb is tbemacbine rated for?10. Questions about guarantee or warranty. How long is tbisunder wa1-ranty?11. Questions about qualifications (yours or the companys).Can all ofyour people answm questions on tbe pbone?12. Specific positive questions about the company. W7Jat otberproducts do you cm.,-y?13. Specific product/service questions. How does tbe manual feedoperate? Do you select tbe person or do I?14. Specific statements about ownership of your product or service.
  • 174. Would you provide papeT eacb montb automatically? W1l1 you come byeacb montb to Pick up my accounting? Suppose I like bel and want belto work for lne full-time?15. Questions to confirm unstated decisions or seeking support.Is tbis the best way for me to go?16. Wanting to see a sample or demo again. Could I see tbe fab1icsanzples again?17. Asking about other satisfied customers. lVho are some ofyow customers?18. Asking for a reference. Could I contact someone you did tempwork for using Lotus 01 WordPerfect? Do you bave a list of references?19. Buying noises. I didnt know that, ... Ob really ... Tbatsinteresting. ... Tbats in line witb wbat weve been doing.19.5 Your ability to convert the signal into a sale ... Elery one oftbese buying signals (questions) can be tumed into a closing questiontbat will lead to a faster sale - ifyou do it rigbt.How do you answer these questions? Good question! A buying signal.Ill tell you in the next chapter.ISO THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerRecognizingbuying signalsis criticalto your successas a salesperson.You will gopast the saleif you failto recognize them.And many do.p:Vques:rn-o (:: l.rc .2, I [1".:.:.:Wht::If YO": _ ~paSl ~Thirl.:; ,is oftena salequesL ~the _:-:,• "D,• "D,:::,• ·C:;.:-, .• ",-scAll of tJthat pt.L.
  • 175. [1.The Book of Closing 181Ifyou answer aprospects question withyes or no, you may be going pastthe sale without making it.When you answer aprospects question, avoidtwo words -- Yes and No.~ h e n a prospect asks me a "yes" or "no" question, I never answer yes orno. Vhen a prospect asks me any question, I try to answer in the form of aquestion or ask a question at the end of my answer. This establishes thetwo central objectives of selling:l. Im in control of the presentation.2. I might be able to close the sale now.~ h e n you answer a prospects question, avoid two words:yes and no.If you answer a prospects question with "yes" or "no; you may be goingpast the sale without malting it.Think about it for a moment. When a prospect asks you a question, itis often a buying signal. How do you answer a prospects questions? Asa salesperson, your highest skills are called upon when a prospect asks aquestion or shows an interest in buying. Your first inclination is to answerthe question in the affirmative, if you know it to be true. For e:xample:• "Do you have this model?" Yes.• "Does it come in green?" Ths.• "Can you deliver onTuesday?" Yes.• "Are these in stock?" Ths.All of the above yes answers are not only wrong, they are answersthat prolong the sale unnecessarily.You are also inclined to answer the prospect in a straightforward manner.182 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffiey GitomerFor example:• "What is your delivery lead time?" Usually 2 weeks.• "How much notice do I have to give you?" 24 hours.• "When will the new model be out?"janualJI 30th.Ibese answers are also wrong. Very wrong.The 1ltk is ...Use the prospects question to confinn the sale.In other words, after you get the prospects signal, form a responsequestion that implies the anSloer and confinns that the prospectwants to buy what youre selling.Its not as complicated as I just made it sound.Here are some examples of confinning questions:• "Do you have this model?" Is this the model you want? If the prospect saysyes, all I have to do now is find out when he wants delivery, and Im finished.• "Does it come in green?" Would you like it in green?• "Can you deliver on Tuesday?" Is Tuesday the day you need it delivered?• "Are these in stock?" Do you need immediate delivery?• "Vhat is your delivery lead time?" Houl soon do you need delive1Y?• "How much notice do I have to give you?" How much notice do youusually have?
  • 176. • "How soon can someone be here?" How soon do you need someone here?You can also answer directly and still pose a closingquestion immediately thereafter. For example:• "When will the new model be out?" janualY 30. But we have specialincentives to take the copier now. Lets compare which will be the bestway for you to go./lair enough?• "Do you have references?" Here is the list. Jf our references aresatisfactory, when UJould we be able to get ourfirst assignment?Heres the magic process:1. Recognizing a buying Signal is the sales diSCipline,2. Being able to construct a response question (much more difficult)requires creativity and practice,3. Delivering the response soft and smooth is the mark of the masterprofessional salesperson, And usually the one who makes the sale,Is there a secret to perfect question formation and delivery? Yes! And theanswer is the same as the immortal question a tourist asked of a NewYorkCity cab driver: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" Practice.H ~I the sale .. ,I responseprospect,-,;: prospect says" I Im finished..; it delivered?,:2lilelY?.etC do youmeone here?J closing",C.. :." ;)pecialtbe best,ore:dle-~ _-"::leult)::uster.lle,. - ; : : ~ : And ther J :ewYorkThe Book of Closing 183There are thousands ofwaysto ask for the sale.How to ask a closing question.Thousands of pages have been written on closing the sale.You can havethe best presentation in the world, you can be an expert in your productor your field of endeavor, but if you dont know how to close the sale,dining out for you will probably mean a drive-thru window.The experts G. Douglas Edwards, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Earl Nightingale,etc.) define closing as: Asking a question, the answer to which confirmsthe sale. After you ask this all-important question, it is critical that youfollow the oldest rule of selling: After you ask a closing question, SHUT
  • 177. UP! The next person who speaks, loses.There are thousands ofways to ask for the sale ...But you can set the tone for closing by telling the prospect what you want(the purpose or objective of your meeting) when you walk in the door.Then, ask jor the sale as soon as you hear the first buying signal. Animportant guideline in asking for the sale is to try to eliminate no as apossible response to your question.You may not get the coveted yes as aresult of eliminating the word no, but you will get dialogue or objectionsthat will eventually lead to a .ves.Formulate your closing question in a way that responds to the prospectsmain need or desire.For example ... "Mr,Jones, would you like these T-shirts in light or dark colors?"or "How many shirts do you want in the darker color you said you liked?" or"Would you like delivery before or after the first of next month?" or "When didyou want these delivered?" or "Are you paying by check or credit card?"These are examples of using time, choice or preference methods simpletechniques that eliminate no as a response.Let the buyer decide,but dont give him or her no as one of the choices.184 THE SALES BIBtE jejfiey GitomerOther closing questions offer a possible no response, Before you ask thistype of closing question, be sure you have confirmed the prospectsinterest and he has given you concrete buying signals.For example ... Youre trying to sell Mr. Jones a fax machine. Jones says heneeds a machine by Tuesday, but has not yet said he is buying fromyou. You ask, "Would you like me to deliver your new fax machine Mondayevening?" That is a solid closing question. You have given the prospect theoption of saying no, but it is unlikely hell use it. (Even ifJones says no, ask:"When would be the most convenient time to make delivery?")The key is to ask for the sale in a sincere, Lriendly manner. Dontpush or use high pressure. If you just stop talking after you askthe closing question, the tension in the air mounts real fast.A minute seems like an hour when the room is silent.Self-confidence is important. The buyer will buy if you believe he will.Th:: ,Most salespeople dont ask for the sale because theyre afraid of rejection,theuncomfortable about the money, or not sharp enough to recognize thefree.buying signals of a customer. Im glad none of those apply to";:: ~ :The oldest rule of salesstill holds true ...When you ask a question,the answer to which confirms the saleAll thtWereit e::Shut up!t O L ( : ~
  • 178. In my experience 1havefound the biggestflaw in failing to secure theIrs 0"order is the salespersons inability to know when and how to ask for it,poin!YOl: _The sale belongs to the closer.mel::People love to be closed.try::u ask this,")l1eS says hebTI:ing fromMonday.C: prospect the·.c says no, ask:-, )manner. Dont: Jiter you ask• real fast.l1ewill.rejection,the•a1esI • the:0 ask for it.The Book of Closing 185The sale is more likely to be madeifthe prospect can take ownership biiforeshe actually commits to the sale.1vo breeds of thePuppy Dog Close.Breed 1 ... Simply irresistibleHow can you adapt its power to your sales process?The easiest way to sell a puppy is to give it to the prospective owner (andthe kids) overnight "to see how they like it."Just try to get that puppy awayfrom the kids the next morning. Thus the name Puppy Dog Close. It is anincredibly powerful sales tool that is used (with variation) by salesprofessionals around the world .Think about itfor a moment.• Test drive the car.• 30-day free trial membership.• Try this in your home for 7 days.• First issue of the magazine is free.• 2-day demo of our copier in your office.
  • 179. All these are fonus of the Puppy Dog Close.Were telling the prospect ... this product is great but you may not knowit until you touch it, try it, take it home, or use it. If I can get the prospect totouch and/or try my product, Im more likely to get him to buy it.Its ownership before the sale. It breaks down resistance to thepoint of acceptance.You can enh:mce the use of this tool with the words ifyou qualify; thismeans you can determine if prospects can afford your product before theytry it out ... then if they want to keep it, fmancing is prearranged.••••••186 THE SALES BIBLE JefJre.v GitomerObviously not all businesses can use the Puppy Dog Close, but more andmore corporate sales strategies call for trying to get the product into thehands of the buyer for a test or trial as part of the selling process.Salespeople know statistically the sale is more likely to be made if theprospect can take ownership before he or she actually commits to the sale.When you try on a new suit or dress, before you actually make thepurchase, you see yourself owning it ... The fit, the feel, the look, and thesalesperson chortling how good it looks, are often more influential thanthe price.You can almost see yourself at the office or trade show in yournew clothing ... then you say, "OK, Ill take it."If you doubt the power of this close, go to a pet store and ask if you canhave a puppy overnight for evaluation. You might want to take yourcheckbook along, just in case.How old is the Puppy Dog Close? God gave Moses the 10 CommandmentTablets: "Try them; he said. Pretty strong close. Still working. After 5,000years he still has billions of customers.Ifyou chase the world, it runs from you.Ifyou run from the world, it chases you.-Hari DassBreed2 ... Let the dog chase youWhen I was 16, I decided to get a puppy. Early one morning the puppygot away. She ran for blocks through the neighborhood as I chased herfruitlessly. I was panicked. Surely the dog would get hit by a car. I ran homeas fast as I could to awaken my dad to get in the car and find my dog. Dadreluctantly began to get out of bed. I spun to race to the car - and trippedover the dog.The sales moral ofthe story is: Let the prospect chase you. Sometimesyoure better off baiting or challenging the prospect. Often we are so eagerto sell, we dont give the prospect enough room to buy.There are variations of this technique that are from the old school ofselling but are still worth looking at ...,.::....:.-----: ::·)re and: thethethe sale.:ie,lnd the
  • 180. ..::3.1 than.. in your_ ,ou can"lIr:-::"-::3.ndment-:c::- 5,000/iomyou.chases you,- Hari Dassc-.::J her- T ran homeJog. Dadtripped, :::.ctimes:,re so eager·:,.(V)/ ofThe Book of Closing 187The negative sale", (take it away if the buyer shows interest) has beentouted through the years as the most powerful selling device, When motelfranchises were first sold in the 1950s, a salesman would come into town,visit a local bank, and say there were "only" 10 shares in this new motel at$50,000 per share, He would ask the banker for leads and get them,He would make group presentations that started out, "1 believe all theshares are spoken for, but Ill go through my presentation, take yourapplication, and if I get a cancellation, Ill give you a call." 1 was with myfriends dad that day. He eagedy filled out the application, To hisamazement, he was called - someone had canceled, We found out latereveryone was called.Good tactic? WelL it worked, Ethical? You decide,The "Can you qualify?" sale. Rather than pushing the prospect to buy,you challenge him to be qualified (have the money, get the credit) topurchase. Often used in door-to-door sales, or big items requiring credit,like cars and mobile homes,You can laugh at it, but it still is the backboneof the sales efforts of many national companies,188 THE SAlES BIBLE jejfrey GitamerHow soon do you close a sale?As soon as you walk in the door!Eat dessert first!TYoure at one of those banquets where they put out the salad and dessertbefore anyone arrives, So, when I sit down, I immediately eat the dessert,People are anywhere from surprised to shocked, If they make a comment,I ask if theyre going to eat theirs. If they say no, I ask them to pass it over.If someone gives me a choice of apple pie and ice cream or lima beans, Imnot an idiot. Dessert is to eating as closing is to selling. Its the best part.Tradition says do it last - I say do it first.I begin to close the sale within 10 seconds of entering a prospects office. c..;,- .I state my objective of the meeting, and I tell him or her what I would likebJ.::, :.
