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Online KOLs: Can you choose to ignore them? (2nd Digital Pharma West,2011)
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Online KOLs: Can you choose to ignore them? (2nd Digital Pharma West,2011)



Published in Business , Health & Medicine
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  • 1. www.empowerresearch.comOnline KOLs: Can You Choose to Ignore Them?Debjani DebManaging PartnerFriday, July 01, 2011 Listen. Learn. EmPower 1
  • 2. Pharma stakeholders are online today 66% 35% 60% 63% of online adults search look up a specific Seek Alternative Search for “someone for health information disease or problem treatments like me” experience 6 out of 10 66% 50% 21% of Pharma companies of online Physicians of physicians use Doctors are online use social media refer to Wikipedia Social Media to connect to KOLsEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 2
  • 3. 1 Points f i fl P i t of influence are developing d l i amid all the online chatter …2 …leading to impact on decisions made….3 ...to the extent which is beyond the control of Pharma companies
  • 4. Who is an Online Influencer: The many possible forms Patients Caregivers Advocacy Grps. Physicians Amanda Lyn Deanna Runyan- Tuberous Sclerosis KevinMD Blog : Escamilla: Wall: Association: Leading A 29 year old A Caregiver, whose A UK charity to destination for patient of TSC son suffers from promote awareness, awareness provocative who regularly TSC, makes use of seek causes and physician shares her life multiple channels to best possible commentary on experiences on tell her story and management of breaking medical Facebook motivate others TSC newsEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 4
  • 5. The debate today: Influence vs. popularity Popularity InfluenceEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 5
  • 6. Companies currently are focused on tools, methodology and ranking Tools for aggregating influencer information across channels Methodology and processes to identify and rank influencers Profiling and achieving influencer data (tool or manual)EmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 6
  • 7. Limitations of prevailing perspectives on influencer tracking Does not take into account influencer applications Ignores End Non customized Applications Cookie Does not effectively Cutters segment influencers Limitations Process centric – P ti not need centric Comprehensive metrics measuring impact not defined Ignores Impact Mechanism to measure key metrics not in placeEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 7
  • 9. Online influencers can be segmented Stakeholder type Physician, patient, caregiver etc. 1 Influence Depth Activity level Stage of disease 5 2 Active vs. passive lifecycle influenced influence Segments Influence Area Engagement channels Therapeutic area 4 3 Channels where or b brands of influence d f i fl iinfluence iis prominent fl i tEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 9
  • 10. Application areas across influencer segments Adherence management Influencing decisions 4 Crisis across patient management g pathway Clinical trial HCP advice Physician drug 2 corroboration 7 advocacy participation and spreading results lt Regulatory 1 5 Advisory 9 Advocacy committee work 3 8 Marketing 6EmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 10
  • 11. Use Case 1: Clinical trial participation and spreading results Blogs Independent I d d t Avalon Love, a Communities caregiver having Mass Social thousands of Blogs Media online followers followers, (Facebook, Blogs You Tube Tube, is an active Discussion LinkedIn…) Groups proponent of drug trials for a Community Multiple Sclerosis Portal drug as she is happy with her Advocacy Local Influencer Groups User Site Groups son s son’s results. Other Oth KOLs RegulatorsEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 11
  • 12. Use Case 2: Influencing decisions across patient pathway 101,100 357,100 Pharma Visitors Visitors companies today track influencers MDJunction is an active center for Online Support Featuring over 500 who influence Groups. Acromegaly patient G A l ti t communities, including , g decision nodes detailed information on journey is extensively treatments and symptoms on across the discussed by support groups Acromegaly in this website patient pathway. This helps them enhance their advocacy across disease life cycle Pre Diagnosis Treatment Lifestyle DiagnosisEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 12