  • 181. to do. I tell them my three strategies of business ...* Im here to help.* I seek to establish a long-term relationship.- Im going to have fun.Stating your objective and philosophy at the outset puts the prospect at ease.U:,c It gets the meeting off to a great start. It establishes credibility and respect.And it clears the way for me-aningful information exchange and rapport building.Tell the prospect what you want when you walk in the door.Then, ask for the sale as soon as you hear the first buying Signal.We were raised to think in patterns set by others.To be as successful asyou want to be, it may take getting out of those traditional patterns. Mostpeople dont get out of their comfort zone. Most people dont attain thelevel of success they set out to achieve. I wonder if theres any correlationbetween those two statements.Dont save room for dessertEat it first. Its a sweet way to close.··r e a aL?, .. Su:o.·i; the door!_ .ind dessertdessert.,: -:: .1 comment,::155 it over.beans, Im, .. :: Jest part... ,- tcls office.- . I would like•- <-::tCt at ease .:"tspect.. -::;;"Jrt building... :: ::oor .. -:-;C::n5. "iost. -. - .1. :tain the_. ..:orrelationclose.The Book of Closing 189Understand how yourproduct is usedso that you can understandhow to sell it most effectively.The most powerful close inthe world is not a close.The Understanding CloseProduct knowledge is useless until you know how your product is used onthe job to satisfy and profit the customer. On the surface this seems simple,
  • 182. but I challenge you as to how far you have gone to understand how yourcustomers actually use your product or service on a real-world, day-to-daybasis. How do they use it in their work environment?Understand how your product is used so that you can understandhow to sell it most effective(y.In most cases, the end user is not the purchaser. The person who buys thecopier or computer is often not the person who runs it every day. The enduser is the person who will lead you to important sales information .Its easy to ftnd out. Go visit your customers. Watch, ask, and listen .Go watch your product being used.Ask questions about their likes and dislikes .Ask what they like best.Ask what they like least...,... Ask what they would change and how theywould change it ., Ask about service theyve received after the sale.Observe the operations made byeveryone connected.Ask if they would buy it again.Ask if they would recommend it to abusiness associate.Write down or record everything they say!190 THE SAlES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerSeeing your product in action and questioning its use puts a new (and(poweiful) perspective on bow you sell it• Its customer insight at its highest level.Fol• Its product knowledge that no factory trainingcan provide.• Its the best (and least-used) opportunity togain knowledge about a customers real needs.• Its a chance to see the benefits of yourproduct in action.When your visit is over ...• Document it.• Thank your customers for their time.• Report what changed as a result of it.• ,Make recommendations.Try to measure the value ofthese five benefits ...1. Youve built incredible rapport.2. Youve taken giant relationship steps.3. Competition will have a tougher time gettingin the door.4. Youve gained indispensable knowledge thatwill lead you to more sales.5. Your customer now sees you as a consultantrather than a salesman.Now when youre on a sales call, you can discuss using the product inc,
  • 183. the customers work environment, and have a hands-on basis for yourexpertise. You can ask questions that get the prospect talking about useafter purchase. ("If you purchased, how would you use this differently thanthe one you have now? My experience has shown me ... ")And ifyou do it right,its not only a learning opportunity -its a selling opportunity.;dC (and:.lct in- ,-our: -,ut use--:ently thanTHE SALES BIBLEPart 5Objections, Closing, andFollow-up ... Getting to YESTlbeBook ofU No follow-up system?No sale! ................................ 192U Sales tools are a vital partof the follow-up process ....... 194u Most sales are made afterthe seventh no ...................... 197u Youve been selling sinceyou were a kid! ..................... 199u Stamp out competitionwith a 37¢ sales call ............. 201u The fax machine "vill breed salesif you harness its power ....... 203u Oh, no! ... not voice mail-AAHHHHH!!! ......................... 207u "Leave a message and Ill be gladto retum your call" Not! ....... 210* Cant get an appointment?Try harder, try smarter .......... 2145.3192 THE SAlES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerThe method or system you useto organize your/ollow-upscan make or break the sale.No follow-up system? No sale!Since 98% of all sales are NOT made on the first call, follow-up is asimportant as any part of the selling process. Follow-up start.. early. Whenyou respond to an inquiry call, either by phone or by appointment, thatfirst sales call you make is actually a follow-up.You must have an organizedmethod or system offollowing up ifyou want to make the sale.There are several types of follow-up systems. Pick one that works for you,
  • 184. your type of business, the size and complexity of the sale, and one that youwill use faithfully.Here are the choices:1. ACT Database -This program (and others like it) are specificallydesigned for contact management, organization, and sales follow-upassistance. Its a bells and whistles organization system with e-mail mergeand date-to-follow-up alarm reminders and a blUlch of other fields to helptrack (and keep control of) the sale. This program lets you retrieve data anumber of different ways such as by company name, contact name, phonenumber, city, state, or e-mail address. There are a number of programs likethis to choose from (ACT is what we use at my office). Get one that is themost user friendly and has the options you need.2. Get a PDA - This is an easy device to learn and use, and it is wireless.Aha! Wireless is the way to go in the 21st century. A PDA, regardlessof brand, will keep all your important information like names, phonenumbers, e-mail addresses, appointments, and notes right at your fingertipswhile you are away from your desk. And it is light enough and smallenough to fit in your pocket or your purse.3. Use a Card Scanner - Forget the old way of saving stacks of businesscards.That just takes up room in your desk drawers. Invest in a cardscanner. It is only about one hundred dollars, and well worth the moneythe CLLcwill e:::-your p:::no net_eleetr:4 . .3 X ::.a corr:-_fo11O,-with C:t!5.meeti.::__in anyany 5,-:eyen (-__ 6. Yell(l17. SClap__Notes<I2Ill you use. (ollow-ups>;;:lk the sale.0 sale!, _ -:- is as-,-::LS early. Whenthat;be sale.
  • 185. for you,,ne that you" _;,,up:, ::,:::ail merge, :;:-:d5 to help-:::;;:-Ye clata a::.,me. phone, .. -·:zrams like:c :hat is the_ :- "ire1ess..:.:- fingertips.... .;mall:", ,::f business- <:c moneyThe Book of Persistence 193considering the time and space it will save you. The card scanner does allthe data entry work for you.You just insert the card into the scanner, and itwill copy the image and all the information and upload it electronically toyour personal database. The scanner copies the exact color, picture andinformation on the card and stores it in your database for you, so there isno need to keep the hard copy of the card anymore.You have it on file,electronically, on your desktop!4.3 X 5 or 5 x 8 card file (staple business cards to save time)a combination of the business card and notebook system; great if manyfollow-ups are needed before a prospect commits to a sale. Many peoplewith desk jobs tend to use this system, and I dont know why.5. Da}1imer - good because you usually have it handy to write notes andmeeting dates. Its bad because youre constantly rewriting, and nothing isin any kind of order. A daily planner/calendar is a must in conjunction withany system to keep your appointments and notes of the moment - buteven this is going the way of the computer. (Get literate if youre not.)6. Yellow pad - not a very good system. Pages get lost, constantrecopying, and you panic when you misplace the pad.7. Scraps of paper - guaranteed to make you look bad, lose sales, andeventually frod a new career.Notes to betterpmductivity ...• Have special 8.5 x 11 lead sheets around theoffice for inquiries instead of message pads.Have a checklist and plenty of lined note spaceon the sheet to determine what type of followups need to be or have been made, and when.Even if you use another system, the lead sheetsprovide information necessary to get the saleoff on the right foot.• Update all information the same moment youreceive it or do it.• Photocopy everything once a week. Keep
  • 186. backup copies in case of loss.Tracking is critical in thefollow-up process.lVhen you have all your information on computet;your 1nind is free to create.Thats part ofthe secret ofsales achievement.194 THE SAlES BIBLE jelfie.y GttornerBy creating unusual sales tools and using the ordinary toolseffectively, your sales will increase significantly.Sales tools are a vital partof the follow-up process.Your ability to create follow-up selling tools can Significantly enhance yourimage with the prospect and make the sale more often.Sales tools are the most underenlplo),ed weapon in the selling process.Defmed as an aid or prop in the selling process, sales tools can be atremendous boost to productivity, especially if several follow-ups areneeded to make the sale.There are everyday tools like the phone, fux, letters, brochures, andliterature, but the extraordinary salesperson creates out-of-the-ordinarytools to entice the prospect to buy now and to choose his or her productover the competition.Review the tools listed below and see if they might be effective in yoursales game plan ...• Personal note (imprinted with your company name and logo,greeting card size) ... handwritten. Better and more effective than thecommon business letter. Gives the prospect the feeling that you care.• A package of letters from satisfied customers ... No salesperson ismore persuasive than third-party endorsements.• A third-party mutual friend endorsement .. .An incredibly powetfultool.Your friend is far more influential than you.• Support articles ... Like a copy of a favorable article recently printedthat can give you an additional reason to mail and call. It doesnt have to beabout your business. Its better if its about his business or best if its abouthis personal interests.• Ayiot">• J..,:3 ..·Anir>ishe,ent):.,,"Will ::• Ad Spt1.:• Lunchthe• Afrer-Il.,• TIckers
  • 187. •and• Teleph.Jbeinf: " _ :deal: _:,also ,squeezestay in (,",tContacT _.ddi::like .: "."dinary tools.1 i?JI ificantly.1part~ e s s .;:llhance your~ : ,II;: process.~ . : : : be a··..lpS are-, and.::<Irdinary: :cf productc in yourLE: and logo,..< (han the.1 care..c.esperson ispowerfulprinted..-: t have to be. . ~ -: if its aboutThe Book of Persistence 195• A videotape supporting your product/service ... Prepared by you oryour supplier; if a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth1,000,000.• Meet at a networking event (lead club, chamber function, etc.)· .. Business/social engagements are the heart of business life.• An imitation to your facility ... Building the business relationship byshowing yours with pride. A welcome sign for the visitor, and happy,enthusiastic greetings by aU members of your team. Make the tourmemorable. Serve great food, issue tickets, give a memento. Ask yourself:Will the prospect go back to his office and talk about this visit? If not,change it so he will.• Ad specialty ... Small, useful (Post-it Note pad, coffee mug,T-shirt), orunusual item that will be used, seen, or talked about.• Lunch appointment ... Spending a few extra dollars can often lead tothe sale. It will also get the personal information that leads to a relationship.• After-work meeting ... Meeting the prospect after hours can be morerelaxed and informative. Get to know and like your prospect. People will
  • 188. buy from their friends first.• Tickets ... Sporting events, cultural events, and seminar tickets areappreciated and can help build a relationship. (Go with the customer.)• Letters and faxes ... Can be used effectively if short, informative,and humorous.• Telephone ... The second most powerful weapon in selling (live visitsbeing the first). Calls can set up meetings, give information, and close thedeal; but calls can get redundant, and many times dont get returned. Itsalso hard to get a signed contract over the phone, and checks dontsqueeze through the little holes very well. Use the phone with respect,stay in control at all times, always have a purpose for calling, andNE,"ER get off the call without having set the next meeting orcontact, as well as confirming it.Additional telephone information, and how to jollow-up without feelinglike youre bugging the prospect is in the next chapter.Sales tools build sales ... if you use em.Id love to hear about tools that you use .Fax your best or most unusual tool to 704/333-1011.196 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomerftfissed OpportunitiesTickets!They are the most coveted perk in business.Sporting events, theater, and concerts can makea prospects or customers mouth water(and pen drip with ink).Dont just give them away!Go with the prospect or customer.Irs agreat to build the friendship andstrengthen your grip on his or her business.• be --- -:":::usiness..s can make:_ waterfray!•lstomer.;·:i.?Jldship and.. husiness.The Book of Persistence 197Ifyou are creative, helpful, and sincerein yourfollow-ups, the prospect will notperceive you as hounding him or her.Most sales are made afterthe seventh no.It takes 5 to 10 exposures (follow-ups) to a prospect to make the first sale.The prospect may not actually say no seven times, but each time youfollow up and the prospect doesnt buy, hes saying, "Not now, buddy; dosomething else for me; Im still shopping around; I havent met with mypartner; try again later; in short you havent sold me yet:
  • 189. As a professional salesperson, youd better have what it takesto persevere througb the follOW-Up process and not quit.Be willing to put forth the effort it takes to get past the seventh noand get the sale ... 01 consider taking a job with a salary .Here are some follow-up gUidelines to ensure emly closing success ...• Know your prospects hot buttons (things you think will make theprospect buy), and work with them in constructing your follow-up plan.• Present new information relative to the sale.• Be creative in your style and presentation manner.• Be sincere about your desire to help the customer first, and put yourcommission second.• Be direct in your communication. Beating around the bush will onlyfrustrate the prospect (and probably cause him to buy elsewhere).Answer all questions. Dont patronize the prospect.• Be friendly. People like to buy from friends.• Use humor ... Be funny. People love to laugh. Making your prospectlaugh is a great way to establish common ground and rapport.• When in doubt, sell benefits.• Dont be afraid to ask for the sale. Often.If there were a formula for following up it would be information + creative + sincere + direct + friendly + humor =SALE... but there isnt an exact formula.198 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerEvery follow-up is different, and elements from the above guidelines mustbe chosen as called for. Here are a few lead-in lines you might try so thatyou dont feel uneasy about how to start the conversation:• I thought of a few things that might helpyou decide ...• Something new has occurred that I thoughtyou would like to know about ...• There has been a change in status ...• I was thinking about you and called to tellyou about ...Dont say: "I called to see if you got my letter [info or whatever]." It soundsdumb and it gives the prospect a way out. If he doesnt want to talk to you,hell say, "No, I never got it."Where does that leave you? Nowhere.Why not try: "I sent you some [name the stuff] the other day and I wantedto go over a couple of things with you personally, because they werentself-explanatory ... "Its likely you wont bug the prospect if . ..• Hes a salesman hinlself.o You have something new, creative, or fimny to say.• Youre short and to the point.• Hes genuinely interested in your productor service.o He returns your calls right away.• He likes you.o He seems to need what youre selling.Its l i k e ~ y you will bug the prospect if . ..o You call more than three tin1es without
  • 190. a returned calL• You ask dumb or pushy questions(probably because you didnt listen wellin the fIrst place).• You are perceived as insincere.• You exert pressure too soon or too often.• You are rude to the prospect or anyoneon his staff.Follow-up is another word for persistence.Your ability to follow up willdetermine your success in sales. Ask any professional salespersonthe secret for success. He or she will answer ...persistence., .__.. JeUnes must. ~ - _ : cry so that"It sounds~ - . - :,) talk to you,-, __ ere.. ,,:ld I wanted-: ,,_c- werent_. w up will:1The Book of Persistence 199Somewhere between diapers and gettingour business cardprinted, weforget howtenacious we need to be to make that sale.Youve been sellingsince you were a kid!I would like to acknowledge Joe Bonura, c1 Bonura Training Systems,whose e:>.:cellent setninar pmvided the inspiration for this story.How many nos are you willing to take before you give up the sale?Remember when you were 7 y:ears old, in line with your mother at thesupermarket, and asked, "Mom"can I have this candy bar?" That was aclosing question if there ever was one."No; she replies. You, the master salesman, ignore the fITst 110 and respond,"Please, can I have the candy bar?" Mom is a bit put off by now; with hermind preoccupied with the grocery tab, she says, "I said NO!" No number 2is now safely out of the way, and you respond, "Aw, come on, PLEASE!"Now the momma prospect is emphatic. "Absolutely NO," she thunders nonumber 3. (Sometimes she will actually spell it out: N-O.) No number threeis now out of the way. Time to move in for the kill. Lets try to find outwhat the objection is here. "Wby cant I have a candy bar, Mom?"This is aclassic example of a direct question going straight at the real reason for thefirst three nos. How did you learn these sales skills so early in life?"Because itll spoil your dinner," she responds, true to form. Now is your bigchance. Overcome this objection (the fourth put-oft), and its in the bag(the grocery bag, that is). "No it wont, Mom. I promise to eat it afterdinner; you reply in your most sincere tone.Shes on the ropes now, about to cave in, but being the true sales-reluctantprospect, she isnt going to just cave in. "Well, I dont know; she weakly
  • 191. states the fifth negative response.You see your opening and immediatelybellow,"PLEASE!" in that endearing kid mixture of song and whine. "OK;200 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomershe says. "But dont you dare eat it until after dinner; (She has to get out ofthe loss gracefully, so she emphasizes the caveat "after dinner" to save faceto the cashier, who is grinning.)VICTORY! You made the sale, and it only took five nos to get it. You wereprepared to go at least 10. Possibly risk a hit or two on the butt, and insome cases actually throw a fit in public. Think about that for a second.Vhen you were 7, you were willing to risk public embarrassment, corporalpunishment, and verbal abuse to make the sale.Somewhere between diapers and getting your business card printed, youforgot how tenacious you need to be to make that sale.If youre looking for the best examples of how to overcome the obstaclesand objections to sales, just sit back and reminisce. The candy bar, the firstdate, staying out after curfew, getting the keys to the car, getting a raise inallowance, getting off punishment to go to the dance or getting a date ...all sales.All were full of nos and objections. But did you hang in thereagainst all odds? Were you willing to risk? Willing to take a beating? Did youeventually make the sale?Ill bet your closing ratio as a kid was better than 90%.How much money would you be making if your closing ratio werethat high today? Forget candy bars -- youd have enough cash tobuy the entire grocery store.On average it takes seven impressions, exposures) nos, or objections to getthe sale. Whats the secret to getting to the seventh no?Persistence..get out ofsave facewere- _.::. and inj second .. " :-:-.c:nL corporal., printed, you. ::.C obstaclesthe first_... ::g a rd.ise in....:-.g a date ...:-. in there- .-;: --:ing? Did you_sing ratio were!,-,ugh cash to_. -:(tions to getThe Book of Persistence 20 I111ail is a quick) inexpensive wayto get in front ofyour customerorprospect more often.
  • 192. Stamp out competitionwith a 37¢ sales call.How often are you in front of your customers or prospects? Answer: Not asoften as you should be. It takes 7 to 10 impressions to get a sale and beginto build a relationship.You can get there more quickly if you use the mail.If you cant be there in person, send a letter.An effective communication by mail can solidify a deal. Do it once a weekand the number of new orders, vohune of repeat business, and percentageof customers remaining Joyal will drastically increase.Sometimes the writing is already done for you. Cut out or photocopyan article about something that pertains to your customers business, orsomething you know hes interested in. Put a Post-it Note on the articlesaying, "Saw this and thought it might be of interest to you; and sign yourfirst name. It will be remembered.Here are 13 valuable mail-ways to get in front ofyour cU.. itomersand prospects ...1. Thank-you note for an order.2. Thank-yoll note for a referral.3. Thank-you note for continued(and valued) business.4. Short note about a positive meetingor phone call.5. Article from a magazine or newspaperabout his business.6. Something about his competition.7. A joke, cartoon, or something funny.8. Announcement of a new product.202 THE SAlES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomer9. Special sale or offer.10. A newsletter (from your company).11. A hot lead.12. Notice of a meeting or seminar that might beof benefit to him.13. A reminder of a pending order or reorder.None of the above costs more than 75<: including paper and postage.Whata value! You get a sales call. more orders, build goodwill, build loyalty, builda long-term relationship, and make the customer or prospect feel great.Use personal bandlOyitten notes whenever possible. use themourselves because we know our customer appreciates the time it took tosend a handwritten note.Have trouble putting it into words?Go to The Book of CommunicationsThe sales letter will work, ifyou get it write.A 37" communication is an inexpensivesales tool that can help you win and keep a customer ...especially if a competitor is calling.nsaltEl::::: -
  • 193. -±., T13tage.What;alty, build::::cl great.- ,:;11, it took toThe Book of Persistence 203Paxlng ls lnstant contact.Some#mes # can be the differencebetween your order or your compe#torJs.The fax machine will breedsales if you harness its power.A fax demands attention.W11en a fax is received. it is hand-delivered (andread) immediately. Faxing is still a technology where many salespeoplehave yet to discover its power and immediacy.If speed of response is important to your selling process, the fax looms largeas a vital tooL It can actually be your competitive edge if used properly:Faxing provides instant information. I have often faxed documents in themiddle of a (telephone) sales conversation.Here are 215 selling reasons to jax someone today ...1. To be first with important information.2. To get back with a price, a quote, or a proposal for a prospectsimmediate need.3. To information or a letter (or an invoice) to a prospect who claimshe never got it in the mail.4. To change a contract.5. To get a solid selling message through when your call isnt returned.6. To beg for a returned phone call, or tell a prospect his voice mail isout of order.7. To punch a point; to emphasize.S. To answer a question about something germane to the sale(same day as question was asked).9. To warn of an impending price rise or change in product.10. To introduce a new product or service.11. To thank.12. To inform.13. To congratulate.14. To remind of a date or deadline.204 THE SAIES BIBLE Jejfrey Gitomer15. To confirm an appointment.16. To pass around a great joke or cartoon (A word of caution - Manyfolks on the receiving end will see your humor, so keep it clean).
  • 194. 17. To entertain with a humorous fax cover sheet.18. To send an urgent request to meet because of a pending change(price increase, increase in productivity, new technology).19. To show a referral letter from a satisfied customer.20. To show an article that appeared in a local or national publicationthat supports the need for your services.21. To send something that shows you know about the prospectsbusiness/industry.21.51b demonstrate a sense of itnmediacy tbat indicates your desireto serve and respond quickly - a vital colnponent in buildinga long-tenn business relationsbip.Fax )our way to tbe prospects beart and wallet.Proper use of the fax is one thing. Improper abuse of the fax is another.Like all aspects of sales, timing is the essential ingredient.A fax is to sales as trump is to bridge. You only play trump when it is toyour maximum advantage to do so. Misplay your cards and you will losethe hand and probably the game. Overusing or abusing the fax destroys itsability to work in your favor.• Avoid words like urgent, critical, and emergency.• Dont use the fax in place of a cold call, or as a first contact.• Dont fax your brochure or a sales pitch. It will be tlle-thirteened ina NewYork minute (38 seconds).Consider tbesefacts about tbefax:• The fa.", still get.., immediate attention. You have a page or two to getinformation to your prospect - use the space wisely. Say only what isnecessary to achieve your next objective.· Creativity is essential. If your fax is clever, different, and containsconcise information, you will gain confidence and attention.· Always fax on the fine or detail setting. It takes longer, but whenyour fax comes through crisp and clear to your prospect, it reflects thequality of your company ... and vice versa.· The fax machine will breed sales - if you harness its power.E-mail immediacy? That will come in my next book - Stay tuned..,n - Manyir clean).: change. "ublication,peers. rm / desire:;i/lilding·,-."tlt., .. ,x is another.- ,:,:hen it is to, -".Ill will lose, :n destroys its..;,LL.-:c-ened in. ,,:c or two to getyhat is; contains
  • 195. ,(cr, but when, the, ,,wer,...The Book of Persistence 205All-time great ideas in sellingFax a copyof yourdaily appointment bookwith open datesand times circled.(1bu can even show an appointl1zent listedwith a cornpetit01:)206 TIm SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GltomerCover it!Let your fax cover sheet reflect your creativity. Dont be afraid to use alittle humor. Lawyers have fancy notices on their cover sheet that basicallysay, "Ifyou read this fax and it is not addressed to you, your eyes will fallout; and youll burn in hell."To keep things in perspective, I created my own set of fax rules thatappear on my fax cover sheet:1. Deliver this document at once to the personnamed above.2. Dont read the fax unless its directedto you, nosy.3. Our phone # is 704/333·1112 if you needto call.4. Our fax # is 704/333·1011 if you need to fax.5. Hurry up.Pre.".=I get about five comments a weekanc "--.about how someone enjoyed our fax cover sheet.How many do you get?Yci(;: .Yoi;:.c•TlJeSince .01. ~ . ~ : , , : : to use a: ~ : :hat basically; eyes will JoellJlC5 thatThe Book of Persistence 207Tbe big question isDo you leave a message?Tbe big answer isIt depends!
  • 196. Oh, NO! ... not voice mail -AAHHHHH!!!Press 1 ... if you want to leave a message.Press 2 ... if you dont think your call will ever be returned.Press 3 ... if youve already left three messages, havent had your callreturned, and want to send a bolt of lightning directly through the phoneand strike the butt of the person who wont return your call.Press 4 .,. if you want to shoot the person who installed this voice maiLVoice mail can be the scourge of the salesperson, but it doesnt have to be.Voice mail is a tool used to establish contact. It is not used to make a sale.Your objective is to leave a message that will elicit a return calLYour option is to ignore voice mailand use your resourcefulness to get indirect contact with your prospect.Here are 5 guidelines that deJine the sales perspective of voice mail:1. Its a game - play to win.2. Its here to stay know how to get around it.3. Know when to leave a message(and when not to).4. Know how to leave a message that will geta response.5. Be resourcefuL Be creative. Be memorable.The big question is Do you leave a message? The big answer is It depends!Since there is no cut-and-dry answer, why not develop a method that works208 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gflamerfor you? Dont listen to what everyone else says. There is always a[se HIUway around it and there is always a way to get your call returned.• F. c : ~Figure out a way to make voice mail workfolYou.Do leave a message if ...• f.e: .• Youve spoken with the person before and gotten positive feedback.• FL ..• Youre following up a good (interested) lead.n · ~ : .• You have valuable information the prospect really needs to know.Ltc. ::• You have a prepared message that has enough impact to get the prospectttcto respond.",,.•. ·cDont leave a message if ...(Stt• Its a cold call or exploratory call.for• Its likely youre selling something the prospect already has.YoiLe ..• Its likely youre up against an existing relationship.need _
  • 197. • Youre trying to raise funds for a charity.helpi"..• Youre selling insurance, stocks, or financial planning services.fru5::-:, .Getting around voice mail and getting directly to the prospect ...Your ~• Press "0" to get an operator or secretary.youAsk if the prospect can be paged.• Tell the operator you dont want voice mail and ask how you can reachyour prospect live.• Tell an administrative person you got lost in the voice mail a college graduate, and can they please help you. If you nicely actexasperated, you can get someplace - especially at the CEO executiveadministrative level.• Find the administrative person and get the prospects schedule of normalarrival and departure.• Get someone else to book a tentative appointment.• Call before the gatekeeper arrives(7:45 to 8:30 A.M.).• Call after the gatekeeper leaves(5:15 to 6:30 P.M.).• Call the sales department - theyll tell you everything if they think youcan help. Plus theyre more fun to deal with than administrative types.• In a larger company, call the publicity or public relations departmentits their job to give out information.• Find a champion or comrade someone within the company who likesyou or believes in what you do."1:: i5 always a(-.11 returned.)Y.prospectt prospect .....: Lan reachyoure. : ice(l actexecutive: _..:c: of normal::1ink you-"e types._,-"ment-ho likesThe Book of Persistence 209Use your fax machine as an alternate way to get through ...• Fax pages from your appointment book with open dates and timescircled (show an appointment listed with a competitor).• Fax a joke or cartoon.• Fa.x a referral letter from a satisfled customer that relates to his business.• Fax an urgent request to repair his or her voice mail. Tell the prospect to
  • 198. notify the company that sold the system to come fix it because youhave left several messages and theyre evidently not getting through, sothe only thing you can figure is that its broken. ("Surely, -"Ir.Jones,youre not ignoring my calls:)(See the section on harnessing the selling power of the jax , ..for more ideas.)Voice mail is not all bad. Its great when youre in the middle of a sale andneed to get important or timely information to a customer. Voice mail ishelpful when you are trying to reach an existing customer. Its justfrustrating at the beginning of a sales cycle.Your challenge is to beat voice mail by using the one sales toolyou always carry with you - your brain .Just a note on hypocrisy:Part of total quality is totally returning phone calls.If I had a dollar for every executive preaching TQMwho doesnt have the courtesy to return a call,I could buy my own voice mail systemand not return his call.Its a shatne thatreturning phone callscant be made mandatory.210 THE SALES BIBLE jejJre.)! GitomerLeaving messages is a risk.Ifyou do, create a messagethat will get response."Leave a message and Ill be gladto return your call" ... Not!"Press 1 ifyoud like to leave a message, Ill be glad to return your callas soon as [ can," RighLAnd Santa will bring you a pony if youre a goodlittle boy"Press 2 ijyoure selling sometbing I dont want." Thats a lot closer tothe truth,Why wont they call you back? -Xhen you get someones voice mail anddecide to leave a message, what steps can you take to ensure that your callwill be retumed? Lots,Ifyou leave a message, here is a collection oftechniques that havegotten calls returned:• First name and number only (in a very businesslike manner).It seems that calls are returned in inverse proportion to the amount ofinformation left.· Be funny. Clean wit will get response.• Be indirect. "I was going to mail you important information andI wanted to confirm your address,"• Offer fun. "[ have two extra tickets to the Hornets game and I thoughtyou might be interested. [Heres the sure shot:] Please call me if you cantgo so that Im able to give the tickets to someone else."• Remind the prospect where you met if it was a positivefirst meeting.• Dangle the carrot. Leave just enough information to entice,• Ask a provocative or thOUght-provoking question.