  • 13. Use Case 3: Regulatory advocacy TS Alliance was able to During an FDA generate more than 390 Advisory Panel Congressional visits to urge hearing, TS “ increased Federal funding for Research on TSC is Alliance TSC research . having significant impact constituents on our understanding of advocate for epilepsy, autism, spectrum approval of disorder, cancer and vigabatrin diabetes, diabetes and the TSC program is critical to (Sabril), which is ” ongoing progress. eventually Sherrod Brown approved by the United St t U it d States Senator S t FDA to treat infantile spasmsEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 13
  • 14. Use Case 4: Adherence management Earlier Method Advocated Method Dr. E D Eugene Woltering’s blog educates on delivery of y Sandostatin by infusion pump, rather than by injection in office setting. Benefits: This resulted in • Better symptom control • Allows use of less medication medication. higher efficacy and • Results lower rate of tumor growth. better treatment.EmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 14
  • 15. Use Case 5: HCP advice corroboration Lauren’s blog Reading this blog has R di thi bl h “Living with MS” calmed my apprehensions and validated my decision discusses all to have my first Tysabri aspects of infusion tomorrow. i f i t Consulting Multiple Sclerosis Chance to - Patient 1 and various talk treatments. 2 Patients consider Treatment her opinion options At disease.com , we are equivalent to 3 inspired by your stories their Neurologist. and would like to join you in fighting this cause. - AdvocacyEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 15
  • 16. Use Case 6: Marketing Results: In order to market Prilosec 1,225,000 OTC, a heartburn unique visitors medication, P&G on blogg assembled a 75,789 database of 200 unique influential blogs, visitors to message b boards d promotion and Web sites in site 25,275 the area of unique p parenting for g sweepstakes targeted entries marketingEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 16
  • 17. Use Case 7: Crisis management Recall Reach: Virality: A few renowned experts carried Pharma Co’s view 1141 82% on a recent drug recall in their 25 blogs. Traditional Media Social Media This h l d the Thi helped th Tonality Earlier: Tonality Later: Pharma Co to contain damage to its brand Negative Negative equity to a Neutral Neutral minimal.EmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 17
  • 18. Use Case 8: Advisory committee work Better Relationship with Scientific Communities Pharma companies rank KOLs on reach Message Congruence and congruence. Better Relationship High ranking with Patient opinion leaders Communities often represent Passive ass e them on advisory Influencers committees as they are popular with both scientific and patient communities ReachEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 18
  • 19. Use Case 9: Physician drug advocacy What Patients Felt What Physicians Said 70 70 Many patients 60 60 wanted to switch 50 50 40 40 to more 30 30 economical 20 20 alternatives for a 10 10 particular MS drug. 0 0 Price Theme 2 Theme 3 Theme 4 Theme 5 Theme 5 Theme 4 Theme 3 Theme 2 Efficacy However, this negativity was Loyalists contained as most Physicians Switchers consider Tysabri very efficacious. Prospects P tEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 19
  • 20. Identify the goal of using the influencer Identify Influencers By By Category By Brands By Issues Applications Reach Filter Profile Focus Engagement BEST Influence AreaPRACTICES Channels Engagement Congruence Influence Map Measure Impact Crisis Advocacyy Sales Reputation p Containment Impact Impact Impact
  • 21. In Conclusion Online Influencers are growing in influence and are active as we speak Pharma cannot be reactive to this group. That is where we are today The landscape is easily understandable and usable to your advantage Social media is an engagement medium. That very definition lends itself to be a medium of influence and impact on a peer to peer basis. Pharma marketing can use this powerfully by paying due atte t o attention to influencers in t s medium. ue ce s this ed uEmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower 21
  • 22. www.empowerresearch.com Retail/CPG Advertising Communications/ High Tech/ Pharmaceuticals Financial  Public Relations Telecom Health Care Services Corporate Headquarters Debjani Deb Managing Partner EmPower Research LLC 404 E. 79th St. Suite 16E New York, NY 10075 Tel : +1 650 559 5942 Fax : +1 646 472 5806EmPower Research LLC. All Rights Reserved. Listen. Learn. EmPower Listen. Learn. EmPower 22 22