  • 199. Sote, Tht1mail. <objec:.;: _,An a!!-!,vas "Salesi:c-":your :1:":--:-asHere c/.": .Leaye I had tlon him,you in ---.minutt:leaving. : .far ),01<,Ifyourc .so thatTheres --,having.. .:,;;-es IS a rtsk ..n? a message. ... 5·ef glad.. your calla good: closer tomail and_ :1at your call-hat haveb.:e manner).. : .. of.- .mdI thought.-. you cantD"ithel11e Book of Persistence ZllNote: There is never a reason to give your sales pitch on voicemail. No one is there to say yes.Your objective is to make contact. Yourobjective is to provide enough iniormation to create positive response .An all-time classic technique ...was offered byThomas J. Elijah III, of Elijah & Co. Real Estate, at aSaIesMasters™meeting.Thomas said, "Leave a partial message that includesyour name and phone number, then pretend to get cut off in midsentenceas youre getting to the important part of the message. Cut it off inmidword. It works like a charm because the prospect cant stand notknowing the rest of the information or thinks his voice mail is broken."
  • 200. Here are afew examples ofthe Elijab ;}[ethod·Leave your name and number, then deliver half a sentence to peak interest:• Your name came up in an importantconversation today with Hugh ...• They were talking about you and said ...• I have a deal that could deliver you ahundred thou ...• Im interested in your ...• I have your .. .• 1 found your .. .• I have information about your ...• Your competition said ...• Im calling about your inheritance ...• Are you the [persons full name] who ...• We wanted to be sure you got your share of ...• Im calling about the money you left at ...• Hello. Im calling for Ed Mc ...I had to call Elijah recently to get some information. I tried his techniqueon him, cutting off my message in midsentence. I said, Tm going to quoteyou in my column this week and I need ... " He called me back in under 3minutes laughing hysterically. This technique could revolutionize messageleaving. Ive been using it ever since, and it works. Be careful about howfar you go on the humor with someone you dont know.If youre making several calls, make sure you document your messagesso that you can be on top of it immediately if/when your call is reUlrned.Theres nothing worse (or more stupid) than getting a returned call andhaving no idea who its from.212 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey GitomerVoice messaging companies say that voice mail helps companies routemessages faster, and the recording system offered by voice messagingreduces errors and allows complete messages to be left. True, but many ofthe people who have voice mail (especially the ones youre trying toreach) use it as a dodge.If youre thinking about buying voice mail, dont just look at convenience.Before you make a commitment to a specific system,consider the impact on your customers.Will tbey be better semed? Will you maintain friendlJ), human servicein spite of the voice-rnail system?Dont confuse voice mail with automatic attendant systems.Automatic attendant, where the computer actually answers thephone, is the single worst business invention ever.Here is the most customer-friendly type of voice-mail system to use:1. Human t2. Human determines if the person youre callingis in by ringing their phone and monitoringthe response.3. If not in, human returns and says, "Mr.]onesis not in. Would you like me to help youpersonally, take your message personally, or
  • 201. would you like to leave a detailed messageon his or her voice mail?"4. You faint from the shock.Press 1 if you hate voice mail. Press the hot button of the prospect if youwant to get a call back and make the sale in spite of it. Press on.If you do leave a messageon someones voice mail, ask yourself,"Would I return this call?"If you hesitate to say yes,change your message., .. ;"J.nies route_~ :nessaging~ - :-d:, but many of~ , ~ trying to0; .n convenience._ ,,,tem,--,;)II man serviceriianf systems.G, answers the,E-r,;. <c::::1 to use:~ .. -r~-::-)5pect if you.;.; J11,t",urself,The Book of Persistence 213All-time great ideas in selling ..."Leave apartial messagethat includes your name andphone number andpretend to get cut off inmidsentence as youre gettingto the important part of the message."-- Thomas]. Elijah, III214 THE SALES BfBtE jeJ/iey GitomerTake a risk.Take a chance.Use your creativity.Dont be afraid to make a mistake)dont be afraid to fai4 dont worry aboutrejection) and dont quit just becausesome yahoo wont see you.· l ~Cant get an appointment?Try harder. Try smarter.The guy wont appoint me.I cant get an appointment.
  • 202. • (,::1He didnt show for his":.He 1Pont commit to an appointment.She wont return n.} phone call.He bas rescheduled me th1ee titnes in 2 weeks.Welcome to the reality of a salesperson. The above situations are notproblems - they are symptoms.Vhen these symptoms (excuses) occur,[there are unstated but obvious objections. Pick the one that applies to you.If you think none of these apply to you, think again:• You havent established enough interest.· (• You havent given any value.p t ~• You havent created or uncovered need.·T.iJ.• You are unable to or have notestablished rapport.• The prospect is already doing business withsomeone she is satisfied with.• You have been talking (telling) instead ofasking (selling).• The prospect doesnt see you as importantenough to carve out tinle to meet.Take a risk.Take a chance.,our creativityi;ake a mistake);; 1worry about,,::1 it just becauseIfon}t see you.tment?r.:> are not. . ~ ~ l s e s ) occur,..>: J.pplies to you.The Book of Persistence 215• The prospect feels "sale" ratherthan "relationship."• The prospect has an wlfavorable impressionof you, your company, or your product,Get creative,Jack Oackie),Youre not going to let little things like thatprevent you from achieving your objective. Are you?Here are some strategies and tactics that have worked· Get referred. Find someone you know who knows who you want toappoint. Get this person to call Mr. Elusive for you if possible (to smooththe way, or find out the real reason he wont see you),• Use the fax. Send a referral letter, a top 10 list, a cartoon, or yourschedule for next week with the open tinles circled. Use the fax to open
  • 203. the door.• Send a plant, flowers, or a small gift. You will be amazedhow much ice you can melt with a small gift. Flowers can get througha brick wall no matter how thick it is.The right gift basket will bring aremarkable response.· Get close to the administrative person who knows your prospectbest. Find out what your prospect likes. His typical schedule - arrival anddeparture times. Gather information.· Arrange to meet the prospect at a networking event. Tradeassociation meeting, chamber of commerce event, ball game. Want to knowwhere hell be? Ask the prospects administrative person or sales team.· Send a provocative letter without being provoking. Ask questionsor make statements in the letter that make the prospect think. Dont sellyour product; just pique interest and sell an appointment.· Cold call at a time when you know (from the administrativeperson) hell be there. The best time is before the workday begins orafter it is over.· Take a risk; take a chance. Use your creativity. Dont be afraid tomake a mistake, dont be afraid to fail, dont worry about rejection, anddont quit just because some yahoo wont see you. If you believe you canhelp the other person, never quit.216 THE SALES BillLE Jeffrey GitomerTAll-time great ideas in selling ...Want afew closing lines to get the appointment? Here are three:1. If you must use the dreaded alternative-choiceclose, ask it this way: Would you rather havebreakfast or lunch?2. A better approach is to ask the prospect whenare his open (best) times to meet, then suggesta meal.3. The best approach is honesty.My objective isto help, Bill, but I dont know ~ f I can. Wellexcbange inforJnation at lunch. If] feel] canbelp you, rtf tell you; and if] cant help, rtltell you tbat too. FAIR ENOUGH? Its hard tosay no to that.BONUS: Thme are benefits that transcendgetting the appointrnent.Using your creativepower achievesfour otherpmposes:1. It will enable you to achieve your short-termgoal of appointing the prospect (and perhapsmake the sale).2. It will provide you with a proven methodof approach that will work again for you andfor others.3. It will prove that your creativity is a tool youcan begin to rely on.4. It will make you feel great that you persistedand achieved your goal..••
  • 204. : : Fe three:••• 1 ;Jointment.:...-.., ....-THE SALES BIBLEPart 6Woes and FoesllbceIB((])colILtill1fJ1Il ((J)illl§* When bad sales happento good people ..................... 218* 18.5 characteristics ofsales career failures ............. 2206.1218 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey Gitomer5. P:-eYou dont bave to sell it ...95% oftbe time tbe customer will buy it!6. -,·,t::c:::: _~ ;.When bad sales-. Idehappen to good people.Theres good and bad in all professions. Sales is no exception. Surveysshow the only thing lower than a salesman in the minds of manypee.. c· ~ .Americans is a politician.9. LackI got a call from a guy who said he went to a car dealer with cash wantinggr;[ ::a new car. The salesman was so bad, he left without purchasing, still hasntbu:2" .. ~purchased, and has told 25 to 50 people how bad the experience was.bec:-::Unfortunately this is far from an isolated experience. There are thousands10. PlHof examples of poor salesmanship. But it isnt you. Is it?go ;::,:Every business owner and sales pro reading this will swear, "It cant happen Herthere: And they are dead wrong, Salespeople get cocky, think they know itCali all, think the customer is stupid or unwise to their tactics. treat everyone in• Dc,::.the same manner, and end up losing the sale.
  • 205. • .-rei : _.Dc.They fail to focus on the fundamental elements to position the customer or• Do _prospect for the buy. Relax - you dont always have to sell it. If you do it .Yo-..::right, 95% of the time the customer will buy it! .Am.·ill .Here are 10 common mistakes made by know-it-all salespeople (whoI hopeactually know little or nothing at all):XDo. "1. Prejudging the prospect - Either by looks, dress, or speech, you haveX Domade up your mind what type of person this is ... whether they have soh ":money or will buy.X Do Iknc;<,:.2. Poor prospect qualification - failure to ask the right questions aboutXDo :,what the prospect wants or needs before the selling process begins.XAre c3. Not listening - concentrating on a selling angle instead of trying toab(L:understand how the prospect wants (needs) to buy.4. Condescension - acting or talking above (talking down to) the prospect."Letoo L , ~Making the buyer feel unequal in the sellinglbuying process. Lack of respect.,J(lle to sell it ...,omel will buy it!eseople.. :;,"on, Surveys, JI many:- -:.it11 cash wanting. _::lsing, still hasntwas., . are thousandscant happenthey know it.- _, [reat everyone in:" the customer or:" If you do it:-":-ple (whoyou have. _:::- they have:- .... _questions about- _::" begins..- _--.:. ,)f trying tothe prospect.
  • 206. :" of respect.The Book of Lamentations 2195. Pressure to buy today - If you have to resort to those tactics, itsbecause you are afraid the customer might find a better deal elsewhere,Also indicates a "no relationship" attitude,6. Not addressing needs - If you listen to prospects, they will tell youexactly what they want or need, Sell back something that addresses thoseneeds, and the prospect will buy it, Dont sell in terms of you, sell in termsof the prospect.7. Telegraphing closes and hard selling - "If I can get you this price,will you buy it today?" is a repulsive sales line reserved for salespeople inneed of training, or salespeople who like losing sales, When you close,dont make it obvious,8. Making the buyer doubt your intentions - If you change fromfriendly to pressure at the end of the presentation, or change terms orprices, the buyer loses confidence - and you lose the sale.9. Lack of sincerity Sincerity is the key Ifyou can fake that, Jouvegot it made, is an old sales adage. Its half true. Sincerity is the key tobuilding trust and establishing a relationship with a prospect who willbecome a customer if you are successful at conveying the feeling.10. Poor attitude - Tm doing you a favor by selling you. Dont ask me togo out of my way, because I wont."Here is an easy self·test to determine if you are losing customers.Can you answer.ves to these?• Do I know my prospects needs before I begin the selling process?• Am I addressing the needs of the prospect during the sale?• Do I look at the prospect when she is talking?• Do I take notes and ask questions to strengthen my understanding?• Vould I buy from me if I were the customer?• Am I sincere?• Vill this customer bring another back for the same treatment?I hope you can answer no to these:)( Do I use (high) pressure tactics to get the customer to buy today?)( Do I have to resort to telling the customer about some sales contest orsob story to try to elicit the sale?)( Do I use antiquated sales tactics and think my prospect is too stupid toknow?)( Do buyers doubt my intentions?)( Are contracts being canceled after the prospect goes home and thinksabout it?Wllenever youre frustrated or mad at a salesperson, please dont betoo hard on him or her. UsuallJ;, in situations when poor salesmanshipis at fault, the blame goes to the person who trained them.220 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitornerFailure is an event, not a person.6. FJiJ-- Zig ZiglatPeople arent afraid offailure,they just dont know how to succeed.-- Jeffrey Gitomet
  • 207. 18.5 characteristics of9F,·,;,• i..sales career failures.We are each responsible for our own success (or failure).Wmning at acareer in sales is no exception. To ensure a win, you must take a proactiveapproach. Prevention of failure is an important part of that process. If you10. Carfind yourself saying, Im not cut out jor sales," ... "Im not pushy enough,"... "1 hate cold calling," ... "1 cant take the rejection," ... iV1y boss is a11. C:i... -:jerk,· ... or boss is a realjerk," you are heading down the wrong path.Here are 18; recurring characteristics and traits of people who thoughtthey could hit a home run in a sales career. But they struck out in their12.11c -c·attempt - many of them with their bat on their shoulder - failing to swingat the ball as it passed them by for a called third strike.13. To{,Hou; man)) oftbese app(y to ))ou?1-t. Fail1. You dont believe in yourself. If you dont think you can do it,nm:c ...fror.: cwho will?aboL:2. You dont believe in your product. Failure to believe that yourproduct or service is the best will show. Lack of conviction is evident to1;. Fail..a buyer and manifests itself in low sales numbers.faiL-If::3. Failure to set and achieve goals. Failure to plan. Failure to define16. Failand achieve specific long-term (what you want) and short-term (howyoure going to get what you want) goals.pu:4. Youre lazy ("slack" in the South) or just not prepared to make17. Blarthe sale. Your self-motivation and preparation are the lifeblood of youroutreach.You must be eager and ready to sell, or you wont.DoinSn10!1c:C- ...not a person.-- Zig Ziglaraid offailure,Oil to succeed.
  • 208. ,,-I;;,fjrey Gitomer:s a.• .,:;:c a proactive. If you. ;::!{sby enough,"; lJoss is a<1C wrong path.- X:lO thought_ -: ,ut in their- to swing- .,n do it,-: ::1at your. > eyident ton, : .c:bre to define-.<;:::[:1: (how,:-tpared to make,d of yourThe Book of Lamentations 2215. Failure to understand how to accept rejection. Theyre notrejecting you; theyre just rejecting the offer youre making them.6. Failure to master the total knowledge of your product (failure toknow your product cold).Total product knowledge gives you the mentalfreedom to concentrate on selling.7. Failure to learn and execute the fundamentals of sales. Read,listen to tapes, attend seminars, and practice what youve just learned.Everything you need to know about sales has already been written orspoken. Learn something new every day.8. Failure to understand the customer and meet his or her needs.Failure to question and listen to the prospect and uncover true needs.Includes prejudging prospects.9. Failure to overcome objections. This is a complex issue.You are notlistening to the prospect; you are not thinking in terms of solution; you arenot able to create an atmosphere of confidence and trust suitable enoughto cause (effect) a sale. People arent afraid of failure; they just dont knowhow to get to success .10. Cant cope with change. Part of sales is change. Change in products,tactics, and markets. Roll with it to succeed. Fight it and faiL11. Cant follow rules. Salespeople often think rules are made forothers. Think theyre not for you? Think again. Broken rules will only getyou fired.12. Cant get along with others (co-workers and customers). Sales isnever a solo effort.You must team with your co-workers and partner withyour customers.13. Too damn greedy. Selling for commissions instead of helping customers.14. Failure to deliver what you promised. Failure to do what you sayIiyoure going to do, either for your company or your customer, is a disasterfrom which you may never recover. If you do it often, the word gets out
  • 209. about you.15. Failure to establish long-tern} relationships. Trying to makecommissions leads to failure through insincerity, failure by lack of service,failure to be motivated by anything but money.16. Failure to understand that hard work makes luck. Take a closelook at the people you think are lucky. They (or someone in their family)put in years of hard work to create that luck. You can get just as lucky.17. Blaming others when the fault (or responsibility) is yours.Accepting responsibility is the fulcrum point of succeeding at anything.Doing something about it is the criterion. Execution is the reward (not themoney - money is just the by-product of perfect execution).222 THE SAlES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitotner18. Lack of persistence. You are willing to take no for an answer andjust accept it without a fight.You are unable to motivate the prospect toact, or are unwilling to persist through the 7 to 10 exposures it takes tomake the sale.18.5 Failure to establish and maintain a positive attitude. The ftrstrule of life.The 18.5 chmucteristic that leads to sales fatlure:B.T.NA.Big Talk No ActionToo busy bragging about the sales youre going to makeand not busy enough making them.Failure is not about insecurity. Its about lack of execution. Theres nosuch thing as a total failure. Zig Ziglar has the answer: "Failure is an event,not a person:There are degrees of failing. Here are 4.5 of them. What degree are you?1. Failing to do your best.2. Failing to learn.3. Failing to accept responsibility.4. Failing to meet quotas or pre-set goals.4.5 Failing to have a positive attitude.If you are weak in anyone of the above 18.5 areas, it is urgent that youmake a change as soon as pOSSible. Sales weaknesses are like cancermostly self-inflicted due to bad habits and neglect, easy to uncover, hard tocure but not impossible. It takes outside help and regular treatments tomaintain excellent sales health.Cc1- .1n answer and_ prospect toit takes toe attitude. The ftrst-:,;{Iire:.j make-. TIleres no. _ 2_: Jre is an event,e§Uee are you?, .:-.;tnt that youcancer
  • 210. ;"::1cover, hard to._:: treatments toTHE SALES BIBLEPart 6Woes and FoesJlb<e]B([])({])]kfl: Dancing with the competition?Watch your step .................... 2246.2224 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffreyl Gitomer.!1Never say anything bad aboutthe competition -- ever.Dancing with the competition?Watch your step.How do you feel about your competitors? You say, "I have a greatrelationship with my competitors." Right, if you needed $50,000 or yourbusiness would fold, I guarantee your friend the competitor would sendyou a bon voyage note. Get real. Competitors may talk to you, they may becivil to you, and they may even appear to help you - but ask them if theywish you were dead or alive, and Im betting on the funeral home.They help me, they send me business, they call me to discuss cornmanproblems, theres enough business for everyone - all are statements yourcompetitors are hoping youll say while they systematically plan to destroyyou. Thats life in the jungle of business (and especially sales).Friendly competition - theres a good one. "Now lets play fair. I got the lastsale, so you can have this one." My butt. Friendly competition is kinda likefriendly snakes. Theyll turn and bite you in a heartbeat, and its real trickyto tell the poisonous ones from the safe ones.Competition is a lot like an unknown snake. Potentially poisonous, notsomeone you want to get real close to, its best to know all you can aboutthem, respect em, and always carry a snake bite kit with youFacts about the competition and their feelings about you:• Some are OK.• Some will co-operate.• Some are ethical.• Some like competition.• Some will like you.• Some will trade business with you.• Some will help you.• Most wont. Most dont like you.just in case.1y frieI c:sweatsL-:the waLnext toCollins ;-.1they m e t ~
  • 211. theYH.:f:::.::z bad about-::-- ;-ion -- ever.etition?.::tJX~ liD or your,",ould send-_:. they may be_,-: :i1em if they__ :fme.:::; cOinmon:_,7tments your:: 1m to destroy, I got the lastis kinda like:ls real tricky,:10US, not. ".1 can aboutjust in case.The Book of Competition 225How to deal with competition ...o Know where they stand in the market .• Know who their major customers are.o Are they taking business from you, or are youtaking business from them?o Have they captured any of your employees?o Get every piece of their information (salesliter--ature, brochures).o Get their prices.o Shop them every quarter. Know how they selland what they feature.• Identify where they are weaker than you andplay on it.o Learn where they are stronger than you andfix it ... IMMEDIATELYW1Jen you are up against competition on a sales call ...o Never say anything bad about them, even if theprospect does.o Praise them as worthy competition.o Show them respect.• Show how you differ - how your benefitsare better.o Stress your strengths, not their weaknesses.o Show a testimonial from a customer whoswitched to you.o Maintain your ethics and professionalism at alltimes even if it means biting your tongueuntil it bleeds.My friend,]im Collins, president of Leasing Legends, somehow obtained asweatshirt imprinted with the name of his fiercest competitor. It hangs on
  • 212. the wall over his copy machine where everyone can see it. It has a signnext to it that says in big bold print "THE ENEMYCollins has a relationship with this competitor. They speak on the phone;they meet and talk at trade shows. But the reality of it is Collins wishesthey were out of business, and vice versa.226 THE SALES BIBLE jeffiIJp GitomerAnd for those of you getting ready to write me one of those "Theres plentyof room for everyone" letters, Suppose there wasnt. Suppose there was:11only room for two businesses to survive in a market, and there were threebusinesses out there. Still going to write me? I suggest you go back andmind the store as though it were tme.Competition does notmean war ...JIt means learn,Cit means prepare,it means be your best.(,~ r I• • •;,::bors., , ~ to based~ .-dint.cjob[.b.. /f.;,{THE SALES BIBLEPart 8Spreading the GospelTlhee ]Book o ~COJl]Illrrrr1111llIuJmUioml§u Aweekly sales meeting is aplace to create new sales ..... 238u The sales letter will workif you get it write .................. 2411..1: Want to close more sales?listen more closely! .............. 244u Learn to listen in two words .. .Shut up! ................................ 247u There are 100 billion buyertypes. Go figure .................... 250u Toward error-free positivecommunication ..................... 2548.1t some
  • 213. : gets peopleIt themselves.!.heir,:: 1, prepared::-, cr attend_-=-,,;,zed, but this, ":TG process: cess),c.::j greatSTART ON,: :.:) himuse the=::. learn...;.f.The Book of Communications 241Get to the point in the first sentence.The sales letter will work,if you get it write.How important is a sales letter?I have received hundreds of sales letters of all different types. Introduction,literature enclosed, just met you, after the presentation, follow-up, heresthe information, thanks for the order - you get the idea. Most have aspecific purpose. Most are not very good (uninspiring). OK. Most of themare PA1HETIC.The skill of drafting sales words on a letter is an integral part of the salesprocess, because it creates an impression of you and your company whenthe customer or prospect reads it.Heres how it works. If you write a great letter, they think youre great.If you write a creative letter, they think youre creative. If you write adumb letter ...Some salespeople have a hard time coming up with the appropriatewords. Not because they cant write, but because they dont know therules of writing.Here are some rules and guidelines to help turn your sales lettersinto sales:1. State your objective or the purpose (get to the point) of your letter inthe first sentence. You can even use a headline above the body of text.2. Use short paragraphs. (for emphasis)3. Edit, e6#, e6#. Take out every word not integral to the purpose orobjective of the communication.4. Keep the letter short. One page; three paragraphs. The shorter it is,the better chance you have of the letter being read and understood.242 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomer5. Dont make the prospect vomit when he reads your letter. Make theletter easy to digest. Avoid heavy syrup. Half the adjectives, half theprepositional phrases, and most adverbs can be eliminated. Look behindcommas to see if the entire phrase is worthy of keeping. Most of the timeits not.
  • 214. • Use bullets to break up the monotony.• Make the letter easy to read graphically.• Use bullets to make the letter seem(or be) short and sweet.• Use bullets to emphasize the mostimportant points.• Indent the bullets.6. Dont say, "Thank you for the opportunity"; instead, try, "We are proudto offer."7. Dont bold your name - bold whats important to the prospect.Yourname is among the least important words in the letter.8. Dont make it sound like a nlbber stamp.9. Dont sell your product too much - just sell the next action step in thesales cycle and build some confidence and rapport. Dont use the letter asa sales pitch; just use it as a sales tool.10. Do the extra - the unexpected. Enclose an article or somethingpertaining to the customers business or just a good cartoon. Somethingthat makes your prospect think you went beyond the norm to serveand communicate.11. Personalize it. Talk about a ball game, child, event.12. Solidify the next contact or event - date it and time it.13. Hand write whatever you can.14. Edit out (almost) all words that end in "ly:15. Avoid superlatives ("esC).16. Avoid the word "unique."17. Never say "again, thanks." Its not necessary to thank anyone again.Once is enough; twice is groveling.18. Dont misspell a word. One man misspelled "potato" and he paid for itdearly, perhaps for a career. Luckily he didnt have a very important job.19. Use an example (or similar situation) the customer/prospect canrelate to.20. Bold stuff to get peoples attention - but only when absolutelynecessary.21. Ask for a response.- ~ ~ c : . :Iake the:alf theLook behind,st of the timee are proud, :he prospect. Yourill step in the-,,;;e the letter as:1,ethingSomething- :::: to serve- ··:me again .. ~ : - . . : he paid for it-:::lportant job .. "peet can=,"olutely
  • 215. The Book of Communications 24322. Use a nice, nonbeg, professional closing like: "Thank you for your timeand consideration. Ill call you Tuesday."23. Sign your fIrst name only. There are some - but rare - occasionswhen this is inappropriate (a letter of agreement where both people mustsign, or a formal quote that might end up in a corporate office for approval).24.5 Very truly yours (and I mean that), Jeffrey Gitomer.PS. If you want to make your plea or point twice, use a PS.Heres a tougb rule. Let your letter sit for a day, then re-read it. How does itsound to you? If the answer is thin or hokey, you may want to start over.Here is a tougber rule .Ask someone smart and impartial to critique yourletter. Learn to accept criticism, and use it as a learning tool.Heres tbe tougbest rule. Ask yourself how this letter would be differentfrom your competition. Suppose the sale was based on the originality ofyour cover letter. Would you ever make another sale? Uh oh.Knowing the rules Al"l"D practicing them will lead to effective letters.Effective letters lead to prospect rapport and confidence. Prospect rapportand confidence lead to sales.... :tl.Wlnour selling-:- .l.)st of the time.:} completingi:1d sell too.::-c--.:t nervous andJnd make;(?sultsfor 2_..:. whether you: you<: in the::: race.THE SALES BIBLEPart 9Networking, "Success by Association(s )the IB({J)({J)lkN lkilI1ltgJ* Networking ... The challenge ofmaking success contacts ...... 268* Networking 101 ...How to work a room ............ 270* Networking 102 ...How to milk a room .............. 272* Establishing rapport whenworking a room .................... 275* Success rules for joining anetworking organization........ 277* Networking is getting knownby those who count ............... 280* Elevator selling. New heights
  • 216. in networking ........................ 282* Documenting, tracking, and usingyour networking contactsfor maximum benefit... .......... 284* Networking ...The Official Game™ ............. 2869.1268 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey GitomerA wise man knows everything,a shrewd man knows everyJOne.-- Chinese proverb from a fortune cookieNetworking ... The challengeof making success contacts.How are you using networking to help build your career?Make a networking plan. Today.How many hours a week do you spend networking?To get ahead it must be at least 5 (nonbusiness) hours a week.How many of those hours are spent at optimum productivity?Its to measure - you should get 20 new contactsper week.Tbis is your career. Your opportunity.Will you take advantage of tbe power of networking? If not now, wben?Youre working anyway. You may as well bave some fun.• Networking is getting known by thosewho can help build your business .• Networking is creating momentum towardbusiness and career success .• Networking is getting together withbusiness contacts and turning them intocustomers, friends.• Networking is building and nurturinglong-term relationships.• Networking is building a people resourcebank that pays interest and dividends thatcompound annually for as long as youre alive.Secret .. .Networking only works ifyou have a positive attitude.I: everything,; knows everyone.:.l fortune cookiechallenge:ontacts.:,IS (l week.not now, when?some fun.- -J. --;: lli-e.. -.: t (l ttitude.The Book of Networking 269Your goal is to sllccessfully combine effective netvvorking skills with anetworking plan of involvement, the results of which will achieve
  • 217. your objectives of .... More business contacts.u More sales.More business education.More community involvement.Networkers Credo ...I know if I get involved,budget my time, attend regularly,network my butt off, and do it right,the results will exceed my expectationsof joining any organization.To succeed at networking, you must make a plan.Here is a questionnaire to belp you formulate a game plan. Use it.o V11ere do I network now?o v11ere should I network?o V11ere do my best customers network?o V11at are three organizations I shouldinvestigate and possibly join?o How many hours a week should I network?o Tho are five prime people I want to meet?• What are my first-year networking goals?• Do I have the networking skills I need?• Do I have networking tools?o Tho is at networking so that I can calland get help?Answer the questions above. They will help direct you toward a perfectnetworking game plan. The only thing missing from the plan is yourcommitment. Only you can supply that.i,270 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomerifyou attend a business networking eventwith a friend or associate, split uP!Its a waste oftime to walk,talk, or sit together.Networking 101 ...How to work a room.11The Fundamentals ofNetworking Success1Networking, the current word for prospecting, has become a vital businesstool. Its inexpensive (often free), time-effective/productive (you can usuallymake 20 to 30 contacts in a couple of hours), and has more of a socialovertone (its easier to do business socially - and its fun).If you question the value of networking, consider this: If there are 100people in a room and you have 2 hours to network, you can speak to atleast 50% of them and probably make 30 contacts, How long would it takeyou to make 50 sales calls in any other environment? Probably a week.11
  • 218. 11Many people go to networking events; very few actually know hoUJ tonetwork effectively. Below are some techniques and tools you can use tobe a more effective andproductive networker.16.5 Fundamental Rules of Networking1. Preplan the event. Figure out who will be there, what you need tobring, what your objectives are, and if anyone else from your companyshould attend.2. Show up early, ready to move, looking professional, full of cards.3. If you attend a business event with a friend or associate, splitup. Its a waste of time to walk, talk, or sit together.4. Walk the crowd at least twice. Get familiar with the people andthe room.5. Target your prospects. Get a feel for who youd like to meet.; .etllorking event"sociate, split uP!aftime to walk,OJ sit together.l• • • Successa vital busilless,t (YOll can usually, re of a socialare 100m speak to atng would it takea to,0 1I)ll can use toYOU need to.:r company" of cards.or :.lSsociate, split_ and" Uleet.The Book of 2716. Shake hands finnly. No one wants to shake hands with a dead fish.7. Have your 30-second personal commercial down pat.8. Keep your commercial to 30 seconds OR LESS.9. Be happy, enthusiastic, and positive. Dont be grumbling orlamenting your tough day. People want to do business with a wilmer,not a whiner.10. Dont waste time if the person isnt a good prospect, but be politewhen making your exit.11. Say the other persons name at least twice. First to help youremember it, second because its the most pleasing word to their ears.
  • 219. 12. Dont butt in. Interrupting can create a bad ftrst impression. Standclose by, and when a pause or opening appears ... jump in.13. Eat early. Its hard to eat and mingle. Get your fill when you ftrstarrive so that you are free to shake hands, talk without spitting food, andwork the crowd effectively.14. Dont drink. If everyone else is a hit loose, youll have a distinctadvantage by being sober. (Have a few beers afterward to celebrate all yournew contacts.)15. Dont smoke or smell like a cigarette.16. Stay until the end. The longer you stay, the more contactsyoull make.16.5 IMPORTANT NOTE ... Have fUll and be funny. Its not a braincancer operation; its a great time to get to know others and establishvaluable relationships. People like to be with people who are happy.Where to Go ...If you say, "I go to networking events, but I dont get many prospects, itmeans youre not following the fundamentals, OR youre not networkingwhere your prime prospects might be.Event selection is as important as networking itself. Ask your ftve topcustomers where they go for their mondlly meetings. Start by going there.Each week the Business Journal and the business sections of daily paperspublish a list of business events, and the chamber of commerce ill your citypublishes a monthly calendar. Dont overlook social and cultural events asnetworking possibilities. Select those events that may attract yourprospects or people you want to get to knOw. Go for it.272 THE SALES BIBI.E jejfre) GitomelTo make the most ofa networking event,spend 75% ofyour timewith people you don Jt know.Networking 102 ...How to milk a room.IIThe Secrets ofNetworking Success"I wish I could get more leads when I network: If you have said thisto yourself more than once, and youre willing to get serious about thescience of networking, I have listed some techniques and tactics that willhelp you succeed in getting solid prospects.If youre not following the fundamental rules of networking (see theprevious section), dont even try the subtle ones - they wont work.10.5 Subtleties of Networking Success1. Early in the event and near the end of the event, stand by theentrance if possible. At the start you can see everyone and establishyour targets, and at the end you can catch anyone you missed.12. Spend 75% of your time with people you dont know. Hangingp<around with fellow employees and friends is fun but wont put anyprospect cards in your pocket or make any valuable contacts.)3. Spend 25% of your time building existing relationships. Talk to
  • 220. your customers. The better you get to know them, the stronger their loyaltyto you and your company.4. Dont give your information out too soon. After you give your 5- to-tlO-second introduction, ask the other person what they do BEFOREYOUSTARTTALKlNG IN DEPTHABOUTW1IATYOU DO. (See The Book ofIntroductions.) ;o5. After your prospect has told you about himself, your next move isa choice between establishing rapport (finding common interests)and an opportunity to arouse interest in your product/service.(W11at the prospect said in his introduction will be your guide.)• • •,!corking event,.; . ofyour timet: ill{ don)t know.)om.Successc said this-c: - . .1 about thec :JCtics that will(see theIllt work.tuccesst::t. stand by the.. ~ .,ad establish.. "cd,I t know. Hanging.. put any__:"=::5..;.::ionships. Talk to- ::ger their loyaltyiLl give your 5- to_ BEFOREYOU.:::: .:be Book of. ,our next move ismmon interests)cuctlservice.The Book of ."etworking 2736. If the person seems to be a good prospect, you must establish somecommon ground besides business if you want to ensure an easier path todoing business. Find one thing you both like or know about.7. TRY TO APPOINT THE PROSPECT NOW. If you want to get theprospects card, offer your card first, or give a reason you need the card("Give me your card and Ill mail you some information"). If the prospectis reluctant to give you a card, he/she is likely to be hard to appoint later.8. Write all pertinent info on the back of the prospects cardimmediately. You will need this to refer to when following up.9. Dont sell your product/service. Just establish some rapport, some
  • 221. confidence, and SELL AVAPPOLVTIIIENT.10. Be aware of time. After you have established the contact, gotten thebusiness card, established rapport, and confirmed your next action (mail,call, appointment), MOVE ON TO THE NEXT PROSPECT.10.5 Playa game with a co-worker. If you go with someone fromyour company, bet who gets more (qualified) cards.The more you bet, theless likely youll spend a second together.More Networking Ideas ...Youve got the fundamentals down. Now lets capitalize on your newknowledge. To facilitate implementing your networking plan, you need afew more guidelines. Networking is a powerful, cost-effective marketingweapon. If utilized properly, it can provide the basis for your businessgroth. It did for me. Below are 12.5 of my personal networking secretrules jOt success:1. Our office has a yearly wall calendar "ith all networking eventsposted and a small bulletin board next to it to post the eventspromotional pieces or invitations. It is updated religiously every week.2. I follow the 50-butt rule. If there are more than 50 butts in oneroom, my butt is there too.3. Learn how to make small talk important talk. Be brief and to thepoint. If someone asks what you do, say it quickly and succinctly.4. Dont flap your gums just to be talking. When you engage yourmouth, make it count.5. Know the kinds of problems you can solve rather than a bunchof boring facts about your product or service. Talk in terms of howyou solve problems rather than the product or service you offer..274 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gttorner6. Avoid negatives at all cost. Dont complain or speak poorly about aperson or business.You never know if the prospect youre talking to hassome connection, interest, or affiliation with the people, company, orproduct youre slamming.7. Be polite. Please and thanks go a long way toward creating animpression, whether they are present or absent.8. Dont spend too much time with one person or you defeat thepurpose of networking, If you fmd a good connection or lead, spend aLrITLE extra time. Know when youve said and heard enough. Be smartenough to make an appointment, pique interest, and MOVE ON.9. Your objective is to take advantage of the entire room. If youspend 3 minutes with a prospect, that gives you a possibility of 20 contactsper hour. Every second is valuable.The size of the event dictates theamount of time you should spend with each person. The larger the event,:::the shorter time per contact, and the less time you should spend "Vith11.:.:people you know.sclli10. Get involved in the organizations where you network.11. People identify with and do business with leaders! F.··12. Have a great time. Lead with your positive attitude and your
  • 222. enthusiasm. Business is sure to follow.12.5 Remember, at a networking event everyone wants to sell!You may have to playa buyer in order to get a chance to be a seller. Youmust be able to wear either hat. Learning the skills of networking willprovide you the opportunity to be either ... and in complete controlar: ..:of the situation.IE"L.T:::0: .p::ur·SOCabout a- :J.lking to has:ilpany, oran"J deIeat the_c-"d. spend a--gh. Be smartOX.t room. If youof 2D contacts:J.tes the_-,:-ger the event,:>end withders!irude and yourI!. ants to sell!3. seller.Youking will,C::C controlThe Book of Networking 275IfYOZt are able to establish rapport when networking,you will have aperfect conversation starterwhen you follow-up to make an appointment.Establishing rapportwhen working a room.Webster defmes rapport with sever-al words: relation, connection, accord,harmony, and agreement. Rapport is a subtle yet vital aspect of theselling process. Establishing rapport with a prospect at a networkingevent enhances your ability to appoint (and sell) in the ensuing follow-up.Follow these guidelines to ma:ximize your productivity at (and after) anetworking event ...IfYOtI already know the person ... If you have a business agenda,discuss it within 2 minutes. If this person is your customer, spend a coupleof minutes building the personal relationship by establishing mutualinterests. If he or she is talking to someone you dont know, get introducedand see if there is a fit for you. If you make a promise or commitment, getanother card from the person and IMMEDIATELY write it down on the
  • 223. back. No matter what, after 5 minutes ... MOVE ON.Ifyou dont know the person ... Get information before you give your3D-second commercial. Dont elaborate or try to sell until the other personhas talked about themselves Al,TI you have tried to establish mutualinterest. Ask an open-ended question about how they now use your typeof product or service (Where are you presently getting ____.. .. How are you using ... Who are you buying from?... "What do you know about using Questions that will engageprospects, make them talk about themselves, and make them begin to openup and reveal themselves are the type of questions you need to ask. Assoon as they broach a personal issue, grab it and expand on it.Wben you engage a prospect, try to find out his personal interests.Afterthe traditional exchange of business information, try to find out what the276 THE SALES BIBLE Mfrey Gitomelprospect does after work, or what hes doing next weekend. You mighteven try out a couple of interest items if an event is near or just passed,like a ball game, car race, concert, play, or business function.After you have gotten to know a little about this person, you can begin the"lets get together later to finish this discussion" part that will solidify theall-important appointment.Be careful not to spend too much time on subjects of mutual interest. Itstempting to spend 30 minutes talking about things you like. Dont.Youropportunity to meet others awaits you.You can expand the conversation ata lunch next week. Move on to other prospects.NOTE: Write furiously on the back of their business cards. Be sureto include anything personal you spoke about so that you canbegin the appointment where you left off at the networking event.::-. _ y,)U mightpassed,< ::In begin the-c.. :.j 50lidify the. - interest. Its....::: :::)ont.Your:-.:: ..: oIwersation atcards. Be sureLU you can[working event.The Book of Networking 277Building solid relationshipsthrough networking takes time.But . .. mature relationships breed sales.Success rules for joininga networking organization.How long does it take to establish a networking relationship? There is noset answer. It takes time. How much time does it take to show a prospectyou are credible, honorable, have a good and can deliverconsistently? It takes time.How much time are you willing to invest in your network?Therein lies the answer to howsuccessful networking will be for you.
  • 224. I belong to the Charlotte Chamber, Early Risers Leads Club, BusinessGrowth Network, Metrolina Business Council, PenWork, and five othergroups. I regularly attend meetings, give my time to make the groupsbetter, strive for leadership positions, and work hard to establish andmaintain relationships. I am also involved in four community and civicorganizations. Thats how I network. I spend 60 hours a month doing it.Ive spent the last 15 years building my network.My findings are summed up in two words -It works!How and where do you network? Do you just attend functions or are youinvolved in the group? Are you just a taker, or are you willing to getinvolved and help the group succeed with your hard work and dedication?PenWork is a new group of CEOs and principals whose purpose is toexchange clients and do business with one another. At a PenWork meetinglast week, we tried to define what makes networking succeed. Here are thecombined findings of 25 driving CEOs.278 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomer14.5 Guidelines for Joining an Organization ...and Succeeding at Networking1. Go where your prospects are. Try to select groups and organizationsthat have the best chance of bearing fruit. One good indication is if one orsome of your present customers belong.2. Dont wait for your success package to arrive from anorganization after you join it. To identify your best resource fornetworking and success, just look in the mirror the next chance you get(pretty good-looking, huh?).3. To benefit, you must commit to be involved, then get involved.4. It takes time to build trust and get to understanding. For thefirst few meetings, just listen and observe. Pushing too quickly gives othersa wary teeling. See where and how you can best fit into the group. Just getto know and help quality people. The rest will take care of itself.5. "hen you commit, be there consistently and perform. Byattending regularly, you will be seen and known as consistent.6. A5-year game plan is essential. Ask yourself ...• Where do my prospects/customers participate?• X1bo do I want to develop relationships with?• What are my expected results?• How much time must I commit?• X1bo are the important people involvedthat I must contact?• Who else from my company shouldbe involved?7. Give first. This is a key to any relationship, not just business. The classicZig Ziglar line, "You can get whatever you loant ifyou help enoughpeople get whatever they Ivant/ is the best way to describe "give first.S. Dont measure. If you count who owes who what favor, forget it.Just get to know and help quality people. The rest will take care of itself.(Are you getting the idea?)9. Dont push. If you are sincere about establishing long-termrelationships, dont put pressure on someone to deliver immediate
  • 225. business. Im not saying dont do business if the opportunity presents itself.I am saying dont push business.10. Be prepared when you get there. Having the tools to makecontacts, cards, and your appointment book are essential incontldence building.11.,get t ..:,:ayoie12. £tthe <:-.::of ite13. Be:;a1-l. Pt.-1and ..t1han::11.5 .lretc -Ane ";:kll(li.You:-.A.nd .nization ..., .md organizations- .i:ion is if one or. :.rom an. foryou get. ":c[ involved.LlIlding. For the-...:(:l-Jy gives others-c group. Just getitself.perform. By_,:c?- "- . <ness. The classic,.) enough"c "give first."-.[. forget it.-: c: of itself.- .:-:crmpresents itself .. [.) makeThe Book of Networking 27911. After you meet a prospect in a group, get one-on-one. You can
  • 226. get to know someone quite well in an hour if you talk about real issues andavoid weather and politics.12. Every networking contact need not be a sale. Often one breedsthe other. Get to know and help quality people. The rest will take careof itself .13. Be seen (get known) as a leader. By getting involved, you will beobserved by your prospect. He or she will get to know you as a performer,a doer, a leader.14. People will do business with you once they get to know youand see you perform. Your customers and prospects are here! All youhave to do is identify them and work (network) with them side by side.14.5 Mature relationships breed sales. If you build a solidrelationship with someone. he will go out of his way to find you business.And the recurring universal networking rule applies here too:Just get toknow and help quality people. The rest will take care of itself.Your ability to build a successful network is tied to your determination anddedication to take whatever time is necessary to build quality relationships.And youre lucky the outcome of your success is totally self-determined.11te acid test of commitment ...Mark your calendar 1 year in advance.DonYmiss meetings andevents.:e plan and"4tllarefor:7ppointing:ected with..g,•ung: 50 long.,_t sort of:: :·,)U liste_,C: youmilesThe Book of Networking 285Minimum essential informationto make contacts valuable ...Company nameCompany addressPhone (including area code)Cell phone (if youre good enough to get it)Fax (including area code)Eemail addressCompanys Web siteWhat company doesWhat contact does at companyWho decides or others of importance atcompany (once you meet others, give them
  • 227. their own file)"here I met the contact"hat I hope to gain!how they can benefit mePersonal things about my contact (wifesname, kids names)Special information about other importantplayers (boss, secretary, partner)Strategy to get what I wantAction sheet (including dates for contact andfollow up)Keeping contacts, and keeping in contact with your contacts,will build relationships and will help you makemore sales more often.286 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerAn easy way to see howyour network is growing.Networking ...The Official Gatne™.When you go to a sporting event, concert, mall, flea market, restaurant,and the like, play Networking. The object of the game isto know more people than the person youre with.Here are the offiCial rules of the game ...1 point if you know someone.2 points if the person sees you (andacknowledges you) first.3 points if you see a minor celebrity(sports figure, DJ).-:..r"-::5 points if you kiss someone of the-:..ropposite sex.1-5 points if a celebrity acknowledges,,ryou first.c:Its best to agree on when the game starts and ends. For example,at a Hornets game it starts as you enter the rotunda at halftime - youwalk around once back to your section and the game is over. (A scoringvariation at the Hornets game: Spotting someone upstairs when youredownstairs is worth 2 points.)Two words that are music to my ears when playing the networking game... "Hey, Gitomer!" (2 points)... ::,)l1S.,,-uestions (that::--::::-:1ent.
  • 228. )spect is talking.c in your camp, ·"dates.:::l1ent.::ey,- .. with the. . incomes of the<illled,::rsonal time vvith. his heart.He even.. Come True,-.::".__ his life to,::THE SALES BIBLEPart 11Up Your Income!TMTIbee ]BC(])C(])Ik* The pipeline of success ........ 31411.1314 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomerup Your Incomef"Double the mooey you make in just 30 days!Selling success is a numbers game ...and a magic game.You must combine the magicwith your numbets to produce ...1.The pipeline of success.3.Arent making enough sales? Your numbers uill tell you why.Your numbers can double ifyou follow this formula! Wow.f. I am about to present you with a formula and a challenge. ,-..16. If youre looking for a magic formula, go read a book on the life and times-of Houdini. Ifyoure looking for magic, thats different. You have all the..1magic needed to double your present income. All you have to do is learnt h ~and execute the tricks.8.
  • 229. Here is the theory behind the formula. These questions will provide theIfanswers to your sales earning capacity:9.• How many sales do you want to make per day,10per month?to• What is the dollar value of your average sale?11• To make your goal, how many dollars in salesa d ~do you have to make per day, per month?inc• How many prospects do you need to see to12make a sale?he:• Wl1at is the set of numbers I need to get toat Clthese answers?12.Want to do it in 30 days? Easy - up your urgency. Get committed.)0I can supply the jet plane. Its up to you to provide the jet fuel. WhenTheI started out in sales, I used to pick up the paper and read the obituariespr(·until I found someone who was close to my age. It lit a candle undertrwme for weeks.• c ·:umbersgame ...Ji,d a magicgame.-: .")JJlbine the lnagic,;.- ;)ers toproduce ...,uccess.:S nil! tell you why.·is formula! wow.·_,---.::::::ge.:. the life and times:T You have all the:1.lye to do is learn.. I rill provide the.: day,--- :--.lle?. "lIes-;:;:to_c: ::0.
  • 230. .. _ iet fuel.When." ld the obituaries. .i underThe Book of Numbers 315Below are the components of the doubling fonnula.The mastering of each component is discussedin different chapters in this book.Each chapter gives you infonnation and insight .All of the elements (cornponents) are linked.Their combination will create your Pipeline of Success.There are 12.5 elements in theformula ...1. Your attitude - The key to your success. Get tapes now. Listen 2 hoursa day for 6 months. Stop doing or listening to negative things.2. Your goals - Set them today. Read the seven steps in the Post-it Notesection again. Use the Post-it Notes beginning right now.3. Your networking - Find out where your best customers and prospectsmeet (trade association, chamber, dub). Begin attending every meeting youcan. It is imperative that you attend regularly.4. Your Power Questions - Write em ... learn em ... use em.5. Your Power Statements Write em ... learn em ... use em.6. Your sales tools - Figure out what tools you need and get em.7. Your sales knowledge - Get tapes and listen to them. Alternate withthe attitude tapes. Gse the technique as soon as you hear it. Read everychapter in this book twice. One chapter per day.8. Your preparedness - Are you truly ready to sell? If you are, you will.If youre not, you wont. The opposite of preparedness is failure.9. Your follow-up - tenacious, creative persistence that leads to a sale.10. Your sales numbers - making yourself see the numbers you needto build your pipeline and keep it full. Find your formula and use it.11. Your prospect pipeline - Seeing the proper number of peoplea day who are qualified to buy builds your pipeline. The key to doubleincome is having the right number of prospects ready to buy.12. Your commitment - Write it to yourself. Tell others who willhelp you. Your commitment is your personal promise to yourself. Keep itat all costs.12.5 Your self-discipline - Your determination and ability to achieveyour goals and live up to your commitments.There is a sales adage that says, "Your chances for success increase inproportion to the number of sales calls you make." Its amazing how thetruth can be so Simple. If its so simple, why dont you do it?316 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerGood fundamental sales skills and solid product knowledgeare meaningless unless you see and follow upthe proper number of prospects.Seeing the numbers creates a pipeline ...the number of prospects at or near the buying point.A quick cbeck ofyour numbers will reveal wby your salesare booming or slumping ...If you appoint and present to 10 prospects, 2 will buy no matter what youdo and 2 wont buy no matter what you do.The other 6 are on the fence
  • 231. and will buy or not buy as a result of what you say or dont say.A sale willbe made either way. Either you sell them on yes, or they sell you on no.Your follow-up habits and skillsare responsible for 80% ofyour sales.It boils down to your self-discipline. How good is it? How consistent is it?Without it you should consider an assembly-line job, because you wontmake it in sales. Here is a sample formula to keep your sales pipeline (andwallet) full:1. Make 10 new prospect calls per day.2. Make 10 new appointments per week,preferably by Monday.3. Make 10 follow-up calls per day.4. Make one strong presentation in the morningand one in the afternoon.5. Take prospects or customers to lunch fourtimes a week.6. Join two business or leads associations.7. Attend at least two networking functionsper week (where your best customers orprospects go).8. Keep accurate daily records.If y. _Yocthc -ImpOlrep., ~Tuc_-"n1a:E",min.:::AnSI,sales,. _: c: knowledge":_,:1 Up:::point.• !jUJ sales!7latter what you:::-1": on the fence- . :: : say.A sale willcJ you on no.. sales.; 7-. consistent is it?;: you wont,,",<:5 pipeline (andThe Book of Numbers 317If you dont record what you do each day, your ability to follow up is nil.Your daily sales log (or computerized sales records) should keep and total
  • 232. the following statistics:• Calls out by type (new, follow-up)• Number of follow-ups made today• New appointments made today• Appointments seen today• Sales made today• Dollars contracted for today• Dollars collected today• Commissions/dollars earned todayhnportant Note: Keep separate sheets or files for each contact,Yourreporting should be by contact status, not by time status (what you did onTuesday morning). If your manager is still in the DarkAges about contactmanagement or has that paranoia of needing to know where you are everyminute of the day, ask him to read The Book of Leadership in this volume,Your contact management program willtell you where you are in the selling cycle.Answer these questions they reveal the truth about yOUt potential forsales success:V Do you have a hot prospect list daily?V Are you doing (and recording) the numbersit takes to make your sales goals a reality?V Is your sales pipeline (prospects you canconvert to sales) full?V How many prospects are you working on?(Should be 100+.)V Are you working on enough prospects to tillyour sales goals for the next montb? If not, yourpipeline isnt full, is it? Go back to the 12.5elements listed above.They hold the key toyour sales backlog (and your success),318 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomer1You know what to do. Wiry dont you do it? Here are some reasons whyyou dont (the answers are provided in parentheses):• Youre on your own and dont know howto do it. (Poor training. Get some goodtraining soon.)• Youre lazy. (Find new employment.)• You have poor work habits. (You can changethem with 30 days of doing it differently.)• Bad boss. (Dont blame failure on others.I.This is no reason to fail ifyou are determinedenough to succeed.)1• No or ineffective reporting system. (Get alaptop, or make a form and do it yourself)(oj• Low, poor, or unfair compensation package.(Change jobs.)
  • 233. Ifyou see and call enough prospects{,(per day, per week, per month ... r;.- ~you will buildyourpipeline.*:Afull pipeline will bringJou sales you never imaginede::-,Do you floss every day? You know you should, but you dont, Eventually allyour teeth will fallout, but you cant see them eroding day by day until its *too late. Floss every day -- your teeth will be perfect. The same is true*about the fundamentals of sales follow-up, If you dont follow up every day,your sales backlog will rot. Add to your pipeline every day and do*CLyour follow-ups -- your sales will be perfect.(,Want proof? Go back to the best week you ever had and look at thenumbers that made it happen, I guarantee if you work those numbers*,every week, your sales (and earnings) will soar.All it takes is self-determination and hard work.*Thats the magic. Ask any magician.,.:t reasons why.: :eel,?I imagined- - c. Eventually allday until itsCc. The same is trueJW up every day,r,- day and do. :)k at the- C numbershard work.:ian.THE SALES BIBLEPart 12Can I Get an Amen?!JIbe BC[))C[))IkC[))f IExC[))J1L1l§* Dads teach sales successwithout knowing it ............. .. 320* Write it all dmvn at theend of each day .................... 321
  • 234. * The perspective of sales ....... 322* The end is the beginning ...... 323* Commit yourself! ...11.5 principles to lead yourown sales crusade ................ 324* Afterword ........................... 329When I grow up ................... 329* Thank yous .......................... 33212.1320 THE SALES BIBLE jeffrey GitomerDads teach sales successwithout knowing it.Im ask:::~ 1 y dad set examples for me like yours did for you. Sometimes they wereI don:good examples; sometimes they were bad. But every time my dad set one,orwh:.:..I paid attention to it, and decided when I grew up whether I would followbest ic:::.:.that example. Here are a few to ponder.The S t : ~ :Dont let lawyers or greed sway good business judgment. In 1960,I keep .after 15 successful years of operation, my dads factory burned to theeverytL::growld. We were stunned. Two days later, the insurance adjuster came toeveryti:.:.::our house with a check for $750,000 to settle the fire loss and let my dadrebuild his business. My dads laler took him aside and told him heMenta: c-;thought we could get a million and to reject the offer. My dad went for theto a cL:::million. Three years later, my dad settled for $333,000, one-third of whichwent to the laler, The lessons I learned were: Lawyers are for legal advice,It proy:_cnot business advice; and take your losses quickly and move on to rebuildideas,:::- .your life. Those lessons helped me when I faced failure.Ive be:::-.Provide simple solutions. One night my brother turned over in his singlebed and fell onto the floor. He went downstairs and pounded on myparents door: "Dad, I fell out of bed!" he moaned. "Get back in, son," myfather said.Often the most simple solutions to problems are the best. But theyre hardto uncover if youre only concentrating on the problem.An)1hing 10 grand wont cure? Coming home from college I wassometimes in a bad mood. One day when I was slamming doors andlooking glum, my dad asked, "Problems, son?A few," I muttered. "Anything10 grand wont cure?" he asked. My whole mood changed. "No; I said, Andrealized I didnt really have any problems.
  • 235. Anything ten grand wont cure? Ask yourself that question the next tinleyoure lamenting your woes. If 10 grand (or money) would solve theproblem, you really dont have a problem. Do you? Find a child in awheelchair. Thats a problem. Youre just whitting.,uccess19 it.they were.. c my dad set one,, .. I would follows iudgment. In 1960,drned to the- - - .,ciuster came toand let my dad: him he:: - C- dad went for theof whichl:T for legal advice,c on to rebuild-cr in his single.:::ded on my- in, son," my-,-But theyre hardIUege I wasdoors and... rtered. "Anything.:.::.: .0; I said. And-:::1 the next time.:.j solve thechild in aThe Book of Exodus 321Write it all downat the end of each day.Im asleep in 2 minutes or less every night; I wake up refreshed every day;I dont drink coffee in the morning; I never worry about what I have to door what loose ends there are. Im always prepared for the day and get mybest ideas in the shower.The secret? Three words: Write everything down.I keep a legal pad by my bedside. Before I go to bed, I write downeverything I need to do or problems I need to solve. Once I writeeverything down, my mind is clear.Mental freedom is a wonderful thing. It creates opportunities not availableto a cluttered mind.It provides clear channels from the subconscious for solutions and newideas, and it lets you sleep like a log.Ive been doing it for 35 years. It works.322 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerThe perspective of sales.11In the end ...-)0- There is only one point of view that matters.
  • 236. -)0- There is only one perspective that matters.-)0- There is only one perception that matters.The Customers-1I hopeThe Book of Exodus 323f sales.Jlatters.: ..•rsThe end is the beginning.As my valued customer ...Youll read my weekly sales colunm in abusiness paper near you.Im coming to see you.Im coming to talk to you about sales.Im coming with the intent to help you andestablish a long-telID relationship ,vith you.Im coming to have fun and make people laugh.and ...Im coming with the intent to sell you something.I hope you feel the same about coming to see nle.324 THE SAtES BIBLE Jeffrey Gitomerp ,Commit yourself!Hspc _,;For 35 years I have been on a personal crusade to be the best salespersonin the world. I set that goal (in stone) the first time I ever realized there2. Sfwas a science of selling - that selling was a set of learnable, repeatable skillsthat I could modify to my style and personality. (I was listening to a tape byJ. Douglas Edwards on closing the sale.) I knew that if I became the best, Icould achieve anything I wanted. When I combined the science of sellingwith my attitude and sense of humor, I provided myself the gateway fortremendous achievement.I have written this book (and will continue to write my column everyweek) to help guide you to the same achievement. Take 30 minutes andread something about lhe Crusades. They were much more than areligious war. The Crusades were about people going after what theybelieved in ... passionately. They did it regardless of the hardship and risk.Do you?Sales is not a religion, but it is a way of life. It should not consume your life;rather it should be incorporated into your life. It enhances life andembraces the philosophy for living it to its maximum potential.Doubling your income isn Jt pie in the sky.
  • 237. Ifyou are determined to get to the top,here are the principles that willget you there.11.5 principles to lead your own sales crusade.3. Dt1. Get a positive attitude and keep it. Most everyone thinks they haveSOil: ca positive attitude, but they dont. Usually not even close. Earl Nightingale,yittin his legendary tape, The Strangest Secret, reveals the secret of a positivebee:attitude: We become what we think about ... but its a dedicated diScipline2211 _that must be practiced every day. People dont understand that the essence1.01·of attitude is not a feeling - its a state of mind that is self-induced.You arein complete control of it. You determine what your attitude is. It haslear=---nothing to do -.vith what happens to you. Its not about money or success.the cIts the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think. But youattitl_must rededicate yourself to the principles of it every day.elfl. : . - ~ ; : best salesperson;: .::: .... :-ealized there, - ~ - , - : , Ie. repeatable skills~ ..:..;.:ening to a tape by::. : "ecame the best, I:.::. - science of selling<: -.:. :1e gateway for. ..::olumn everyi....-::: ::-0 minutes and~ , :::,)re than a~ .:...-:er what they: . : ~ : : : :urdship and risk:-. : consume your life;. ~ (:s life and~ . :ential...r1e ST.", . " hJ Je;-1} top,,AI there.les crusade.- •: - ~ e thinks they haveC Earl ::--lightingale,ccret of a positive:eCicated discipline" :..:....-:d that the essence-:::":·induced.You are
  • 238. : - : ~ :..:de is. It has_: :::,)ney or success.u think. But youThe Book of Exodus 325How do you attain a positive attitude? Begin to surround yourself withpositive ideas and positive people. Read and listen to positive writers andspeakers. Believe you can achieve it. Dont listen to other people who tellyou youre nuts theyre just jealous. Start now and work at it every day .2. Set goals, and make a commitment to achieve them...... Project yourself - If your targets are in frontof you, it makes it easy to hit them. Being ableto hit the targets depends on your focus. Theclearer your focus, the more likely you are tohit a bullseye ...... Commit yourself - Which do you plan formore: your vacation or your life? If you dontemotionally, physically, mentally, and spirituallycommit yourself to achievement, it is likely youwill fall short...... Satisfy yourself - Make a list of the benefits ofachieving each goal and carry the listwith you. Achieving a goal is incrediblyself-satisfying. It gives you a feeling ofaccomplishment, purpose and the inspirationto set out and achieve the next goal. Big Clue.. , Figure out the daily dose.An amount youcan measure, an amount you can achieve.Determine how much you need to do each dayto reach your goal in short steps (pennies perday, ounces per day, pounds per week, callsper day, dollars per sale) and do that daily doseeach day.3. Dedicate yourself to mastering the science of selling. Learnsomething new about sales or your attitude every day. Feed your headwith new knowledge that will help you make that next sale. If you want tobecome an expert in sales, learning one new technique per day gives you220 new techniques per year. If you sell for 5 years, youll have more than1,000 techniques at your disposaLAmazing what you can do if you just dosomething small every day. If you just dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a day tolearning something new about sales and achieving a positive attitude, atthe end of 5 years you will be a master salesperson and have a greatattitude about life.326 THE SALES BIBLE jeffiey Gitomer4. Design a networking plan and implement it. Make a 5-year planto get known and get to know those who can build your business.Networking is the fastest, surest method to increase your sales and stature.5. Be a leader. Look for and strive for leadership positions. Take charge ofa committee; speak to a civic group, write an article for a local paper.People love to do business with leaders.6. Get involved in your community. Select a charity or community
  • 239. organization worthy of your time and make a contribution. Youll grow insuccess and reputation, but more important youll feel great about living tohelp others.7. Know your prospect and your prospects business before youmake the sales cal( Get the information you need to make everyappointment intelligent and impactful. Use this guideline to assure it:Askthe buyer questions that only he or she knows the answers to.8. Be memorable in all that you do. Take a creative idea to each salescall. Have the courage to live your dreams and goals.Your work anddedication will inspire others. Your words will be remembered because youbacked them up with deeds and delivery. Will they talk about you afteryoure gone?9. Help other people. When you establish this belief as one of thefoundations of your selling process, the attributes that accompany it are thekeys to making your customer feel motivated to act and confident enoughto buy. There is an offshoot of this philosophy: Get business for others. It isas powerful as any sales tool you can imagine.10. Stay focused and look for opportunity. How important is it to befocused? In 1982, after a big inlprinted sportswear show, I was at the Dallasairport when I noticed a guy I met from a T-shirt manufacturing company.He was swearing at the American Express money machine. It seemsthe machine ate his card. He was looking desperate. I walked over,reintroduced myself, found out the problem, and loaned him $100 so thathe would have cash for the trip home. Two days later, he sent me a checkfor $100 and a thank-you note. Turns out he was the president of hiscompany. Two months later, he called me and asked if I was interestedin printing garments for the 1984 Olympics. He had the sublicense tomanufacture from Levis. We had a state-of-the-art printing facility. I said, "Ofcourse." He gave me a contract to print every shirt - 1,600,000 garments,$750,000 worth of business - because I was paying attention at the airport.And because I was living my philosophy of "help other people:11.:togicthe.::,,-1::.,,::: .i ;-year plan-, - -,,<:5 and stature.:; - Take charge of, . .::al paper..::ommunityYoull grow in- J.bout living toir,tss before youevery
  • 240. : :, Jssure it:Ask, ,"S to.....:cJ to each sales- "(";ork and- c:-ed because you.if YOU after-ne of thempany it are the" ":lldent enoughror others. It isnant is it to be: ,;,as at the Dallas. . :..lring company.. c It seems-. "..:,:cd over,5100 so that-" -c-:n me a check:,,-":em of his;, .1- interested.jlicense tor.,cility. I said, "Of,100 garments,at the airport.The Book of Exodus 32711. Establish long-tenn relationships with everyone. If you lookto establish a long-term relationship each time you sell, it assures that theintegrity, sincerity, honesty, and doing whats best for the customer are agiven. Make long-term a prerequisite for selling. Be sure to share thisphilosophy with your customers.11.5 Have fun. Look at the most successful people in any field. Onething they have in common is that they love what they do.They pursuewhat they do with a passion and enthusiasm that is admirable (andcontagious). How much fun are you having?_328 THE SALES BIBLE lejJl13.J! GitornerI hopeall yourappointmentsare one-callt...., _:c·:::closes ...""ct ..c-e:c:-.-.that lead to
  • 241. (1:-._3.:-.bee_gc:long-tenneye:({t-.IT."-:relationships.E,··c., ...Ltc.irL:-- jeffrey GitomerRic.;.-.1::: :1The Book of Exodus 329[ltsill•:0)S.-- J ~ f f r e y GitomerAfterword ...When I grow up.I always wanted to be a businessman, an entrepreneur, like my dad.I decided to commute to college so that I could be close to home andhis business.My mother, Florence, passed away in 1986. My fondest memory is of herchasing my car as I backed out of the driveway on my first day to registerfor college (Temple University): "Take pre-med: she screamed. "You canalways switch. But I wanted to be a businessman, like my dad.In college I played Scrabble every day with my best friend growing up,Michael Toll. He usually won. It taught me about words and how to usethem. Michael also provided me with the challenge of winning at games,both sports and intellectual. Hell tell you he was better than me ateverything. I feel the same about him. That was the fun. We rarely studied.Six years later, I finally dropped out of college. I traveled in Europe for ayear (and came to the realization that I knew very little compared to whatthere was to know, which is funny, because I left for Europe knowingeverything). I came home and started a business (manufacturing beanbagchairs) and a family (twin girls in 1972).One day,Jay Plasky and Barton Cohen (college friends) came to my officeand started talking to me about this money-making idea. It seems they hadbeen involved with this guy named Glenn Turner, and he had this idea toget people to invest in an opportunity that was not quite clear to me, buteveryone was making money big money - and they all had these positive
  • 242. attitudes. After a few alterations,Jay, Barton, and I embarked on a multilevelmarketing deal (which was referred to in those days as a pyramid scheme).Every day from 8 A.M. to noon, we had a sales training meeting. We learnedthe science of selling from every available source. Tapes, books, movies, andlectures. Every sales expert was played and replayed - gleaned forinformation. None had all; all had some. Napoleon Hills Think and GrowRich was mandatory reading, and we dissected the book line by line.Attitude and sales skills became my life.330 THE SALES BIBLE Jeffrey GitomerMy friends thought I was nuts - some still do. I watched a Glenn Turnermovie (no video in those days), Challenge to America, 200 times. It was thebest sales pitch Id ever seen. I had the entire presentation and all theIstories memorized.tht:::"·I became a salesman. My first goal was to be the best salesman in the:1world. Im still on that journey. every day.,,-,: -m;L:I started a factory with Duke Daulton and Bud Massey in Florida.Jo,,::It was so successful that the title of president was vacated, and we wereall vying for the titles of emperor and king. We lost that business because:Ieverything we did we measured ... who did what and how much.l vowedI n:.":-:I would never measure or keep score again.And I havent. Duke and I wenton to become consulting legends (in our own minds), and we had a blast.After thousands of sales presentations to every conceivable prospect, fromFortune 500 company presidents to unemployed job seekers, and after:1several huge successes and huge failures in business, I somehow landedSo Charlotte, N.C., starting over.M," ;.first challenge was to learn how to calm down. I had to adapt the highIn:speed NewYork (actually Philadelphia) style to the pace of this genteelImSouthern city. That took 6 months. During that time, I met JoanIm .,Zimmerman, a world-class entrepreneur. She said, "Charlotte is a city thatyou can affect." WOV - what a powerful statement. I decided to stay:My weekly column Sales jt10ves has changed my life. It has given me avehicle to share my sales knowledge and secrets. My mother - in heavenis bragging to other angels, because in the Dallas Business Journal hersons picture is right next toTom Peters.My father, Max - in heaven - taught me to write. He taught me a
  • 243. thousand otber things by setting both good and bad examples, but theway he wrote always had my admira.tion. No wasted words. Absoluteclarity of message.Max was the consummate entrepreneur. Growing up, I used to sneakdownstairs and listen to my fathers Thursday night pinochle game.Arguments and laughs about business and life. It was the inspiration for mylifes pursuits. My pal, Duke Daulton, said, "You know what I hate aboutyour old man? Hes never wrong."Glenn Turner_ .Ill times. It was the: ~ 11 and all the" c.:::;.;;man in the_ ::.lssey in Florida...,:cd. and we were.. : :)usiness because.... ,. : ~ ) W much. I vowedt. Duke and I went,,:1d we had a blast.. lble prospect, from-cckers, and after.. : "mehow landed. . :,: to adapt the high·of this genteel:::-:et Joan.. :-;one is a city that. ":ccided to stay.. - : :laS given me a:::,l!her - in heaven!fssjournal her:: :.,·.1ght me a,_ ::x,lmples, but the: . c"i)rcis. Absolute. = Llsed to sneak, ~ ~ : )Clue game._. :l:e inspiration for my- :·.:ut I hate aboutThe Book of Exodus 331Im grateful to my father for his wisdom - the stuff he accused me ofnever listening to for 30+ years. Thanks, Pop, I love you. I miss my mother.I miss my father. If your parents are still alive, call them 1ight now and tellthem you love them.My brother,Josh, taught me to edit. He has the sensitivity to know howwords fit and the gift to teach it. He showed me where unnecessary wordsmade things complicated. His philosophy is: Use as few words as possible.Josh. Ive tried .My wife and friend, Teresa, who I sold a book to in Dallas, and 3 years later,I married.My children, Erika, Stacey, and Rebecca, taught me patience. They also gaveme the inspiration to achieve in the face of failure. Girls, I love you .My attitude was there with me when everyone else was not.
  • 244. So was my cat, Lito.My name is Jeffrey Gitomer .Im a salesman.Im a dad.Im a college dropout.My objective in life is to help others, establish long·term relationships, andhave fun every day .